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FPS Group - Session 2

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  1. [17:17] <05~TicTac|GM> 3When we last left our disjointed band of leses than enthusiastic adventurers they had just been witness to a mob hit taken out by the Crimson Leaves and had been given an offer they really couldn't refuse. Now the party had wound up splitting apart, with Gyr flying off into the territory directly controlled by the Crimson Leaves, and landing down in the docks. The rest of the party with Sunny_Smiles had started to head in the same direction with the intentions of asking around about the Warehouse itself.
  2. [17:19] * Sunny_Smiles looks back and forth between Silent and Skyfall_. "Another thing we need beyond information is an exit plan."
  3. [17:20] * Silent nodnods enthusiastically. Not dying during the exit would be fun.
  4. [17:20] <Skyfall_> "Damnit", says Skyfall. Hovering above the rest of the group, she simply watches horizon. "How did I end up in this mess." Skyfall looks down at Sunny. "Er...fly away?"
  5. [17:22] <Skyfall_> "I don't think I can carry you, but maybe if that batpony and I worked together we might be able to get you off the ground."
  6. [17:22] * Silent blinks and shrugs. Maybe they'd be able to haul Sunny_Smiles with help from Sky and Gyr.
  7. [17:25] * Sunny_Smiles looks up at Skyfall_ and shrugs. "If you think you can outfly that griffon and don't mind spending the rest of your probably short life looking over your shoulder all the time, go for it. What I mean is... they aren't just going to have us do this one thing and then that's it. They've got us on a string and they're going to lead us on it, I guarantee it. Why wouldn't they? Doing this
  8. [17:25] * Sunny_Smiles warehouse thing for them isn't going to make what we saw in the bar go away. So they probably don't care about what we saw. They're just using us. For what, I don't know, but if we let them I'm pretty damn sure we won't like where we end up."
  9. [17:25] <Skyfall_> "I mean, I guess we may as well test it now." she looks down at Sunny. "If you'd like too."
  10. [17:26] * Silent looks at Sunny_Smiles and nodnods, then makes a dropping motion with their hoof, as if to say that once the Crimson Leaves or whatever were done with them, they'd likely just drop them - and probably violently, too.
  11. [17:27] <Skyfall_> Skyfall looks flabbergasted. "What, so we just stick around doing jobs for them forever." She shakes her head. "Sure, let's give it a try." She says, switching her gaze to Silent.
  12. [17:28] * Gyr walks down an alley, staring a thousand yards ahead. He stops and leans against a wall not quite near a shadier-looking character. He looks up at a passing cloud and mutters from the side of his mouth, "Guns, ammo, parts. Know where to find 'em?"
  13. [17:30] * Sunny_Smiles snorts at Skyfall_. "No, we don't. Hence the exit plan. I don't know what, exactly, but we need something to give us leverage against the Leaves or we're pretty much screwed. So keep your eyes open." He holds up a hoof to the pegamare and Silent. "And... no, thanks, that's... no. Let's /not/ make it look like we're planning on running so mister griffon up there decides to put us on
  14. [17:30] * Sunny_Smiles their "to kill" list."
  15. [17:31] * Silent skreed and shrugged. This wasn't going to be pleasant either way. They do flap their wings though, motioning to Sunny_Smiles, then to Skyfall_.
  16. [17:31] <Skyfall_> "Fuck, fine." Sky says with a snort. "Do you know anypony that could give us an out? Cause I'm drawing blanks on actions which don't include run and fly."
  17. [17:32] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The figure flicks a tail and snorts. "Guns and ammo? Yeah, sure thing. Head on down the next alley on your left, first door on your right. Ask for Old Moe, he'll set you up." The snort, and then trot off away from Gyr.
  18. [17:34] <Sunny_Smiles> "Nope!" Sunny replies to Skyfall_ with a grin. "We'll just have to make some friends. And try not to get killed in the meantime." He flicks his tail, then looks at Silent. "Any ideas?"
  19. [17:34] * Gyr loiters for sixty seconds then heads for the next alley.
  20. [17:35] * Silent thinks it over a moment, then shrugs. They pat their caps purse, then motion to their pistol. Hiring mercenaries, maybe?
