Apr 1st, 2015
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  1. >you wake up
  2. >blinking sleep from your eyes, you feel a weight on your chest
  3. >you try to sit up, but it’s too heavy
  4. >”Hi Anon! I hope you wouldn’t mind staying home from work a couple hours.”
  5. “T-Twilight? What are you doing in my house, and more specifically, on my chest.”
  6. >”Whoops, sorry. Anyway, I’m here to deliver on my promise to turn you into a pony for a while!”
  7. “Really? That’s great! I-I thought it was all a dream to be honest.”
  8. >a devilish grin passes over her mouth
  9. >”Well how do you know you’re not in one now?”
  10. “Fucking— Don’t do this to me Twi, I swear to god…”
  11. >she smiles, even a small chuckle passes her lips
  12. >”Don’t worry, it’s not, or if it is, I’m asleep.”
  13. “Thank god… So, you mean like right now?”
  14. >”Uh… yeah, sorry, I tried to match everyone to people in their timezone… Sadly, you were one of the few who got screwed, sorry.”
  15. “No, it’s fine, at least I have a valid reason to call in sick today.”
  16. >rolling out of bed, you stumble over to your landline
  17. >dialing the number, and feigning your best scratchy voice, you inform them that you’re going to be out sick
  18. >after, you throw some toast in the toaster and walk back into the bedroom
  19. >Twi’s still waiting expectantly on your bed
  20. >”Alright, all you have to do is lie down. Don’t move at all, it might muck some stuff up.”
  21. “Muck stuff up like… You’ll have to do the spell again?”
  22. >”Aha, no. More like you’ll lose a few appendages. Boatload of fun let me tell you. I spent five hours reattaching an arm to a guy who sneezed while going under. I’m still wondering how he’s going to be able to explain all the blood…”
  23. >that’s a nice and comforting thought
  24. “Gotcha, don’t do it.”
  25. >you position yourself on the bed, and lie down, Twi looking down into your eyes.
  26. >”Yeah, really fuckin’ bad idea. Ready?”
  27. “Ready when you are Purplesmart.”
  28. >A look of concentration comes over her face, and your body begins to glow
  29. >a feeling of warmth covers you, and you feel kind of peaceful
  30. >that feeling quickly fades, as the nice warmth builds in intensity to a burn
  31. >resisting the urge to move, you clench your fists and hope for the best
  32. >suddenly, your vision snaps dark, like someone pulling the plug on an antique television
  34. “Gotcha, don’t do it.”
  35. >you position yourself on the bed, and lie down, Twi looking down into your eyes.
  36. >”Yeah, really fuckin’ bad idea. Ready?”
  37. “Ready when you are Purplesmart.”
  38. >A look of concentration comes over her face, and your body begins to glow
  39. >a feeling of warmth covers you, and you feel kind of peaceful
  40. >that feeling quickly fades, as the nice warmth builds in intensity to a burn
  41. >resisting the urge to move, you clench your fists and hope for the best
  42. >suddenly, your vision snaps dark, like someone pulling the plug on an antique television
  43. >a blinding pain hits your head, before fading as quickly as it came
  44. “Fuuuuuck.”
  45. >how eloquent
  46. >the first words out of your mouth just have to be a curse
  47. >you sit up in bed, and take a look around
  48. >you’re in what appears to be a bedroom, there’s a bedside radio, a door you can assume leads to a bathroom, another that leads down into a living room, and a nice rug on the floor
  49. >another welcome addition is a roaring fireplace with knick-knacks lining the top
  50. >throwing the covers off yourself, you walk over to it
  51. >there’s a strange glass ball with flecks of something shiny inside
  52. >they seem to glide and move with the light, mesmerizing
  53. >next, a picture of Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Amethyst, smiling towards the camera.
