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The SORA Story So Far

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Jun 23rd, 2017
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  1. When we last left the SORAverse…
  3. The Protectors were on the trail of an illegal sale of mysterious substances, as well as the kidnapping of journalist Remy Dantes. They discovered that the mysterious substance was solidified Kø, which enabled the mad scientist Dr. Vassily to create his own animal-human hybrids. After defeating Vassily, the Protectors learned that Dantes was kidnapped by a group known as the American Thule Society, led by a mysterious Doctor Gerald Zucker.
  5. The Protectors, Remy, and Naraka Ishtar, sister of Asmodeus (Lucy Farr) and Valefar (Malak Al-Maut) and daughter of Baal (King Crimson), confronted Zucker in Rockbay City. He revealed that he was none other than the reincarnated Judas Iscariot, and that Remy was a reincarnation of Simon of Cyrene. The reason Remy was unable to remember any of this was that his reincarnation cycle was prematurely restarted when Naraka took him as a host. Naraka revealed that she was planning on using Dantes to gain access to the Vedic Lunar Cannon, an ancient Three Kingdomer weapon. Naraka saw Judas and Simon as supernatural abnormalities, and called an orbital strike on Rockbay from the cannon. However, Remy fought against her and defeated her. The Clockmaker, a mysterious individual who often bothered the Protectors, diverted the cannon’s blast.
  7. The Protectors then fought against Zucker, nearly losing due to his Ko manipulation ability. However, they finally destroyed him. Remy was reintegrated into the cycle of reincarnation. He did accept his destiny as a guardian of the world's good, but then died in Poland in 1940 during the Katyn Forest massacre. Meanwhile, the Protectors of Rockbay City reorganized themselves into the Sense of Right Alliance, expanding their scope to encompass the whole US.
  9. The remnants of the American Thule Society reorganized under Commandant Heyerdahl, but were destroyed after they failed to execute the Business Plot.
  11. The very existence of the Lunar Cannon alarmed US officials, and sparked an interest in space exploration and weaponry. This interest leaked to other world powers, and the Space Race began. However, the Great Depression hit a few years later, and these efforts were crippled across the globe.
  13. Nearly a decade later, a Second World War broke out. After a long and bloody conflict, the fascistic and imperialist regimes of the Axis Powers were destroyed. The Thule Society was incorporated into ODESSA, an effort to hide SS members and other Nazis across the globe to escape justice. A new, deadly weapon, inspired by the Vedic Cannon, and whose power surpassed even the strongest of the supers was revealed: the atom bomb. Soldiers discovered horrific concentration camps in Europe, and learn about sadistic experiments in Asia. Out of the ashes of the devastation of this war arose two superpowers, as well as a new, international mindset.
  15. After the war ended, the Space Race was restarted in the US and USSR. Because of the advances that had been previously made, Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong completed their feats earlier than in our timeline. By 1970, the Americans, the British, and the Soviets all possessed space fleets whose existence was all but denied, though these were very primitive (battle shuttles, weaponized satellites, and blackbirds). The Outer Space Treaty has thus been delayed in this timeline, and has yet to be signed.
  17. The United States and the Soviet Union both possessed nuclear weapons, as well as their own garrisons of supers. The Soviets experienced democratic reforms, but hoped to remain a global socialist power to prevent the return of fascism and to counteract the rise of Maoist China and capitalist America. Tensions between the US and the USSR reached a boiling point in 1962, in what was referred to as the Cuban Missile Crisis. A diplomatic agreement saved the world from nuclear war. After the public announcement of the deal, then-President John F. Kennedy called then-Premier Nikita Khruschev to propose a new collaboration of good faith between their nations: a joint intelligence task force meant to track down a missing Soviet submarine that had been stationed near Cuba during the crisis.
  19. It was eventually discovered that the submarine had been taken over by a neo-Nazi militia led by Thule sympathizer Diego Alvarez Landa, operating out of Venezuela. Many of these militiamen were supers, forcing both the Americans and the Soviets to send their own respective Kø users to combat the new threat. The success of this secret mission inspired both countries to push for the creation of an international superhuman task force, accountable only to the United Nations Security Council. Thus, the International Clandestine Superhuman Service, or ICSS, was born.
  21. Supers from many nations were recruited to the ICSS. The organization was forbidden to get involved in any conflict that would cause division between its members, such as the Vietnam War. Nonetheless, the group saw many successes in spite of the increasing tensions and social upheaval of the 60s.
  23. The RPG takes place in the year 1970. During the Moon Landing a few years earlier, the Apollo 11 crew secretly discovered an abandoned Three Kingdomer Moon colony that unleashed technological development. President Nixon has authorized the invasion of Cambodia, inflaming anti-Vietnam War sentiment in the country. The world turns the page on a decade that, despite its turbulence and terror, had many hard-won victories in civil rights. However, tensions brew in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
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