  21. [17:37] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The next alley Gyr enters is much like the first, though this one has quite a few more ponies in it, moving about, in and out of various doors  along the length of the alley. This seemed to be the spot.
  22. [17:38] <Skyfall_> "I guess we could buy friends, but I don't think they're paying us." Sky shrugs. "Maybe we can make some money on the side. "
  23. [17:39] * Gyr walks to the nearest Pony and asks, "Old Moe?"
  24. [17:41] * Sunny_Smiles raises a brow at Silent and... completely misinterprets what she's going for. "I don't need any weapons other than my knife, but... if you want something more we could find something, I'm sure." He glances toward Skyfall_. "That'd be nice, but we've only got two days. We can't make enough to make a difference in that time. We're better off spending that time getting there and finding
  25. [17:41] * Sunny_Smiles some information ASAP."
  26. [17:44] <Skyfall_> "Know anything about the other gangs?" Sky says with a sigh. "Maybe we can play them off each other. Get somepony else to take us in?"
  27. [17:44] <Skyfall_> She looks up at the horizon. "And flying away is still an option. I doubt they'd care if we just left the city."
  28. [17:44] * Silent blinks and lets out a soft, annoyed skree before shaking their head and pointing to Skyfall_, because they had the right idea. Buying friends! But no caps, obviously. They do nod in response to asking for information though.
  29. [17:44] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The inside of the building Gyr entered is much older than the bar they had been in previously, and simply appears to be some sort of gun shop. There's a pair of ponies standing in front of a makeshift counter that has an old goat behind it, currently laying out a pair of SMGs onto the counter. One of the ponies looks back over at Gyr as he addresses him, and then points pointedly to the old goat, before turnign away from him as his friend starts to count out caps.
  30. [17:45] <Skyfall_> "...Is it agreeing with me?" Sky looks back at Sunny.
  31. [17:46] * Silent deathglares at Skyfall_, which would be significantly more intimidating if they weren't a tiny cute batpony.
  32. [17:47] * Gyr approaches the counter.
  33. [17:48] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The pony that was starting to pick up the SMGs glares at Gyr as he starts to try and get to the counter. "Excuse me, wait yer fuckin turn bub." He snaps at the griffon. His friend keeps counting out caps as he goes back to inspecting his SMG.
  34. [17:51] * Sunny_Smiles shrugs at Skyfall_. "I don't know a lot, but none of them are any good. We'd be trading one collar for another, probably." He looks between the pegasus and Silent, sighs, then shakes his head. "I don't know. This would be a lot simpler if she talked. But whatever. Fly away if you want, Sky. The buck am I gonna do to stop you? Magically sprout wings and wrestle you to the ground?" He
  35. [17:51] * Sunny_Smiles snorts out a small laugh. "Anyway, I just wanted to put the idea in your heads so you'd keep an eye out. We can't really do anything until we get there and find out more. So..." with that, he pulls the map out, checks their course, then starts for the highways that'll take him to the warehouse.
  36. [17:51] <Gyr> "Oh, so sorry," Gyr snaps back. "I didn't mean to disturb your little tea party. I just stand back here and maybe call out random numbers to myself."
  37. [17:51] * Silent shrugs and follows Sunny_Smiles.
  38. [17:53] <Gyr> "Seven. Thirty-two. Fourteen."
  39. [17:55] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The pony picks up his SMG with an annoyed snort as his friend finishes paying the old goat. He takes the other SMG, and they both shoulder past Gyr and exit the shop. Then, the old goat looks up at Gyr and cracks a toothy smile. "Well hey there." He says, his voice gruff. "What can Old Moe do for you today? Guns? Ammo? Contracts? Information? But be warned, Old Moe charges for all of his services."
  40. [17:56] <Skyfall_> "Well thanks. You could have just said that." Sky snorts, "Running is the smart choice. Who's worried enough to spend the resources chasing you to another city?" Sky looks back at the horizon. Her expression unscrutible. "Baltimare was just the next town on the list for me. Surely you don't have any reason to stay here?"
  41. [17:57] <Skyfall_> Sky turns from her path, and follows Sunny towards the warehouse.
