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PSA: Public Service Announcement: Bitttube freedom of speech

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May 6th, 2020
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  1. To whom this may concern:
  3. This is in regards of a shared opinion on the Bittube platforms, in this case a shared opinion about the business choices and descisions for spreading the userbase without much consideration or explanation to the userbase why the team is making new websites over to perfectionizing the social platform idea they had.
  5. Now they want to spread it around with streams only on the social platform, videos only on the video platform and music soon seperated probably as well. My point made in their discord server is about the following.
  7. The structure of the new websites they are setting up right now is in no way linked to the social platform, not even with a one single backlink, therefor an user just has to know there is another website where you are supposed to upload your videos, despite their is still a video category and upload option on the social platform as well.
  9. I have expressed my concerns about this and tried to explain that from a business perspective it is not a wise idea to totally spread your userbase to new, not fully tested new websites without any linking back to the other platforms that are supposed to go and work together? Or are we just not doing any real development now and just releasing new websites to see what may get some traction in regards of actual usage or an userbase?
  11. What if one or the other site will get traction and the userbase that is deeply wished to come to bittube to have their opinions stated without any reprecussions? Will the other website that does not gain this traction simply be removed out of existence?
  13. What does it mean that the team has multiple airtime enabled websites? Doesn't that mean that they will get the majority of the earned airtime coins regardless because they simply have the most airtime traffic?
  15. Why won't you allow me to express my opinion and or concerns about your own project? Do you have something to muffle under the carpet Bittube? Weren't you a platform for free speech? I guess this only goes when it is not about your own project.
  17. You send me away from your discord server for sharing this opinion even despite there we're multiple people agreeing on the matter, you don't want to see it so you send me out. That's fine, i won't be a part of Bittube anymore despite being one of the OG users.
  19. This is not the platform for me anymore where i can express myself, freedom of speech only exists in your own mind. Actually sharing your opinion may get you yeeted out, even by bittube.
  21. BitTubeINT OÜ
  22. BittubeAPP
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