  54. >you take a look at yourself, and see mint
  55. >first off
  56. >waifuing Lyra
  57. >second
  58. >if you’re Lyra, there should be a Bon-Bon somewhere, at least if fanon holds true
  59. >but who knows, you could just be friends instead of lesbos in this universe
  60. >to be honest you’re fine with either, but it might throw off Twilight’s deal
  61. >third
  62. >you’re going to have to act hyper and over-exaggerate your motions
  63. >already getting into this, aren’t you Anon
  64. >a knock at the door startles you from your thinking, and you jump had a foot in the air
  65. >galloping down the stairs, you shout
  67. >shit, you even sound like Lyra
  68. >or, what you think she’d sound like…
  70. >she only spoke once, so you really couldn’t be too sure
  71. >throwing open the door and giving a big grin, you see a human Anon in front of you
  72. “Hello!”
  73. >he’s kinda short, maybe 5’6-7”
  74. >”Oh, wow! Sure, just let me pie my feet, walked through some mud on the way.”
  75. >polite too, that’s fine with you
  76. “Sure, let me just…”
  77. >you look over into what appears to be your living room
  78. >there’s a couch, and a radio, as well as a fuzzy rug
  79. >Anon walks in, and before you can finish your sentence, he picks you up and carries you over to the couch
  80. >”Alright, let’s get to it.”
  82. “Oh, alright, eager, let me just—“
  83. >you try to spread yourself, but he flips you on your belly
  84. >he starts petting, and you curl up
  85. “Ooooh.”
  86. >you were expecting sex, but this is a-ok in your book
  87. >his hands glide over your belly, tussling your hair
  88. >his left runs over a little chest tuft and strokes it for a second
  89. >you coo with pleasure as a ripple of pleasure runs through you
  90. “A-Anon… This is…”
  91. >it literally is heaven, you had no idea belly rubs could be so fucking good
  92. >now you know why your dog, Riley, loved them so much
  93. >you’d have to give him them a bit more often
  94. >he smiles down, hands moving all over you, but going nowhere near your snatch
  95. >you were getting a little damp, he’d have to move down there eventually
  96. >but he doesn’t, hands just moving over your stomach
  97. >it’s nice, but gets old fast
  98. like my shit greentext *ba dum tiss*
  101. “Could we… Try something else? Maybe a bit more… Intimate?”
  102. >”Sure.”
  103. >he picks you up, pulling you into a hug, and kisses you
  104. >oh, here we go
  105. >after all that rubbing, you get heated very easily
  106. >the small dampness from before turns into a hot wetness, very quickly
  107. >it’s a strange feeling, but not unpleasant
  108. >you lied, it’s not unpleasant at all, it’s very, very pleasant
  109. >you lie on top of him, kissing, tongues wrestling inside each other’s mouths
  110. >you move to unbutton his pants, but he swats your hand away
  111. >so he’s just going to tease you?
  112. >dick
  113. >you pull off and say
  114. “What are you trying to pull?”
  115. >your voice switches from questioning to a whine
  116. “I wanna fuck, are you just going to sit and tease me?”
  117. >”I don’t clop.”
  119. >never in your life did three words hit harder
  120. “Wait, what?”
  121. >”I said, I don’t clop”
  122. >no
  123. >this couldn’t be happening
  124. >this faggot had to be joking
  125. >the one offer you get to be the little pone, he’s going to waste cuddling?
  126. >he stands up
  127. >”Ok, I think I’m going to go, if you don’t want to just cuddle, I’m going to ask Twilight for another shot”
  128. >you panic as he walks to the door
  129. >maybe Twi won’t let you have another shot
  130. >you grab his hand with magic, and pull him away from the door
  131. “No shithead, you aren’t going anywhere.”
  132. >”Please, please, I don’t want to screw you. Just leave me alone and we can both try for another shot. Alright?”
  133. “No, not alright, I can’t bet on that. You’re going to fuck me, whether or not you want to.”
  134. >you had been expecting >rape, but you certainly hadn’t expected to be the one instigating it
  136. >pulling him back onto the couch, you force him into a sitting position
  137. >he’s struggling, but can’t break free of the magic field around him
  138. >you unbutton his pants and pull off his boxers, lazily throwing to the side
  139. >his cock is floppy, and resting to the side
  140. >well, your mouth should be able to change that pretty fast, shouldn’t it
  141. >you force yourself into the magic field
  142. >it’s like a tangible wall, but you push through it like…
  143. >it’s hard to describe
  144. >imaging tar, but slightly more viscous, and that’s around the feeling you get as you force your head in
  145. >his hands push you out, and you slurp back out
  146. >fuck, you should probably restrain his hands
  147. > after pushing his hands behind him, you lean in once again, and wrap your lips around him
  148. >”Please, rethink what you’re doing, PLEASE.”
