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Dec 16th, 2012
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  1. Orpheus Vector was a special kind of assassin; not only was he a member of the Callidus branch of assassins, he was a man. For those in the know the Callidus branch of the Officio Assassinorum was almost exclusively staffed by females, this was due to the fact their main weapon against enemies of the Imperium was the chemical known as Polymorphine. This chemical, when administered, allows the assassin to alter their shape and size, allowing them to pass through spaces and gaps where others would not be able to. However it was not this that made the Callidus so special, it was when Polymorphine was applied and followed up with a sample of DNA from another human, or Ork, or Tau or even Tyranid, allowed them to not only transform into the form the DNA came from, it allows them to change their sex, race and appearance. This amazing ability allows Callidus assassins to move in circles and areas of danger without raising suspicion. However, the reason that females are the vast majority in the Temple is because their genetic make-up is much more versatile and malleable, meaning they can transform and manipulate themselves much better, this is made all the more important as Polymorphine is much more receptive for females and thus, Orpheus was a minority. Not that it mattered, assassins rarely met in person and would only do so if a target needed specific skills from other Temples. As it was, Orpheus had no need for such help for his next mission. As he read the PDA with his information and assignment, he realised he wasn't going to be able to get away with his natural look. His plan was simple, he was to infiltrate an Imperial Guard company engaged in a war against Chaos rebels on Varatan VII, hoping to contain the Chaos rebelling before it spread to the other parts of the system. The Inquisition had requested the Officio Assassinorum for help on the matter, the commander in charge of the campaign was reporting unusually high amount of losses, causing many to question his loyalties to the Imperium. While death and loss in the Imperial Guard was nothing new, reports of the commander launching mass waves of Guard without any armoured support against heavily defended fortifications was worrying. Many feared he had been taken over with blood lust, which meant only one thing, he was corrupted and in the thrall of Khorne himself. Orpheus was to assess the situation, confirm the commanders wasteful and bloody plans, attempt to confirm the presence of Chaos and if possible, remove the commander from his position, permanently.
  3. Orpheus was sitting in the Vendetta transport while it was en route to the battlefield HQ on Varadan VII, he looked to his right, his Imperial Guard uniform was neatly stacked next to him, with the boots on top. He finished reading his PDA one more time and turned it off, placing it back in the bag it was provided in. Sliding over to the pile of clothes, he began to look through them, it was simple Cadian dress, the marking on the side indicated he was to be a Sergeant “At least I won't have much trouble with the grunts” he said to himself as he started to undo his own boots in preparation for putting on his disguise. He lifted the boots off the top, bringing the combat trousers up and unfolding them, it was at this point he noticed several white clothing items fall to the floor, curious he picked them up and with it, his heart sank “Oh, great!” he exclaimed as he unfolded the clothing he had in his hand “Just when I thought this was going to be simple” he finally said with a sigh as he stared at what he had in his hand. It was women's underwear. He quickly picked up his PDA again and turned it back on, the screen flickering to life, he scrolled down and checked his new persona name “Andrea Turnbell” It was a female name alright “Damn, I thought it said Andrew” he said throwing it back into the bag without turning it off. He always hated being transformed into a female, not only was the sensations and loss of certain body parts hard to get use to, but the addition of some and the additional ways he had to act was hard to get use to. It was not only the body he had to get used to, but he had to get use to the way people acted around him. Orpheus was used to being a man, he wasn't unattractive, but he was normal, wouldn't cause anybody to stand and stare, he liked that, but as a woman, the Officio Assassinorum always managed to get the most physically appealing and attractive female they possibly could for the DNA sample, there was no way he could go around not being noticed, but, maybe that was the point he thought. He sighed as he slipped off his Synth-Suit and picked up the Polymorphine in one hand and the DNA sample in the other. He stood completely naked as the engines of the Vendetta hummed around him, the change of altitude was noted as the Vendetta made it's way down to land. The time of waiting had passed, he had to be morphed and dressed before he exited the craft. With a deep breath he jabbed the Polymorphine needle syringe into his thigh and slowly pressed the plunger down, he could feel the liquid move through his veins as he pressed more and more of the highly advanced liquid into his system. He closed his eyes and thought of the wonders the galaxy held, a simple back-water planet contained the fungus which caused mild-transformation effects, ear-marked by the Explorator fleets and further investigated by the Ordo Sepulturum, the fungus was researched and found that if it was distilled enough, it could cause complete transformations. Callidus Assassins were implanted with cybernetics and had intensive training to help them morph their body into any humanoid species, while the DNA sample was not needed for transformations, it aided the Assassin in morphing better, and as Orpheus was a man, he needed all the help he could get. His thoughts went to one of his old comrades, who applied Polymorphine and a DNA sample, but was unable to transform, he ended up as half a human male and half a tau female. The pain he must have been in caused even Orpheus to cringe. He felt the plunger of the syringe come to the end, his body was tingling as the Polymorphine was transported around his entire body, it was as if ice was running through his body as the liquid weakened the molecular binds in his body. He lifted his right hand and stared at it, he could see it morphing back and forth, seeing the bone structure change underneath as he stared, he used his training to morph the hand slightly, turning it into a withered old age hand before returning back to it's natural state “So far, so good” he said as he readied the DNA sample syringe “Beauty or agonising death awaits!” he sarcastically said allowed as he plunged the syringe into his other thigh and quickly pushed the entire contents into his body as quickly as possible.
