Kyouko's Side Story

Oct 28th, 2017
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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Part One: Principles of a Magical Girl
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. Kyouko: Kamihama City.
  6. A bizarre city where witches are gathering.
  7. There are magical girls gathering there too, coming for those witches.
  8. So there’s always a fight unfolding somewhere.
  9. A city of witches and magical girls, coated with one abnormality after another…
  11. Kyouko: Well, that’s what Mami said anyway, but ha! That has nothing to do with me. I found a good hunting place, so I’ve gotta get some grief seeds.
  13. According to Mami, I just have to walk a bit and a witch will come out.
  15. This place is apparently that insane but...
  17. —!?
  19. My soul gem is reacting.
  20. An appearance already? That was fast.
  21. …Over there!
  23. It’s as Mami said. Guess I’ll just take care of it in a zip!
  25. Huh….? Well, this is a dud…
  26. This is a familiar’s barrier.
  28. Tsk… I just wasted my time…
  30. Ren: yaa…!
  31. Familiar: !)*$(!@$*)(!!
  32. Ren: Hyaa…! I, It’s strong…but…I, I won’t lose…!
  33. Kyouko: What’s with her? What’s she doing against a familiar…?
  34. Ren: If I can keep this up and corner it..I should be able to defeat it…!
  35. Kyouko: Hold it, hold it! What the hell are you doing!
  36. Ren: eh….! Um…! C, Could you let me through…? The familiar…
  37. Kyouko: No, can’t you tell just by looking? That’s not a witch, that’s a familiar you know? You’re killing off the chicken before it can lay an egg and what do you expect to gain out of doing that?
  38. Ren: Eh…? Oh…the barrier’s…! …It got away…
  39. Kyouko: This might be a city with a lot of witches, but you’re wasting your time hunting like that. How much of an amateur are you?
  40. Ren: I, Is it a waste…of time…? You never know if a familiar…might become a malicious witch and yet…
  41. Kyouko: …Haa? A malicious witch? ‘The hell is that?
  42. Ren: A, A malicious witch is…um… a witch that spreads the malice of human beings…and fosters malice…yes…In other words…a witch that’s the root…that causes malice to run rampant and…because there’s... malicious witches…people can’t get away…from malice…It lets hatred and…violence…and also bullying…run rampant…So…malicious witches…must be defeated no matter what…
  43. Kyouko: I kinda get what you’re saying but y’know…Don’t tell me, you became a magical girl for justice! or to save people! or some joke like that, did you? The number one thing that pisses me off is when people barge in, acting like this is a game.
  44. Ren: …This isn’t a joke…or a game. …I really… I, really…! Intend to defeat those malicious witches… I have to…defeat those malicious witches and their seeds, the familiars too…
  45. Because I don’t want a tragedy caused by malice…to happen ever again…
  46. Kyouko: That’s why I’m asking you…what about it? Why exactly do you hate witches that much? Was your family killed by witches or something?
  47. Ren: …No…my family isn’t…
  48. …The one killed by a witch…was me.
  49. Kyouko: ——!?
  52. Ren: I couldn’t take the bullying anymore…so I planned to kill myself…I jumped off the roof of a building…but…right before I was going to die, I regretted doing so. And then, I became a magical girl.
  53. Kyouko: You…
  54. Ren: That’s why, I… want to eradicate them. The witches that make people’s malice…that make malice run rampant…I must defeat all…the malicious witches…
  55. Kyouko: …..
  56. Really, then do as you please.
  57. Ren: …Eh?
  58. Kyouko: If you think you can do it, then go ahead. Though don’t come to me if something happens. If there really are malicious witches, then they're probably going to be a ridiculously powerful.
  59. Ren: …Yes, that’s…I’m more than fully aware of it… Anyway…I’ll be going after that familiar so…excuse me…
  60. Kyouko: …She’s gone. Malicious witches, huh. I can’t necessarily say that there aren’t any…But…I can’t imagine that she’d be able to defeat it…
  62. As I watched her leave, somewhere in the back of my head, a memory came back to me.
  63. That memory was of my family. Of the family that took their own lives. Suicide…
  65. Kyouko: People who’d do something like that are morons. They’re all, morons….
  67. ...But, I can’t leave morons like that alone.
