MHW Moveset Changes / Observations

Dec 9th, 2017
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  1. Monster Hunter: World
  2. Weapons moveset changelog / observation report.
  3. Controls are in reference to default controls
  6. To find your weaponfu:
  7. Ctrl+F <Weapon> OR ~W
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. -Weapons that couldn't evade backwards before now can
  12. -Slide attacks are fun but annoying
  13. -Some weapons have moves that turn into sliding attacks when done on a slope. Will take note of these moves.
  14. -Some weapons have moves that become walljump/wallrun attacks when done towards a ledged wall (mushroom/vine/coral walls and crystal pillars). Will take note of these moves.
  15. -Bigger turning angle for every hit in a melee combo, you can even turn almost 180° (full 180° for some)
  16. -Not limited to Sword & Shield, you can use a whetstone when unsheathed for blademaster weapons, and you won't sheathe the weapon after sharpening it. (You have to use it from the radial menu)
  17. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  20. <<Great Sword>> ~GS
  21. -You can now go Charged Slash ➜ Strong Charge ➜ True Charge without the need of a slap or whatever in between **
  22. -While sliding, you can hold △ to charge the SLIDING ATTACK, increasing its power. (including the downward thrust)
  24. -New move: Tackle
  25. ↳ press O during △ charging
  26. ↳ can be used after a wide slash / △ after a roll / during mid-charge to CANCEL THE CHARGE
  27. ↳ makes you immune to flinching during animation, take less damage if hit during animation
  28. ↳ cancelling a charge with a tackle and charging again will bring it to the stronger charge type
  29. ↳ e.g. normal charge ➜ tackle cancel ➜ STRONG charge ➜ tackle cancel ➜ TRUE charge
  31. -New move: True Charged Slash, used after a Strong Charged Slash (it’s two hits)
  32. ↳ True Charged Slash marks the end of a combo. However you can keep tackle-cancelling the True Charge if you are waiting for a good timing to land a hit.
  34. -Note: Using a Strong Charged Slash beforehand shortens the charging time for True Charged Slash. (you charge during the wind-up animation) You still need to charge the 3 levels if you tackle-cancel your way to True Charged Slash.
  36. -New move: Jumping wide slash, used after a tackle. This can also be used to reset your charge slash type back to the basic one.
  37. -No more rolling into slap
  38. -Strong charge slash can continue to be used after a strong wide slash (the big sweep)
  39. -You can charge a slash attack mid-air a la Aerial Style
  41. -Tackle-cancelling a Lv3 charge increases the power of the tackle, also increases the power of the jumping wide slash.
  43. Note: Strong Charge / True Charge can ONLY be used after the previous charge type, or after a tackle cancel. (See below**)
  45. **In a GS >combo, you are able to go to a stronger type slash, but CANNOT GO LOWER than your current one. i.e., you are using the NORMAL CHARGE SLASH in your >combo, but once you use STRONG CHARGE SLASH, all following charge slashes can only be STRONG or TRUE (end of combo). Note: The jumping wide slash resets your charge type back to the normal one.
  46. GS >Combo examples:
  47. Charge-slap-charge combos → normal charge slash ➜ slap ➜ normal charge ➜ slap ➜ normal charge ➜ slap... etc.
  48. ↳ strong charge ➜ slap ➜ strong charge ➜ slap ➜ strong charge ➜ slap... etc. (can't go lower)
  50. Long combo (lmao) → normal charge ➜ wide slash ➜ tackle ➜ jumping wide slash ➜ slap ➜ normal charge ➜ tackle cancel ➜ strong charge ➜ strong wide ➜ strong charge ➜ tackle cancel ➜ true charge (ender)
  52. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  56. <<Longsword>> ~LS
  57. -Roll-cancel attack is now the overhead slash instead of rising slash
  58. -On each spirit color level-up, spirit gauge goes back to empty instead of what little meter that remains
  59. -Mashing △ will get you through the BnB combo (two overheads ➜ poke ➜ upswing ➜ overhead ➜ loop). You can still press O if muscle memory.
  61. -New move: Foresight Slash - a backwards jump and forward slash
  62. ↳ mid-combo only, consumes stamina, empties your spirit gauge on the backward jump. Works like a counter move a la Brave LS where you use it to “counter” an attack
  63. ↳ on successful use (blue aura from your hunter), the following forward slash will max out the spirit gauge. Pressing R after the forward slash will do a roundslash and immediately level you up to the next spirit color.