  5. His breath was taken away, he staggered backwards into the side of the Vendetta, hanging onto the support railing as he did so. The pain was out of this world, or any world, he would never get used to it; he bore hard down into concentration as he slumped back in the seat, holding both his arms out he saw them fluxing between his muscled and lightly hair arms to that of creamy, unblemished skin. He gritted his teeth as he could feel his the bones in his back, especially his spine, contort and stretch before relaxing and starting the cycle again. His cybernetic implants were working as hard as they could to assist as well as repressing the excruciating pain. As he groaned at the pain he clasped his hands to his face as he fell forward, head between his knees, he watched, through parted fingers, his legs morphing and changing. The muscles he had built up in the Temple began to shrink, the tightness and low fat content he had worked hard to achieve was being undone before his eyes, being replaced with the same skin on his arms, the back of his legs, his hamstring began to change as a light layer of fat formed and he felt his thighs bulk out and the muscle was replaced by the thigh of a woman, ready for child birth. However, for Orpheus, worse was to come, as he watched his penis start to retract inside his body, followed by his testicles. As his now smooth and sexless crotch began to open, forming the sexual organs of a woman, his chest started to ache as his toned muscles chest began to change as large mounds of fats started to make their way out, large pink nipples leading the way. As the transformation neared the end, he could hear the cracking of bones as they moved in to place, each crack sending shock-waves of pain throughout his changing body. As he brought his hands to his face, the small feel of stubble had been replaced by smooth skin, his weathered lips were now luscious and plump, he ran his fingers over them. As he did so, he felt something tickling his arms and hands as long strands of blonde hair began to flow down from his head, he ran his fingers through it before searing pain erupted from his eye sockets “Fuck! I forgot about that part!” he said out loud, surprising to hear the light and soft sound of a female voice filling the Vendetta as it lowered to the landing pad, the sound of battle was now audible. He blinked his, or rather her, eyes as they adjusted to their new shape, structure and colour, as he noticed his reflection in the PDA screen, he saw a breathtakingly gorgeous woman, long strands of flowing golden hair, piercing, full and glistering sapphire coloured eyes. His hands where dainty and well manicured, he ran them down his body, touching the still muscle tones, but much smoother body, finishing on his large, plum breasts, which were both pert and not sloping at all, even unsupported. Orpheus couldn't take it all in, he hadn't transformed into such a beautiful woman before, he was doing every straight man' dream, shame he wasn't going to be able to engage with women as beautiful as he was. He had a job to do, to assess the commanders loyalties and find proof of his wasteful attacks. “We'll be landing in a minute sir” came the voice from the pilot, sir, Orpheus thought, how amusing. He quickly threw the needles into the bag and folded his assassins suit into it before zipping it up, he rapidly put on the female panties, which caused him to shudder as it was both strange and thrilling regardless of the times he had done it before, he fastened his bra on, something which caused him some difficulty, getting them off is one thing he thought, putting them on is another. He put on the Cadian infantry uniform, tied up his boots securely as the Vendetta landed with a slight bump, he managed to grab the Cadian backpack which contained everything he needed to maintain this disguise and other useful items, such as more Polymorphine if he ever needed to switch persona. The door of the Vendetta opened and he was blinded by the light as he began to shuffle his way out. As he covered his brow in an attempt to see where he was going he was greeted by a voice from the distance “I'd get that hair-tied up if I was you” the voice was rough, but not unpleasant “Huh, yes sir!” Orpheus responded, still quite unsure who he was talking to or where the person was, his eyes were still adjusting to the new form they were in and the light they are in “That's Lord General” came the reply, stern but slightly playful