  42. [17:59] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Meanwhile Silent, Sunny_Smiles, and Skyfall_ all get up onto the elevated overpass of I-95 that snakes its way around through the docks of Baltimare and the Crimson Leaf territory, before heading up north and towards the Ruskins, passing by where the Warehouse is.
  43. [18:00] * Sunny_Smiles looks back at Skyfall_. "Could've said what?" He flicks his tail. "And no, I don't, I guess. I just got here not long ago myself, but I don't have a list of places to go like you. I've got no idea where else I'd go. I wouldn't underestimate a gang's stupid sense of honor or whatever. They might not care if we run. They might take it as a grave insult and bankrupt themselves trying
  44. [18:00] * Sunny_Smiles to find us. I don't know. Personally, I'd prefer the option that sends fewer bullets my way."
  45. [18:01] * Silent shrugs, and has no idea why they're still in Baltimare. They do nod at Sunny_Smiles though. Less bullets the better!
  46. [18:02] <Gyr> "Well, Old Moe, I never make a purchase without knowing the price," Gyr says as he shambles to the counter. "I need info on the Ruskin Mob and Smooth Trotters- just their latest moves. I'm heading through their turf soon and I don't want get in anyone's way, you dig? I could also use some placed explosives. a spiked chain, and a set of wheels."
  47. [18:02] <Skyfall_> Sky lands on the ground next to Sunny and sighs, looking at the warehouse, then back at the armoured stallion for assurance. "So what's the plan here?"
  48. [18:05] * Gyr 's brow shot up as if he'd just remebered something important. "One more thing," he leaned over on the counter and lowered his voice, "you wouldn't happen to need a big box of bullets or whatever moved, now would you?"
  49. [18:06] * Sunny_Smiles rears up and rests his forelegs on the guard rail/concrete barrier on the edge of the highway to look over the warehouse. "Well, we've got two options. We can find some people around the area and ask abou the place, or we can sneak in and take a look." He looks between Silent and Skyfall_.
  50. [18:09] <Skyfall_> "Well I'm not that quiet, but I can get up on the roof. They probably won't be expecting on attack from above." Sky says, "On the other hoof, I don't want to fly in and start shooting ponies immediately if I don't have too."
  51. [18:10] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Old Moe leans over the couner and flicks his tail. The goat exhales, and his breath is not plesant in the slightest. "Well, information like that don't come cheap if you know what I mean sonny. 125 caps for the Ruskins, 125 caps for the Smooth Trotters. And then yer mines are gonna be 45 each. Spiked chain, mmm, 85. And wheels? Well, if I can find some lying around, fucking I'll toss you those for cheap, 15 each." He says to Gyr. "And as for mover jobs, not at the moment, but I do need soem stuff moved on the regular, come back sometime, might have something for yah."
  52. [18:11] * Silent shrugs, motioning to themselves and asuming a sneaky stance, then shaking their head. Not super sneaky, really. But they did look cute enough to be a distraction, possibly.
  53. [18:12] * Silent (Snowshoe@Pony-0ad9tm.user.start.ca) Quit (Quit: )
  54. [18:12] * Silent (Snowshoe@Pony-0ad9tm.user.start.ca) has joined #Baltimare
  55. [18:14] <Gyr> "In that case, I'll hear about the Ruskins. I'll take the chain and two mines too." Gyr sits on his haunches and glances around. "You know what? Let me see those contracts too."
  56. [18:16] <Skyfall_> "I...I don't want to say it, but I can kill ponies if I have to. It wouldn't be the first time" Sky says, glaring at the warehouse. "I'll give it a flyby, see what I can see."
  57. [18:17] <Skyfall_> With a sweep of her wings, Sky rockets into the sky, giving the warehouse a onceover and checking for sentry locations.
  58. [18:17] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Old Moe nods. "Caps up front for the info, let's see 'em." He says as he reaches around behind the counter, pulling out a couple of mines  and a spiked chain, laying them out on the counter. "And contracts are over on the board by th' door there." He says, pointing to a sparsely populated bulliten board. "Not much up this week."
