Locus Map Pro Outdoor GPS Install Instructions:

Oct 13th, 2016
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  1. Locus Map Pro Outdoor GPS Install Instructions
  3. I‘ve been struggling for some time to find a way to successfully install Locus Map Pro. After much reading and a lot of trial & error, I’ve finally worked out how to do it (well, at least it works on my rooted LG G3) so thought I‘d share my experience with those who (like me! 😕 ) need some more detailed instructions.
  4. Install Instructions for Locus Map Pro without Lucky Patcher or modded Google Play
  5. Requirements: Android v2.2 and above, ROOT (you must have root for this to work)
  6. Tools you’ll need
  7. • A file explorer that can access all files and folders to the root of the device
  8. • CheatDroid
  9. Initial Steps Required
  10. • Find out which CPU instruction set your device uses (armabi vs armabi-v7a vs x86 vs mips)
  11. • If you don’t know, use a tool such as CPU X to tell you.
  12. • Get the required app library files for your device – I’ve uploaded the various types here
  13. • If you don’t already have one, get a file explorer (ES File Explorer, Root Explorer, MiXplorer etc)
  14. Detailed Instructions
  15. 1. Install Locus Map Pro v3.2.0
  16. 2. Open the app but only to when the first screen appears with the ‘BEGIN’ instruction at the bottom of the screen.
  17. Explanation
  18. This is to allow the app to create the folders “files” and “shared_prefs” under /data/data/ with the appropriate permissions.
  19. 3. Then immediately close the app (also go to Settings – General – Apps – Locus Pro – App info > Force Stop to make sure it’s not still running in the background)
  20. 4. Use your file explorer app to move the library files for your particular device to /data/data/
  21. 5. Use CheatDroid to locate and open the file that is at /data/data/
  22. 6. Once you’ve opened the file with CheatDroid, add a new int key called KEY_S_APPLICATION_VERSION_LAST with a value of 295
  23. 7. Use the file explorer to set full permissions (rwxrwxrwx) for each of the newly added/modified files. These are the 2-3 library files you added at /data/data/ + the file you edited at /data/data/
  24. 8. Now launch Locus Map Pro v3.2.0. It should start normally without requiring any additional library downloads
  25. 9. Using CheatDroid, open the file /data/data/ and search for the string KEY_I_START_NUM_OF_STARTS. Change the value to 9 and save the file
  26. Explanation
  27. You must start with this older version as v3.2.0 checks for the presence of the libraries and the _libraries.conf and also checks that the key KEY_S_APPLICATION_VERSION_LAST is 295. If it sees those elements, it then adds a new key: KEY_S_LIBS_VERSION. This is the only version of the app that I know of which does that without checking the validity of the license.
  28. The reason for doing step 9 is that in later versions of the app, it started to check the value of KEY_I_START_NUM_OF_STARTS which counts the numbers of times the app has been started. This value must be greater than or equal to 9.
  29. 10. Now install Locus Map Pro but do not open the app (again go to Settings – General – Apps – Locus Pro – App info > Force Stop to make sure it’s not running in the background)
  30. 11. Open the file in CheatDroid and search for the int key called KEY_S_APPLICATION_VERSION_LAST. Change the value to 537
  31. Explanation
  32. The reason for the edit is that this entry contains the build version that previously was opened (in this case, it was 305 as that’s the build number of v3.2.0). So, by changing it to 435, you’re simply changing this to the build version that you’ve just installed; 435 is the build version of v3.7.0.
  33. 12. Open the app and all should be well – you can check the app version in ‘About Application’ in the app
  34. 13. Now you can upgrade to any version of the app that you like by repeating steps 10-12
  35. If you’re unsure of the build number of the particular version of the app you’re installing, it’s usually shown in brackets when android’s package installer prompts you that you’ll be updating a previous version of the app
  36. Note
  37. You can very likely miss out installing v3.7.1 and install any more recent version of the app you like once you’ve successfully installed v3.2.0 by doing steps 10-12. I only installed v3.7.1 as the ‘in between’ step as I was being cautious. In essence, this means you can:-
  38. • Do the first 9 steps
  39. • Once v3.2.0 is successfully installed, go straight to installing any later version by doing steps 10-12
  40. Credit for the above doesn’t in any way lie with me – I’ve just learnt from various instructions and explanations posted on various threads by SebSS to whom I’m incredibly grateful for his generosity in sharing his knowledge and skills.
  41. I really hope this helps at least some of you out there who have tried and failed to install this as many times as I have…!
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