  6. “Um, sorry, Lord General....?” Orpheus replied, he knew what the response would be, but his new persona started as soon as he stood off the craft “Lord General Francis Mayworth, Lord General of the 1st Insurrection Repression Battalion and all that imply, but you need not know about that, Andrea Turnbell” he continued, moving forward in deep strides, his tall form blocking out the sun as he made his way toward Orpheus, he stood before him, tall, imposing and surprisingly young for his rank. He had a tired face, dark brown eyes and hazelnut hair which shone with the light bouncing off it, he had a long scar going from the right side of his forehead, down in a diagonal direction down the bridge of his noes and the left side of his cheek. He smiled as he outstretched his hand towards Orpheus, who removed his hand from the strap of his bag and outstretched to meet it “That's correct, Lord General” Orpheus said, still getting used to his new voice, shaking his hand which was rough and coarse, a hand which had seen battle and carnage throughout his career, the smoothness of his hand against that of the Lord Generals was noticeable and Orpheus wasn't quite sure how to react, but looked down to the floor slightly. “I've heard wonderful things about you Sergeant” he said, outstretching his other arm indicating Orpheus to follow him, the sound of battle was dying out as the Chaos rebels crashed against the fortifications of the Imperial Guard “I've heard you're a great shot, one of the best, and a dab hand in CQC, which is always useful for when those blasted Cultists make it through” he spoke as they both walked through the landing site and down into a trench network, winding around, gun placements everywhere, boxes of ammunition and Imperial Guard running about moving to the forward positions. He led him into a large heavily fortified bunker, which was filled with tables and chairs, covered in maps and folders, in the room there was a large double-sized bed, the Lord General stopped in front of a desk as he lent over looking intently at a map with several markers on it, they were both silent, Orpheus stared around the room as he waited for the Lord General to say something, trying to find anything of interest for him to mark, but the only thing of any importance was the maps, markers and folders. Orpheus stood there, shuffled his backpack and coughed slightly, catching the attention of the Lord General “Oh, I'm sorry, got carried away. Well Sergeant Turnbell, I'll be attaching you to 3rd Company, they could use your support, they've just replaced 2nd company in the front trenches. I know I'm throwing you in the deep end, but it won't be for long, the next and decisive offensive will be starting soon, we'll break the back of these rebels and crush them against the sea!” he said triumphantly as he slammed the desk with his fist. “Is that all Lord General?” Orpheus managed to say awaiting a response “Uh, yes. That is all, follow the trench line, you'll find 3rd company near the front” he managed again before staring back at his maps, Orpheus saluted before turning on the spot and making his way towards the front line. It didn't take long before he noticed that every single group of Imperial Guard he passed would stare at him as he passed them by, entire groups would stop their games or conversation and stand jaw dropped at what they saw as a amazing example of the female form. It was with this realisation that caused Orpheus to become much more aware of his new body, he could feel his hips moving much more in his trousers, his breasts bouncing lightly up and down underneath his top, he knew that they all would cock their heads to get a better look at his ass as he walked by, he suddenly realised how tight the uniform was, especially his trousers, he wondered if this was done on purpose, but he had no time to worry about it, but he did unconsciously move his hand over his ass as if he was checking for something stuck on it. As he neared the front line he even managed to hear one of the Imperial Guards in the support trenches exclaim “By the Emperor, did you see her?” Suddenly Orpheus had turned from an unassuming guy to the centre of attention, his job relied on him being inconspicuous, but right now, he wasn't. He wasn't sure if he liked it, but it was certainly growing on him.
