from feb2 2012

Feb 25th, 2012
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  1. feb2.2012
  2. fall apart through a thousand lines, they
  3. divide me and are forever non intersecting.
  5. screamed by a thousand cliches each one more
  6. obvious and banal than the last - all
  7. increasing my death, my death, my death.
  9. see your uselessness, my uselessness - I
  10. want to be usefullness.
  11. typed into notepad, typed into pastebin,
  12. into url bars, into google searches, out of
  13. me and into something else. do not read
  14. anymore of this.
  16. I scratch subtley into furniture with my
  17. fingers, please look hard to read the words
  18. and see the shapes, they are the most
  19. important, subtlety included.
  21. if you are from the future and reading this
  22. please come back into time and tell me that
  23. it is worthwhile, that there is a point.
  24. that there is an unglazinglyness that can
  25. radiate from me.
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