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Sad about Valentine’s Day? Don’t be

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  1. **A little something for valentines day**
  2. You yourself are important. You don’t need anyone else to be happy. You make you happy, you don’t need a person to do that. Yes it helps to have someone here for you but dear you have to learn to love yourself before someone else can love you. Loves comes when we least expect it, often when we don’t search for it too much, it comes to our door. Your all wonderful regardless of your relationship status. Take care of yourselves and remember that tomorrow is not just about relationships. It’s a time to love yourself treat yourself. It’s a time to show your Mum or your sister your brother, nan, uncle, aunt that you love them. Maybe it’s not family maybe it’s your friends. Tomorrow is about love, not only love for others but love to yourself. Be brave I believe and love all of you. Now go get yourself some ice cream, go drink a cup of tea, go get that massage <>🌸 Your valentine can be anyone even if you don’t love them in a couple way. Any form of love is love it’s strength is all the same. By all means be your own valentine buy that outfit you like buy that sweet treat you’ve been saving up for, do some meditation be kind to yourself love yourself tomorrow if not any day especially valentines day~ Spend your day with all your furry friends
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