  64. ↳ you can cancel Foresight Slash into Spirit Thrust before the forward slash
  66. -New move: Spirit Thrust / Spirit Helm Breaker
  67. ↳ Consumes one level of spirit color. Jump on monster if "Thrust" connects. On successful "Breaker" hit, Spirit Bar automatically fills over time.
  68. ↳ Note: spirit color consumed only if "Thrust" connects, but will be used up even if you miss the "Breaker" hit
  70. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  74. <<Sword and Shield>> ~SnS
  75. -Unsheathe attack now a forward rising slash
  76. -A new move, SHORT SHIELD BASH is added to the advancing △+O △ △ △ △ combo
  77. -Mash ⚪ for ⚪ slash infinite combo
  78. ↳ E.g. ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ➜ backhop slash ➜ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ➜ backhop slash, etc. No directional input required.
  79. -Use slingers while unsheathed
  80. -You can use backstep from a roll
  81. -Can now move while on guard
  82. -Cannot roll into item use
  83. -But you can do an Advancing slash into item use
  84. -Use ADVANCING SLASH on a slope to do a SLIDING ATTACK
  85. -Use ADVANCING SLASH towards a ledged wall to do a WALLJUMP ATTACK
  86. -Shield bash combo now includes a new third attack, HARD BASH
  88. -New move: Turning Slash
  89. ↳ you can do this any time mid-combo (directional input + △). This attack can turn to any direction. Can follow up this attack with a thrust.
  90. ↳ You can also do this after a roll
  92. -New move: Sword Thrust
  93. ↳ you do this after a turning slash, can continue stationary BnB combo after this
  95. -A charged backstep slash now lets you jump into the air on successful hit a la aerial style (the jump is also an additional hit).
  96. ↳ You can follow up in the air with JUMPING SLASH (sword) or FALLING BASH (shield)
  98. -Note: As long as you keep adding a directional input in your BnB combo, you can actually keep up an infinite combo on a spot, much faster than resetting with backhop.
  100. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  104. <<Dual blades>> ~DB ~DS
  105. -Reverse grip when in demon mode (you also move a lot faster)
  106. -Demon Dash now only available in Demon mode
  107. -Getting hit during demon mode now does not bring you out of demon mode, but note that your stamina continues to drain while you're recovering.
  108. -While mid-air, with enough airtime you are able to go into Demon mode (R) and attack right after (△).
  110. -Pressing ⚪ when in normal mode (no meter) is now lunging strike instead of △+⚪
  111. ↳ Can be done mid-combo
  112. -No more left/right double slash in normal mode, now roundslash
  113. -new Blade Dance animation
  115. -Demon mode new combo is △ △ △ (Demon Fangs ➜ Twofold Slash ➜ Sixfold Slash)
  116. -Pressing LEFT or RIGHT + △ after a TWOFOLD SLASH makes you do a left/right FADE SLASH and reset the combo
  117. -Pressing ⚪ in arch\demon mode is now advancing spin2win, called (DEMON) FLURRY RUSH, instead of roundslash
  118. ↳ Can be done mid-combo
  119. -△+⚪ in archdemon mode now does DEMON FLURRY (mini blade dance) instead of spin2win
  120. -No second roundslash
  121. -Pushing left or right during demon mode mid-combo does a small fadeslash and resets the combo
  123. -Use FLURRY RUSH down a slope to do a SLIDING ATTACK
  124. -DEMON DASH or FLURRY RUSH into a ledged wall to do a WALLJUMP ATTACK
  126. -Demon Dash into a ledge to do da helicopter
  127. ↳ New move: Successful hit makes you cartwheel down the monster’s back
  128. ↳ Note: You must line up with the monster’s length to a degree for it to work
  130. -Note(!): Using Flurry Rush in Demon Mode DOES NOT FILL THE DEMON GAUGE.
  131. ↳ However, the last hit of the demon △ combo (SIXFOLD) fills up a large amount. This is probably to discourage spamming spin2win to fill the gauge.
  132. -(In Archdemon mode) Demon Flurry Rush and Demon Flurry consumes a fair bit of demon gauge
  134. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  138. <<Hammer>>
  139. -Unsheathe attack now a right swing instead of upswing
  140. ↳ Follow up with a return swing and triple pound
  142. -When unsheathed, stationary △ △ △ is the standard triple pound
  143. -Moving while pressing △ starts the TP combo with a side pound instead
  145. -You can now follow up a charged attack with another charge a la Brave Hammer
  147. -New move: Big Bang:
  148. ↳ ⚪ button is now a 5-hit combo that grows in power with each hit. Each strike must connect to move on to the next.
