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AEB Present 1.5 Log 18

DNA-zama Dec 8th, 2014 175 Never
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  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Eclipse has connected.
  4. Trulhammaren has connected.
  5. DNA:    Looks like the server is up, responsive, and good to go.
  6. Trulhammaren:   indeed
  7. Eclipse:        System Active!
  8. Avara has connected.
  9. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes. But as is with my laptops restarts there will be a momentus lag.
  10. DNA:    Momentous?
  11. Kaorin Sakura:  Skype is still loading for example.
  12. Kaorin Sakura:  Yeah that
  13. Avara:  hi
  14. Avara:  green hama confirmed
  15. DNA:    ...We should be able to overcome that.
  16. Kaorin Sakura:  Not if I can't open anything.
  17. DNA:    We can if we just BS around town!
  18. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay. We're good to go.
  19. Kaorin Sakura:  And lagging on that Log #18.
  20. Kaorin Sakura:  Anyone wanna recap?
  21. DNA:    ...shit, I forgot to recap that, didn't I.
  22. Trulhammaren:   yes plz
  23. Avara:  we were turning the job in
  24. Avara:  and we were supposed to discuss a team name
  25. Kaorin Sakura:  Right right
  26. Trulhammaren:   oh yah
  27. DNA:    Wait, I don't have a...
  28. Kaorin Sakura:  That didn't happen this week did it?
  29. Avara:  congratulations all around for forgetting to do that (self included)
  32. Kaorin Sakura:  White Lotus I thought was the census?
  33. Avara:  winter
  34. DNA:    Winter Lotus, I think.
  35. Trulhammaren:   that one
  36. Kaorin Sakura:  Winter Lotus. Right.
  39. Kaorin Sakura:  As long as you have the name that works.
  40. DNA:    Wait, 18? I only go up to 17
  41. Avara:  DNA, now you know how i felt about trul's sprite every game for a couple weeks
  42. DNA:    ...do you have a 12A and 12B?
  43. * Trulhammaren was gonna do up a design myself, but I wasn't even computer accessable this weekend
  44. Avara:  shit. brb, need to reconnect
  45. Kaorin Sakura:  I have 12-1 and 12-2 yes
  46. Avara:  i'm in as a gm
  47. Avara is disconnected.
  48. Kaorin Sakura:  And yes, corrected, this is 18.
  49. Avara has connected.
  50. DNA:    So THIS week is #18, right?
  51. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  52. DNA:    Okay, good, that matches my records.
  53. Kaorin Sakura:  So: People got the XP's right?
  54. Kaorin Sakura:  And the 10k?
  55. Trulhammaren:   there netflixx closed now I won't be distracted by plotting and explosions
  56. Avara:  sitting at TL6 EXP7
  57. * Trulhammaren sure did
  58. Avara:  gold is 10300
  59. Trulhammaren:   did we get pokemon xp?
  60. DNA:    I have 10500 gold and am TL 6.7. So, yeah. Only things I forgot to do were write a Vault synopsis and work on the logo.
