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  1. Listings within tiers are not in any particular order.
  3. Top Tier:
  5. Toga/Gravion Zwei 斗牙
  6. A 6 pilot super with absurd amounts of seishins and firepower. It learns a full set of support seishins on top of a full set of attack seishins. Combine that with Awaken and Gravion Zwei is literally a one robot army capable of attacking multiple times per turn on its own without any other help. Its only problem is a lack of sub-pilot Flash and that its ultimate attack isn't quite as strong as the other supers by endgame.
  8. Apollo/Aquarion アポロ
  9. A super that can accomodate different pilots, changing its weapon loadout. I'm pretty sure the default A setup is the best, as it gives you the strongest attacks and the best assortment of seishins. Sirius learns Spirit and Sylvia learns Love. Sylvia also has support attack and defend which is nice early-mid game. Apollo eventually learns Awaken, making Aquarion almost as good as Shin Getter at spamming extremely powerful attacks during a single turn.
  11. Shinobu/Final Dancouga 忍
  12. Excellent super with all the right seishins including Love and Awaken. Being able to alternately spam Love and Awaken on two different pilots puts it firmly in the top tier.
  14. Roger/The Big O ロジャー
  15. Very powerful and durable super, even without iron wall. Eventually learns Spirit and Awaken, making him one of the most mobile and hardest hitting supers in the game, even rivaling Gurren Lagan.
  17. Ryoma/Black Getter then Shin Getter 竜馬
  18. Ryoma starts out in the Black Getter, then ends up in the Shin Getter later with Hayato and Benkei. Shin Getter is of course the "boss" of the super robots and it doesn't disappoint in Z2-2. Ryoma's ace bonus is pretty good, giving him +30% dmg at 170 morale (which is very easy to reach with Benkei's Spirit seishin), so it's worth feeding him kills even in the Black Getter.
  20. Simon/Gurren-Lagan シモン
  21. Lacks Iron Wall for extra durability and lacks awaken, but it can deal an absurd amount of damage. His ultimate attack does the most damage in the game under no pp/upgrade conditions. You can kill most end game bosses by spamming enable, supply, and hope on Simon while he spams his ultimate attack for 25-30k per hit.
  23. Kamiyu カミーユ
  24. Kamiyu is the best overall choice for the Turn A Gundam due to his high dodge rate and learning of Yell and Spirit seishins early on. His only drawback is that he doesn't have Amuro or Quattro's Awakening seishin for better positioning (or repeat firing) of the Turn A MAP, but you can always use Enable seishin to make up for it.
  26. Hiiro/Wing Gundam ヒイロ
  27. Once he unlocks the Zero System mid game he can buff himself to extremely high stats. Great seishins too, although I wish he had Awaken. Combine that with his ammo based MAP attacks and you've got one of the best, if not the best real pilot in the game.
  29. Basara/VF-19 バサラ
  30. Unique buffs, can slay or demoralize Varja, give other pilots seishins, SP, morale, etc. Mostly useful for his AOE morale buff, but occasionally he's worth throwing at some Varja to make them flee.
  37. High Tier:
  39. Kappei/Zanbot 3 勝平
  40. Fairly strong super with a full range of seishins including Bravery. Keiko gets Resupply as an added bonus. Actually, resupply is the only thing that keeps Zanbot 3 on the deployment roster by endgame.
  42. Tatsuya/God Sigma 闘志也
  43. A strong super with solid seishins and attacks, but lacks Love/Bravery and Awaken.
  45. Marin/Baldios マリン
  46. Solid super that can teleport at 130 morale for 0 energy. Learns Love and can support attack.
  48. Setsuna/Daburuo Gundam 刹那
  49. Starts out slow but mid game she gets better attacks and a sub pilot that learns Hope. She also learns Fervor relatively early, then Spirit and Awaken. Only drawback is her lack of Accel and her MAP being a straight line. One of the only single target dodge pilots worth deploying late game.
  51. Aoi/Dancouga Nova 葵
  52. Powerful super with a good selection of seishins. Unfortunately lacks Awaken.
  54. Go/Shin Getter 號
  55. Go, Kei, and Gai start in the Shin Getter, then Ryoma, Hayato, and Benkei take over during the late game. They rejoin you in an endgame scenario in the Shin Getter Dragon, a battleship with attacks that rival the Macross Battleship. They'll also be pretty high level (70-75) when they rejoin if they left your party at around lv 60-65.
  57. Gainer/King Gainer ゲイナー
  58. Excellent dodge pilot that is very useful for dodge countering during the early and mid game. Learns Spirit, Accel, and Bravery. By endgame his value starts to decline as you don't need as much dodging, surviving, and countering as before.
