Kitsune Scouting

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  1. (1:54:34 PM) Kitsune-Chan: can you remind me?
  2. (1:56:54 PM) DarkenedHG: Of?
  3. (1:56:58 PM) DarkenedHG: You were leaving the store
  4. (1:57:01 PM) DarkenedHG: And teh sky shattered
  5. (1:58:26 PM) Kitsune-Chan: and that's it?
  6. (1:58:38 PM) DarkenedHG: That's where we paused.
  7. (2:06:33 PM) ***Kitsune-Chan takes fo the form of a bird and goes up to look
  8. (2:08:29 PM) DarkenedHG: Up?
  9. (2:09:00 PM) Kitsune-Chan: to get aclosser view of broken?
  10. (2:11:53 PM) DarkenedHG: One of her feathers starts to ring then.
  11. (2:15:45 PM) ***Kitsune-Chan lets voicemail handle it
  12. (2:17:31 PM) DarkenedHG: The actual sky is shattered
  13. (2:17:57 PM) DarkenedHG: Silvery corners and dizzyingly sharp edges block her sight
  14. (2:18:22 PM) DarkenedHG: The bird can see a dozen twisted reflections in the sky, tearing out and soaring at her, larger more vicious birds.
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