  61. Kaorin Sakura:  25
  62. Trulhammaren:   I can't remember if it got put in before gdocs self destructed for me
  63. Trulhammaren:   thanks
  64. Trulhammaren:   did not get in then
  65. Trulhammaren:   time to update the sheet
  66.         Chronicler:     Freaking Cloyster.
  67.         Chronicler:     Now, lesse...I need to check your rank.
  68.         Chronicler:     Rank 28 - E Category.
  69. DNA:    is 28th a place, or a point value?
  70.         Chronicler:     28th place.
  71. DNA:    in the E-bracket?
  72.         Chronicler:     Yes.
  73. DNA:    All right, so we can later get points and later become something like...let's say 50-D.
  74. DNA:    Point being, it's the LETTER that's more important than the number, right?
  75.         Chronicler:     Mostly.
  76.         Chronicler:     It's in order of proven competence. Categories go from S - E.
  77.         Chronicler:     Rank 1 E is the most comptetently proven of E ranks.
  78.         Chronicler:     Whereas Rank 200 E is the one that failed the most.
  79. DNA:    But would people (NPCs etc) look more at the letter, or would some of them care about the number as well?
  80.         Chronicler:     They care about both.
  81.         Chronicler:     A better way to look at it is this:
  82. DNA:    Ah, I see.
  83.         Chronicler:     The Category is more like, fame.
  84.         Chronicler:     And the number is how reliable you are.
  85. DNA:    Ah, okay. That answers my question. You have my thanks!
  86.         Chronicler:     Now, lesse what the Job Board holds for those of your rank.
  87. DNA:    I read that in Chatot's voice.
  88. Trulhammaren:   lol
  89. Avara:  chatot has a voice?
  90.         Chronicler:     That means I'm doing it right.
  91.         Chronicler:     Mystery Dungeon
  92. DNA:    There was a very brief anime special for PMD2, yes.
  93. Avara:  ah, never played
  94. Avara:  or watched
  95. DNA:    ...I never watched it, but I read it in what I imagine his voice to me.
  96.         Chronicler:     ...You should play it.
  97. DNA:    to be.
  98.         Chronicler:     PMD made me fear Poison Types.
  99.         Chronicler:     And BC has only proven they are to be feared.
  100. DNA:    (If you're interested, Avara, hit me up. I can make a good recommendation for you.)
  101. DNA:    (PMD2 are better games, but PMD1 has infinite storage and friend areas, both of which I really really miss.)
  102.         Chronicler:     So - I'm just going to list them and let you guys select them.
  103.         Chronicler:     The Burning Plague
  104. Barrow of the Forgotten King
  105. Something's Cooking
  106. Whisper's of the Vampire's Blade
  107. Avara:  can we get details in order?
  108.         Chronicler:     I can give them. But they're kinda long.
  109.         Chronicler:     I'll go in order.
  110. Avara:  's what i asked, yes. thank you very much
  111. DNA:    It's okay; I'm still typing up something big as well
  112. Chronicler:     The Burning Plague
  113. A sickness has come unto Vertwyvern Villa, poisoning their wells and blighting their crops. With the pestilence leaving the strongest of men of the town's guard a few short days away from death. Vertwyvern needs someone capable of healing the sick, purging this plague's source or keeping the crops alive. Basically - HELP!
  114. Chronicler:     The Barrow of the Forgotten King
  115. Two days ago, a family of mourners in Snowmeadow Village ventured up into the graveyard and didn't return. A pair of Guards investigated but they vanished as well. The townsfolk are in a panic. They've always heard rumors of disturbances in graveyards and tombs, but never has such misfortune struck in their town. Basically - HELP!
  116. Chronicler:     Something's Cooking
  117. Hi. I live in Celadon Town and our town has a small community of Sorcerer's who live on the edge of town. They're always brewing up something strange - just this morning I smelled the foulest stench yet coming out of the chimney. They're up to no good, I reckon. I'm willing to pay a good sum for any who'll come and investigate these Sorcerers and ensure that our town is safe from whatever it is they conjure.
  118. Chronicler:     Whisper's of the Vampire's Blade
  119. I am Lady Cannith of Khallan. It is located in the Petrified Forest. I have found the whereabouts of the Vampire's Blade - a priceless heirloom I had thought lost. I am willing to pay a handsome sum to any brave enough to return it to me.
  120. Chronicler:     Done. x.x I have to find it.
  121. Chronicler:     Had to, rather.
  122. DNA:    Did you just say Celadon TOWN, not City? Also, do we know (IC) the general locations of these places? or can you jus ttell us the general direction(s)?
  123. Avara:  they seem roughly ordered in terms of most to least urgent
  124. Chronicler:     You guys have a map. So you do.
  125. Avara:  also, iii... um.
  126. Avara:  does anyone other'n DNA have any medical expertise?
  127. Chronicler:     And yes, Celadon Town. It is not a city.
  128. Trulhammaren:   hella noes
  129. Trulhammaren:   Valerie only has knowledge of the opposite of healing
  130. Avara:  i think saturn'd be the only one able to actually help on the burning plague
  131.         Saturn Rosewell:        I only have up to Adept Medicine at present.
  132. Chloe has connected.
  133. DNA:    Dear people of the future: There is a long silence because we're deciding off-screen what is the best course of action to take for our next job. Don't worry; we'll be back shortly.
