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Retribution 1.1 Full Patch Notes

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  1. Patch notes for EVE Online: Retribution 1.1
  3. To be deployed on Tuesday, 19th of February 2013.
  5. Features
  7. Info Panels - Dev blog
  9. All Info Panels are now split into separate panels with their own identity icon
  10. Each Panel can be customized into 3 different states:
  11. Collapsed – By clicking the Icon in the top left corner
  12. Panels that are collapsed can still be used by hovering the icon of each tab in their collapsed state. This allows players to interact with the full content of the tab in a tooltip
  13. Normal – Normal state showing all content of the panel
  14. Compact – Only showing the header of the panel with essential information
  15. The order of the Panels can be customized by dragging the icons at the top of the screen
  16. Panel setup and order is unique to each view state. These view states are:
  17. Docked in stations (Captain’s Quarters and Ship Hangar)
  18. In space
  19. Star map
  20. Solar system map
  21. Planetary interaction
  22. Each view state has a predefined default set up for the Info Panels and their order. These can be customized and will persist between game sessions.
  23. Moved all Route Settings for Autopilot into the Autopilot Panel
  24. Added an Autopilot Route Visualizer into the space scene. This option is turned on by default but can be turned off in the Autopilot Route settings utility menu
  25. Updated the Incursion Panel to make it consistent with other panels regarding visual style of icons, fonts and colors
  26. Updated the Factional Warfare Panel to make it consistent with other panels regarding visual style of icons, fonts and colors
  27. Modules
  29. The new Ancillary Armor Repairer (AAR) module has been added to the game to provide more options for active armor tanking.
  30. The AAR always uses the same cap as a normal (T1/T2/Named) Armor Repper.
  31. When not loaded with Nanite Repair Paste, the AAR has 3/4 the rep amount as a T1 Armor Repairer.
  32. When loaded with Nanite Repair Paste, the AAR triples the rep amount (repairs 2.25x a T1 repairer when loaded).
  33. The AAR has the same cycle time and fittings as T1 reps.
  34. The Small AAR uses 1 paste per cycle, Medium AAR 4 and Large AAR 8. The AAR can hold 8 cycles worth of paste at a time. Reload time is 1 minute just like an ASB, but the longer cycle time of armor reps means it goes longer between reloads.
  35. Limited to one per ship.
  36. Skills
  38. New skill Armor Honeycombing has been added.
  39. This skill reduces the mass penalty of all armor plates by 5% per level.
  40. It is a Rank 3 Intelligence / Memory skill and requires Mechanics 3 to train.
  41. Art
  43. Old, classic legacy code was removed.
  44. Optimized Shaders are introduced for V3 materials.
  45. V3 materials now support multiple glow areas.
  46. V3 Materials now support mipmaps for blurred reflection.
  47. The Tempest, Vargur, Stabber and Vagabond now use extra glow areas for engine effect.
  48. Miscellaneous
  50. Crimewatch: Dueling - Dev blog, In-development video
  51. In High/Low security space, pairs of characters can agree to flag themselves to each other in a Limited Engagement, so they may legally fight each other.
  52. To issue a duel challenge, both characters must be located in the same location (either the same station or the same solarsystem space).
  53. Adding a character as a Blocked contact will automatically prevent that character from challenging you.
  54. Duel challenges can be globally blocked in the ESC menu by checking the “Dueling - Auto Reject Invitation” option. This setting is per-character and is saved on the server.
  57. Miscellaneous
  59. Shooting a wormhole will no longer display the "Proceed with this dangerous act?" dialog.
  60. A Limited Engagement is now triggered whenever anyone attacks a global target (suspect/criminal/outlaw) who is otherwise not a legal target. Previously global targets could legally attack each other without a Limited Engagement being created.
  61. The notification when a capsuleer attempts to place items into a freight container has been updated to be more accurate.
  62. Added ~230 new module tooltips in order to make sure all active modules have useful tooltips.
  63. Module tooltips have been added to the fitting window.
  64. The Log no longer clears after session changes such as jumping/docking etc.
  65. Ship is now included in the folder created when a fitting is dragged onto the Market Quickbar.
  66. The windows to modify corporation and alliance details windows are no longer modal, allowing links to be included in the description.