  150. -Charging while going down a slope does a SLIDING ATTACK ⟼ You use a Blanka Ball attack
  151. -Charging while running into a ledged wall also makes you do the Blanka Ball (WALLJUMP version)
  153. -Spinning charge Lv3 now has SPINNING SIDE POUND (after 1 spin), SPIN FOLLOWUP (2-3 spins), and GOLFSWING (4-5 spins)
  155. -New move: Power Charge
  156. ↳ Press ⚪ during a charge, increases attack and KO values (This also resets your charge)
  157. ↳ Changes Lv2 charge attack to BRUTAL UPPERCUT, and stationary Lv3 charge attack to SPINNING BLUDGEON (Adept / Brave style animations)
  158. ↳ Immune to flinches during attack and charging
  159. ↳ Effect is cancelled when weapon is sheathed, getting flinched when not attacking, or being sent flying by a strong attack
  161. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  165. <<Hunting Horn>> ~HH
  166. -New: Recital attacks now contain shockwaves (soundwave?) for added damage
  167. ↳ If there is no song to be played, the Recital attack will not have the added shockwave
  169. -List of songs playable by the Horn now displayed on the screen (toggleable?). Songs in effect are HIGHLIGHTED.
  170. ↳ GREEN highlights on the song indicate you’ve played it once
  171. ↳ PURPLE highlights on the song indicate you’ve played it twice
  173. -Note chart in the HUD now tells you what note to play next for specific songs (if any)
  174. -You can now roll-cancel your Recital at any time instead of waiting for a song to play (the first song still gets removed though)
  176. -Do the poke attack by pulling back the analog + corresponding note button any time mid-combo
  178. -You can have FIVE variations of Recital attacks after an attack: one with no directional input, and four with ↑ ↓ ← → directional inputs to shift your hunter in the direction as he attacks with the Recital.
  180. -New: You can stock up to three songs at once
  181. ↳ Note: You can link notes together to chain songs to stock
  182. e.g. playing WHITE ▶ WHITE ▶ BLUE ▶ BLUE ▶ RED (WWBBR) will give you the songs for WW, WBB, and BBR
  184. -If you have stocked three songs and play from the first song, the Horn will play all three songs down the list (a highlighted box will tell you what song it is currently playing)
  185. ↳ Doing an Encore during any song will replay the current song + the songs before it
  186. ↳ e.g. Encore from Song 2 will replay Songs 1+2, Encore from Song 3 will replay ALL Songs 1+2+3
  187. ↳ Songs not played stay in the stock list
  189. -You can select the song you want by pressing R (first song) and R + face button (△ or ⚪)
  190. -Note: As long as the first song you play is SELF-IMPROVEMENT (WW or PP), during the Encore attack you will not swing twice.
  192. -Note: Even if you selected a specific song in the list with R + face button, the Horn will still play whatever songs you have stocked, just in a different order. Roll-cancel to stop playing if you don’t want other songs to be played. If you want to Encore a select group of songs, make sure to check the ‘white aura’ on your hunter / vibration on your controller to ensure the songs have been played before using the Encore.
  194. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  198. <<Lance>> ~L
  199. -Forward hop now available
  200. -You can now counter after three thrusts, thank you based Tri
  201. -You can continue hopping / stepping even if your first backhop was extended (this couldn't be done before)
  202. -Dash attack now gets a speed boost after charging a certain distance
  203. -You can combo into a Guard Dash after any type of thrust
  205. -New: Guard Dash, other than forwards, can now be done backwards and sideways as well - just add the corresponding direction.
  207. -Dash attack down a slope to do a SLIDING ATTACK, continued charging after slide
  208. -Dash attack into a ledged wall to do a WALLJUMP ATTACK, continued charging after jump
  210. -New move: You can now sidestep during a dash attack and continue charging (this resets the speed boost if any)
  212. -New move: Leaping Thrust
  213. ↳ This can be done by pressing ⚪ after a Guard Dash. This attack hits three times in one thrust. You can continue poking after this move.