  68. That girl, who became a magical girl after trying to kill herself and regretting it…
  69. I don’t want to let her die.
  70. I ended up…thinking that way.
  72. Kyouko: Dammit. Why do I…!
  74. Somewhere, my gut told me that she’d try to do something reckless…Then I realized that I… was chasing after her.
  76. I was running in order to stop the idiot.
  77. Damn, why do I…
  79. Kyouko: —!? My soul gem is…on top of that, this reaction is a lot bigger than before. Don’t tell me… did the familiar that got away turned into a witch…? Is that idiot fighting by herself again…!?
  82. Ren: Uu…!
  83. Witch: …!
  84. Ren: Kuu…! It’s strong…It’s just like I thought…I should have defeated it while it was still a familiar…
  85. Witch: . . . . . .
  86. Ren: But… I can’t afford to lose…!
  87. Witch: …!!!!
  88. Ren: ya…! (This isn’t good… at this rate… I’m done for…!)
  89. Kyouko: How’s this!
  90. Witch: …!?
  91. Ren: —!? You're, the magical girl from earlier…!? Why…
  92. Kyouko: Don’t get the wrong idea and think I came to save you or something, because that’ll just cause me problems, got it? It’d just I just came to hunt after this guy because it became a witch. C’mon, get back. I’m more than enough!!
  93. Ren: B, But. . .
  94. Kyouko: Enough, just sit back and watch, rookie! rryaah!
  95. Witch: …!
  96. Kyouko: Hehe, you’re too slow! Soerryah!!
  97. Witch: …!?!?
  98. Kyouko: I’ll just keep on…attacking you! Oryaaaa!
  99. Witch: …….!?
  100. Ren: Amazing…
  101. Kyouko: And this is the finishing blow! rryaah!
  102. Witch: …!? …!? …!?!?
  103. Ren: You really… defeated it all by yourself… Umm…why…? Did you…save me?
  104. Kyouko: It’s not like I saved you or anything. I just came to hunt the witch, that’s all.
  106. Ren: Thank you very much... for saving me. I…misjudged you…
  107. Kyouko: I didn’t save you and I don’t need your thanks or anything either. I said it earlier, didn’t I? I just came to hunt the witch, end of story.
  108. Ren: But…
  109. Kyouko: Weaklings like you should try not to be too reckless next time, got it? Not just against witches of malice but you can’t even win against a familiar.
  110. Ren: But… I have the power to protect people so…I ought to…use this power…
  111. Kyouko: You still don’t get it? You don’t have that kind of power.
  112. Ren: —!?
  113. Kyouko: If I hadn’t showed up, you’d be dead. To try and protect other people even though you can’t even protect yourself would be completely absurd and stupid.
  114. Ren: ……….. Become stronger…. I’ll become stronger…I’ll…a lot stronger… become a lot stronger…! If I do that… then I can become a magical girl that can protect people…
  115. Kyouko: Yeah, if you become a magical girl stronger than me or anyone else, no one can complain. Here.
  116. Ren: waa….! …This… grief seed… is it okay…?
  117. Kyouko: Hopelessly optimistic magical girls like you are more likely to die early, after all. That being said, use it.
  118. Ren: But…
  119. Kyouko: You look like someone can get all their stuff together pretty quickly so
  120. Ren: …Thank you very much. …You’re a very kind person, aren’t you?
  121. Kyouko: Not at all. …See ya.
  122. Ren: Ummm…! Honestly…thank you very much…!
  124. Kyouko: Sheesh… what the hell am I doing.
  125. . . . . . . . .
