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  1. Name: Comprehensive Structure Reinforcment
  2. Cost: - [1m]
  3. Minimums: Stamina 7, Essence 5
  4. Type: Permanent
  5. Keywords: Internal
  6. Duration: Permanent
  7. Prerequisites: Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh, Strain-Resistant Chassis Modification x2
  9. The vital structures of the Alchemical are reinforced with a hardened internal armor frame. This frame usually replaces the Alchemical's ribcage, spine and skull with an artifact prosthesis, usually made of treated White Jade, or Orichalcum, in either case the skeletal reinforcement is plated with the Champion's Caste Material. Further, their Essence Reservior is safely shielded by super-strong plates of their Caste Material, along with equally armored conduit lines leading to their soulgem. The soulgem socket itself is armored, along with a threat-defense system of it's own; the Champion's Soulgem will retract within their armored skull as soon as it senses direct danger to itself, as in someone deliberately attempting to damage it or remove it without propper authorization.
  11. As long as this charm is installed, the Alchemical gains [Essence x (number of installations of Strain-Resistant Chassis Modification) in Dying Levels. If left unstabilized, the Alchemical's dying levels fill at a rate of 1 per hour. the Alchemical's body can be litereally flayed down to the reinforced bone structure and still not actually be considered Dead. As long as their Essence Reservoir, Soulgem and/or the connection between those structures remains intact, they will remain alive until their internal systems fail utterly. Obviously an Alchemical is considered Innactive when they are little more than a skeleton with an essence-charged heart.
  13. If the Alchemical is brought into their Dying levels, stabilized or otherwise, an outside force must first contend with their overengineered chassis structure. If they wish to accelerate the Champion's demise, attackers must successfully deal damage to an object with the following qualities:
  15. * Has 10+(Essence x2) Bashing/Lethal Soak and Hardness
  16. * Ignores all forms of environmental damage, as per Industrial Survival Frame with all submodules.
  17. * Has [Essence x3] -0Hls and one Damaged HL, after that the armor/charm is destroyed or considered Amputated, and the Alchemical loses the benefits listed above (They begin to die as fast as normal.)
  19. If the Alchemical's body remains more or less intact, they main gain the benefits of any charm they could normally use while Innactive, as well as persistent effects, such as as soak from armor or installed charms like Exoskeletal/Subcutaneous Armor Plating. Charms that have been Amputated or otherwise disabled are of course, incapable of being activated.
  21. Soak granted by Comprehensive Structure Reinforcment stacks with armor and natural soak, but only when the Champion is n their dying levels. (Hardness still does not stack, instead use the Highest.)
  23. Submodules:
  25. Rescue Beacon Transciever:  (1xp):
  26. The Alchemical has a tiny transmiter mounted beneath their soulgem. The Alchemical's home Vats complex is immediately alerted to their champion's peril and informed of all relevant information relating their situation (Enemies, injuries sustained, etc). Search and Rescue teams dispatched will automatically succeed on any roll to find the Alchemical's still-living remains. The Alchemical may telepathically speak to rescue teams once they are within [Essence x 200 yards] of her location.
  28. Such retreval teams are highly encouraged to include Champions fitted with Paramagnetic Teather Beams, due to the alltogether likely occurence of the surviving champion being submerged in acid, or slowly cooking beneath a kilomote essence discharge laser.
  30. Motonic Stasis Generator: (3xp):
  31. The Alchemical can spend Motes from their Essence Pools to sustain their damaged bodies. Note that as long as they are still in their Dying Levels, and not stabilized, they cannot respire Essence or repair their injuries without Charms or other magic. By spending 3 motes, they may reset their dying levels back to 1, and refill them anew at the rate described above. By spending 5m, they may enter stasis for 1 month, before they begin ticking down through their Dying Levels.
  33. name (Stamina 8, 4xp):
  34. Counts as an Artifact: (Autoconverts Lethal Down to Bashing)
  36. name (Stamina 8, 4xp):
  37. Ignores Minimum Damage (Needs better phrasing.)
  39. Name (3xp):
  40. The Alchemical's dying levels fill at a rate of one per day. A second purchase of this Submodule extends this to One Dying Level per Week
  42. Name (6xp):
  43. A section of the Alchemical's reinforced lower ribcage is replaced with an equally strong, vaugely arachnid-like automata. This construct counts as a Folding Servant (WotLA, pg XX), for the purposes of general toughness and ability.
  45. This automata possesses sufficient strength, intelligence and requisite tools to eventually retrieve the Alchemical's still-living remains, or at least move them to a safer location, awaiting retrieval by allied parties. Unfortunately the Automata, while sturdy, cannot effectively defend itself or the Champion, and if attacked, will reflexively Dematerialize, and remain so until the threat has passed, or help has arrived.
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