  215. -New move: Power Guard
  216. ↳ Press R+X during Counter Thrust animation or during a guard knockback
  217. ↳ Heavily drains stamina but blocks strong monster attacks without knockback
  218. ↳ Guarding an attack during Power Guard stops stamina from draining
  219. ↳ You can break out of Power Guard immediately with a leaping thrust, counter thrust or a dash attack
  220. ↳ You can make these attacks turn an immediate 180° by holding the back direction when pressing any of the attack buttons
  222. -New move: U-turn during dash attack (turn 180 degrees and continue charging)
  223. ↳ Pull back the analog + X during charging
  225. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  229. <<Gunlance>> ~GL
  230. -Forward hop now available
  231. -You can now hop/sidestep up to two times (for forward hops, almost infinitely if done at a certain rhythm)
  232. -Lateral thrust up to three times, can combo into RISING SLASH after three thrusts
  233. -You can now evade after firing a shell
  234. -VERTICAL Wyvern's Fire
  236. -During a charged shell (holding O), you can change the direction of your shelling among three positions (forward, diagonal, skywards). As long as you are holding on to the O button and changing directions, you will not fire the shell.
  238. -Use LUNGING UPTHRUST on a slope to do a SLIDING ATTACK
  239. ↳ Jumping upthrust can be followed up by an Overhead Smash or an Aerial full burst
  240. -Use LUNGING UPTHRUST into a ledged wall to do a WALLJUMP ATTACK (overhead smash)
  242. -OVERHEAD SMASH now has its own dedicated buttons and its own combo (not available from thrusting combo)
  243. ↳ Pressing △ after RISING SLASH
  244. ↳ Pressing △+O after LUNGING UPTHRUST / QUICK RELOAD
  246. -Quick Reload now reloads all 5 shells but does not reload Wyrmstake Shot
  247. ↳ Can be used after any move mid-combo except Wyrmstake and Wyvern’s Fire
  248. ↳ The △ attack after Quick Reload continues from your previous move, i.e. it becomes the lateral thrust if you used it before Quick Reload, and it becomes Rising Slash if you used it. (Resets Lateral Thrust back to I)
  250. -Shelling combo*: Mashing O gives you [Shell ➜ Shell ➜ Wyrmstake Cannon]
  251. ↳ Doing the shelling combo after a RISING SLASH makes you fire the wyrmstake cannon VERTICALLY
  253. -New move: Wide Slash
  254. ↳ Press △ after Burst Fire
  255. ↳ You can also use this after OVERHEAD SMASH if you don't want to use up your shells (Non-Normal types)
  256. ↳ combos into Wyrmstake Cannon
  258. -New move: Wyrmstake Cannon:
  259. ↳ Press O after Burst Fire or a Wide Slash
  260. ↳ Infinite uses, but can only be reloaded through Full Reload
  262. -You can combo into Wyvern’s Fire from Wyrmstake Cannon
  264. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  268. <<Switch Axe>> ~SA
  269. -For either mode you can now do a morph attack after every move
  270. -In both modes, you are able to forward roll into a morph attack
  272. AXE MODE:
  273. -Stationary O button is now [WILD SWING] from the get-go (I know this as the infinite swing)
  274. -Stationary △ is now Side Slash instead of overhead chop
  275. -Mash △ for looping 3-hit [Side Slash ➜ Rising Slash ➜ Overhead Chop] combo
  276. -You can press △+O any time mid-combo to do the Rising Slash
  277. -Push forward ↑ + O to do forward slash any time in an axe combo (except infinite swing)
  278. -You can roll-cancel with any one of the three △ attacks - Side Chop, Rising Slash or Forward Slash
  280. -Updated move: Morph Sweep
  281. ↳ The sweeping spin after the WILD SWING now automatically goes into SWORD MODE
  283. -New move: Fade Slash - ↓ + O
  284. ↳ Done mid-combo
  285. ↳ Step backwards and swing at the same time, combos into Axe Side Slash or Sword morph attack
  288. SWORD MODE:
  289. -You can now press O from stationary to use Double Slash
  290. -Mash △ for a looping 3-hit [OVERHEAD SLASH ➜ RIGHT RISING SLASH ➜ LEFT RISING SLASH] combo
  291. -The immediate evade cancel after an attack is a hop (any direction), becomes a roll on the second evade
  292. ↳ You can attack right after the first hop/step, but you have no roll-cancel attack
  294. -Doing any Sword➜Axe morph attacks recover a fair bit of the Switch Gauge
  296. -Doing DOUBLE SLASH after [LEFT RISING SLASH] adds an EXTRA HIT when you swing your weapon into position
  298. -New move: Morph Fade Slash - ↓ + R
  299. ↳ Done mid-combo
  300. ↳ Step backwards and morph into an Axe fade slash
  301. ↳ This also recovers a fair portion of the Switch Gauge (Doing a fade slash in axe mode DOES NOT do this!)