  126. But, it doesn’t feel bad.
  128. Kyouko: Sheesh, seriously though, what am I doing…Hehe.
  130. Kyouko: I wonder if the more pure-hearted the person… the easier it is for them to get hurt...
  132. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`~~
  133. Part Two: Magical Girls and Cooking
  134. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  135. Kyouko: …Haa. Today’s not my lucky day. Witches won’t come out and not a single interesting thing’s going on. Ahhh—, I’m bored. Regardless my stomach’s the only thing that’s getting empty--
  137. Boy: Hey, Papa! Where are we going today—?
  138. Dad: We’re going to a restaurant today. The place we went to before, remember?
  139. Boy: The place with the yummy omulet rice!?
  140. Dad: That’s right, that’s the place—
  141. Boy: Yahooo!
  142. Dad: Ahaha. We’re almost there—
  144. Kyouko: . . . . . . . . …Family, huh.
  146. Kyouko: Did I ever go to a restaurant with my family…?
  147. In the end, guess we never did. …rather, we never could.
  149. Kyouko: Keh, this isn’t like me to get sad like this. That’s it, it’s over. I’m gonna go eat some snacks or something and forget it.
  151. Manaka: Helloo!
  152. Kyouko: Owaaaah! ‘the hell are you!?
  153. Manaka: Aah… sorry for suddenly calling out to you like this. I’m Kurumi Manaka. By the way, Manaka's a magical girl!
  154. Kyouko: Haaaah!? What the hell are you saying, all of a sudden
  155. Manaka: Just the other day…Manaka happened to see you fighting…so Manaka called out to you today like so!
  156. Kyouko: You just happened to see me and that’s it…?
  157. But why? It’s not that unusual for magical girls to be in this city, right?
  158. Manaka: Aah… whether you were a magical girl or not has nothing to do with it. More importantly… that snack!
  159. Kyouko: …Heh?
  160. Manaka: Have you been eating that for…al————————————————————————————————————l this time!?
  161. Kyouko: What about it?
  162. Manaka: …Not good… It’s not good at all!
  163. Kyouko: Whoa, I’m asking you what about it! What’re you suddenly…!
  164. Manaka: If you keep eating unhealthy things like that, you’ll get sick!
  165. Kyouko: I’m a magical girl so I’ll be fine! That’s none of your business!
  166. Manaka: No, you can’t let your guard down! It’s because you’re a magical girl! That taking care of your health is very important! Fighting with witches is a matter of life or death! You need to go in there while at your best condition!
  167. Kyouko: Nah, I’m telling you, magical girls don’t need to worry about that kind of stuff.
  168. Manaka: Furthermoree!
  169. Kyouko: So there’s more…
  170. Manaka: If you keep eating foods with artificial flavorings/seasonings your tongue will stop working.
  171. Kyouko: Huh.
  172. Manaka: Your tongue will stop working!
  173. Kyouko: Why did you say it twice!?
  174. Manaka: Anyway! Allow Manaka! To show off her cooking talents!
  175. Kyouko: Nn? Cooking? Why that?
  176. Manaka: To beat into and reform your tongue and sense of taste, both of which has had nothing to eat but snacks!!
  177. Kyouko: ‘the hell is that!?
  178. Manaka: If you eat Manaka’s cooking…then you’ll no longer be able to stand eating snacks like that! After all, Manaka’s cooking is the best in the worldd! …By the way, what’s your name?
  179. Kyouko: My name is…Sakura Kyouko but...
  180. Manaka: Sakura-san! Manaka will wager it upon my skills that Manaka will take care of you!
  181. Kyouko: …Ah well, fine. If it’s a free meal, I’ll eat it.
  183. Manaka: This is the place! C’mon in, c’mon in…it’s not open today anyway!
  184. Kyouko: Huh, it’s a pretty nice place. What is this place?
  185. Manaka: It’s Manaka’s dad’s restaurant! Manaka's dad is…also Manaka’s cooking master!
  186. Kyouko: Your father’s a cook!? Does that mean you’re good at cooking!?
  187. Manaka: That’s what Manaka's been trying to tell you since earlier, remember? “Delicious” doesn’t even come close to describing it! And yet, you…
  188. Kyouko: …Eh? Ohh… Are you that offended that I said “if it’s a free meal, I’ll eat it”?
  189. Manaka: The way you said it made it sound like you aren’t looking forward to this at all.
  190. Kyouko: Give me a break, I didn’t know. I just thought that if it’s edible, anything’s fine with me.
  191. Manaka: MUKI———I! Allow Manaka to make you rethink those thoughts! Take your seat over there and please wait! Sit! Sit!