  134.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Well, if anyone wants my opinion, this people finding bit and the heirloom thingy look pretty darned straight forward to me."
  135.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's the farthest away, though. I'm somewhat preferential to the Vertwyvern Villa one, simply because it's the closest, and work is work. But, going the other way would allow us to cash some things in. And I do want to swing by Cerulean some time again..."
  136. Valerie Ylsef:  "I'll let you gals make the choice, I'm here to keep you guys from getting too many bruises, so I'll follow wherever is decided."
  137.         Rochette :      "I'd suggest we go through Esther to wyvern, then celadon. Hit saffron between if we need to. We could visit the resort, or go straight to the port from there. If we're still interested in the vampire blade job by then, we can sail straight to it."
  138.         Saturn:         "The faster we can get jobs done, the better. You guys really want me around, so I guess I'd better stick around you for now."
  139.         Rochette :      "Do you have any particular concerns on which way we go, Saturn?"
  140.         Saturn:         "I'd probably prefer hitting up that Vertwyvern place first, simply because it's closer. But I'm game for whatever you want."
  141.         Saturn:         "...I don't mind hanging around you guys anymore. I actually want to tag along."
  142.         Rochette :      "Alright. I'm okay with any of the jobs, I've given my advice for tagging jobs rapidly."
  143. Chloe is disconnected.
  144. Valerie Ylsef:  "I'm good with plaugeville, I just worry how well I'll be able to protect everyone against something I can't really punch."
  145.         Saturn:         "... ..." Saturn looked down at the ground briefly.
  146.         Rochette :      "Well... if it's actually a medical issue, I won't be able to do a lot. If it's something else imitating a plague, I'll be able to help. If none of us can help, we're better off going around..." she hums in thought.
  147.         Rochette :      "We can actually cut from this corner here... and emerge from the wilderness in Saffron."
  148.         Saturn:         "First we should gather more information, both from here and the town further up, see if they know anything. Esterhedge, it looks like."
  149.         Rochette :      "Alright. I'm... not that good with science-y stuff. Comes with raising yourself for a good chunk of your life."
  150.         Saturn:         "Neither am I, but I have at least some knowledge of medicine..."
  151.         Saturn:         "So it's better than nothing, I guess."
  152.         Val:    "Maybe we will get lucky and its a machine, I can bust those up pretty well. Sometimes I can even not smash things into smitherines."
  153.         Rochette :      "Could be some form of magic. A curse. Could just be biology."
  154. Mike has connected.
  155.         Saturn:         "......biology..."
  156.         Rochette :      "Is something wrong, Saturn?"
  157.         Saturn:         "...Let's hope it's reversible, if it is..."
  158.         Saturn:         "Huh? Anything wrong? No, not really..."
  159.         Rochette :      "You don't sound like you're entirely okay."
  160.         Saturn:         "It just reminded of something I saw once, that's all. Nothing big."
  161.         Val:    "Well sounds like west is more or less decided then? At least up to Esterwhatchamawhoozie. We can gether info and got from there."
  162.         Saturn:         "Yeah. I think so."
  163.         Rochette :      "Sounds like a good plan. Ask around after anything you need here. I'm going to check something with the weapons store."
  164. Val:    "So Mister.. you travel through these areas at all?"
  165. * Saturn thinks of what she might need... Which reminds me. GM, what is available to buy? Do you have lists, or...?
  166. * Rochette will be visiting the Ashen Steel.
  167. Chronicler:     I have a list, yes.
  168. DNA:    I'm concerned about medicinal supplies, among other things!
  169.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((same))
  170. Chronicler:     The spur garden would sell poultices and herbal remedies.
  171. Chronicler:     The Platinum & Cats would sell curious nicknacks .
  172. Chronicler:     The Ashen Steel would sell weapons and armour.
  173. Chronicler:     And the Mug Orchards would sell food and booze.
  174. Chronicler:     As well as room and board and basic emergency healing.
  175.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((balls? the Cat?))