  8. Orpheus reached the front trench, noticed the spent shells, the empty ammo boxes, the mud and the blood. Not to mention the occasional bit of body which hadn't been moved, he kicked a severed hand away as he turned into the final trench section, seeing a group of soldiers facing forward towards the Hive City in front of them, they were talking, but one of them noticed Orpheus and hit the side of the talking Imperial Guard and pointed over to where Orpheus was standing “Er” one of the Imperial Guard managed to make, there was about half a dozen in this trench section, but many more were stretched along the entirety of it. “Who are you?” he continued stepping down from the firing position, Lasgun in hand before approaching Orpheus who had by now dumped his bag down on the clearest part of the trench he could “I'm Andrea Turnbell, Sergeant Andrea Turnbell” he managed to say, feeling strange as he did so, in all his other female morphs he never had to speak so much or do anything else but walk and slit somebodies throat and walk out. “Who? I don't remember nobody mentioning nothing bout no attachment, and definitely no Sergeant and definitely no girl neither!” he managed to say with anger, spitting slightly as he did, looking up and down Orpheus body, but he knew that look, the man was just as shocked to see somebody so attractive in such an unattractive place. “Oi, Richards! Do I have to remind you that I'm here too!” came a stern, but calm voice from behind him, the voice came from a female Imperial Guard soldier who had come from another part of the trench network, by her markings she was a Corporal and obviously in charge of this particular section, she made her way down the trench, past the silent other soldiers who were still staring deeply at Orpheus, the woman made her way up to Orpheus, slapping the soldier know as Richards on the back of the head, which he reacted by holding it and muttering to himself “So you're the new blood huh?” came the sweet and kind reply, something which shocked Orpheus, as the life of a Imperial Guard is not a good one, it also involved lots of screaming and shouting, but somehow this woman had managed to maintain such a sweet voice “I'm Corporal Holly West, I'm in charge of this section after our Sarge bought it from a overshot mortar shell three days back” she shook her head as she mentioned the death of her once squad leader, she composed herself and outstretched her hand to Orpheus, ready to shake it, Orpheus complied, still unsure what to make of those around him “Sergeant Andrea Turnbell” he replied
  9. “Ah, another Sergeant, guess you're in charge then” she replied, pulling her hand away and folding the arms with a grin. Orpheus didn't want this, he didn't have time to be ordering people around, he needed to confirm suspicions and leave before he was caught “Oh, I don't want to step on any toes, I'm just an attachment, you keep command, you know this battle zone much better than I, so why don't you fill me in?” Orpheus managed to get out, smiling as best he could, his jaws still hurting from the transformation, he now knew why males were not often used, it was much too painful after transformation “Well, isn't that nice of you, but first, I was ordered to give you this by the higher ups” she said unfolding her arms and grabbing a covered weapon from the floor before handing it to Orpheus, who unwrapped it. Under the cover was a customised Hot Shot Lasgun, not only was the power-cell much lighter than normal Hot Shot guns, but it has a customised scope on it, similar to the scope found on sniper rifles, he marvelled over it as he had never seen such a weapon before, his admiration was cut short though by Holly “That's a nice bit of equipment, you must of pleased somebody higher up” she said picking up her own Lasgun which was resting against an ammo case for a nearby Autocannon emplacement. “Yeah, I guess so” Orpheus managed to bluster out, blushing as best he could whilst thinking how stupid it was sending such equipment to him like this “Come on, I'll show you the line and fill you in” Holly continued, holstering her Lasgun around her shoulders and indicating Orpheus should follow “Taylor, you're in charge till I'm back” she said, taking Orpheus' suggestion to heart and they both made their way down the line “To put it bluntly, there was a Chaos Cult in the centre of the Hive, it spread suddenly and quickly, overrunning the PDF within hours, they managed to control the Hive, but we managed to encircle them with fortifications and trench networks quickly” Holly continued as she walked down the trench network, using her hands and arms to indicate and reinforce what she was telling Orpheus “The Hive City is part of a large port, it fishes the huge ocean, so they've got plenty of food, but they've got nowhere to run. The Lord General keeps throwing men at the problem, but they get ambushed in the cramped streets and hardly impact on them, occasionally the rebels will charge out, but they never get further than the first trench” she laughed as she stepped over a dead cultist body which hadn't been moved. “So, in short, keep your head down and you'll be fine” she smiled at Orpheus and stopped in her steps “Well, that's it, we'll be relieved on the trench tonight, use that time to grab some food and rest, and a shower in you can, it can get very hot here” she said patting Orpheus on the shoulder before turning around and heading back to where they had started. She was right though, the sun was pounding down on the trench and her was boiling, the quicker he was out of here the better, at least he could get some target practice, he sighed and followed Holly back to the trench area.