  67. More options have been added to customize the combat messages in space.
  68. New Corporation Recruitment Management
  70. New Statuses so that applications can be tracked easier and lend greater control to applicants throughout the recruitment process
  71. Unprocessed - Application has been sent to the corporation for review
  72. Invited to join - Application was accepted by the corporation and an invitation has been extended to the player allowing them to join
  73. Rejected - Application was rejected by the corporation
  74. Accepted – Player has accepted an invitation to join the corporation and has joined it
  75. Withdrawn - Player has withdrawn the application, which can be done at any time
  76. Welcome Mails are a new addition which can be customized and are sent automatically to new corporation members on joining
  77. Added "Bounty Hunting" as an activity for adverts and search.
  78. Ships - Dev blog
  80. The formerly Tier 1 and Tier 2 Battlecruisers have been rebalanced and rebranded as Combat Battlecruisers as part of the Tiericide Initiative. They have had their attributes and fittings adjusted to ensure that they all have viable and balanced roles.
  82. As a part of these changes, extra materials have been added to the build requirements of several Battlecruisers. These extra materials do not return when the ships are reprocessed.
  84. Prophecy:
  85. Battlecruiser skill bonuses: 5% bonus to all Armor Resistances and 10% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints
  86. Fixed Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules
  87. Slot layout: 5 H, 4 M, 7 L, 4 turrets, 4 Launchers
  88. Fittings: 1100 PWG, 415 CPU
  89. Defense (shields / armor / hull): 3000 / 5500 / 4000
  90. Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 2850/ 750s / 3.8
  91. Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 150 / 0.704 / 12900000 / 8.5s
  92. Drones (bandwidth / bay): 75 / 225
  93. Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 50km / 210 / 6
  94. Sensor strength: 17 Radar
  95. Signature radius: 270
  96. Cargo capacity: 400
  97. Harbinger:
  98. Battlecruiser skill bonuses: 10% bonus to Medium Energy Turret Damage and 10% bonus Medium Energy Turret capacitor use
  99. Fixed Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules
  100. Slot layout: 7 H, 4 M, 6 L, 6 turrets
  101. Fittings: 1425 PWG, 375 CPU
  102. Defense (shields / armor / hull): 3000 / 5000 / 4500
  103. Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 3125 / 822s / 3.8
  104. Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 150 / 0.69 / 13800000 / 8.9s
  105. Drones (bandwidth / bay): 50 / 75
  106. Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 55km / 210 / 6
  107. Sensor strength: 17 Radar
  108. Signature radius: 270
  109. Cargo capacity: 375
  110. Ferox:
  111. Battlecruiser skill bonuses: 5% bonus to all Shield Resistances and 10% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret optimal range
  112. Fixed Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules
  113. Slot layout: 8 H, 5 M, 4 L, 7 turrets
  114. Fittings: 1250 PWG, 510 CPU
  115. Defense (shields / armor / hull): 5000 / 3500 / 4000
  116. Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 2750 / 723s / 3.8
  117. Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 140 / 0.66 / 13250000 / 8.2s
  118. Drones (bandwidth / bay): 25 / 25
  119. Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 65km / 195 / 8
  120. Sensor strength: 19 Gravimetric
  121. Signature radius: 295
  122. Cargo capacity: 475
  123. Drake:
  124. Battlecruiser skill bonuses: 5% bonus to all Shield Resistances and 10% bonus to heavy and heavy assault missile kinetic damage
  125. Fixed Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules
  126. Slot layout: 7 H, 6 M, 4 L , 6 Launchers
  127. Fittings: 800 PWG, 500 CPU
  128. Defense (shields / armor / hull): 5250 / 3250 / 3750
  129. Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 2500 / 658s / 3.8
  130. Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 140 / 0.64 / 14810000 / 8.9s
  131. Drones (bandwidth / bay): 25 / 25
  132. Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 60km / 195 / 8
  133. Sensor strength: 19 Gravimetric
  134. Signature radius: 295
  135. Cargo capacity: 450
  136. Brutix:
  137. Battlecruiser skill bonuses: 10% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage and 7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer effectiveness