  176. Chronicler:     Yes.
  177. Mike is disconnected.
  178. DNA:    Dammit, you're going to force me to pick up the Spoonful of Sugar edge, aren't you?
  179.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((which will go away as soon as you grab it ))
  180. DNA:    hush child
  181. DNA:    So, there aren't any non-herbal healing items around town?
  182. Chronicler: (( Gimme a second to load the generator. ))
  183.         Valerie Ylsef:  "So Mister...uh Reginald? You travel through Celadon or this Vysiwiwiwi place at all?"
  184. Chronicler:     Let's try and keep this sane so I don't facedesk.
  185. Chronicler:     Who's shopping? I wanna get that out of the way first.
  186. Trulhammaren:   goes to the Spur and the Cat
  187. DNA:    I am, for sure. I need medicine and bandages and whatnot, at minimum.
  188. DNA:    I can hold off on trinkets for now.
  189. Chronicler:     We can do the Platinum & Cats first.
  190. Trulhammaren:   I need balls
  191.         Rochette:       ---going to ashen steel
  192. Trulhammaren:   I only had the one
  193. Avara:  forgot i was still impersonating
  194. Chronicler:     The Platinum & Cats is ran by Cora Hammond.
  195. Eclipse:        I might poke at the Plat &c's list as well, if something jumps out.
  196. Chronicler:     The Platinum & Cats is a three story building made entirely of stone with a gray tile roof and iron furnishings. A monolith of blue crystal stands beside the building.
  197.         Cora Hammond:   "Welcome to my store! How may I help you fine Winter Lotus?"
  198.         Cora Hammond:   Gonna skip to her selection.
  199.         Saturn:         "...wait, what did you call me!?"
  200.         Saturn:         "Oh, that's what you meant. Carry on."
  201.         Cora Hammond:   She sells Poke Balls (Basic and Great, as well as every type of Apricorn Ball). She has scrolls for sale (consumable Magi spells) - Potions, Type Boosters and evolution stones.
  202.         Cora Hammond:   They are being sold at their listed price.
  203. DNA:    Evolution stones can be used whenever desired, right?
  204.         Cora Hammond:   Yes.
  205.         Cora Hammond:   A Pokemon needs to consume it. I removed that 'omgitoucheditnooooo' thing.
  206.         Cora Hammond:   I'll move on to the next shop while you guys decide. You can look up the prices easily.
  207.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Well lets see, I'll take a couple of those, a few of those, and one of those for good measure I think." (5 basic, 1 great, 3 pots)
  208.         Brenda Santos:  The Ashen Steel is owned by Brenda Santos.
  209.         Brenda Santos:  The shop is a single story stone-walled building with a reinforced wooden door. Every piece of metalwork has been brightly polished.
  210.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((any particular spells or ....?))
  211. Brenda Santos: (( Yes, lemme generate. ))
  212.         Brenda Santos:  Scroll of Daze, Drain Life x2
  213. Scroll of Heroic Offense, Weakness
  214. Scroll of Mind Blast x2, Walking Bomb
  215. Scroll of Rock Armour x3
  216. Scroll of Arcane Bolt, Vulnerability Hex
  217.         Brenda Santos:  Now, back to armorer.
  218.         Brenda Santos:  "Welcome to my humble shop. Let me show you my wares~"
  219.         Rochette:       "Alright. I'm looking for light, quiet armors... and," she pulls out her dagger in its sheath, setting it on the counter. "I found this in a ruin, and I'd like to know if there's anything you can do to make it more battle-capable."
  220.         Brenda Santos:  She has a selection of equipment for sale. x3 Heavy Shield, x1 Light Shield, x1 Light armour, x1 Medium Armour, x1 Heavy Armour.
  221. DNA:    Ah, crap, I still have that broken scrap sword. It's still only good for materiel, right? It can't be really polished up or anything?