  11. The day wasn't very exciting, a small group of Cultists got taken over by blood lust and charged his section, raising the gun to his shoulder and aiming down the scoped sight, he managed to take out a dozen before the other soldiers in his trench managed to hit something. This brought Orpheus even more attention, a good shot and hot to boot? It was a clear turn on for the soldiers around him who spent the rest of the day flirting with him. He kept his calm and playfully returned the flirts, but his mind was on other things. As the day came to an end, the reliving soldiers arrived, which was a relief for Orpheus who was sticky and sweaty from the days work, he grabbed his bag and headed to once place, the showers. He grabbed clean clothes out of his bag and headed to the rooms, suddenly realising he had to enter the female area of the showers. While female soldiers were not rare, they were not as numerous as the men in this particular zone, never-the-less plenty of women were entering the female shower rooms which had been built in the back of the network, near the field HQ's. Orpheus took a deep breath and entered the room, heading straight to a locker, keeping his head down he began to remove his uniform, which was still sticking to his body, all around him were other soldiers removing their clothes, standing around naked, some checking wounds others drying and getting changed back into uniform. Orpheus's heart rate increased, quickly removing his clothes until he was completely naked, and headed straight towards a shower cubicle, he knew the other girls were watching him but he tried his best not to pay attention, he entered the cubicle and closed the door behind him. He turned the handle and felt the refreshingly warm water fall on him, running through his hair and down his face, he washed his face with a handful of water, leaning his head against the wall of the cubicle as the water ran down his back. He couldn't get the images of what he saw out of his head, he was in a position men would kill for and he was avoiding it, he banged his head on the wall, trying to stop thinking about it. It was at this point he felt a strange sensation in his groin, as if his penis was getting an erection, he put his hand out to hold it, but nothing was there. He looked down and all he saw was his dark pubic hair, no penis, nothing, just his pussy. “What is happening?” he asked to himself, he could feel it but not see it, perhaps it was a phantom feeling, like if somebody had lost a limb and felt like it was there, maybe he could feel his penis a bit like that. However, his thought was broken by the sound of his cubicle door opening and the sound of wet feet on the floor could be heard. He tried to turn around as he heard the door shut behind him, but two arms blocked his him from doing so “I've seen how they look at you” came the sultry voice, at once Orpheus knew it was Holly from his trench “I've been looking at you too, and I like what I see” she said, moving one of her hands slowly up Orpheus arm until it reached his shoulder, Orpheus shuddered “Corporal West, please remove you hand from my body and leave my cubicle” Orpheus managed to stammer out, his brain screaming the opposite “Is that really what you want?” came the reply as Holly whispered into his ear, moving her hand down his body, grabbing his right breast in her hand and squeezing it lightly, tweaking his nipple, he could feel it go hard and it was an incredibly strange feeling, Holly leant in further, pressing her body against his, her breasts pressing against his back and the feel of Hollys' pubic hair against his buttocks “Is that really what you want?” Holly continued, moving her other hand down his body and pressing her index finger into Orpheus' labia, moving it up and down as she did. Orpheus didn't know what to do, his body screamed yes, his head screamed yes, but his training screamed no. He didn't know what to do, but thankfully his decision was made for him as a call from behind him rang out “Sergeant Andrea Turnbell, attached to 3rd company, you are to report to the Lord Generals quarters immediately” this call pulled Orpheus out of his semi-trance and he pushed past the naked form of Holly as he made his way to the changing room. He quickly threw his clothes on, his mind racing over what just happened and he was still oblivious to the beauty around him and eyes which watched him. He quickly put the clothes on and made his way to the Lord Generals quarters, he had to get his mind back to the job at hand. He had to find proof of the Lord General and his possibly Chaos connections.
  13. He reached the door and knocked on it, straightening his clothes before the reply of “Enter” followed, he opened the door and there was the Lord General looking at his maps, sitting, but still looking. He quickly moved some other papers away and placed a heavy paper weight on top of them “Ah, Sergeant Turnbell, I hope everything is OK” he asked turning to face her
  14. “Yes Lord General, the 3rd company are very..” he paused as he thought of his last encounter with Holly “Friendly” he finished, the Lord General smiled .
  15. “Good, that's good, I wonder if I could ask you some things if you don't mind” he continued, reaching over and grabbing a large bottle of something from behind a pile of papers “Drink?” he asked, tipping the bottle towards him “It's from Vaxaran III, good stuff, sent by the Governor as a gift for help repel an Ork invasion, nasty business” he continued, twisting the ornate top off the bottle before pulling it with a pop, the room was instantly filled with an intoxication aroma, which was sweet but strong, he poured himself a glass before placing another empty one down and indicating his offer towards Orpheus again, drink, he thought, perfect way to get details out of him “That's very kind of you Lord General” he said, making his way to the nearby chair which the general had cleared for him, drips of water fell from Orpheus hair down his back which sent a sensations over him as the suspense and excitement of uncovering a potential heretic was combined into a eurphoic sensation “Good show!” the Lord General commented, pouring a large glass for Orpheus before downing his own in one and filling it up again “Fantastic stuff this!” he stated with a slight coarse throat as the alcohol made it's presence felt. Orpheus sat down and brought the glass to his mouth, his nose noting the strength of the fruit involved, he wasn't sure what they were or how many kinds were in it, but it was very pleasant. He downed the drink too, the taste of fruit filled his mouth and made him salivate, it was an incredibly sweet drink, the natural sugars seemed to not of fermented at all, but the sudden large kick of alcohol came over him, causing him to cough slightly at he surprise “Strong stuff isn't it? But I like a woman who likes her drink!” he laughed pouring another large glass for Orpheus. Orpheus knew he had to get the conversation over to the topic of Chaos, not enough to rouse suspicion, not enough to out right accuse the Lord General and certainly not enough to make himself look like a Chaos sympathiser. “So, Lord General, how did this rebelling occur?” Orpheus asked, crossing his legs, something which pleased him as he was not free to do so without risking injury of his sensitive parts “It was a mess. Started off in the blasted clubs” the Lord General spoke as he took a large gulp from his drink “At first it was just sex, you know, but it grew, it turned into masochistic stuff, whipping and cutting and that sort of thing” he said distorting his face in displeasure before finishing his drink and pouring another glass “Suddenly we had not only Slaanesh worshippers but Khorne ones as well!” he exclaimed, swinging his arms about as a bit of drink left the glass, the effects of it already taking effect, Orpheus had finished his second glass but it was full again before he had placed it down. “The whole lot of them are traitors, they have the protection the Imperium, they have the guiding light of the Emperor, and it's still not enough!” he said, looking sad and despondent
