Feb 11th, 2021
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  1. Hints:
  2. * You are playing as two legates campaigning for conquest at Silva Marciana, your goal is to take 4 Germanic towns
  3. * Destroying pagan temples will give you gold, however, it will also make the populace more aggressive towards you. The Barbarians will push back after you take enough temples.
  4. * If you lose too many Roman soldiers the senate may recall your legions and the game will be over. Losing Legionary units is much more severe than losing other type of units.
  5. * You start with 30 Legionary units, and a supplementary mercenary army of 20 Skirmishers and 10 Light cav Units
  6. * Every 20 minutes "Winter" will strike, during winter, your forces will move at half the speed and their equipment will de
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