Simon Parkin & Sunset (through Agency)

Aug 6th, 2015
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  1. Subject: Simon Parkin & Sunset through Agency
  2. Sources: The New Yorker, Eurogamer, Twitter.
  3. Date Compiled: August 06th, 2015.
  4. Credits: Original Investigation. (@jimmymccunty for Agency Case Study link)
  5. ~@boogiepoprobin
  6. ************************************************************
  7. Summary:
  8. Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran consulted on Sunset by Tale of Tales through Agency. Agency's role is stated to be "Project Direction Advice" in the credits for Sunset. Simon Parkin may have personal relationships with Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran. These existing relationships could have affected coverage.
  11. The purpose behind the following tweets is to showcase various interactions between Simon Parkin, Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran that suggest long-standing friendships may exist between them. Due to their role within Sunset's production, those personal relationships could have affected Parkin's coverage of Sunset.
  13. 06.24.09: (@simonparkin) @leighalexander Ah, so you're a turtler. ;)
  14. 07.17.09: (@simonparkin) .@leighalexander I knew that tweet would spell trouble. Still, re: rose-boy, you totally would, right?
  15. 07.19.09: (@steishere) This is awkward. Just went to check why @SimonParkin is so happy in Dwarf Fortress. Turns out he and I are lovers.
  16. 07.19.09: (@simonparkin) @SteIsHere Here's hoping life mirrors art next week.
  17. 08.03.09: (@steishere) @crystaltips Just FYI, @simonparkin is one of my pseudonyms. I know! I'm amazing! But I don't do this for the fame, I do it for justice.
  18. 08.03.09: (@simonparkin) @SteIsHere I'll do you for the justice in a minute, Curran.
  19. 08.27.09: (@simonparkin) @SteIsHere I want to hold your hand.
  20. 09.09.09: (@simonparkin) Apologies for the sexy tweets. @steishere just gave me a written warning. :(
  21. 12.10.09: (@simonparkin) @SteIsHere I like to think that our relationship is strong enough that I don't need to retweet you to show how much I love you, Ste.
  22. 02.22.10: (@simonparkin) This is some niche comedy, isn't it? You've all 200%'d Symphony of the Night right? Tell me it's not just me and @leighalexander...
  23. 05.01.10: (@simonparkin) Never more damp than on Hampstead Heath with @steishere and friends this evening. The stuff stories and character are made of.
  24. 08.05.10: (@simonparkin) @leighalexander It's your puny arms that hold you back, Leigh. :( If only you had strong arms like gamer boys, maybe we'd give you a chance
  25. 09.01.10: (@simonparkin) @steishere Oy Vey of the Samurai #JewishVideogames
  26. 10.02.10: (@simonparkin) @steishere @byronicman You are like playground bullies demanding my lunch money. Except instead of money you want words. And kisses.
  27. 11.12.10: (@steishere) Out with @onelifeleft. Just remembered how @simonparkin betrayed us. Now doing Google Voice interpretative tweets for the rest of the night.
  28. 01.02.11: (@simonparkin) @SteIsHere Under that cool, Redeye exterior you're all coochy-coo sentimental really, Ste.
  29. 02.25.11: (@simonparkin) @steishere "You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess" We're doing it this way round this time?
  30. 03.29.11: (@steishere) @SimonParkin I am sure you have a perfectly good reason for looking at a 15-year-old Brazilian girl's Tumblr. You can explain it over lunch.
  31. 03.29.11: (@simonparkin) @steishere I was looking for a 15-year-old Brazilian girl I could bone.
  32. 04.02.11: (@simonparkin) @megganpez @leighalexander Eep! Sorry for all the Instaspam. It's our first 'road trip' so an being a bit over eager.
  33. 04.07.11: (@leighalexander) #FF overnight edition: @kirkhamilton @selmaleh @Quinns108 @q0rt @SimonParkin @jennatar @scanters @maiaskisses4u @acarboni @Brendy_C
  34. 04.19.11: (@steishere) Just killed @SimonParkin's dog. Felt nothing, not even a twinge of remorse. This is the first step.
