>ywn be the filly

Jan 24th, 2019
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  1. I did some >ywn posting that quickly got out of hand.
  3. >ywn have anyone care enough whether you're sick or not
  4. >ywn get that weird feel of being home and not at school on a weekday despite you wanting to stay home before you were sick
  5. >ywn have your mind taken off of that because momhorse stayed home from work to be with you even though its just a cold
  6. >ywn have soup for dinner instead of pasta because soup is better for sick fillies.
  7. >ywn have momhorse take your temperature before bed to make sure you are doing better.
  8. >ywn actually get better because of all the extra love and care you received because you were sick
  9. >ywn go back to school the next day after being sick because you got better so fast from all the love and care
  10. >ywn be thankful for momhorse because you don't have that much work to catch up on
  11. >ywn be extra thankful but also guilty because you realize the day you were sick was mother's day and forgot to make her something yet she still took care of you
  12. >ywn apologize to her
  13. >ywn get a hug from her while she whispers "your love is enough"
  14. >ywn feel super extra guilty anyways
  15. >ywn make a mess of the kitchen making spaghetti for her
  16. >ywn see be confused about why she's laughing instead of being mad about the mess
  17. >ywn get hug that works the spaghetti sauce in your coat into hers
  18. >ywn be taught to cook spaghetti the right way by momhorse.
  19. >ywn hear momhorse say a good mare knows how to make a good meal
  20. >ywn be embarrassed about it
  21. >ywn ask momhorse how to do your makeup
  22. >ywn see momhorse cry when she does up your makeup and puts you in a dress she wore to her own mother's wedding
  23. >ywn ask whats wrong and have her tell you that you're beautiful
  24. >ywn still be confused that she's crying but smiling so wide
  25. >ywn give her a hug to make it better anyways
  26. >ywn hear her hum a happy tune while she works to get the makeup back off your face
  27. >ywn realize how happy you are to hear her this happy
  28. >ywn ask her to keep humming when she stops or see the smile she has when you ask
  29. >ywn have momhorse sing to you while getting makeup off of you after she taught you to make spaghetti
  30. >ywn have this happy memory to look back on when you get older
  31. >ywn tell this story to your foals
  32. >ywn have foals
  33. >ywn have a momhorse who loves you this much
  34. >ywn be a momhorse who loves her foals that much
  35. >ywn be the filly that grows up this way
  37. >ywn get a crush on a colt at school
  38. >ywn follow him around like a puppy because you don't exactly understand your own feelings
  39. >ywn see him get made fun of by his friends
  40. >ywn be called his shadow
  41. >ywn get really embarrassed about it
  42. >ywn have your momhorse hear about it from a coworker who's foal goes to the same school
  43. >ywn get even more super embarrassed because momhorse brings it up to you
  44. >ywn kinda get your feelings hurt because momhorse is laughing hysterically about it
  45. >ywn be shocked when you she stops and you see she's crying
  46. >ywn be pulled into a hug and hear her say, "My baby is growing up."
  47. >ywn be really confused, kinda upset and really embarrassed about the whole thing
  48. >ywn go to school the next day kinda feeling embarrassed still
  49. >ywn do the same thing you did the previous day and hover around your crush
  50. >ywn have since figured out your feelings
  51. >sorta
  52. >ywn watch him during recess playing hoofball with the other colts
  53. >ywn be pushed into asking to play by your own friends
  54. >ywn be really nervous on the walk over
  55. >ywn get even more nervous because you crush looks at you
  56. >ywn get more nervous than that and start to think this is a really bad idea because he looks increasingly annoyed the close you get.
  57. >ywn see his friends snickering behind him
  58. >ywn get yelled at by him before you can ask to play
  59. >ywn have your crush yell at you in front of the whole school and call you a weird pony who follows him everywhere
  60. >ywn try to defend yourself but get shouted at more before you can get a word in edgewise
  61. >ywn be called words you don't even know
  62. >ywn be so scared you just kinda lie down and make yourself appear smaller before him
  63. >ywn see your crush storm off
  64. >ywn hear nothing but the silence on the playground as everypony else just looks at you after the exchange
  65. >ywn run away
  66. >ywn run and run until you realize you've made it all the way home
  67. >ywn see momhorse's furious look when she sees you in the doorway not at school
  68. >ywn be scared that another pony is mad at you
  69. >ywn see that furious look melt away when she sees your face
  70. >ywn be pulled into a hug by momhorse and bawl into her chest floof
  71. >ywn have momhorse pet your mane while she tries to comfort you
  72. >ywn hold your momhorse in the open doorway of your house with the light of an equestrian day pours in and hear her singing something
  73. >ywn not be able to stop crying until you go to sleep in her forelegs
  74. >ywn wake up in momhorse's bed
  75. >ywn feel her still holding onto you
  76. >ywn hear her say, "hey sweetie" after a bit breaking the silence
  77. >ywn hear her say that she heard about what happened at school
  78. >ywn feel embarrassment, frustration and despair well up at those words
  79. >ywn pour you heart out to momhorse after some prodding
  80. >ywn get a squeeze of sympathy from momhorse as you tell your story
  81. >ywn hear momhorse give you advice about what you did wrong
  82. >ywn be embarrassed by this
  83. >ywn hear her say "but"
  84. >ywn be told by momhorse that maybe you should move on because you can't force ponies to like you
  85. >ywn be crushed by the realization just kicking in that he doesn't like you back
  86. >ywn be angry at yourself for not realizing it sooner
  87. >ywn be angry that it took him yelling at you in front of everypony for you to get it
  88. >ywn go back to school the next day and see everypony is staring at you and talking about it
  89. >ywn feel really small all of a sudden
  90. >ywn think that going back to school so soon was a bad idea but momhorse made you go anyways
  91. >ywn be comforted by your friends
  92. >ywn be the cause of bigger social drama because friends of friends and so on and so forth are have different opinions about what happened.
