Breakfast - Sweat

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >You are frustrated.
  2. >... With yourself.
  3. >Quite mad at yourself.
  4. >You were so close to saying something.
  5. >But you didn't.
  6. >You held nothing but regret while cuddling with Shimmer through the night.
  7. >... Well, you held her also, but that's not actually related to your point.
  8. >At all.
  9. >The point is: You were so close to telling her how you feel but you didn't.
  10. >Now you're just laying in bed.
  11. >Alone.
  12. >Shimmer is probably making breakfast for you.
  13. >... You don't feel like getting up.
  14. >You'll probably just chicken out again.
  15. >If you were doing this for any other pony, you're sure it'd be easier.
  16. >... You have to try.
  17. >You told yourself that earlier, but this time...
  18. >Well, you'll think of something.
  19. >Hopefully.
  20. >...
  21. >The journey to the kitchen was a slow and boring one.
  22. >You were dragging your feet with dread.
  23. >... Maybe you'll just wait for her to say something about the two of you.
  24. >If she never does...
  25. >Well, you won't get there if you never get there.
  26. >You peer in through the doorway.
  27. >... Oh...
  28. >What even...
  29. >The sight before you is... odd.
  30. >Batter seems to strewn about all across the room, almost as if someone was deliberately putting globs of batter in different places of the room to make it look like a mess.
  31. >Near the stove is the usual moth of your love.
  32. >... You hope you don't always refer to her as that.
  33. >Shimmer has her whole body pressed against the stove.
  34. >Not the burners, the actual stove.
  35. >She's not hurting herself.
  36. >She lets out a loud sigh.
  37. >"I better get this mess cleaned up befo-"
  38. >She noticed you.
  39. >Her eyes are as wide as plates.
  40. >...
  41. >A minute of staring passes.
  42. >She averts her gaze dejectedly.
  43. >"Good morning, Anon."
  44. "Shimmer..."
  45. >You look around the room.
  46. "What happened in here?"
  47. >She lets out another sigh, this one in frustration.
  48. >"Well, I thought I'd be nice and make you something this morning. Actually make, I mean, not 'just add water'."
  49. >She waves her hoof toward the oven.
  50. >"Obviously, it didn't go so well."
  51. >... How does a mess like this even get created? That doesn't...
  52. >... Whatever.
  53. >"So there you have it. I can't cook."
  54. >She straightens her back.
  55. >"Go ahead."
  56. >... What?
  57. >"Insult me."
  58. >... What.
  59. >"I deserve it."
  60. >...
  61. "Shimmer..."
  62. >She visibly tenses up.
  63. "Let's get this mess cleaned up."
  64. >Her body falters and she turns to you.
  65. >"Excuse me?"
  66. "Well, this mess won't clean itself, so-"
  67. >"Is this a joke?"
  68. >She's shouting.
  69. >"Come on, Anonymous, just do it! I know you're going to, why play it out?"
  70. >You're taken aback.
  71. >It's time for Sense Motive.
  72. >You swear on your D20, if you fail...
  73. >...
  74. >15.
  75. >The anger she shows is more than the anger she actually has. Her main thought is one of confusion.
  76. >But she also has... disappointment?
  77. >... She's disappointed in herself and wants to here herself be insulted.
  78. >That's a way of coping.
  79. >Because Psychology.
  80. >You're not going to let that happen.
  81. "Shimmer."
  82. >Time stands still...
  83. >...
  84. "I'll do no such thing."
  85. >She prepares a retort, but you won't have it.
  86. "As of right now, I have no good reason to insult you. This mess is a simple fix, there's no need to try to make you feel bad."
  87. >Her anger is no longer visible; her face shows only confusion.
  88. >"But... I've insulted you so many times!"
  89. "So?"
  90. >...
  91. >Silence.
  92. >You didn't know a two-letter word could hold such power.
  93. >She looks toward the floor.
  94. >"Anonymous, I don't understand."
  95. "What?"
  96. >"How can you be so..." she struggles to find the right word.
  97. >You should help her out.
  98. "Calm?"
  99. >"... Forgiving..."
  100. >... Oh.