  138. Fixed Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules
  139. Slot layout: 7 H, 4 M, 6 L, 6 turrets
  140. Fittings: 1125 PWG, 435 CPU
  141. Defense (shields / armor / hull): 3500 / 4500 / 4750
  142. Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 3000 / 789s / 3.8
  143. Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 155 / 0.704 / 12500000  / 8.2s
  144. Drones (bandwidth / bay): 50 / 50
  145. Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 55km / 200 / 7
  146. Sensor strength: 18 Magnetometric
  147. Signature radius: 305
  148. Cargo capacity: 475
  149. Myrmidon:
  150. Battlecruiser skill bonuses: 7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer effectiveness and 10% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints
  151. Fixed Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules
  152. Slot layout: 5 H, 5 M, 6 L, 5 turrets
  153. Fittings: 1050 PWG, 400 CPU
  154. Defense (shields / armor / hull): 3500 / 4500 / 4750
  155. Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 2850 / 750s / 3.8
  156. Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 145 / 0.704 / 13100000 / 8.6s
  157. Drones (bandwidth / bay): 100  / 200
  158. Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 55km / 200 / 7
  159. Sensor strength: 18 Magnetometric
  160. Signature radius: 305
  161. Cargo capacity: 400
  162. Cyclone:
  163. Battlecruiser skill bonuses: 5% bonus to Heavy Missile/Heavy Assault Missile rate of fire and 7.5% bonus to shield boosting amount
  164. Fixed Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules
  165. Slot layout: 7 H, 5 M, 5 L, 2 turrets, 5 Launchers
  166. Fittings: 1100 PWG, 525 CPU
  167. Defense (shields / armor / hull): 5000 / 3750 / 3750
  168. Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 2850 / 750s / 3.8
  169. Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 165 / 0.704 / 12500000 / 8.2s
  170. Drones (bandwidth / bay): 50 / 50
  171. Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 45km / 220 / 6
  172. Sensor strength: 17 Ladar
  173. Signature radius: 250
  174. Cargo capacity: 450
  175. Hurricane:
  176. Battlecruiser skill bonuses: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret damage and 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire
  177. Fixed Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules
  178. Slot layout: 7 H, 4 M, 6 L, 6 turrets, 3 Launchers
  179. Fittings: 1125 PWG, 400 CPU
  180. Defense (shields / armor / hull): 4250 / 4500 / 3500
  181. Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 2250 / 592s / 3.8
  182. Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 165 / 0.704 / 12800000 / 8.4s
  183. Drones (bandwidth / bay): 30 / 30
  184. Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 50km / 220 / 6
  185. Sensor strength: 16 Ladar
  186. Signature radius: 250
  187. Cargo capacity: 425
  188. Black ops:
  189. Black Ops ships and Covert Jump Portals have been adjusted to make this gameplay area more effective and enjoyable.
  190. The base jump range of all Black Ops ships increased to 3.5 light years (equal to that of Titans).
  191. The mass multipler used for Covert Jump Portal fuel costs reduced from 0.00000018 to 0.000000135 (Reduces the fuel cost of covert bridges by 25%).
  192. The fuel bay on all Black Ops increased to 1250m3 (25% increase).
  193. The Armor Repairer effectiveness bonus on the Incursus has been reduced to 7.5% per level.
  194. The role bonus description for the Venture has been updated to make it less confusing.
  195. Scythe Fleet Issue description has been updated to reference the Rapid Light missile bonus.
  196. Strategic cruisers (with Covert Reconfiguration subsystem) and blockade runners can now fit the Covert Cynosural Field Generator I.
  197. Modules
  199. Covert Cynosural Field Generators may now be fitted on any Strategic Cruiser that has the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem fitted, as well as on Blockade Runners.
  200. Cloak CPU bonus on Stealth Bombers changed to a -50% reduction.
  201. Reduced the CPU requirements of Covert Ops Cloaks Devices to 100 and changed the bonus on covert ops, recons and blockade runners to "-20% CPU needed for cloaks per level". This means that cloaks will use the same CPU at level 5 (0) but the CPU use at lower levels is less crippling, making the use of these ships at less than level 4-5 more viable.