  192. Kyouko: What’re you suddenly getting mad for? You’re a weird one.
  193. Manaka: …So, what would you like to eat?
  194. Kyouko: Eh? Nn— I guess an omulet rice?
  195. Manaka: Is that your favorite?
  196. Kyouko: No, not really…? I’m just kind of craving it.
  197. Manaka: Oh really… anyway, Manaka will give it her all! Please wait!
  198. Kyouko: Okay--
  200. Manaka: Muttermutter………..muttermutter…
  202. Kyouko: She kind of talks to herself a lot, just while she’s cooking.
  204. Manaka: It’s done!
  205. Kyouko: Oh, smells good! Hey, this looks pretty good!
  206. Manaka: Enjoy! Savor the taste to your heart’s content!
  207. Kyouko: Got it. Thanks for the meal. Chompp
  208. —!!
  209. Manaka: How is it?
  210. Kyouko: This…is delicious! What is this!
  211. Manaka: Fluffy omulet rice specially made with walnuts! Try it once, and that’s it…you’ll get addicted and you won’t be able to eat any other kind!
  212. Kyouko: Seriously!? Yumm! This really is delicious!
  213. Manaka: …I’m glad you’re smiling…
  214. Kyouko: Nn? Did you say something?
  215. Manaka: No! Nothing! Fufufu!
  217. Kyouko: Man—, that was good— I’m stuffed!
  218. Manaka: Manaka's glad. To have you eat it like you really enjoyed it made Manaka feel like it was worth cooking it for you.
  219. Kyouko: Ahaha. But man, you’re really amazing. That was superb! Can you cook anything?
  220. Manaka: Manaka's still not at the point where Manaka can cook… “anything”. Manaka's still in-training after all… But eventually, Manaka will be able to make anything!
  221. Kyouko: Really, do your best! If you need a taste tester, I’ll always do it. I won’t leave a single bite and I’ll finish eating it all so you can rest easy and make me stuff!
  222. Manaka: “Eat it all without leaving a single bite”…you say…!
  223. Kyouko: Of course! It’d be a waste if there were any leftovers, right?
  224. Manaka: That’s right… those feelings of yours that treasure food so much are very fascinating! Yes, the enjoyment level is very high!
  225. Kyouko: Wha, what are you suddenly…!? You're trying to kill me with compliments now? Give me a break!
  226. Manaka: Manaka just said what Manaka thought, but…?
  227. Kyouko: Haha, ‘that so? …Hmm, you’re a weird one…
  228. Manaka: Fufufu. Was it because of your parents’ influence that made you treasure food?
  229. Kyouko: Eh…?
  230. Manaka: Usually, those kinds of fundamental characteristics…tend to be the result of parenting after all. You have a wonderful family, for sure. Well, the way you speak isn’t refined though! Fufuu
  231. ……………..What’s wrong?
  232. Kyouko: …No, it’s nothing. Nothing…
  234. Kyouko: Family… my family that’s not here anymore…I accidentally remembered why I became a magical girl. For my dad…for my family…for the sake of the people important to me, I became a magical girl. Then…that wish destroyed my family…
  235. Manaka: Ummm….Sakura-san…?
  236. Kyouko: Knowing how important it is to eat. That’s what saved my family, you see. Also, how important it is to live.
  237. Manaka: To eat and…to live?
  238. Kyouko: Yeah. Because, to eat is to live, right? You see, I will live through anything and everything. That’s what I decided.
  240. Kyouko: Anyway, I’ll be leaving soon.
  241. Manaka: Yes! Please, stop by at our restaurant again! Manaka will show off her skills again!
  242. Kyouko: Well, when I feel like it, okay…
  243. Manaka: ………….. Sakura-san. You’re…how should Manaka say this…
  244. Kyouko: Nn? What?
  245. Manaka: …Manaka doesn’t know what happened in Sakura-san’s past, but…the moment Sakura-san takes one foot into this restaurant…Manaka will serve you food with a smile. That won’t change no matter what or when, okay?