  101. >Wait, something feels... right.
  102. >... Is it time?
  103. >You blood pumps faster.
  104. >It's time.
  105. "Shimmer, I don't want you to be sad, I only wish for you to be happy. That's what makes me happy. Why, then, would I ever insult you?"
  106. >Her expression has softened immensely and she looks into your eyes.
  107. >... Her eyes used to bring you fear, now...
  108. >You have to do it.
  109. >Now's the best time... right?
  110. "I..."
  111. >...
  112. >The words get stuck in your throat.
  113. >...
  116. >This moth is your love, and you'll let her know.
  117. >Even if she rejects you, you have to at least say it.
  118. >...
  119. "I love you, Shimmer."
  120. >...
  121. >Her expression doesn't change.
  122. >Did you... fail?
  123. >"What?"
  124. >Feel the heat.
  125. >Burning you up, ready or not.
  126. "W-well, u-uh..."
  127. >Confidence levels are dropping rapidly.
  128. >She just stares at you.
  129. >"Why?"
  130. >...
  131. >That wasn't what you were expecting.
  132. "'Why?' Why not?"
  133. >Time to stall while attempting to come up with a truly good reason.
  134. >"Anonymous..."
  135. >Oh no.
  136. >"I don't even have any positive qualities; why do you say you love me?"
  137. >She sounded so nonchalant about insulting herself like that...
  138. "I used to insult you almost constantly, I never said anything nice to you, I did things you were uncomfortable with, and I even hid all the cereal so I could suck food from your stomach more often."
  139. >She made some really good points, but you have some bette-
  140. >... Wait, what was that last one?
  141. "You... what?"
  142. >Her expression becomes inquisitive.
  143. >"I hid the cereal. You didn't know?"
  144. >This hit you like a brick of trains.
  145. >... TRAIN OF BRICKS.
  146. "No, I didn't know! Why would I?"
  147. >She turns away with an ashamed look on her face.
  148. >"Well, there it is. That's where all the cereal went. Now you have another reason to dislike me."
  149. >She has gone behind your back with doing things.
  150. >... But you've gone behind hers as well.
  151. "If I hated you for doing that, you'd have to hate me for sneaking around all of the time."
  152. >"What?"
  153. "I... do a lot of sneaking around this house. I've heard you say... a lot of things. Like how vacuuming pisses you off, and how mad you get when-"
  154. >"I..." Her body tenses once again, but relaxes only a moment later. "That's fine. Everyone has their things they aren't proud of."
  155. >...
  156. >What was that?
  157. >Was that a "Checkmate" you heard?
  158. >A broad smile adorns your face.
  159. "Exactly."
  160. >The tone you used was one of victory. It was so out of place, she had to look up to you in confusion.
  161. "Everyone has done some things they aren't proud of, but that doesn't mean we can't move past them."
  162. >You're doing it!
  163. "Life is filled with ups and downs..."
  164. >YOU'RE DOING IT!
  165. "... And I'd like to ride that rollercoaster with you."
  166. >Y-
  167. >Actually, that didn't end nearly as strongly as you'd hoped it would...
  168. >... She isn't looking at you.
  169. >You really did it this time.
  170. >Nice.
  171. >You're going to go smash your head into a wall in a little bit.
  172. >You hear a faint giggle, then a sigh.
  173. >"Anon..."
  174. >She looks up to you with a warm smile.
  175. >Her wings extend and she takes to the air, just to flutter in front of you at eye level.
  176. >...
  177. >"I'd love to. At least to try."
  178. >She flies straight into your chest and attaches herself to your shirt.
  179. >She's incredibly light.
  180. >... Is this actually happening?
  181. >You carefully wrap your arms around her.
  182. >... You can already feel the tears of joy streaming down your face.
  183. >"Now come on, the first thing we do together is clean this mess before it all dries."
  184. >Oh yeah, batter everywhere.
  185. >You seriously need to ask her how that happened.
  186. >But... later.
  187. >For now, you sigh and head toward the cleaning supplies.
  188. >...
  189. >The two of you spend more time together now than ever before.
  190. >And you don't regret it in the slightest.
  191. >You never will.
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