  149. >hah, nope faggot
  150. >you start off slow and he starts to expand, and a grimace comes over his face
  151. >he’s trying to stop himself
  152. >pulling off him, you look up at him with your best smuganimegirl.png
  153. “Guess you should try it…”
  154. >”S-Shuddup fag, if we were going to fuck, at least Twi could have given me the human version of you.”
  155. “Don’t you want your dick inside my tight, tight little ponut?”
  156. >you say, accompanying your jest with a little booty shake
  157. >”F-fuck off.”
  158. “Fucking you off is just what I’m planning.”
  159. >Once again, you push yourself down onto him
  160. >he isn’t growing anymore, seems to be at full length
  161. >he’s slightly above average
  162. >you’re temped to mock him again, but a bit worried you’d lose the boner you’re working with
  163. >you tease his tip before sliding about halfway down onto him
  164. >he lets out a heavy breath, and stops struggling against your field, and closes his eyes
  165. >finally accepted his fate
  166. >good
  167. >you push a little deeper, trying to deepthroat him
  168. >always hot when a girl… pony takes you all the way down
  169. >his cock bumps against the back of your throat as you push down
  170. >you hadn’t realized you’d gone so deep
  171. >you gag, and spit him out, coughing and retching
  172. >“You’ve got a muzzle and you can’t even take all of it down? Weak willed little shit.”
  173. >deciding against responding, you appear a hand and slap him across the face, before holding his mouth closed
  174. >his voice muffles into his lips, but it most likely contained some choice profanity, probably directed at you
  175. >you try again, determined to not let him best you
  176. >he’s flexing his cock now, trying to get you to gag again
  177. >you force him down, and try not to gag
  178. >the flexing is an annoyance, but nothing you can’t handle
  179. >you start to move up and down on him, running your tongue around his underside
  180. >you keep bouncing, and he moans a little through your restraint
  181. >you hear what sounds like a muffled “Please.”
  182. >ignoring it, you continue
  183. >he even seems to be getting close to sperging
  184. >maybe that’s what he was asking about
  185. >you continue, trying to feel when he’s getting ready
  186. >his cock moves involuntarily, and you feel a shift in his posture
  187. >quickly, you pull off, and remove the magic shutting his mouth
  188. >”H-hey, if you’re going to do that, at least finish the job so I can leave…”
  189. “No, I’m going to make myself a sandwich and let you cool off there for a second. I’m not going to let you cum after all the rude things you said to me.”
  191. >so
  192. >yeah
  193. >now you get to make a sandwich
  194. >just leave the guy where you can’t see him
  195. >what’s next Einstein, Hiroshima?
  196. >you quickly start losing energy
  197. >concentrating on magic you can’t see is a hell of a lot more tiring than magic you can
  198. >before, you were able to hold him without much trouble
  199. >now, you feel every helpless struggle he makes against you, and it’s taking its toll
  200. >you open the fridge and get ingredients for a cheese and butter sandwich
  201. >nothing complicated, you don’t have time, you’re afraid you’ll black out if you don’t finish quick
  202. >you already start to feel woozy, and your grip on him begins to weaken as you slap the cheese on
  203. >you magic the butter onto the bread and instantly regret the decision
  204. >your knees buckle and you hit the floor, losing your grip on him
  205. >you hear a happy whoop from the other room
  206. >”See you never faggot!”