  303. -New move: Heavenward Flurry
  304. ↳ Two-hit attack used after a Double Slash (Press O)
  305. ↳ Combos into RIGHT RISING SLASH with △
  306. ↳ Fills up a large amount in your Phial Awakening gauge
  308. -Shorter windups for Phial Discharge if you use it immediately after either Double Slash or Heavenward Flurry
  310. -New: Phial Awakening / Amped Phial
  311. ↳ Attacking in Sword Mode fills up an "Awakening" bar (the outline of the Switch Gauge)
  312. ↳ When full, Sword attacks add extra explosions to each swing, containing the property of your Phial type
  313. ↳ [ZERO SUM DISCHARGE] available during Phial Awakening, allows you to cling onto the monster once your Element Discharge attack connects for a point-blank burst. This is not a mount - you can get knocked down by roars or certain attacks.
  315. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  319. <<Charge Blade>> ~CB
  320. SWORD MODE:
  321. -Guard Points (GP) return to 4U’s style instead of XX’s – guard reactions on GP, block into S\AED, shield thrust to S\AED, etc.
  322. -GP from unsheathed – Just press R at any time, even during potion drinking (Info thanks to MASTERLINKX) Be warned, for the GP frame is extremely tight.
  324. -New move: Fade Slash
  325. ↳ Done mid-combo with [Direction + O]. Slides you in the direction you move and ends with a roundhouse slash (also a GP)
  326. ↳ Note: The left/right Fade Slash moves you in a 'quarter circle' direction
  327. ↳ You can also do this after a side step
  329. -New move: Condensed Element Slash
  330. ↳ Hold △ during the charging of phials (R + O), release it at the right time (when the shield closes) to do the attack in addition to giving your sword a Boosted status – Sword attacks now also leave phial charges, and will not bounce.
  331. ↳ You can still use this even when you don’t have any phials to load (just press and hold △ during loading animation). It only requires a Shield Boost to boost the Sword.
  332. ↳ Lasts ~45 seconds
  334. -Even when you have no phials to charge during R+O (animation of sword getting stuck in shield), you can still morph attack into AXE MODE's [Side Chop Burst 1] – this couldn’t be done previously.
  336. -Advancing Slash on a slope to do a SLIDING ATTACK
  337. -Advancing Slash towards a ledged wall to do a WALLJUMP ATTACK. You can turn it into an Axe attack instead during the jump. (Press R)
  339. AXE MODE:
  340. -Animations updated for △ attacks
  341. ↳ Faster animation speed for Rising Slash and Overhead Slash
  342. ↳ The ↑ + △ overhead chop now runs forward a distance before landing the swing (attack now called a DASH SLAM)
  343. -Able to use AED after Overhead Slash (couldn’t be done previously)
  345. -Using the SAED does not remove the Shield Boost status (pls nerf)
  347. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  351. <<Insect Glaive>> ~IG
  352. -Revised combo strings
  353. -You can do a backflip slash from any △ move
  354. -Sending the Kinsect out will now fly in the direction the camera is pointing, hallelujah for two sticks
  355. -While unsheathed, the Glaive is able to stick onto climbable walls and ledges if you vault towards them. You can climb up or jump backwards based on the direction you push along with [X]. (Jump power also boosted by white extract)
  357. -New move: Marking the monster with [R] (either mid-combo or from neutral)
  358. ↳ This automatically sends out the Kinsect
  359. ↳ Kinsect continuously attacks marked area until its stamina runs out, or is recalled
  360. ↳ A hit on the marked area drops a pocket of “Kinsect Powder”
  361. ↳ Hitting these pockets makes them explode, and while doing small damage, also give you a corresponding "Dust Effect".
  363. -[with Red Extract] Jumping △ is a spinning downward slam similar to Aerial IG's
  365. -New move: [Aerial Evade] and [Jumping Advancing Slash].
  366. ↳ Each time you are in the air, you can use each of the above two moves ONCE
  367. ↳ AERIAL EVADE: Press X to air-dash in a direction pushed
  368. ↳ JUMPING ADVANCING SLASH: Press O to air-dash in a direction pushed + do an attack
  369. ↳ This attack kick-launches you into the air again
  370. ↳ Kick-jumping off a monster into the air allows you to perform the actions again
  372. -Jumping Advancing Slash can be done up to a limit of five times
  374. Note: [Red Extract] Jumping Advancing Slash turns into a multi-hit attack, you need to land the final hit to launch again. Stamina only recovers when you return to the ground or successfully do a kick-launch, so keep stamina management in check!