  60. Zero/Zero Bot ゼロ
  61. Zero starts out in a battleship but soon switches to his own personal robot. Learns both Confuse and Enable, has a great MAP attack, and has a unique and useful area buff. His MAP attack is somewhat tricky to position, but worth the effort, especially once he learns Spirit. His ace bonus is absurdly good, increasing his tactical command ability by 2 range and granting him a random seishin at the start of each player phase (even ones he doesn't have!) once he hits 150 morale.
  63. Banjou/Daitarn 3 万丈
  64. Nearly perfect seishin pool for a single pilot super, very strong attacks, absurdly durable robot, can transform for 2 extra movement, etc. Probably the best single pilot super as far as damage and durability. Unfortunately, his lack of accel is crippling considering that his best attack has 1 range.
  66. Crowe/Crowe Bot (with 11/11 B birthday entry)
  67. With the 11/11B entry, you get a 10 SP Attune, which is great for using on supers without burning their own SP. Going with the ranged upgrade mid-game grants him some decent ranged attacks and an excellent ammo based MAP. Late game he unlocks a final powerful weapon. Like most dodge pilots, eventually he's only worth bringing for his MAP spam. It would be great if he had a seishin set that included both Soul and Awaken, but there isn't, so 11/11 B is probably your best bet.
  72. High-Mid Tier:
  74. Rand ランド
  75. Joins at endgame with a strong set of seishins and powerful attacks. Suffers from lack of mobility due to his 1 range ultimate attack. Still worth fielding for Hope spam from his sub pilot.
  77. Kouji/Mazinger-Z 甲児
  78. A solid single pilot super, even though Mazinger is a bit fragile. Eventually gets a short range MAP attack and even more powerful single target attacks.
  80. Watta/Trider-G7 ワッ太
  81. Luck and Bravery are nice, but he lacks Iron Wall for grunt durability. Movement isn't that great either with no accel. Learns Bravery early at 55.
  83. Takeru/Godmars タケル
  84. Despite being a single pilot super, he learns both Bravery and Awaken, making him a powerhouse at taking down high HP bosses.
  86. Duo/Deathscythe Hell デュオ
  87. Although Duo isn't locked into the Deathscythe Hell, there's not much reason to take him out of it. The Deathscythe Hell has the unique Jamming Signal, which is very useful early-mid game. His usefulness drops off past mid game once you learn Confuse seishin and your dodge pilots get better dodge rates.
  89. F.S./Dragon Hive F.S.
  90. Learns Hope, Enable, Confuse, Resupply, etc. Doesn't have iron wall so you might not want to throw it into a mob.
  92. Lacus/SEED Battleship ラクス
  93. Learns Enable, Resupply, Exhaust, and can use items on other robots.
  95. Sayaka/Sayaka Bot さやか
  96. She learns Enable at 51, which is the earliest level anyone can learn it. Start using her in mid-late game once she can easily jump to lv 51 by healing your top level units. Don't carry her through the whole early and mid game, though, as she's an unremarkable healbot otherwise.
  98. Kira/Kira Bot キラ
  99. Has the very valuable Enable seishin, a good ammo based MAP attack, and solid stats. Worth getting her to 63 to learn Enable, at least. Unfortunately lacks Yell or Vigor to easily access her MAP attack. Her MAP is very useful for most of the game, although her usefulness drops off late game. Worth deploying in the final battle for seishin spam.
  101. Trider Support Bot 柿小路
  102. Pretty much the best Resupply bot in the game. Gets its own upgrade and learns Confuse, Hope, and Resupply. Loses its charm during the mid game, but once it learns all of its high level seishins like Hope and Resupply, and once you can field 24 units in the end game scenarios, it becomes worth a spot again.
  104. Margaret マルグリット
  105. Her absurdly cheap 50 Hope and Enable make her one of the best support pilots. She's not too bad in combat but you mainly want her on the sides spamming seishins. Since her Hope and Enable are both 50, you can use Hope on her and convert that 50 SP into a cast of Hope or Enable with no SP lost.
  107. Esther/Esther Bot エスター
  108. Starts out kinda useful, ends up losing her importance by mid-game. She leaves for most of mid game and returns with a 55 SP Hope in late game, making her worth deploying for Hope spam.
  110. Luke ルカ
  111. Joins late game with 2x Enable. Support pilot.
  113. Jeffrey/Macross Battleship ジェフリー
  114. Extremely long snipe attack and long range MAP attack, great attack seishins, etc. When transformed into robot mode the bship is better than most of your other supers. Also gets Hope and Resupply. By late game, though, you'll want to deploy the support seishin oriented bships that have Enable.
  119. Mid Tier:
  121. Suzaku/Suzaku Bot スザク
  122. Joins late game with a sizable MAP attack. Not as huge as Turn A's MAP, but probably the 3rd best MAP in the game after Zero's MAP. His 40 SP Spirit, Accel, Curse of Geass, and long list of innate skills also help him stand out from the other Geass pilots.