  207. >quickly, with the last of your strength, you push off the counter with your legs and get into view of the door
  208. >he runs past and you trip him with the last of your magical reserves
  209. >his left leg stops, and his right falls out from under him
  210. >his head hits the floor with a satisfying thump as your vision fades to black
  212. >you wake up, and surprisingly, Anon is still there, lying on the floor
  213. >you had expected him to escape, or Twilight to pull you out
  214. >seems luck is on your side today
  215. >you stand up, legs shaking a bit
  216. >as you get up, your vision flips, and you stumble, falling flat on your face
  217. >you’re still a bit woozy, but determined to make the most of this
  218. >you stand up again, feeling a bit more secure on your hooves this time, and walk over to him
  219. >now that he’s back in your view, and you seem to have regained most of your magic capabilities, you move him back over to the couch
  220. >you prop his sleeping body up and lock the force-field in again
  221. >the warm mint glow flickers to life around his body
  222. >he snorts awake, kickstarted by the magic now surrounding him
  223. >”Whu—Oh for fuck’s sake…”
  224. “Sup.”
  225. >you say
  226. >you take a small bite out of the sandwich you prepared
  227. “Where were we? Ah yes, I remember now.”
  229. >you stare at him for a minute, slowly eating the sandwich
  230. >”W-well?”
  231. >you continue to stare
  233. >you finish your sandwich and lick your lips in what you think is a seductive way
  234. >with a smile on your face, you saunter backwards to the kitchen
  235. >making sure to keep him in view, you pull a glass of water over to you, drink it down, and walk back over
  236. >still staring at him, his face scrunches in annoyance
  237. >cute
  238. >you push back into the forcefield and leave your he’d about an once from his cock, breathing hot air onto it
  239. >you didn’t even have to touch him, he’s shooting up again
  240. >a smile comes over you and you give him a look of condesencion before looking back down at his member
  241. >when he gets half-mast, you purse your lips and slip him back into your mouth
  242. >you tease his head, dick about halfway in, and he grows to full size inside you
  243. >you pull off and stand on two legs
  244. >how the fuck do you pull this off normally, one leg seems like an impossibility to you now
  245. >you stumble and fall on your ass, magic field flickering for a second
  246. >quickly, you get a hold of yourself and it solidifies once again, Anon laughing heartily inside
  247. “Won’t be laughing in a minute…”
  248. >you grimace, determined to wipe the smug look off his face
  249. >you push him sideways onto the couch
  250. >he’s lying flat now, and you can sit on him
  251. >you spread your legs, dripping your marehood’s hot juice onto his stomach
  252. >you lick it up, savoring the flavor in your mouth
  253. >it’s kinda bitter
  254. >you swallow it all, a hopefully seductive look on your face
  255. “Now… I expect you to do the same”
  256. >you push up on his body until you sit just above his mouth
  257. >you shake a little juice onto his lips, and say
  258. “Swallow.”
  259. >”No.”
  260. “Do it faggot.”
  261. >”No.”
  262. >you force his mouth open with magic and hold his nose closed
  263. “Swallow.”
  264. >he gulps it down, and gags a bit
  265. “There we go~”
  266. >next, you force your whole marehood onto him
  267. >he takes a sharp breath in through his mouth, leaving a slightly ticklish sensation running through your spine
  268. >he seems to understand what you want next, and slips his tongue inside
  270. >ooh
  271. >his tongue slips in, and starts nosing around
  272. >the experience is sending chills up and down your spine
  273. >jerking it felt pretty good, but this was better
  274. >guess it makes up for baby making
  275. >he slides around, but as he runs his tongue over a certain area, you visibly jump
  276. >it felt
  277. >different there
  278. >not a bad different
  279. >a different that makes you want to feel it again
  280. >you try to position him near that spot
  281. >he hits it again, and you jump
  282. >he seems to have realized you like that area
  283. >and now avoids it like the plague
  284. >instead, he dances his tongue around it, just to spite you
  285. >asshole
  286. >hey there’s an idea
  287. “Now, do you want to lick that spot, or try something a little higher up?”
  288. >you shift your ass a little closer to his mouth
  289. >his eyes widen a bit and he starts working where you directed
  290. “Yeah, there we go… F-fuck…”
  291. >the different you felt was the sensation of someone tickling you
  292. >but instead of laughing, euphoria filled your head
  293. >your mouth hung open, and a bit of spit leaked from the side of your mouth
  294. >you were getting pretty close to climax
  295. >you let out a little moan, and stared towards the ceiling
  296. >time to try an orgasm out as a girl
  297. >you tensed up, and you clenched around his instrument of pleasure
  298. >panting, you look down into his eyes, vision clouded a little
  299. >not from pleasure, you got a head-rush
  300. >you push and grind a little more into him, clenching and releasing
  301. >you cry out, and pull off him
  302. “Well, huff… huff… That was…”
  303. >”Uhuh shithead, what now. Can I leave yet?”