  246. Kyouko: What’re you saying all of a sudden! …But, thanks. But you’re a magical girl, aren’t you? If you have the free time to cook food, then the correct answer is to go hunt for witches instead. Though you’ll probably cook food for someone, it’s not guaranteed that someone will come save you if your soul gem gets tainted. Make sure to think of yourself as a magical girl. So that’s why, you…
  247. Manaka: That’s not right, Sakura-san.
  248. Kyouko: ?
  249. Manaka: It’s not for someone else’s sake…it’s for my own. Manaka’s happy…when Manaka sees someone smile… If someone becomes miserable… if something like that were to happen… Manaka will bring a smile back to their face with the flames of passion she uses while cooking. Manaka will make delicious food that’s enough to extinguish that misery!
  250. Kyouko: …You’re a weird one.
  251. Manaka: What! Really?
  252. Kyouko: Yeah, a really weird one! But I like your cooking! When I feel like it, I’ll come here!
  253. Manaka: Hey wait a sec, what you said hasn’t changed from earlier, has it?
  254. Kyouko: Hey, hey, don’t think you can change people that easily!
  255. Manaka: Nuuu…But, even though what you said hasn’t changed…the way you said it has changed just a little, hasn’t it?
  256. Kyouko: Whaa, id-iot! It hasn’t changed! Later!
  257. Manaka: Manaka is serious! Please come again anytime!
  258. Kyouko: Yeah, thank you.
  260. Kyouko: The cooking magical girl. She was a weird one but…
  261. she was the kind of girl who’d make you delicious and…warm food.
  263. Kyouko: How long has it been…since I last ate at a stylish restaurant like that? It was delicious.
  265. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  266. Part Three: Magical Girls Prefer Dango Over Flowers
  267. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  269. Kyouko: Kamihama City. There's bizarre rumors flying around this city. There’s all sorts of ‘em: from the different types of urban legends, to the insane rumors that no one would believe. But this Kamihama City is a city where witches are gathering. Even rumors and urban legends can’t be easily dismissed.
  271. Kyouko: I hate how boring it is, but I guess I can’t help it. First are the rumors. I should investigate those.
  273. ???: Eh—! You’re kidding, seriously!?
  275. Kyouko: (? What’re they getting worked up about?)
  276. Girl A: They seriously saw her!? The “Hanasaka Girl” ! [1]
  277. Girl B: Yeah! They said that it has to be the “Hanasaka Girl”!
  278. Kyouko: ( “Hanasaka Girl” …!? What’s that… I know about the “Hanasaka Old Man”, but…)
  279. Girl A: Soo!? Who did they say it was?
  280. Girl B: If I remember right… it was a girl who’d leave flowers blooming wherever she walked and… all around her, flower petals would fall…or something like that!
  281. Girl A: Whaaaa~t!? So it’s, like, for rea~~l! That rumor!
  282. Girl B: Seems like it is. They said that she appeared at that sloped road right over there!
  283. Kyouko (…A girl who scatters flowers, huh…what a weird rumor.) …Well, guess I’ll try looking into it.
  285. Kyouko: …And, I’m here, but now what? I guess I can’t do anything but wait on the road for that Hanasaka Girl to come out. Ahh— what a pain in the a—ss— but there’s nothing else I can do…
  287. ???: Oof, there…
  289. Kyouko: —!?
  290. ???: Alley-oop…!
  291. Kyouko: A girl... with both arms full of flowers? Hanasaka Girl…that’s gotta be her!
  292. ???: Fuu…oop…!