  222.         Brenda Santos:  It can be repaired.
  223. DNA:    Criteria/cost?
  224.         Brenda Santos:  She has a Wand of Stonefist for sale (16 charges remaining). She also has x1 Battleaxe, x2 Waraxes, x1 Heavy Mace, x1 Lance, x1 Longsword and a x1 Silver Dagger.
  225.         Brenda Santos:  Repairing a broken weapon will cost 1/4th its price.
  226.         Brenda Santos:  It's a 1-handed weapon.
  227. DNA:    Can wands be recharged?
  228.         Brenda Santos:  Yes.
  229. DNA:    ...how?
  230.         Brenda Santos:  Paying for it to be recharged or using crystals.
  231.         Brenda Santos:  You can pay for it to be recharged of a fee of 100 per charge or recharge it using a crystal that recharges it at 25 per charge.
  232. Avara:  25 per crystal, y'mean?
  233. DNA:    Are these crystals at locations, can they be created by players...?
  234.         Brenda Santos:  Crystals come in value worth. A crystal worth 100 can restore up to 4 charges.
  235.         Brenda Santos:  You can break magical equipment into crystals.
  236.         Brenda Santos:  Much like you can scrap equipment into scrap, etc.
  237.         Brenda Santos:  And you can find them (I believe you guys found one)
  238.         Brenda Santos:  Ava, since your dagger was in usable condition (unlike DNA's) it'll cost you 1/8th of a 1-handed weapons price to repair fully.
  239. DNA:    boo hiss
  240. DNA:    nah, I might just leave it as scrap, since we have daggers aplenty and I don't need one.
  241. DNA:    *leave mine
  242.         Brenda Santos:  You can use that scrap for other things.
  243. Avara:  1h weapons costing what in this setting? we have it at 6k in the sheet, but that's because we needed a price on the sheet
  244.         Brenda Santos:  Like, Chloe can make Poke Balls out of it.
  245.         Brenda Santos:  Currently we haven't updated yet so whatever 1h weapons are in core.
  246. DNA:    t'would be much more useful to leave as scrap, then.
  247. DNA:    mine has a value of 1000
  248. Trulhammaren:   or just hp;d on to it for a bit till we update
  249. Trulhammaren:   hold*
  250.         Brenda Santos:  What Trul said too.
  251.         Brenda Santos:  I work on the system any chance I have at work.
  252. Trulhammaren:   I intend to bullhead through stuff so I can get my parts done
  253.         Brenda Santos:  That's it for the weapons and armour (all cost their listed prices)
  254. Avara:  ok
  255.         Brenda Santos:  The spur garden, right.
  256.         Violet Barajas:         Owned by Violet Barajas.
  257.         Violet Barajas:         The shop is a single storey timber framed building, with several stained glass windows. A collection of maps hangs from the walls.
  258.         Violet Barajas:         "Oh my~ You smell like you've walked through the woods for hours. Such a fiiiiiine scent."
  259.         Violet Barajas:         Here you can find poultices, energy powder, heal powder, revival herbs and any single status restore medicine.
  260.         Violet Barajas:         She also sells X-Items and berries.
  261. DNA:    Single-status I assume is Paralyze Heal &c?
  262.         Violet Barajas:         Yes.
  263.         Valerie Ylsef:  ".....yeah. I'll take some of these and these."
  264.         Rochette:       "Do you have any enhancements you can work into the dagger? Magic or otherwise."
  265. Rochette must wait 28.083 seconds before it may move again!
  266. DNA:    shopping list, last draft of mine: sun stone - 3000 basic ball x4 - 250*4 = 1000 total so far: 4000
  267. DNA:    I'm pretty sure I couldn't sell my big pearl for 7500 here, could I
  268. * Valerie Ylsef wanders back over to the Platinum Cat and grabs up the supply of scrolls.
  269.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((no you couldn't))
  270.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((we did that last session))
  271.         Violet Barajas:         Cash you spend gets added.
  272. DNA:    I meant more so after the fact of buying this stuff. But, eh.
  273. DNA:    So, if we added in 7500 worth of cash to the town, I could sell it?
  274.         Violet Barajas:         So, when folks are done, lemme know what you spent and where.
  275. Avara:  asked a question
  276. Avara:  so far, spent 750 on repairing dagger
  277. Avara:  Rochette: "Do you have any enhancements you can work into the dagger? Magic or otherwise."
  278.         Brenda Santos:  "None of us are mages, my dear. So we don't have any enchanting capability. However, the Silver Dagger is enchanted."