  304. “Yeah, nearly, just got one more thing in mind.”
  305. >”Well get to it gaylord, also, on that topic, let me remind you this is really, really gay.”
  307. >ignoring him, you once again silence him, before giving him a quick smile
  308. >you scoot down on him a little, until you’re resting just above his cock
  309. >you stare down, a little nervous
  310. >is that really all going to fit?
  311. >i-it’s pretty big, and you’re a small pony
  312. >maybe you should just take it slow
  313. >you look back up at him
  314. >he gives the most apathetic look he can
  315. >however, junior is suggesting otherwise
  316. >you slip his head in, and rub it a little with your lips
  317. >feels nice
  318. >slip in a little more
  319. >and a little more
  320. >without realizing, you’ve hilted him already
  321. >you’re actually a bit disappointed when your groin meets his
  322. >all hesitation gone, you start to bounce on him, in and out
  323. >your mouth’s hanging slightly open in pleasure, eyes half lidded
  324. >through the haze of pleasure, you take a moment to look at Anon
  325. >he’s trying to keep a straight face but he seems to be having trouble
  326. >you give him a little smirk before looking back down
  327. >you start to experiment a little, seeing if grinding in a certain way gives a little more oomph
  328. >boy does it
  329. >you start to push him down and to the left a little, hitting a sweet spot of some sort
  330. >every time you push against it, you shiver a bit
  331. >but you want more
  332. >you pick up speed, pushing faster and harder
  333. >you hadn’t noticed before, but his face was scrunched, trying to stop what was coming
  334. >his cum flowed into you, filling you up
  335. >a little even drips out, but you don’t stop bouncing up and down on his cock
  336. “M-more, h-harder…”
  337. >he’s started moaning into the gag, but you just keep going
  338. >you’re blinded, all you feel is pleasure, clouding your thought
  339. >his moans move up in volume, until his face contorts in pain and he goes silent
  340. >finally, you can’t take it anymore, and you let go
  342. >you slip off him, off the couch and slide onto the floor
  343. >a bit of cum drips down your coat, slowly making it’s way to your chin
  344. >the magic field covering him flickers, and goes out
  345. >”What the fuck did you do, why didn’t you stop you crazy bitch?”
  346. “Eheh…”
  347. >”I can’t feel my fucking dick you stupid horse, you actually fucked my dick numb!”
  348. >words just slur out of your mouth
  349. “I really couldn’t care less you can leave now too ok bye.”
  350. >goddamn you sound like a retard
  351. >and those are the last thoughts you think before you fall into a deep sleep
  352. >as your eyes closed, you feel like you’re ripped from your body
  353. >a searing pain all over
  354. >and it’s gone as soon as it came
  356. >you shoot up in bed
  357. “FUCK”
  358. >once again, eloquent
  359. >”Sweet Celestia, you’re an asshole! You know I’m going to give you both another chance!”
  360. >Twilight is standing next your bed, a very annoyed look on her face
  361. “Twi? O-oh… W-were you by any chance watching that?”
  362. >”What do you think?”
  363. >she deadpans
  364. “Maybe?”
  365. >”Yes. And now I get to go wipe his memory of your little escapade… Are you proud of yourself?”
  366. “Yeah, a little… Just… Why didn’t you pull us out while we were both unconscious?”
  367. >a worried and embarrassed look crosses Twilight’s face
  368. >she flushes and steps back a little
  369. >”I, uh, was b-busy.”
  370. >her feet shuffle awkwardly
  371. “Doing?”
  372. >”Magic… Stuff… Anyway, I’ll be back sometime in the next few months to give you another shot. Try not to fuck this one up as bad.”
  373. “See ya Twi.”
  374. >her horn lights up and she blinks out of your room
  375. “What the fuck just happened.”
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