  376. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  378. <<Bowgun changes>> Both bowguns
  379. -Move while shooting / reloading owowowo
  380. -New: Special ammo
  381. -Hunter reloads automatically if you try to fire without bullets
  382. -Hold △ to reload all ammo sequentially
  383. -Scatter S now “Spread Ammo”, works more shotgun-like now
  384. -Crag S now “Sticky Ammo”, works on a timer when it hits a monster, explodes immediately if it hits the environment
  385. -Cluster S now “Cluster Bomb”, is fired like a mortar
  387. (!) Note: If you have loaded all your ammo, completely running out of one type of ammo will automatically set the next one.
  388. ↳ e.g. after firing your last Pierce 2 shot, firing again makes you fire Spread 1 ammo, the next ammo type in the list
  390. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  394. <<Light Bowgun>> ~LBG
  395. -Two evades in succession after firing a shot/special ammo – 1st evade is a sidestep, 2nd evade a slide
  396. -Can start shooting immediately after a slide
  398. -Gets more ammo variety than HBG, but at the cost of higher recoil
  399. -Special: [Wyvernblast] Press O
  400. ↳ Place a gas mine that explodes for big damage when you shoot it, other hunters attack it, or when struck by a monster attack (fellow hunters won’t be blasted away by the explosion)
  401. ↳ Stays on the ground for a set time, can place up to three (3)
  402. ↳ Ammo regenerates automatically over time
  404. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  408. <<Heavy Bowgun>> ~HBG
  409. -Crouching Fire removed ;_;
  410. -Press O to load Special Ammo, and O to unload it again to allow it to regenerate
  412. -Special: Wyvernheart (Gatling ammo):
  413. ↳ rapid fires bullets onto the monster
  414. ↳ you can use this special ammo even if it has not fully regenerated yet (so long as you have meter)
  416. -Special: Wyvernsnipe (Sniper ammo):
  417. ↳ your hunter lays prone and fires a single pierce shot that causes explosions on the parts it hit for high damage
  418. ↳ for this special ammo you must wait until the meter is fully regenerated before using
  420. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  424. <<Bow>> ~Bow
  425. -Move while shooting wowowow
  426. -now seems to be changed into a more combo-based ranged weapon (a com-bow ayyy)
  427. -infinite close-range coatings
  429. -While charging, you can run up a ledged wall and do a walljump power shot
  430. -Arc Shot/Power Shot flows more smoothly between shots now (can combo them to and from moves, like using arc shot right after a power shot)
  432. -Shot levels automatically raise as you fire in quick succession (mash dat R button). They also raise during a charging sidestep.
  433. ↳ However, take note that by mashing R, shots will cycle between Lv1, Lv2, and Lv3 charges – it doesn't stay at Lv3 if you keep mashing.
  435. -Notes:
  436. ↳ Stamina consumption is changed with this new system. The stamina is consumed by blocks instead of draining if you were to mash R.
  437. ↳ Each shot level consumes different amounts of stamina, with higher levels naturally consuming more.
  438. ↳ Feels obvious but shot level does not raise and stays at Level 1 if you are mashing R with no stamina.
  440. -New move: Quick shot
  441. ↳ Press O from stationary to quickly fire a weak-looking spread shot
  442. ↳ This move does not consume stamina
  443. ↳ Combos into the other types of shot, but this move is most likely used as a quick access to the POWER SHOT
  445. -New move: Charging sidestep
  446. ↳ Hit X while aiming with L2, or after firing an arrow
  447. ↳ Raises shot level to the next tier if done after firing arrow
  448. ↳ This move also branches out to Arc/Power Shot, Lunging Melee Attack and Dragon Piercer
  450. -New move: Lunging Melee Attack
  451. ↳ Press △ during a Charging Sidestep
  452. ↳ Melee attack with arrow
  453. ↳ This is a mounting attack (!)
  455. -New move: Dragon Piercer - Press △ + O while aiming, or anytime in between firing of shots
  456. ↳ Power is affected by the shot level of the last shot you fired in the combow (so this attack is weaker if you were to use it straight from aiming)
  458. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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