  202. Modules such as Covert-ops cloaks no longer have excessive CPU/PG requirements which need ships to have a bonus to negate. They can still only be fit to the specific ships but now display the correct requirements in the fitting window when hovering over the module icon.
  203. Base mass penalty on all 800mm, 200mm and 50mm plates reduced by 20%.
  204. Powergrid use of all Large Armor Repairer modules has been decreased by 10%.
  205. Powergrid use of all Medium Armor Repairer modules has been decreased by 20%.
  206. Coreli B-Type Thermic and EM Plating now have the same resist level as the Kinetic and Explosive modules.
  207. Missile launchers will no longer display an erroneous "flight time" attribute under some circumstances.
  208. Rigs
  210. The rig penalty on all active armor rigs (Auxiliary Nano Pump, Nanobot Accelerator) was changed to increase the powergrid use of local armor reps by 10% instead of reducing ship velocity.
  211. User Interface
  213. The "Update Location Settings" window has had the nonfunctional Cancel button removed and it's layout changed. Settings are applied instantly.
  214. Two decimal places have been added to the Sensor Strength attributes in the Fitting Window to account for bonuses.
  215. The "Ore and Materials" filter has been edited to now by default also include Gas Cloud materials. This change will only be presented for new characters or those who have not edited their Ore and Materials filter.
  216. The Terminate button has been removed as at low resolutions it was unusable. The option to Terminate a character can be accessed by right clicking on the character portrait.
  217. The buttons to Confirm Termination and Abort Termination has been moved onto the character portrait.
  218. A faint frame has been added to the Show Info window for player corporations.
  219. The Notification and Log text when jumping between systems has been clarified to more simply read "Jumping from X to Y". Changed from "Jumping Destination: Y in X Solar System".
  220. The right click options in the Star Map for the Autopilot and Waypoints in World Map Control Panel have been removed as these options are now accessible via the dedicated Autopilot options found in the Info Panels.
  221. Links dragged into Corporation Advertisements will now function correctly in published advertisements.
  222. Weapons & Ammunition
  224. Depleted Uranium ammo now more clearly explains how it affects tracking speed.
  225. Graphics General
  227. The locations of turrets on an Enyo have been changed to display properly.
  228. The Infrared laser effect color has been updated to better distinguish between Radio and Infrared effects.
  229. Agents & Missions
  231. The business tutorial will now award a Venture in all cases, previously some races were still awarded the old mining frigates.
  232. When running the Caldari military tutorial a Merlin will be awarded rather than a condor.
  233. Exploration & Deadspace
  235. Incursion Global Reports will now refresh every five minutes instead of every fifteen.
  236. Damage received is the " Lion Nebula" site is now attributed to the cloud as opposed to the Deadspace Signature.
  237. Drones
  239. Salvage Drones will now begin salvaging when the Drone Shortcut "Engage" is used. If no target is currently locked, they will salvage the field.
  240. Uncategorized
  242. Active armor hardeners and shield hardeners no longer give a passive resistance bonus when not active.
  243. Armor and shield compensation skills no longer give any bonus to active armor or shield hardeners.
  244. On the German client, the entities in overview settings have received an overhaul to follow a more logical sorting.
  245. Updated the message for trying to store items you cannot store into specialized ship bays. (Such as Ore into the Fuel Bay)
  246. 'Blink Wallet Button on Transaction Changes' option has been removed from the Wallet settings as it is now unused.
  247. 280mm Small Artillery Cannons and variations have had a typo resolved.
  248. The Static Data Export should now only list market groups that contain types or other groups, and all groups marked as containing types should now actually contain types.