  35. 05.18.11: (@steishere) @simonParkin oh parko. this is obvious bullshit and you will be entirely to blame when you get a copy of the shit tie-in book for christmas.
  36. 06.18.11: (@simonparkin) @steishere Also: why is the only time we hang out these days WHEN I MAKE MISTAKES?
  37. 06.22.11: (@steishere) @SimonParkin PS I gotta come down to Brighton soon, let's have lunch, are there any days that aren't good for you?
  38. 06.22.11: (@simonparkin) @steishere Fridays are bad. Otherwise: IN.
  39. 09.13.11: (@simonparkin) @leighalexander Fewer compliments, more replying to my letter/email, Alexander. :)
  40. 11.04.11: (Romerossoldier) Ahahahahaha, this is gold! @SimonParkin & @steishere singing their little hearts out, looking slightly scary
  41. 01.09.12: (@simonparkin) @steishere You are so NME these days, Ste. Also: TY. Also also: lunch next week?
  42. 01.09.12: (@simonparkin) @leighalexander @steishere An entire subset of friends now calls me Parko. Ste Curran: RUINER OF LIVES.
  43. 01.09.12: (@steishere) @SimonParkin @leighalexander Hark at Parko, a man so popular he needs a Venn diagram to organise his friends.
  44. 02.15.12: (@simonparkin) @steishere @teamjude I watched this twice today and it didn't get any less wow. Movie night soon?
  45. 03.08.12: (@caraellison) Moments of awesome at the Wild Rumpus/ One Life Left party last night: @leighalexander and @SimonParkin's karaoke
  46. 03.16.12: (@simonparkin) @steishere Oh jeez. Why were you not more forgetfully drunk when I told you that. :(
  47. 03.31.12: (@simonparkin) @leighalexander If I donate $5000 can my perk be that I get to be father of the bride? Also: gratz you.
  48. 03.26.12: (@leighalexander) @katie_torres @scanters @steishere @simonparkin @mattboch does it contain parko's racism & threats of sexual violence
  49. 07.03.12: (@simonparkin) Just saw @steishere and fyi he seems to have mellowed since his morning tirades against New York, women, question marks and Olympic mascots.
  50. 07.09.12: (@steishere) Stole this obituary --… -- from @SimonParkin's timeline which I was stalking to see if he has a tattoo. Still no idea.
  51. 10.18.12: (@steishere) Is anyone going from Brighton to #gma12 today? I am doing that. Do you want to hang out on a train? I am mostly talking to @SimonParkin here
  52. 10.10.12: (@steishere) OMG @SimonParkin just confirmed I am 'headlining' his "Reads Like a Seven" event at GameCity. Amazing line-up too:…
  53. 10.27.12: (@steishere) Look, it's @simonparkin coming out of a closet! #gmadefiance
  54. 04.19.13: (@leighalexander) And finally re mentors/heroes: @russpits, @SimonParkin, @SusanArendt, @steishere, @dtoidniero and @simoncarless, @simoncarless @simoncarless
  55. 09.17.13: (@leighalexander) @SimonParkin @NewYorker It's 'satire' parko (can't wait to read it)
  56. 09.20.13: (@leighalexander) @Thomas_Heger @SimonParkin @patrickklepek @kierongillen hey, those are my favorite guys, too!
  57. 10.15.13: (@leighalexander) @SimonParkin PARKO, you've been using graft? I'm so disappointed. ADMIRED WRITER IN GRAFTING SCANDAL
  58. 10.31.13: (@steishere) @SimonParkin @edfear @teenytinylisa IDK MAYBE YOU SHOULD INVITE US SOMEWHERE IF YOU WANT US TO GO SOMEWHERE
  59. 02.05.14: (@leighalexander) @edfear @scanters that's so odd, as I end up being mean to @SimonParkin when I'm with them too
  60. 02.05.14: (@leighalexander) @SimonParkin @edfear @scanters but PARKO usually becomes the meanest one by the end of the night so it all works out
  61. 02.27.14: (@leighalexander) Also there is a photo in @steishere's toilet of a beaming @SimonParkin, watching anyone who uses it. Disconcerting
  62. 02.27.14: (@simonparkin) @leighalexander @steishere Check the eyes and they're actually Ste's eyes and also they occasionally blink.