  59. [18:18] * Sunny_Smiles holds up a hoof to Skyfall_. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's not start talking attack yet. Cool your jets, flymare. No need to be killing yet." He chuckles, lowers his hoof, and looks at Silent. "Alright, so, flyby. Okay. Can you shadow her? Two sets of eyes are better than one."
  60. [18:18] * Silent gives Sunny_Smiles a crisp salute, then takes off after Skyfall_.
  61. [18:20] * Gyr fishes out his cap pouch and drops three-hundred caps total. He bags the goods and starts over to the contracts board. "So tell me about these Ruskins," Gyr says over his shoulder.
  62. [18:22] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The warehouse is nestled up against the river that runs underneath I-895 and EQ-40. It's two stories tall and has a slew of both Ruskin and Crimson Leaf tagging over one of the walls. It's situated behind to larger warehouses right in front of it.
  63. [18:24] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Old Moe flicks his tail once. "Well, they've been fueding all about that damn warehouse they got up against that river with the Leaves. Big fucking mess that is. Apparently there's some commando group that's been helpin them out too or somethin, the Ruskins that is." He says.
  64. [18:30] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The Contracts board meanwhile has three jobs on it. One pertains to the Warehouse and had been posted by what looked like the Ruskins, offering 500 caps to whoever was able to either convince the Leaves to let them have the warehouse or to simply steal everything out of it. Another pertains to a private party looking to have a tortise moved for 50 caps. Finally there is one for 75 caps that is requesting an undisclosed package to be delivered to Smooth Trotter territory.
  65. [18:34] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Silent and Skyfall_ fly out from the overpass and head out across the grouping of warehouses. Skyfall_ doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, just a plain, two story warehouse. Silent picks out a few more details about it. It has a pair of garage doors on the front side of it along with a regular door. One of the garage doors is smaller and has a sunken loading dock in front of it. There also appear to be two more doors, one on the backside of the warehouse, and onther on the left side.
  66. [18:34] <05~TicTac|GM> another*
  67. [18:34] * Silent makes a mental note of everything they see as they float along with Skyfall_ toward the warehouse. Seemed simple enough.
  68. [18:36] <Gyr> "Hmm." Gyr commits the info to memory then turns back to Moe. "Sure is a lot of fuss over this warehouse. Can you tell me more about that commando group?"
  69. [18:37] <Skyfall_> Skyfall switches direction after the flyover and flies back to the overpass, still eyeing the warehouse for anyhing unusual. She alights on the ground next to Sunny. "It's strange, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Not a single sentry. Are you sure this is the right place?"
  70. [18:38] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The old goat grins at Gyr. "Sure, but that'll cost you another 150. That info is a bit harder to come by."
  71. [18:38] * Silent lands next to Skyfall_ and immediately pulls out a pencil and clipboard, sketching out a diagram of what they'd seen while flying, doors and all. They hand it out to Sunny_Smiles.
  72. [18:40] <Skyfall_> "Egghead." Sky says with a snear. Her eyes then widen. "Wait, you had that all along? Can you write?"
  73. [18:41] * Silent writes "No" on the clipboard, then thwacks it off Skyfall_'s head.
  74. [18:42] * Sunny_Smiles leans against the overpass's barricade when Skyfall_ and Silent return. "Pretty sure, judging by the crap painted all over it." He gestures to the tagged warehouse with a hoof, then takes the clipboard from Silent and looks it over. "Alright... so, from the outside there's nothing. Do we go in or find some info?" He snickers at Silent and smirks at Skyfall_. "You kind of deserved
  75. [18:42] * Sunny_Smiles that."
  76. [18:43] <Skyfall_> "Hey!" Sky says, shielding her eyes. "Why haven't you been using that to talk to us? You just keep making those weird expressions. I can't tell what you mean half the time!"
  77. [18:46] <Sunny_Smiles> "Aaand Sky's got a point, too." Sunny says to Silent and Skyfall_.
  78. [18:47] * Gyr shakes his cap pouch. "I'm a bit short for that. Thanks anyway, Moe. You'll see me again." Gyr exits into the alleyway and starts down the road. He takes to the air and heads for the warehouse.
  79. [18:49] <Skyfall_> Sky glares at Silent for a moment, then shakes her head. "So what are we waiting for? Let's just get this over with."