  16. “Don't worry Lord General, we'll make them all pay” Orpheus replied, trying to cheer him up, this is certainly not heretical talk he thought, but he needed proof, he needed to see plans and papers. As the night passed they continued their conversations about the Imperium, the fight against Chaos and the Lord General asked about Orpheus' past assignments. He lied his way through it, but Orpheus began to get the uneasy feeling he was going to have to take actions slightly further than drunk flirting. The Lord General staggered to his feet, he had already taken his hat and greatcoat off as well as his boots, moaning as he did about the heat, something which Orpheus agreed on, even at night the heat was unbearable. “Well, I seem to be a little drunk” the Lord General said as he gripped onto the chair to hold himself up “I don't suppose you could be a dear and help me take these blasted trousers off? They seem to be stuck to me” he laughed as he tried to pull t he down. He managed to help get the Lord General over to the bed and pulled his trousers off, revealing the mans' very expensive looking boxer shorts, he had managed to take his own under-shirt off but was still lying on the bed at a funny angle. Orpheus steadied himself, he knew what he had to do to get a look at those papers “This is for the Imperium and the Emperor” he said to himself as he got on the bed and pulled the Lord Generals legs so they were lying straight on the bed. The two starred at each other and, with a deep breath, Orpheus leant in and kissed him firming on the lips.
  18. The Lord General was slightly taken a back by this but he responded in kind by delving his tongue into Orpheus mouth, the taste of fruit and liquor could be tasted as Orpheus began to take off his uniform, as he got the top off he quickly undid his bra, letting his large breasts fall slightly as the resistance of the fabric had been lost “By the Emperor” the Lord General said as he began to massage them himself. Orpheus let him do this as he took off his trousers and panties and let them fall to the floor, through the Lord Generals boxers he could see a bulge had formed and he laid on his side and shuffled closer, before pulling the boxers down and revealing a rather large erect penis. “My, you could do a lot of damage with that” Orpheus managed to say, cringing at the thought, but running his right hand up and down the shaft, lightly “I better give it a good inspection” he said lowering himself down the bed, grasping the shaft in his hand and rubbing it up and down, twisting the head slightly, causing the Lord General to gasp as he did so, as Orpheus pulled the foreskin up and down, increasing the pressure as he did so, he saw the Lord General had started producing some pre-cum, looking seductively as possible Orpheus turned to the Lord General who was looking down at him, his hand in Orpheus hair “I better clean that up for you” he said as he brought the cock to his face, gulping slightly he stuck his tongue out, licking from half-way down the shaft he brought his tongue slowly all the way up to the head and the slit before lapping the salty liquid away, Orpheus continued this for a few minutes, licking around the entire cock, going from the base all the way up, the Lord General moaning as he did so. Orpheus was trying to get into the mind set of a woman, but it was hard for him to do so, still, he pressed on and opened his mouth as wide as it could go, the pain from the morph still there before inserting the head into his mouth and sucking on it hard, causing the Lord General to moan as gasp and pull on Orpheus hair slightly, Orpheus repeated this action over and over, rolling his tongue around the gland and over the slit, before plunging it into his mouth, taking as much as he could before pulling it out to gasp for air, over and over he did this, rolling his tongue around the shaft and gland before pulling it out and looking over to the Lord General “Preparation Complete” he said as he got onto his knees are straddled over the Lord General, and, erect and sopping wet penis in hand, he aimed it towards his own sopping wet hole, rubbing the head of the penis slightly against his labia, pressing it slightly and moving it up and down, the engorged head touching Orpheus erect clitoris before thinking himself “Here goes” and pushing himself down on the cock, gasping as it entered him, causing him to feel faint and strange, he had never done this before and was an incredibly strange feeling. The Lord General, however seemed to like it and, resting his hands on the sides of the generals scared body, Orpheus began to push himself up and down, over and over he could feel the hot cock inside of him, deeper and deeper Orpheus would let it go in, incensed to go further than he dared, eventually he was touching the crotch of the Lord General as the cock had gone all the way in, and with that Orpheus began grinding back and forth, side to side, before returning to up and down, using his hips and ass to lift his body up before plunging back down onto the Lord Generals cock, as they both moaned and gasped throughout the night, Orpheus wasn't sure if he was faking it or not, his mind was such a mess “Faster Sergeant” came the flustered words from the Lord General and Orpheus complied, not giving any reply, faster and faster and as hard as he dared go he went, until with a shudder he climaxed for the first time as a woman and lurched upwards, feeling the Lord Generals cock pulse as it release his hot liquid into him. Orpheus fell to the bed beside the Lord General who was panting like mad, eyes clothes, his glistering wet cock slapped against his chest, a small dribble of cum pooling in his belly button. “Well... Sergeant... I'm glad... Glad you were.... added here” he managed to say, through deep breaths. Orpheus didn't reply, he didn't know what to say or do, he just lay there, the strange feeling of being penetrated and the stick liquid still inside him was all too much for him to take in. Sleep soon took them both.