  249. On the German client, the bonus for Punisher and Maller now correctly refers to armor resistances.
  250. The race labels are now correctly displayed in militia statistics on the German client.
  251. On the German client, the bonus description for the Wolf and Jaguar now refer to the correct mechanics.
  252. Fixed a title in EVE Credits.
  253. FIXES
  255. Character Creation and New Player Experience
  257. An issue where docking quickly would cause loading errors with the Captain's Quarters has been fixed.
  258. An issue where two ships could be displayed in the Captain's Quarters at the same time has been fixed.
  259. The Exploration Tutorial has been updated so that images no longer appear behind text.
  260. An opacity issue with applied glasses on ATI cards has been fixed.
  261. A layering issue with OUTER clothing items has been fixed.
  262. An issue with character's hair not being correctly displayed in the Captain's quarter's mirrors has been fixed.
  263. Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations
  265. Invulnerable Territorial Claim Units are now marked as "Invulnerable" and no longer as "Online".
  266. Inconsistent behavior of manufacturing and research jobs when one of the Science & Industry services is disabled has now been resolved.
  267. Launching of starbase structures and containers is now throttled to make it less likely to lag out the server.
  268. Audio
  270. Resolved a sound issue where a burst of noise would occur when session changing (docking/jumping) on multiple clients.
  271. Erroneous sounds should no longer play in deadspace locations.
  272. An issue where the ambient station audio would persist into character customization has been fixed.
  273. Science and Industry
  275. With really good skills, NPC corp standing and a 50% base output NPC station you can now actually get a 100% refinery output.
  276. Fixed a rounding error when reprocessing materials.
  277. Fixed an exception which would be thrown if an assembly array was destroyed while trying to install a blueprint.
  278. Skills
  280. The description for Racial Drone Specialization has been expanded to detail what type of drones the bonus applies to.
  281. The "Mining Frigate" skill has had it's description corrected so that it now mentions frigates instead of barges.
  282. Ships
  284. The role bonus for the Augoror is now displayed in it's description tab.
  285. Capital Industrial Ships (Rorqual) can now store the Venture in their Ship Maintenance Bay in addition to all the previous ship types they could store.
  286. Blockade Runner descriptions have been updated to reference their immunity to cargo scanning.
  287. The Venture will now correctly generate a wreck when destroyed instead of a container.
  288. Market & Contracts
  290. Contracts in the "My contracts" tab should now correctly sort by contract name.
  291. The Volume attribute in Courier contracts has been amended to display no more than 2 decimal points.
  292. An issue has been resolved where contracts issued by you on behalf of your corporation were shown in "My Contracts" when "Issued By" is set to your character.
  293. Fixed a typo in the market groups for Shield Resistance Amplifiers.
  294. It is no longer possible to board a ship which is being added to a contract.
  295. Modules
  297. Added a disclaimer to all items that do not affect capital shield and armor repairers. "Note: Has no effect on capital sized modules."
  298. The Talisman implant set has had a description altered. "bloodraider" was changed to "Blood Raider".
  299. The Large Micro Jump Drive now has a description that is truly ground-breaking.
  300. The Triage Module II now correctly prevents the user from docking while active.
  301. The Focused Warp Disruption Script for Warp Disruption Field Generators will no longer prevent the Micro Jump Drive from activating.
  302. Abandoned mining drones are no longer causing stuck issues. Starting warp with active mining lasers and recalling mining drones will no longer result in partial mining amounts.
  303. Boosters and Implants
  305. The description for the "Zainou 'Deadeye' Missile Bombardment" implants have been updated to accurately refer to it's effect.
  306. Exile and Mindflood boosters have had a side effect renamed (Missile Explosion Radius Penalty) to accurately reflect its effect.
  307. Weapons & Ammunition
  309. Hurricane turrets have firing arc that will no longer clip the geometry.
  310. Ishkur now displays all launchers on correctly.
  311. Exploration & Deadspace
  313. COSMOS mission 'Corpse Dealer 2 of 3 - Bring Back the Goods' has been fixed. Previously there was a problem completing the mission despite all conditions being met.
  314. Corrected the name of the Residential Habitation Module in the Drone Cluster anomaly.
  315. Replaced the erroneous Serpentis NPCs from the Sansha Military Outpost.
  316. NPCs
  318. Fixed an issue where a small number of rogue drones were dropping drone alloys.
  319. Fixed an issue where negative corp or faction standings were not being applied after killing certain NPCs.
  320. Some "Supervisor" NPCs in certain deadspace locations were spawning too early; this should now be fixed.
  321. Corporation & Alliance
  323. The Recruitment Channel link in Corporation Recruitment adverts now opens the named chat channel.
  324. The Corporation Recruitment search now correctly filters by Corporation size.
  325. Agents & Missions
  327. Fixed the completion trigger for the mission Dead Drift.
  328. The mission, "The Good Word" has been fixed. The gate is now unlocked when the popup tells you it is rather than requiring another wave of NPCs and the friendly NCPs be killed.