  80. [18:49] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Moe gives Gyr a wave. As Gyr heads up the interstate back towards the warehouse he would spot Silent, Skyfall_, and Sunny_Smiles standing up on the overpass of 895 that overlooks the warehouse and EQ-40.
  81. [18:51] <Skyfall_> "Oh, him." Skyfall looks the griffin up and down. "I thought you took off."
  82. [18:51] * Gyr lands on the overpass several yards away from the group then shambles silently the rest of the way.
  83. [18:53] * Sunny_Smiles shrugs at Skyfall_. "Alright then. Waltzing in like we own the place, that works for me." He flicks his tail, then follows the pegamare's gaze over to Gyr and raises a brow.
  84. [18:55] * Silent jots down a quick "because I'd run out of paper" on the clipboard and skrees a little indignantly before taking their map back. It would seem that Gyr was annoyed with them as he landed way away. She blinked and nodded at him, looking at the group like "What's his problem?"
  85. [18:55] <Gyr> "Don't jump to any conclusions yet; I'm still considering ditching you," Gyr says as he looks over the group. "So did any of you do anything productive?"
  86. [18:56] <Skyfall_> "Well...batpony drew a picture of the warehouse." Sky says with a shrug.
  87. [18:58] * Sunny_Smiles rolls his eyes at Gyr and packs away the map in his bags. "We're about to go take a look inside."
  88. [19:00] <Gyr> "Yeah, we can hang it on the fridge later." Gyr says to Skyfall, ignoring the other one that talks. "Anyway, /I/ found out there's some kind of commando group helping the Ruskin mob. Also, the Ruskin mob is offering 500 caps to rob the place. Better deal than nothing."
  89. [19:02] <Sunny_Smiles> "That's... nice." Sunny says to Gyr, then turns and starts heading down off the overpass toward the warehouse.
  90. [19:02] * Skyfall_ (WebChat@Pony-fb3e8m.uws.ualberta.ca) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  91. [19:02] * Silent stared at Gyr, bearing their fangs with an annoyed skree.
  92. [19:07] * Skyfall (WebChat@Pony-hfgs8k.uws.ualberta.ca) has joined #Baltimare
  93. [19:07] <Gyr> "Oh, you're still just heading in. I'll be lookout; if there's trouble outside you'll hear me throwing you under a bus."
  94. [19:09] * Sunny_Smiles comes a stop, takes a deep breath, then turns and heads right back up to Gyr. "Then we've got a problem. Mainly, you."
  95. [19:11] * Skyfall_ (~WebChat@Pony-hfgs8k.uws.ualberta.ca) has joined #Baltimare
  96. [19:11] * Skyfall (WebChat@Pony-hfgs8k.uws.ualberta.ca) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  97. [19:18] <Gyr> "Oh really," Gyr says as he takes to the air. "Because I can be the biggest the problem you've ever had, colt. This is just a friendly reminder that you're worth shit to me. Pray you don't become a hindrence." Gyr flies top speed for the warehouse, particularly a couple hundred yards above it.
  98. [19:18] * Silent skrees indignantly, using her wings to flip Gyr off. Somehow. Don't ask how, but they does it.
  99. [19:21] * Sunny_Smiles smiles at Gyr as he flies off, then looks at Silent and Skyfall_ once the griffon is away. "Well, I don't know about you two, but I don't think now's a good time to check the place out. Not with the squawky traitor flying around up there. Why don't we hang out, let him do whatever he's going to do, and see if he gets himself killed by these supposed commandos? That's one way to get
  100. [19:21] * Sunny_Smiles info."
  101. [19:21] * Silent bristles a little bit, then uses the pencil to write "beer?" on the clipboard.
  102. [19:22] * Gyr looks up, down, and all around searching for people of interest.
  103. [19:23] * Sunny_Smiles swishes his tail and grins at Silent. "If you're sharing, I'll drink it."
  104. [19:25] <05~TicTac|GM> 3 Gyr spots a pair of giant rats lounging about outside the main garage door, not paying attention to much, but one of them happens to look up, and lets out an angry hiss at Gyr. The other one hisses as well and starts looking around.