  293. Kyouko: My soul gem isn’t reacting…but, this is fishy. Hey! You there!
  294. Konomi: …Eh? Me?
  295. Kyouko: That’s right, you! What are you? Seems like there’s a sketchy rumor about you, but do you happen to be an ally of witches? Or are you…
  296. Konomi: Witch… Ehh!? Me…!? Y, You’re wrong…! I’m a magical girl…! Haruna Konomi!
  297. Kyouko: Magical girl!? Not the Hanasaka Girl!?
  298. Konomi: Hanasaka… Girl? What is that...?
  300. Kyouko: Ohhh, so you’re also a magical girl.
  301. Konomi: That’s right… Did I... look like a witch?
  302. Kyouko: No, you don’t look like one, but this city’s kind of weird, right? For now, I’m crushing the weird things, and that’s how I got here.
  303. Konomi: Eh…then does that mean…I looked weird…?
  304. Kyouko: Well, yeah.
  305. Konomi: Ehh…!? But I was just carrying flowers…
  306. Kyouko: Why are you carrying that many flowers?
  307. Konomi: I work at a florist so…
  308. Kyouko: Ohh, I get it. That’s why you’re the Hanasaka Girl…Well that was extremely ordinary.
  309. Konomi: That’s why it’s not weird at all! Right?
  310. Kyouko: Right. Sheesh, talk about misleading…You’re Haruna Konomi? That’s what you said your name was, right?
  311. Konomi: Yes, that’s right. I’m Haruna Konomi.
  312. Kyouko: I’m Sakura Kyouko.
  313. Konomi: Yes. Seeing as we’re both magical girls, I hope we get along…
  314. Kyouko: Ah, I’ll pass on that offer.
  315. Konomi: Eh…?
  316. Kyouko: I don’t like pairing up for one thing, and witch hunting is a competition.
  317. Konomi: That’s… it’s not a competition...
  318. Kyouko: You say that but—h—m. …Well, if you’re saying that you'll give me the grief seeds, then I don’t mind, but…?
  319. Konomi: Grief seed..if I do… will you become friends with me…?
  320. Kyouko: Yeah. it’s that thing called a collaborative relationship!
  321. Konomi: If that’s the case…
  322. Kyouko: —!? My soul gem is reacting. A witch really did appear.
  323. Konomi: —!! Is it close…!?
  324. Kyouko: Yeah, probably. You were in the middle of carrying flowers back, right? I’ll hunt the witch.
  325. Konomi: But, by yourself… the Kamihama witches are strong and…
  326. Kyouko: I’m telling you, it’s a piece of cake! You worry about yourself, got it!? Try not to let the flowers wither, or whatever! Later!
  327. Konomi: Wa, Wait…! …….. ….l guess I am worried… I’m a…magical girl too…! I want to fight too!
  329. Kyouko: rrryaaah!
  330. Witch: …………
  331. Kyouko: What, that’s all you’ve got!? I heard that you’re supposed to be strong! Is that it, Kamihama witch!? Sorryaaah!
  332. WItch: …!?
  333. Kyouko: Hehee, just a bit more! With this, it’s over…!
  334. Konomi: Sakura-san!
  335. Kyouko: That magical girl from earlier!?
  336. Konomi: I’ll fight too! Please let me help you!
  337. Kyouko: Hold it, idiot! Don’t come in here! It’s danger…
  338. Witch: ……….!!!!
  339. Konomi: Kyaaaaaa…!
  340. Kyouko: Aah, dammit! Just be a good girl and stay there!
  341. Konomi: But…!
  342. Kyouko: I’m telling you, I’m going to go deal the finishing blow to the witch!
  343. Konomi: Ehhhh…?
  344. Kyouko: Oraaaaayah!
  345. Witch: …!?…!?…!?!?!?!?
  346. Kyouko: Whew, one down. And I got a grief seed.
  347. Konomi: Amazing… you defeated it so easily…
  348. Kyouko: Geez…what did you come for?
  349. Konomi: I was going to fight alongside you…so I came after you but…
  350. Kyouko: Do you think that someone who can’t even protect themselves can protect someone else?
  351. Konomi: Uuuu….
  352. Kyouko: There’s no point in going in there, trying to save someone only to get saved yourself. In the world of magical girls, the ones who don’t think before they act are the ones that die. If you’ve learned your lesson, then you should quit acting like an idiot.