  279. Avara:  does the silver dagger mean the one i'm carrying?
  280. DNA:    I /think/ it meant the one currently in the shop.
  281.         Brenda Santos:  The one in the shop.
  282.         Rochette:       "What kind of enchantment?"
  283.         Brenda Santos:  "It's a Maiming Indeterminate Hunting Silver Dagger."
  284.         Brenda Santos:  "It's very expensive. 9000."
  285. Rochette: (( need to look up what those do ))
  286. DNA:    (Booting up my own Excel for the same.)
  287. Avara:  indeterminate isn't on the weapons chart
  288. Brenda Santos: (( Roll damage dice an additional time on a crit and +1 to accuracy / critical hit range when attacking indeterminate egg group Pokemon. ))
  289. Brenda Santos: (( It's Breed Hunting ))
  290. Avara:  ah
  291. Brenda Santos: (( The word 'breed' gets replaced with the egg group. ))
  292. DNA:    and Maim is Sniper.
  293. Trulhammaren:   ((2250 spent at Cat minus scrolls, 2325 spent at spur))
  294. DNA:    Breed Hunter is +1 acc/+1 crit on creatures of that distinction.
  295. DNA:    So yeah, there you have it.
  296. Avara:  so, i can get light armor or i can get this super-crit dagger.
  297. DNA:    though, Maim only gets its bonus if you hit the target with that weapon. but that kinda goes without saying.
  298. Brenda Santos: (( brb, moving child into her room. She fell asleep on me ))
  299. DNA:    inb4 mike d'aws
  300. Avara:  light armor is 5DR, no listed drawbacks.
  301. Avara:  mike left, didn't he?
  302. DNA:    shhhhh
  303. DNA:    and since trul poured enough money into the town, I can sell this Big Pearl! \o/
  304. Trulhammaren:   ((650 for the scolls if I did stuff right))
  305. Avara:  purchases have been submitted
  306. Avara:  750 on repairing old dagger 9000 for magic dagger 400 for 2 potions 700 for 2 revival herbs 350 for 1 heal powder
  307. DNA:    Sweet. Trul, did you put yours down other than the scrolls?
  308. Trulhammaren:   mmhm pretty sure I did
  309. Trulhammaren:   no didn't do the spur
  310. Trulhammaren:   2 anitdotes, burn heals, awakenings, 5 poultice
  311. DNA:    now you have to go get spoonful
  312. Trulhammaren:   nope
  313. Trulhammaren:   the poultices are for me!
  314. Trulhammaren:   Val isn't used to talking care of pokemon
  315. DNA:    ...Okay, fair enough.
  316.         Chronicler:     Okay, purchases have been done. This town is far richer than before.
  317. Avara:  don't they feel special? :3 maybe they can expand by the time we're done rolling around the region. which'll be never. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  318.         Chronicler:     So - I believe someone was talking to Mister Reginald?
  319. Trulhammaren:   yes
  320. Trulhammaren:   Val asked if he had traveled through the towns we are aiming for
  321. * Trulhammaren brainfarted the town names
  323. Chronicler:     Esterhedge?
  324. Avara:  esterhedge is our goal 1, yes
  325.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Aye, I've been there."
  326. Avara:  esterhedge, v-wyvern, celadon
  327.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Esterhedge ain't much bigger than this town. But it is bigger."
  328. DNA:    Oh, THAT'S Reginald
  329.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "They ain't as close to Pokémon there as Fairview is, however."
  330. Avara:  that's MISTER Reginald
  331. Avara:  Mister is part of the name
  332. Trulhammaren:   or MR. Mister Reginald
  333. Trulhammaren:   Blalok
  334.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "So, the lack of Pokémon in Esterhedge is because they at war with the local 'mon. Somethin' about too much hunting."