  94. >ywn feel really bad about it
  95. >ywn get older
  96. >ywn grow from it
  97. >ywn move on and realize everypony else has also moved on aside from the other friendships that were ruined by that
  98. >ywn realize that that one day while talking with your best friend that she looks really good
  99. >ywn be attracted to your best friend.
  100. >ywn be attracted to mares
  101. >ywn hurt yourself by never making a move because you don't want to ruin what you have
  102. >ywn value a friendship more than yourself
  103. >ywn be hurt when you help her try to impress this colt she likes
  104. >ywn power through it anyways
  105. >ywn do it for her
  106. >ywn be jealous of him
  107. >ywn accidentally treat your friend poorly because of how you feel.
  108. >ywn realize that her coltfriend is an absolute jackass
  109. >ywn see him with another filly between classes
  110. >ywn have your best friend get mad at you when you tell her this
  111. >ywn have her accuse you of trying to break them up
  112. >ywn have your best friend know you liked her the whole time and throw that back in your face
  113. >ywn know that she's right but not be able to prove what you saw to her
  114. >ywn not have a best friend anymore.
  115. >ywn not have any friends anymore because all your friends are her friends and think that you are just trying to ruin her relationship
  116. >ywn sit alone during lunch for the first time in your life
  117. >ywn have people talk bad about you and have no friends to confide in.
  119. >ywn become depressed
  120. >ywn see the sadness in your momhorse because she doesn't know what to do about it
  121. >ywn be alone for quite some time
  122. >ywn slog through school before realizing you just don't care
  123. >ywn have your momhorse get worried because your grades begin to slip
  124. >ywn think one day that maybe you'd be better off not being alive
  125. >ywn start to frequent the dam just outside of Ponyville as a hangout spot because its quiet and secluded and better than just being in your room.
  126. >ywn have taken up drawing because you have nothing better to do with yourself and it relaxes you
  127. >ywn lie on the edge of the dam and draw frequently
  128. >ywn get kinda good at it
  129. >ywn see you ex best friend trot up to your spot and sit next to you
  130. >ywn hear her say you were right all along
  131. >ywn have her awkwardly try to make conversation with you while you give one word responses cause you are still pissed at her
  132. >ywn have her finally apologize to you and offer to take you to out to eat as a peace offering
  133. >ywn decide not to turn down free food.
  134. >ywn end up enjoying it despite yourself
  135. >ywn catch up with an old friend and feel good when you go home for the first time in forever
  136. >ywn end with eating at random places as you and your friend's regular thing
  137. >ywn realize how much you missed her.
  138. >ywn go home and see how relieved you momhorse is that you're happy again.
  139. >ywn realize celebrate your first birthday as an adult with your best friend and momhorse and some of your closest family.
  140. >ywn have trouble finding your own place after you graduate out of school
  141. >ywn have momhorse say you can stay until you find one and that you're always welcome cause you're her baby
  142. >ywn be out eating with your best friend and bring up to her that your momhorse hasn't been looking too hot lately
  143. >ywn come home to find her on the kitchen floor
  144. >ywn panic as you try and see if she's still breathing
  145. >ywn be have the opposing feelings of panic and relief when you realize she is.
  146. >ywn have have to pull yourself away from her side to grab your somepony else to help get her to the hospital because you can't do it alone
  147. >ywn open the door and slam into your best friend who happened to be trying to bring back one of your drawing pads you left at her place
  148. >ywn work together with your friend to carry your momrhorse to the hospital
  149. >ywn be held by your best friend while hospital staff try and figure out what's wrong with momhorse
  150. >ywn be told by a doctor that momhorse's tumor just did something or another to her brain
  151. >ywn not hear the rest of what he said because you are absolutely lost at the word tumor
  152. >ywn faint in hospital waiting room
  153. >ywn wake up on the floor moments later and ask, "what tumor?"