  63. 03.16.14: (@leighalexander) I am excited for the week ahead at GDC. If you want to have a little sit down with Agency ( ) this week, email me!
  64. 03.16.14: (@kirkhamilton) Oh man it’s me and @10rdBen @SimonParkin @laura_hudson @leighalexander GDC has officially begun
  65. 03.16.14: (@brandonnn) @kirkhamilton @10rdBen @SimonParkin @laura_hudson @leighalexander wow thanks for not returning my txts SIMON AND LEIGH
  66. 03.16.14: (@leighalexander) @brandonnn @kirkhamilton @10rdBen @SimonParkin @laura_hudson hello i don't have a phone anymore we're all hanging pls look at yr DM
  67. 03.19.14: (@leighalexander) taking bets each category with @SimonParkin @RaveofRavendale. we were ALL wrong re visual art.
  68. 03.19.14: (@leighalexander) Thanks to all who came to Agency's launch social! We think it'd be smart for everyone to catch up with what we do.
  69. 06.17.14: (@leighalexander) @keefstuart i fell off a mechanical bull once. i don't think @SimonParkin was there, though.
  70. Simon Parkin and Ste Curran jointly wrote the script for the Sega PSP version of Crush under "Zoe Mode Brighton":
  72. The purpose behind the following tweets is to showcase that Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran tweeted on their feeds about Agency, Leigh Alexander promoted the information from her personal webpage on Agency, AND that Simon Parkin had knowledge of Leigh Alexander's personal webpage as well as promoted an article from her site. This makes it far less likely that he was unaware of their roles within Sunset's production.
  74. Simon Parkin does follow Leigh Alexander (checked on 08.06.15)
  75. Simon Parkin does follow Ste Curran (checked on 08.06.15)
  76. 03.11.14: (@stecurran) Announcing Agency: @leighalexander and I have begun creative consulting for games developers. more here
  77. 04.16.14: (@leighalexander) Tale of Tales' new game looks SO COOL. And I'm not just saying that because @agencyforgames is helping with it
  78. 06.17.14: (@leighalexander) Must say, especially excited about this one -- Agency, my consultancy with @steishere, is involved. Learn more:…
  79. 06.19.14: (@leighalexander) my boss is @taleoftales! :D RT @JacePro: Sunset hit its goal in two days! @leighalexander must be feeling pretty boss right about now.
  80. 06.30.14: (@leighalexander) Oh, Tale of Tales' Sunset is close to its second stretch goal. You can learn about how I work with them here…
  81. 07.05.14: (@simonparkin) Sexism netiquette:… Useful, patient and clear by @leighalexander
  82. 01.09.15: (@leighalexander) We did lots of neat things with our consultancy, Agency, in the past year! Let's meet at GDC so we can tell you more!…
  83. 03.24.15: (leighalexander) The main frustration for me is that these people are not smart enough to go to a website and learn I did not do marketing
  84. 03.24.15: "@leighalexander It's okay if you send us a credit note for that $40,000 that Anita never paid back."
  85. 03.24.15: (leighalexander) @taleoftales oh shit were we supposed to do the MARKETING? shit...
  86. 05.19.15: (leighalexander) @taleoftales *frantically pages through dictionary* maybe we should double-check everything i wrote for sunset...
  88. Additional Information:
  89. 03.15.15: - Tale of Tales Sunset and Agency:
  90. Ste Curran's page on Agency on his personal website.
  91. Leigh Alexander & Ste Curran (Agency) Project Direction Advice in credits of Sunset.
  92. Agency Case Study - Sunset.
  93. One Life Left is a videogames FM radio show presented by Ste Curran, Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury.
  95. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  96. 05.08.15: How Video Games Make You Work (The New Yorker)
  97. 05.29.15: Sunset review: The revolution will not be televised. (Eurogamer)
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