  329. Fixed an issue where the 'Gurista Special Acquirements Captain' would not spawn in exploration site 'Kidnapped!'.
  330. Fixed an issue which meant that the mission "Mysterious Sightings (3 of 4)" sometimes could not be completed.
  331. Added a message to indicate that the Gate to the Research Outpost has been unlocked when the Serpentis base in the mission Worlds Collide is successfully cleared.
  332. Miscellaneous
  334. The Caldari Research Outpost Large Collidable Object now has text.
  335. You can now train up to 50 skills that fit within 24 hour skill queue correctly.
  336. Items are no longer getting hidden in some cases after being moved to a station container in a corporation hangar.
  337. Fleet hangars: It is now possible (again) to drop items into containers of shared fleet hangars.
  338. EVE Voice, Mail & Chat
  340. An issue which caused chat invites to fail on rare occasion has now been resolved.
  341. Drones
  343. Salvage Drones will now correctly salvage the field of available and legal wrecks when being sent out automatically.
  344. When a Drone group is launched, all drones will now persist that drone group.
  345. User Interface
  347. The EVE Mail notification window will no longer resize the message text/body section as it pleases.
  348. Notes edited for characters are now saved after adding the character as a contact.
  349. A camera panning issue in the item preview and fitting screen UI's has been fixed.
  350. An issue that caused the speed indicator to vanish from view has now been resolved.
  351. Ship names containing the characters < and > are now displayed properly in the character selection screen.
  352. Camera 'center' settings in the Escape Menu have been renamed for clarity.
  353. Fixed an issue that was causing the context menu in space to close when the grid was busy. This also applies to the Assets widow.
  354. Fixed an issue where a user could end up with a negative number in the "You can create X more contracts" statement of the Contracts page.
  355. Fixed an issue where certain elements of the UI became visible after jumping to another system when the UI is hidden.
  356. The text in the Notifications and Log window when jumping between systems has been changed for clarity from "Jumping to X in Y" to "Jumping from X to Y".
  357. The Sovereignty filter named "Empire Factions" has been correctly renamed to "Empire & Pirate Factions".
  358. Fixed an issue where Shield/Armor/Structure was occasionally wrongly displaying 33% damage when in reality they were at 100% health.
  359. Fixed a typo in the spelling of the Tranquility constellation.
  360. Fixed an issue where the Current Speed displayed on the HUD in space would sometime stop updating.
  361. The last division selected will now be remembered when opening up the Corporation hangars.
  362. The Skill Queue and Character Sheet Skills lists are now sorted in the same order.
  363. A "One Way Move" suppressible message has been introduced when moving items into containers which you cannot view, such as those in a Player Owned Structure or another players Fleet Hangar.
  364. Can no longer add divisions to the Market Quickbar.
  365. Fixed an issue where the opacity of the buttons in the Loyalty Point store would change after being used.
  366. Fixed an issue where the user could open the web browser via shortcut before logging into the game proper, which would result in disconnection.
  367. Corrected a display issue on the Edit Filters button within the LP Store.
  368. Further improvements have been made to the speed at which containers will load up in the tree of the Inventory window. Players with numerous containers with custom names should observe a marked improvement.
  369. The Sort By drop down in the Assets window has had it's width increased. As a result it will no longer cut off the text.
  370. Fixed an issue where the Utility Menu of a window would not correctly reposition when resizing the client window resolution.
  371. The Assets tab in the Corporation window will now correctly populate when opened up for the first time.
  372. Tooltips for active modules have been updated for consistency so that passive attri.
  373. Drop down fields in a filter edit window of the Inventory will display correctly and be applied when it is being edited now.