  154. >ywn see the look on his face when he realizes he has to break the news that momhorse has had brain cancer for years now
  155. >ywn start to hyperventilate when a nurse with surgical mask comes in and whispers something to the doctor who just looks at you
  156. >ywn already know what he's going to say
  158. >ywn remember the next several hours as a blur of pain and loss
  159. >ywn be sitting in your house by yourself because your friend is gonna need some things because she'll be staying with you for a few days
  160. >ywn be thankful for her
  161. >ywn lie down on momhorse's bed because it smells like her
  162. >ywn feel really small in her bed
  163. >ywn feel how empty the house is without her
  164. >or her smile
  165. >or her voice
  166. >ywn realize you won't ever here her sing again
  167. >ywn start crying even harder.
  168. >ywn realize she won't be there to hug you and tell you it's ok
  169. >ywn feel forelegs pull you in from behind
  170. >ywn think its momhorse for a split second
  171. >ywn somehow be crushed more when you realize its only your best friend trying to comfort you.
  172. >ywn have that feeling eb when your friend starts humming in your ear as you cry into her
  173. >ywn fall asleep to your in your best friends forelegs while she hums something to you
  174. >ywn draw similarities between this and momhorse
  175. >ywn remember the next few days as a blur of legal stuff as your family comes down to bury momhorse
  176. >ywn run out of tears during that time
  177. >ywn regret running out of tears as you you momhorse is lowered into the ground.
  178. >ywn cry for her later when you have them again
  179. >ywn not know what to do with the money your momhorse left you with.
  180. >ywn have a friend who cares enough to still try and get you out of your funk.
  181. >ywn be dragged out to eat by your by your best friend despite what all has happened
  182. >ywn appreciate her more as it starts to actually work
  183. >ywn get back to drawing
  184. >ywn start to smile again
  185. >ywn get your life back on track with the help of your best friend
  186. >ywn start painting
  187. >ywn realize the only thing you can draw or paint is your best friend
  188. >notthisshitagain.magic
  189. >ywn try to bury those feelings
  190. >ywn see your friend in your art room looking at all the drawings and painting of herself with a heavy blush on her face
  191. >ywn try and fail to explain yourself to her
  192. >ywn be silenced with a kiss
  193. >ywn kiss a mare
  194. >ywn eat out another mare
  195. >ywn have mare tongue your mareparts
  196. >ywn realize all this time going out to eat with her could have been dates this whole time
  197. >ywn realize with hindsight that your best friend had been doing a bit more for those breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  198. >putting her mane up
  199. >putting on a bit of makeup
  200. >etc
  201. >ywn realize all of this while fucking another mare in an art room surrounded by nothing but portraits and paintings of her
  202. >ywn have a blackout orgasm on the same floor.
  203. >ywn never cuddle a mare after having sex.
  205. >ywn go out to another dinner with this mare.
  206. >ywn be nervous about it because it's your first actual date
  207. >ywn have her bump your hip with hers and give you that smile of hers that makes you smile back and relax
  208. >A bit
  209. >ywn have a nice dinner with the mare you lo-
  210. >ywn stop talking mid conversation as you realize that you love her.
  211. >ywn have a friend who stood with you and defended you from others when you were little
  212. >ywn have a friend who you pretty much grew up with
  213. >ywn have a friend who, despite doing you wrong, came back and apologized
  214. >ywn have a friend who made up for what she did and more
  215. >ywn have a friend who was right there with you during the hardest time of your life
  216. >ywn have a friend who helped you bounce back after that time left you in a seemingly bottomless rut.
  217. >ywn have a friend who did all this without asking for anything
  218. >ywn know another pony like this in your life.
  219. >ywn kiss the mare despite her confusion
  220. >ywn go back to your place that night and fuck again
  221. >ywn be surprised about how well she had prepared for this
  222. >ywn be surprised at her assortment of toys or lube.
  223. >ywn see her look when you work one into her ass
  224. >ywn be surprised when she works one into yours
  225. >ywn have another mindblowing orgasm
  226. >ywn clean up in this shower together
  227. >ywn hear her say that she wants to move in with you
  228. >ywn have a mare want to live with you
  229. >ywn go on many more dates with a mare like this
  230. >ywn do all sorts of crazy shit with a mare like this
  231. >ywn be proposed to by a mare like this
  232. >ywn marry a mare like this
  233. >ywn be happy with a mare like this
  234. >ywn ask about wanting foals
  235. >ywn have foals with your mare (because magic fuck you)
  236. >ywn watch your foals grow up
  237. >ywn tell your foals stories about times when you were younger
  238. >ywn get teary eyed when telling your foals about their grandmare
  239. >ywn openly cry a bit while telling your foals about that time your momhorse taught you how to make spaghetti
  240. >ywn have your foals comfort you
  241. >ywn be content with your life as your foals grow older
  242. >ywn go to the doctor and have them tell you that you have cancer
  243. >ywn be told that what your momhorse had was kinda hereditary
  244. >ywn not tell your foals because you don't want them to worry
  245. >ywn realize this is why your own momhorse didn't tell you.
  246. >ywn be content with them not knowing
  247. >ywn know that your foals will be ok in the end.
  248. >You will never ever know what this is like.
  249. >Because you will never be a filly in Equestria.
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