  335. Avara:  sounds like not-our-problem as far as helping the overhunting humies goes. >>
  336.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Celadon Town is a Town built along a cliff-side. It goes directly through a waterfall. It's gorgeous and beautiful. And well defended based on its location. It's not the big-city-trader it used to be, but it's still a good place to find rare items of interest. Just be on your best behavior there. Due to its fortification the locals there are very, very protective of their residents and aren't keen on new folk trying to move in or cause problems."
  337.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Vertwyvern Villa is, if you can believe it, a smaller place than this one."
  338.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "But, it is also the only place I can recall with a church."
  339.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "And it is essentially ruled by that church. All decisions go through the High Priest."
  340.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Also to note, though, is that the town also has access to a mine so a lot of workers go there to earn an honest living working in the mines."
  341.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "And while I say the church controls the villa, and I do mean it, I don't intend for it to sound negative. The church is honest and fair - you just don't see many of them."
  342.         Valerie Ylsef:  "A Mine huh, that sounds like a pretty good source for water contamination to me."
  343.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "I...suppose that's true."
  344. Avara:  asking here as well. did the weapon store have any arrows?
  345.         Chronicler:     Yes. It has ammunition.
  346. Avara:  what's the price on ammo?
  347.         Chronicler:     10 per.
  348. Avara:  ok. additional spending
  349. Avara:  buying 10 ammos.
  350. Avara:  so, 10 arrows total?
  351.         Chronicler:     Yes.
  352. Avara:  so, 100 pokedollars added to ashen steel
  353. Avara:  are we doing anything else tonight?
  354. Trulhammaren:   I wouldn't imagine so
  355. Trulhammaren:   its 'ending' time
  356. Avara:  TXP, PXP, hugs and end?
  357. Trulhammaren:   if we did anything else it would probably be an awkward stopping point
  358. Avara:  meep meep
  359. * Trulhammaren waits for teh eq backlash to end
  360. DNA:    I hate us all for getting nothing done
  361. DNA:    okay lemme rephrase
  362. DNA:    'nothing' done
  363. Avara:  we got an enchanted dagger
  364. Trulhammaren:   we bought stuff and made a desicion
  365. Avara:  we got our jobs and road picked
  366. Trulhammaren:   that second is a pretty darn hard one
  367. Avara:  and we're planning for eventually being the craftgoddesses of kanto
  368. Trulhammaren:   we like to overthink stuff
  369. Trulhammaren:   overthink is not teh right word
  370. DNA:    Contemplate.
  371. DNA:    ...oh wait.
  372. Trulhammaren:   we like to be very thorough with our decisions
  373. DNA:    The plan was to BS the whole session while Rob wasn't her.e
  374. Trulhammaren:   very very thorough
  375. DNA:    Mission accomplished. YES!!
  376. * DNA is no longer saddened.
  377. Avara:  still need txp and poke exp
  378. Avara:  if we're getting any
  379.         Chronicler:     I wasn't sure if folks were done asking questions.
  380.         Chronicler:     If you guys are, we can end it.
  381. DNA:    Saturn and DNA have no questions!
  382. Avara:  no questions presently
  383.         Chronicler:     How about you, Trul?
  384. * Trulhammaren is good
  385. Trulhammaren:   I got enough to work with from MR
  386.         Chronicler:     Alright. We'll call this session...
  387. Avara:  *hugs kaorin*
  388.         Chronicler:     3 TXP. Because holy crap you guy sgot a lot of planning done.
  389.         Chronicler:     Also shopping. And shopping can always take a while.
  390. Avara:  DING!
  391. Avara:  we went on a shopping trip
  392. Avara:  and levelled up
  393. Trulhammaren:   yay
  394.         Chronicler:     1 Pokemon from each player can obtain 25 XP.
  395.         Chronicler:     Saving log and campaign.
  396. Trulhammaren:   such a difficult choice! >.>
  397. Trulhammaren:   .
  398. DNA:    TL7! YES!
  399.         Chronicler:     Saved!
  400.         Chronicler:     Closing MT
  401. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  402. You have disconnected.
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