  20. Orpheus awoke, his eyes adjusting to the darkness, t he soft breathing of the Lord General next to him, both of them were still naked, Orpheus head throbbed from the hang over he had, he should be asleep but he was awake now, the perfect time to check folders and files. He slipped out of bed and headed straight to the desk, he looked behind him at the sleeping Lord General before turning on a light, expecting the Lord General to wake up, but he didn't. Orpheus began looking through the papers, maps and reports. The brief was right, he was using troops unsupported against the rebels, he didn't need to, but why was he? Orpheus thought as he flicked through more papers, moving papers off the main map on the table, he had a quick glance at it, the Lord General had marked areas which had been attacked and which ones had done well. Orpheus noticed the marks in the weeks before his arrival, out of the ten companies the Lord General had, it seemed as three specific companies were getting hit harder than others. Flicking to another report, Orpheus read how companies 2, 5 and 6 were reporting heavy losses no matter where they were placed, while the other ones reported few, if any. This seemed very strange to Orpheus, he read several more reports before he saw the edge of one of the papers under a paper weight the Lord General had moved earlier. Quickly skimming through it, the Lord General was sending a personal report that he feared the Chaos Cultist rebels were incredibly organised and the Lord General had been sending specific soldiers in the unsupported attacks, but had not stated why. Orpheus' mind began to race, he thought back to 3rd company and how the group was awfully quite apart from Richards and Holly... Holly had also been in remarkable shape for somebody on the front line, as if she hadn't been fighting at all. It was at that realisation that the door to the quarters was kicked in and Holly and a dozen Imperial Guardsmen followed behind, Holly was covered in blood and holding a knife in her hand which was dripping in blood, the other soldiers had Lasguns with their bayonets attached, some were blood as well. “Well, well, what do we have here?” Holly joked, walking around the room, staring at the naked Orpheus as she went before landing next to the Lord Generals side, who was still sound asleep “Do you two have fun?” she asked kneeling down in her bloody unfirom and staring at the sleeping Lord General, the other soldiers were making whistling noises and general grunts, Orpheus didn't know what was going on, but either way he was completely defenceless “This fool tried to ruin our plans” Holly said, caressing the Lord Generals hair “And we know what happens to people who try and stop the Dark Powers” she continued, turning to face Orpheus who had finally pieced together parts of what happened, but before he could stop her, Holly brought her bloody knife to the Lord Generals throat and sliced it, the Lord General awoke, choking and drowning in his own blood, which seemed into the bed sheets and flowed onto the floor “Well, now he's out of the way, it's time for fun. Take her away, don't spoil her too much” Holly smiled as she pushed the corpse of the Lord General away from her, half a dozen soldiers marched in and grabbed Orpheus by the arms and forced him along, applying a tranquilliser as they did so he couldn't resist.