  353. Konomi: …I’m sorry. I don’t have a thing to say back…
  354. Kyouko: Sheesh…Anyway, I’ll be leaving.
  355. Konomi: Okay…sorry for causing you this much trouble…
  356. Kyouko: You don’t have to go that far… Nn? Hey, is it possible that you can’t move?
  357. Konomi: Ahh…well…because of that attack earlier…The wound isn’t that deep but…it hurts just a little…
  358. Kyouko: …Geez. You really are helpless. Come on, get on my back.
  359. Konomi: Heeh!? I couldn’t possibly…!
  360. Kyouko: If I left you here, it’d just leave a bad taste in my mouth, okay? C’mon, I’ll carry you till your house so hurry up and get on.
  361. Konomi: …Yes. Thank you very much…
  362. Kyouko: You really are a troublesome one, aren’t you? Oof…you’re heavier than I thought. Aren’t ya.
  363. Konomi: Ehh!? Oh noo….! I’m sorry…!
  364. Kyouko: Hahaha, I’m just kidding. It’s a joke.
  365. Konomi: I’ll try harder next time. I’ll train and…become stronger!
  366. Kyouko: At least the amount of effort you put in is first rate…well, I guess that’s okay.
  367. Konomi: Yes! I’ll do my best!
  368. Kyouko: Heh…
  371. Kyouko: Alright, just lie down.
  372. Konomi: Thank you very much. The pain has mostly gone away.
  373. Kyouko: That’s a relief. Here, I’ll leave the flowers you were carrying over here.
  374. Konomi: Ahh…! You even brought those……I’m so sorry…
  375. Kyouko: Anyway, I’ll be taking off now.
  376. Konomi: Ahh…! Please wait! Um…I need to give you something as a way of thanks…
  377. Kyouko: Thanks?
  378. Konomi: Yes. A flower…
  379. Kyouko: Haaa!?
  380. Konomi: Let me…make you a flower bouquet, Sakura-san. Or even…a flower crown!
  381. Kyouko: What the, I don’t need one! I definitely don’t want one!
  382. Konomi: No way…! At least accept it as a token of my thoughts…!
  383. Kyouko: I’m telling you, I'm not interested in flowers. How about some food, I like food. I prefer dango over flowers.
  384. Konomi: But… right now the most I can offer you are…flowers… So, by all means….I’d like you to take some but…
  385. Kyouko: You say by all means, but uh…
  386. Konomi: The “kyou” in “Kyouko” is written with the kanji for “apricot”, right? The flowers of an apricot tree are very beautiful and…Sakura-san, you’re a kind person so…I thought that it’d be nice if you could start to like flowers too…
  387. Kyouko: …Haa. You’re telling me that if I take ‘em, then you'll be satisfied?
  388. Konomi: By all means, please let me gift you some.
  389. Kyouko: ….Okay, I’ll take the flowers.
  390. Konomi: I’m so glad…!
  392. Konomi: It’s done! Here…take this!
  393. Kyouko: What is this?
  394. Konomi: It’s a nadeshiko flower. I thought that might fit you best, but what do you think?
  395. Kyouko: …Yeah, well I guess it’s nice?
  396. Konomi: I think it’d be really cute if you stuck one in your hair!
  397. Kyouko: Absolutely no!
  398. Konomi: But it’d be cute…
  399. Kyouko: Hahaha, later.
  400. Konomi: Yes! Seriously…thank you very much!
  402. Kyouko: After I left Konomi’s room…
  403. I unconsciously stuck the nadeshiko flower in my hair.
  405. Kyouko: …Just like I figured, this doesn’t suit me at all—!
  407. Kyouko: Giving me a flower as a present…fufu. I ended up meeting a cute witch.
  409. ========================================================================================================================
  410. [1] = As Kyouko mentions in the next line, there’s a children’s story called the Hanasaka Jiji/Jiisan, or the Old Man Who Made Flowers Bloom. For the summary, go here:
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