Sukitte Ko-iu Kimochi Nano [Typeset]

Oct 4th, 2015
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  1. Sukitte Ko-iu Kimochi Nano Translation
  2. Translated from
  4. [Preface]
  5. >Pleased to meet you, new readers, I am Honjou Masato. Although it's not uncommon for me to buy Convenience Store Coffee and then leave it in the entryway shoebox for three hours until I remember it exists three hours, it finally happened that I brewed coffee at a convenience store and then left it at said convenience store. When I was in the kotatsu I was trying to remember whether I had actually bought coffee. Well, something like that.
  6. >This time around it will be an Akatsuki doujin, not big surprise, right? Akatsuki's haughtiness is very cute. It'd be nice if you coudl feel that haughty cuteness as well.
  8. >Fufufu...
  9. >To be able to make such delicious cookies... | as expected of a mature lady such as myself!
  10. >But I seem to have made a little extra...
  11. >That's right! | I'll go and give the commander a bit!!
  12. >Comman—
  14. >Commander!
  15. >Hm?
  16. >Co....
  17. >Commander, you lolicon!
  18. >Wha?!
  19. >To act so lolicon! Sex offender!!
  20. >Hey, hey, hey, we were just having a normal conversation! Work-related stuff.
  21. >How unsightly of you, to try to resort to excuses! Don't say it so flippantly, you pervert!
  22. >What kind of gossip is this?
  23. >And it'll spread if I talk to you, won't it? | Speaking of which, is Lolicon a word a child like you should be saying?
  24. >I...
  26. >I'm a Lady, you know...!
  27. >Idiot—
  28. >What was that about....
  29. >...What is this?
  30. >Snacks...?
  32. >Fufufu
  34. >I just wanted the Commander to be a little happy...
  35. >Ahhhh—stupid stupidhead Commander!
  36. >I'll never talk with him again!
  37. >Even if he comes to apologize to me on his own...stupidstupidstupid!!
  38. >—Huh?
  39. >Why am I making such a big fuss about this...?
  41. >Oy, Akatsuki, I can hear you in the hallway.
  42. >C-commander...?!
  43. >Why are you here?
  44. >Ahh—what was it—well...
  45. >Ah, that's right. | Akatsuki, from today on, you will be temporarily serving as the secretary ship.
  46. >Secretary Ship?!
  47. >W-w-w-w-w-well, I guess you really can't be helped...!
  48. >It's annoying, but I'll accept it.
  50. >Is that so? It's a great help, thanks.
  51. >Huh? Why?
  52. >Really, the Commander's useless without me!
  53. >I was all hot and bothered just before...
  54. >By the way, that's quite a lot of cookies.
  55. >Ah, this? They're snacks, I recently learned how to make them!
  56. >Eh! You made these on your own? | That's amazing.
  58. > you want to try one?
  59. >Ah, can I?
  60. >Well, I'm digging in then.
  61. >Huuh?!
  62. >What are you doing?
  63. >Well, you said you'd let me try it, so....
  64. >Even so, why would you just take it with your mouth?
  65. >Ah, it's great!
  66. >O...obviously! Akatsuki is a refined Lady, you know!
  67. >Ah~but I'm glad.
  68. >....why?
  70. >It's nothing—when I saw you earlier, you seemed a little strange. | I'm glad you're the same as always.
  71. >Eh...
  72. >Could it be that the Commander was worried about me—
  73. >And here I am, saying such childish words...
  74. >Eh...what is that?
  75. >Ah...hey! Don't just on your own—!
  76. >...Hey, Commander. | This looks like it might be a love letter...
  77. >...but it obviously looks like one.
  79. >Wait! Don't throw it away!
  80. >That's right, I'd better open and see who wrote it.
  81. >What are you going to do once you find out?!
  82. >These things are best left unsaid!
  83. >Hey, that's enough, give it back!
  84. >Whaa?! Commander, you Womanizer!!
  85. >Hey...
  86. >[sigh]
  87. >If you had written me a love letter, wouldn't you be mad if someone else had seen it?
  88. >If I?
  89. >Wrote the Commander a...?
  91. >W...what are you saying all of a sudden?!
  92. >It was an example! Theoretical! | Anyway, the point is that Akatsuki'd be angry if her love letter was seen by somenoe else....
  93. >...I don't know about that kind of thing.
  94. >There we
  95. >B-because | I haven't had anyone I've liked yet!
  96. >What's it like to like someone...?
  97. >'s hard to put into words.
  98. >Wha....! Explain to me!
  99. >'s like...
  100. >In your everyday interactions, even a small bit of conflict becomes a battle....| And little things about the other person occasionally make your heart skip a beat.
  102. >Isn't this....
  103. >Sorry! I don't understand too much either, so my examples weren't too good.
  104. >Doesn't this mean—
  105. >...Sorry, Admiral, | I suddenly remembered I had something to do. I'll be right back.
  107. >Oy!
  108. >What's going on with her...?
  110. >...So it's like that.
  112. >I... | Love the Commander.
  114. >Epilogue
  115. >Commander, it's a message.
  116. >Ahh, thanks—
  117. >Looks like it's a love letter.
  118. >Eh?
  119. >...You didn't look into the contents, did you?
  120. >Of course not! | Because there's no need to open it!!
  121. >Make sure to
  122. >give a good response, okay?
  123. >[Fin]
  125. [Postface]
  126. >What'd you feel about the doujin?
  127. >Since there would be a Live (Love Live?) I had been anticipating after I fnished, I was super hyped. Although I hummed the same song the whole time I was drawing, I actually worked pretty hard.
  128. >What I'll be doing next time isn't set in stone, so I don't know when we'll meet again. I hope you'll be there when we do.
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