  124. Chirico/Chirico's Bot キリコ
  125. Great early-mid game, but his lack of damage and difficulty of getting him under 10% HP makes it difficult for him to compete past the mid game. If you can manage to get him under 10% HP his nearly guaranteed 1.5x crits and absurd dodge rates make him a solid choice. The problem is that past mid game single target dodge pilots lose their importance in favor of MAPs, supers and supports.
  127. Sumeragi/Ptolomas Battleship スメラギ
  128. Learns Enable, Hope, Confuse, Exhaust, can use parts on other robots, etc. Mid-game the bship gets the "Trans-Am" buff which increases its attack power and lets it attack after moving for 2 turns. If you can manage to get Anew to survive, you can add her as a sub-pilot with Accel and Love to round out the seishin pool. Would have been more valuable if the pilot's support seishin costs weren't so expensive (80 Enable, 50 Exhaust, etc.)
  130. Garrard/Gundam X Bot ガロード
  131. The best choice to pilot the Gundam DX since he learns Yell and Bravery. Unfortunately the Gundam DX is only useful in a few scenarios where it can charge its MAP or snipe attack, and even then you have to wait until turn 4 to fire it. Since later in the game you can complete most scenarios well before 4 turns, there's little point in deploying him past early-mid game Moon stages which take longer than 4 turns, which ends up being not many scenarios.
  133. Amuro アムロ
  134. Surprisingly weak seishin pool compared to Quattro or Kamiyu. Mercy is a waste of a slot and Assault is of limited use. While he's one of the best dodge pilots, he's outclassed by Hiiro in almost every way. It doesn't help that most of the UC Gundams in Z2-2 suck (The Nu Gundam's funnel attack is 4500 dmg and it's a beam?). Might be worth seating in the Turn A if you need a pilot with Awaken (61).
  136. Quattro クワトロ
  137. Has the best dodge rating between Kamiyu and Amuro and his leadership ability is great for supporting other reals like Gainer. Quattro's Ace Bonus allows him to ignore the 5% dodge penalty, making him the best dodge pilot in the game if you can get his ace bonus. Unfortunately, dodge tanking isn't very useful later in the game and the UC Gundam robots lack attack power.
  139. Shotaro/Tetsujin 28 正太郎
  140. Best repair bot in the game. Tends to be somewhat fragile and lacks iron wall. Nice selection of seishins including Bravery and spammable Trust. Tends to fall behind past mid-game due to fragility, reduced need for repairing, and his best attack having only 1 range.
  142. Karen/Karen Bot カレン
  143. Good early/mid game tank, but quickly loses her edge to better pilots.
  145. Troyes トロワ
  146. Sniper pilot. Nothing particularly noteworthy.
  148. Cattle カトル
  149. Tank pilot. Nothing particularly noteworthy.
  151. Lockon/Lockon Bot ロックオン
  152. Decent snipe gundam pilot for early-mid game, but doesn't last beyond that. The subpilot Halo learns confuse very late.
  154. Akagi/Dai Guard 赤木
  155. Starts out as a pretty good super that can hang with the other supers and can also Resupply. Eventually its lack of flight, poor terrain stats and weak weapons weigh heavily on it. Even its upgraded mid-late game weapon doesn't make it a must have. Might have been better if it had more support seishins, as it's not a very capable combat robot.
  157. Gain/Gain Bot ゲイン
  158. While he can't dodge very well, he has support attack with a decent ranged attack.
  160. Tiera/Tiera Bot ティエリア
  161. She has tank/support seishins and support defense, yet her robot has low HP/armor. Once her EN runs out her robot perishes rather quickly. She's a decent pick early on, but not worth deploying past mid-late game.
  163. Setsuko セツコ
  164. A decent real pilot with Spirit and Awaken seishins, support attack, and a 5000 dmg snipe. Unfortunately her MAP is a straight line, not particularly useful in Z2-2.
  166. Jiron/Walker-Gallia ジロン
  167. Solid robot w/ sub pilot that's a cross between super and real. Has a good assortment of seishins including Spirit. Mid-late game he gets a 5600 dmg snipe that can be used in support attacks. When combined with Spirit, it can deal some of the highest support attack damage in the game (on a no upgrade/PP run). Doesn't have much of a place by late or endgame.
  169. Sandman/God Gravion サンドマン
  170. His robot has strong attacks, but his seishins are rather confusing. He gets trust and rally for no particular reason, and both Love and Bravery, which is mostly redundant. With no reliable or cheap way to ward off damage, he tends to be somewhat fragile. His support attack is handy, but he'll have trouble using support defense without iron wall to back him up.
  173. Low Tier:
  175. Anyone or anything else not listed.
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