  22. Orpheus awoke, tied to a cold metal table in another part of the defence network, he blinked his blurry eyes around him and saw piles of bodies and blood everywhere, still completely naked he called out “Hey! What's going on!” he heard giggling coming from the darker side of the rooms, as on both sides several fully naked soldiers appeared, except, they were covered in the Chaos Star, Marks of Slaanesh and Marks of Khorne, one of them spoke up “Oh, our mistress will fill you in on that, but she is busy at the moment, until then we get to play with you” he smiled a toothy smile as they closed around Orpheus, he tried to struggle against the binds but they were too tight and numerous, even if he could morph slightly he'd give away he was an assassin and confirm his death “Be nice, and we won't hurt you so much” another said, his cock in his hands as he rubbed it into an erect state, Orpheus switched his head from side to side as all of the men started to doing this, he was lying on his back and he couldn't move, he tried to think a way out of the situation, but before he could protest, one of the men had thrusted his erect cock inside his pussy “Ah! Stop! Fuck off!” he managed to scream before his head was pulled backwards off the end of the table and another cock was thrusted down his throat, both men plunged their cocks in and out of the holes, with each thrust causing Orpheus to gasp in shock, it was after a few minutes of this that two other men forced Orpheus hands around their cocks and pumped it up and down, unable to pull away Orpheus had no idea how he was to escape. The man fucking his pussy grabbed his hips and dug his finger nails in and he pumped harder and harder into Orpheus, while the man with his cock in his mouth grabbed his jaw and thrust the cock deeper and deeper into his throat, as the hot and engorged cock slid down the back of his throat, Orpheus tried to gag but the cock thrusting was relentless. The guys using his hands to jack off where pumping faster and faster, squeezing tighter and tighter as they did so. Orpheus mind was flooded, he couldn't resist and he couldn't fight back, never before had he felt so helpless and out of control. It was all at once when it happened, the guy fucking his pussy thrusted deep and hard and filled his pussy with his sticky liquid, thrusting long after the explosion in order to get as much out as possible. The guy on the throat got on his tip toes and plunged his cock right into Orpheus' throat, pressing against the wall he squirted his own load down Orpheus throat, he tried to cough and splutter but it was no use, he had to swallow it and breath through his nose. The guys using his hands ejaculated over his chest and he felt the hot, sticky liquid drip from his breasts and down his sides. The guys pulled away, their cocks spent and Orpheus was exhausted, the taste of the salty liquid was still in his mouth, he could feel it drip out of his pussy and onto the table below and the cum on his chest began to dry. It was at this point that Holly had arrived, she was topless, her body covered in tattoos of Slaanesh, coming over to the table where Orpheus took deep breaths, his throat sore from all the pounding, Holly began to talk “I guess you're wondering what happened?” she asked as she squeezed Orpheus breasts and wiping the cum off his belly “Well, I'll tell you, the stupid Lord General got suspicious about the lack of deaths on certain parts of the line. He began sending the troops of the true Gods instead, unsupported. We had no choice, we had been part of the Cult to the Dark Powers for years, he was ruining the plan for a glorious world of death and pleasure. So, we enacted our plan early, slit the throats of the non-believers and allowed our comrades trapped in the Hive City to come out. And here we are!” she said raising her hands in air in triumph “And you're just the icing on the cake” she said heading to the end of the table where a guy had been fucking him in the pussy just moments ago “And you, my pretty, will be the first to experience this” she spoke as she tore the lion cloth away, revealing a huge and thick penis, or at least a imitation of one, she moved forward and began rubbing the massive thick head against the entrance to Orpheus slit “No, don't, you can't!” he shouted as he wiggled about
  23. “Oh but I can, Slaanesh provides, men get all the fun, but I have it now” she said as she began to push the head into the lips of Orpheus “S-s-top! It hurts!” he shouted as Holly, or whoever she what, pushed with tremendous effort and was rewarded with Orpheus pussy wrapping itself around the huge cock, Orpheus screamed in pain, a pain similar to that he felt when morphing, but he had no implant help with this. Holly grabbed his hips and began pumping, the huge cock going up and down inside of him, the thick, pulsing veins on it could be felt rubbing on the walls of his vagina as it pumped faster and faster in. Holly was moaning as gasping as she did so, Orpheus just lay there, head to one side, completely comatose by the events, as Holly increased her rhythm, she leaned in close to Orpheus and began sucking his cum covered tits, taking in the liquid left behind as she went faster and faster before slowing down completely and turning each thrust into a massive effort as she pumped her cock against the cervix of Orpheus, who gritted his teeth with each thrust. Holly then increased the thrusts, faster again, but just as deep, banging against the cervical sphincter which each thrust, moaning and gasping loudly as she did so “Thank you Slaanesh!” she screamed “Thank you! Thank you my Dark Prince” she said as her thrusts became unbearable for Orpheus, but as Holly pulled her cock out completely, she smiled as she said “Isn't this wonderful?” before gripping his thighs again and giving her final plunge as much force and effort she could. Holly screamed out in pleasure as she came and Orpheus could feel the huge head press against his cervix as it pulsed and poured unnatural amounts of cum into his womb, Holly thrusted more and more, getting the last drips of pleasure she could out of it before collapsing on top of Orpheus, turning his face to face hers and she spoke one final sentence “We're going to have such beautiful children together” before delving her tongue into his salty mouth.
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