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Aug 24th, 2019
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  1. llTwan has joined the chat
  2. llTwan: hey
  3. llTwan: oh damn
  4. llTwan: z
  5. IDollyI: Hi <.<
  6. llTwan: haha it showed ur tits when u were loading in
  7. llTwan: z
  8. IDollyI: ok
  9. llTwan: how you been?
  10. IDollyI: Good and you?
  11. llTwan: good good :)
  12. llTwan: spoken to lfoxyl?
  13. IDollyI: Yeah..she been busy
  14. llTwan: yh lol
  15. llTwan: let me put a cute pose in
  16. llTwan: one sec
  17. IDollyI: Just a sitting dot would be fine
  18. llTwan: there isnt much seats?
  19. llTwan: is this fine?
  20. llTwan: nothing big
  21. llTwan: just a holding one
  22. IDollyI: I'd prefer not to tbh....
  23. llTwan: uh ok
  24. llTwan: you dislike me?
  25. IDollyI: I just find it in appropriate to be in a pose with someone that is trying to be with my twin sister
  26. llTwan: who am i trying to be with ?
  27. llTwan: i havent spoken to any of your family in like 3 days
  28. IDollyI: Harley
  29. llTwan: not even messaged any of them
  30. llTwan: i ahvent spoken to harley
  31. llTwan: z
  32. llTwan: havent*
  33. llTwan: go ask her lol
  34. IDollyI: Idc if it's been 3 still were or are trying to be with her...I dont play those games
  35. llTwan: i wasnt it was just flirting
  36. llTwan: she knows this
  37. IDollyI: Idc...
  38. llTwan: damn your hostile...
  39. IDollyI: No I just have respect for my sister and her feelings
  40. llTwan: shes not even into me
  41. llTwan: z
  42. llTwan: shes into girls
  43. IDollyI: Yet you tried to be with her..I refuse to be someones second choice
  44. llTwan: i flirted
  45. llTwan: z
  46. llTwan: not try and be with her she made it clear she was lesbian
  47. llTwan: so we were just playing about
  48. llTwan: and making jokes
  49. llTwan: and stuff
  50. IDollyI: and that is suppose to make me feel better?
  51. llTwan: i cant make jokes with other people?
  52. llTwan: dont you joke around with ur freinds?
  53. llTwan: dont u crakc jokes/
  54. llTwan: laugh?
  55. IDollyI: Not many people can get me to laugh and i rarely joke around unless it's with my twin sister....
  56. llTwan: ok but i made you laugh and making other people laugh shouldnt make u feel bad
  57. IDollyI: It's not that..It's the fact that you were sitting under my sister and now think bc you havent talked to her in a few days that its cool to come to me for cuddles or hugs or whatever...I mean I might be a cuddle whore but i don't touch what isnt mine...and i don't cuddle others unless it is approved first by my never were on his really short list of people that could cuddle me
  58. llTwan: well im not anyones... no one has claimed me and you should lighten up this is imvu u might be owned but dont take it so srsly nothing lasts forever.
  59. llTwan: your owner is not going to see you in rl nor will you see him it will be imvu only then after a while shit will eventually come to an end everything dows so dont disregard other people
  60. IDollyI: Aw how sweet..I do not trust easily never have and never will and nice to know you think I should be relaxed around someone Idk and be laid back and tbh me and him have been making plans to see each other irl
  61. llTwan: you should be relaxed aorund everyone
  62. llTwan: no one is out to kill you.
  63. llTwan: enjoy life
  64. llTwan: and if u guys do see ech other i promise you ill wire you 1000 dollars.
  65. llTwan: i promise you.
  66. IDollyI: I have trust issues and I dont want your money...-rolls eyes-
  67. llTwan: i know... but i was just syaing im sure the meet and plans wont happen to be blunt im more straight forward i dont beat around the bush as u can see
  68. llTwan: and trust issues? im not doing much for u not to trust me
  69. llTwan: like u never trusted me about the whole ur sister and harley had to tell you.
  70. llTwan: and then you realised and apologised
  71. llTwan: as u can see im not a guy who hides around and beats around the bush
  72. IDollyI: I've always had trust issues with men that's why i prefer that a man is gay at least Ik he wont try funny shit with me
  73. IDollyI: It takes time to gain my trust I mean like years
  74. llTwan: i never have tried anything funny with u just because other guys have fucked around with you doesnt mean every guy will
  75. llTwan: if it takes years honestly hun you will never meet anyone worth your time
  76. llTwan: so just let loose a little around me
  77. llTwan: dont be tensed :
  78. llTwan: :)
  79. IDollyI: Really? it took my Owner 4 years took one of my ex's 2 years took my twin a year so obviously if the person doesnt take the time to gain my trust fully then I am not jack shit to them and they can move on
  80. llTwan: well i been calling u alot for a reason
  81. llTwan: z
  82. llTwan: otherwise i wouldnt care
  83. llTwan: obviously u mean something and aint jackshit to me
  84. IDollyI: It takes more than just trying to get to know me...every person that wants to get close to me has to earn their spot with me..I mean hell my Owner let me literally be a complete bitch to him and slap him every time he walked through the damn door for 2 years solid bc I didn't trust him and didnt want to give him a chance
  85. llTwan: z
  86. llTwan: im just saying just loosen up around me
  87. llTwan: give it a tyr
  88. llTwan: try
  89. llTwan: mmm
  90. llTwan: dolly
  91. IDollyI: ???
  92. llTwan: loosen up a little?
  93. IDollyI: With the shit you already threw out within the time I been here already.....Not sure on that...
  94. llTwan: what did i throw out the fact im tryna tell u its going to be ok
  95. llTwan: and not to worry
  96. llTwan: i dont think thats shit
  97. llTwan: im just tryna be nice
  98. IDollyI: So telling me that me and my Owner wont meet and it wont last between me and him is being nice?
  99. llTwan: no i was being blunt and truthful have u seen statistics on online relationships
  100. llTwan: 95% of the time it doesnt work
  101. llTwan: and i told you
  102. llTwan: i will wire you money
  103. llTwan: if u both meet
  104. llTwan: keep my word on that.
  105. IDollyI: Yeah but difference is..I am loyal even when I shouldn't be when it comes to people...and like I said I dont want your money...
  106. llTwan: im not tryna give u money u wont get it xD
  107. llTwan: and i never did say u were not loyal
  108. llTwan: z
  109. llTwan: coming?
  110. IDollyI: I told you no
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