  105. [19:31] * Skyfall_ (~WebChat@Pony-hfgs8k.uws.ualberta.ca) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  106. [19:32] * Gyr hovers along towards Ruskin Mob territory, his eyes peeled for Ruskin Mob members.
  107. [19:34] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Gyr fails to spot anything as he moves northwards towards where the Ruskin territory begins. The southern part of their territory is mostly light industrial and warehouses, with the markets being further north along EQ-1.
  108. [19:34] * Skyfall (WebChat@Pony-75h.o78.90.174.IP) has joined #Baltimare
  109. [19:36] * Sunny_Smiles notes the griffon leaving and heading toward Ruskin territory, then looks at Silent and Skyfall. "Okay, he said the mob's offering five hundred caps. He also said he'd throw us under the bus. Now he's heading toward the Ruskin's. The prick's about to go for that reward and fuck the rest of us. You think the Leaves'll be happy if we let him do that? Our only choice'll be to run off
  110. [19:36] * Sunny_Smiles then. He's got to go. Him or us." He looks up. "There's got to be some way to get our handler's attention."
  111. [19:36] * Gyr flies for the markets and takes another look around.
  112. [19:37] * Silent shrugged, then motioned to their laser pistol and the back of their head, then nodding toward the direction Gyr flew off in.
  113. [19:37] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Silent discovers they have a hoof
  114. [19:38] <Silent> OOC: Silent freaks the FUCK OUT
  115. [19:38] <05~TicTac|GM> 3 Sunny_Smiles finds out he has a tail
  116. [19:42] <Skyfall> Sky flies off after the Batpony. "Wait! We can't just kill him." Sky flies next to the Batpony. "Let's see where he goes."
  117. [19:42] * Gyr flies for the markets and takes another look around.
  118. [19:43] * Sunny_Smiles sighs at Skyfall. "You'd rather sit around and wait until he gets us killed?" He flicks his tail. "Fine, our next best option would be to storm the place, grab what we can, and get it back to the Leaves before we get fucked over."
  119. [19:46] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Gyr is able to spot what could be considered a shady figure. There's a hooded pony makingtheir way through the crowds along the stretch of EQ-1 that is lined with market stalls and vendors of all kinds, selling everything from food to jewlrey to weapons.
  120. [19:49] * Gyr lands and follows the hooded Pony.
  121. [19:50] * Silent looks at Sunny_Smiles and raises an eyebrow, shaking their head, and motioning to their weapons. They didn't really have the armament to take on a fully staffed warehouse, or even one particularly ornery buck with a shotgun.
  122. [19:52] <05~TicTac|GM> 3As Gyr lands next to the hooded pony he notices something a little off... but before he can figure out what it is the 'pony' tosses down the cloak and rears up, reveling them to be a griffon! And not just any griffon, it's Grydos, Crimson's Lieutenant that was assigned to monitor the group. "Ahh, Gyr was it? Fancy meeting you here." He says.
  123. [19:53] * Sunny_Smiles stares at Silent for a short time, snorts, then shakes his head. "You know what? Fuck it, I've had just about enough of this shit tonight. I'm going in. You can stay back here if you want or you can come help me, but I'm not standing around and waiting for that senile shit to get the axe dropped on my neck." With that, he turns and starts heading back down the overpass again.
  124. [19:54] <Skyfall> Sky lands a behind Gyr, at the other side of the market. Trying to stay hidden she follows the griffon.
  125. [19:54] * Silent skrees indignantly - which seemed to be the standard tone now - and took off after Sunny_Smiles. They were the medic, after all, so they had to make sure they didn't die.
  126. [19:55] <Gyr> "Yeah, I was looking for black market type," Gyr says to Grydos. "Now I gotta look all over again." Gyr takes to the air without a missing a beat.
  127. [19:57] * Sunny_Smiles more or less ignores Silent as he tromps his way to the warehouse without even trying to keep quiet. He heads for the closest door as described in the bat pony's drawing.
  128. [19:59] <05~TicTac|GM> Grydos snarls and leaps after Gyr, and attempts to takle him back to the ground. "You're not going fuckin anywhere bub. What the hell are you doing in Ruskin territory? I thought you had a fuckin job to do!"
