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  2. IGN (In Game Name):
  3. Dz1kuss
  4. Youtube Channel (Link):
  6. Amount Of Subscribers:
  7. 1060
  8. Number Of videos on Faithful in the past Month: 4
  9. Average amount of views per video:
  10. 400-600
  11. When was your channel created:
  12. January 30 2015. I started uploading Minecraft in 2018.
  13. Will you be seriously committed to uploading on the server?
  14. Yes! I will often and regularly publish videos on my channel from your server.
  15. Why do you want to have the famous / youtube rank on our network:
  16. I would like to get a Famous rank because it has a reclaim and it will be easier for me to record SOTW and game. Please give me a chance.
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