  374. Fixed an issue where duplicate entries for jump destinations or show info would appear in the right click menu.
  375. Radio Crystals now show the correct damage information on module tooltips.
  376. The Deliveries window now persist across all stations rather than per station. In the same way the Item Hangar and Ship Hangar window do.
  377. The opacity of the capacity bar in the Inventory windows will now be correct when pinning the window.
  378. The Log no longer clears after session changes such as jumping/docking etc.
  379. Module attribute values on tooltips now update properly during overheated cycled.
  380. Fixed an issue where the back or forward button in the Inventory would remain highlighted even though you could no longer move back or forward.
  381. A wreck window will no longer close when Loot All is clicked if all items cannot be moved due to lack of space. The user will now receive a modal message.
  382. Fixed the display of the Incursions tooltip in the Journal and Info Panel.
  383. An issue with resetting Aura's epic arc status in the tutorials has been fixed.
  384. The tooltip for Modulated Strip Miner II will now show the correct yield when mining crystals are fitted.
  385. The Directional Scanner will now correctly persist if left open in space.
  386. We have added persistence to the Directional Scanner's "Use Tracking Camera" option. Your setting now persists through jumps and docking. If you do not use camera tracking normally but use it in the D-scanner this is now checked when opening and closing the D-scanner.
  387. Salvage Drones have been added to the Scanners 'Scan Results Filter' drop down menu.
  388. Fixed an issue where the incorrect icon for the browser was being used, when you first logged into the game.
  389. Contracts: It is now possible again to navigate beyond page 1 when searching for auctions.
  390. It is no longer possible to lose the ability to click your modules by placing your locked targets over your module buttons. Although really it was silly of you to do that in the first place, wasn't it?
  391. Fixed an issue where the character sheet of a newly created character enlisted in Factional Warfare would not display correctly.
  392. Rogue Drone Officer NPCs will now correctly appear in the appropriate default overviews.
  393. World Shaping
  395. Manufacturing lines have been added to the following stations: Irnal I - Imperial Academy, Marthia I - Royal Amarr Institute School, Edmalbrurdus I - Republic University.
  396. In Science & Industry window it is now possible to sort Planets by Plant Name.
  397. Contributions from DUST 514 players towards the capture state in Factional Warfare systems will now correctly change the state of the system for EVE players attacking or defending the Infrastructure Hub.
  398. Localized Clients
  400. The "Open Training Queue" button in Russian localized clients no longer overlaps the Filter input field in the Character Sheet.
  401. The button group line in the Planetary Interaction surveying program window has been removed to prevent it from intersecting Program Output text in localized clients.
  402. Debug text should no longer appear in the labels of locked asteroids on localized clients.
  403. The missing localization in Russian clients for 'Tracking camera' in the directional scanner is now present.
  404. Graphics General
  406. Minmatar ships now show correct reflections on lowest settings.
  407. The tracking computer effect has been fixed to display at the correct scale when used on Titans.
  408. Fixed the return of user feedback camera shake on missile impacts.
  409. Fixed a gap in character necks when wearing the Military Jacket.
  410. Fighters now show faction logos.
  411. Collapsing wormhole animation has returned.
  412. A sorting issue on the Vagabond sails has been resolved.
  413. A bounding sphere issue with a certain T3 subsystem on the Loki has been resolved; this will fix issues where the ship model appeared below the camera view. This will however require players to manually clear their cache for the fix to take effect.
  414. Launcher locations on the Enyo are now correct.
  415. The Sarum Magnate now has the correct turret shaders applied.
  416. NPCs that were missing booster trails while moving have now been fixed.
  417. Resolved an effect error with animated ships, shield/armor hull effects show now follow ship animations.
  418. Aliasing has been resolved for the probe scanning spheres.
  419. A small geometry error has been fixed on the Abaddon.
  420. Resolved a decal issue with Caldari Industrials, they should now show their manufacturer logo on the ship’s hull.
  421. Resolved an issue where grouped missiles would have one stray missile deviate from the group.
  422. The Sansha battlestation model will no longer remind you of a spikey banana as it's texture packing has been corrected.
  423. The GPU Particle on/off setting is now remembered after each session changes.
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