  129. [20:01] <Skyfall> Sky's eyes go wide at the sight of Grydos. "Looks like he's already been dealt with." She mutters under her breath. Sky takes off for the warehouse.
  130. [20:02] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos latches onto Gyr and drags him forcibly back down to the ground. "You are going to fucking explain to me what you're doing right now!"
  131. [20:05] <Gyr> "I just told you, you idiot! I'm looking for black market types so I can buy some information."
  132. [20:10] <05~TicTac|GM> 3 While Silent and Sunny_Smiles both work their way towards the warehouse they notice a pair of giant rats standing outside of the front entrance of the warehouse, next to the large garage door. One of them doesn't seem to take note of them at all as they approach, while the other walks straight into the garage door and yelps,
  133. [20:10] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Meanwhile, as Skyfall flies overhead of them as she returns, gets struck in the face by a bird.
  134. [20:10] * Silent blinks and giggles at the rat that smacks into the door.
  135. [20:11] * Sunny_Smiles comes to a stop and stares at the rats, particularly the one that ran into the door, then shakes his head. He scowls, having had enough of this shit, then draws his knife and marches right toward what he suspects are guards of some sort.
  136. [20:12] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos presses a talon up against Gyr's throat. "You havea job to do, you flew straight past the warehouse, I saw you. Now you're here, gonna throw us under the bus huh? That your plan? You're gonna fucking die right here if you don't tell me something."
  137. [20:15] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Somehow, the rats don't notice Sunny_Smiles as he approaches, and one is banging its head into the door still.
  138. [20:15] * Sunny_Smiles slows to a stop when the rats don't seem to notice him tromping up, shrugs, then goes to open the door to head into the warehouse.
  139. [20:15] * Silent meeps and follows after Sunny_Smiles.
  140. [20:17] <Gyr> "We have two days to do that job and I'm not walking in there blind like those other three idiots. I already payed a guy to find out there's some group of commandos in the mix. I came here to get the low down on them." Gyr smiles. "Now are you gonna kill me or what?"
  141. [20:17] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The big metal door screeches open, and there's a loud hiss from the two rats outside, and many more angry hisses from within! ROLL INIT!
  142. [20:19] <Skyfall> Skyfall, her eyes wide from fear, lets out only a terrified "Fuck!" as she smacks head first into the flying songbird. She shakes her head, trying to clear the pain "Concentrate on flying, you idiot." Her father's words echo in her brain. Skyfall makes her way back towards Silent and Sunny.
  143. [20:23] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos snorts. "What? What fuckin commandos? You really are one senile old bastard. You can either start making sense and get back to that warehouse or bleed out on the street here. Your choice." He growls out to Gyr.
  144. [20:26] <Gyr> "I don't think you know how senility works," Gyr says and rolls his eyes. "Either way, you're gonna have to get the fuck off of me."
  145. [20:27] * Skyfall_ (WebChat@Pony-r4biov.ed.shawcable.net) has joined #Baltimare
  146. [20:32] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos snaps at Gyr. "You'll have to kill me old man."
  147. [20:33] * Skyfall (WebChat@Pony-75h.o78.90.174.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  148. [20:39] <Gyr> "Can do," Gyr growls as he draws his SMG from his bandoleer and fires.
  149. [20:41] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos takes a shotto the chest and snarls. He leaps back and draws his pistol, firing once at Gyr! "Eat it old man!"
  150. [20:54] <Gyr> Feathers fly as bullet pierces Gyr's right wing. "Gah- FUCK!"
  151. [21:00] * Gyr takes careful aim then sprays bullets at Grydos.
  152. [21:04] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos screeches and returns fire, firing off three shots at the enemy griffon!
  153. [21:08] * Gyr draws his sword and swipes at the Grydos' head.
  154. [21:16] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos screeches and gags and coughs as Gyr's sword chops into his neck. He taggers a few steps, snarling. "You're gonna pay for that!"
  155. [21:17] * ~TicTac|GM fires his weapon now!
  156. [21:17] <05~TicTac|GM> Grydos*
  157. [21:19] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos staggers backwards as he fires, but having someone try to cut your head off tends to have negative effects on your aim, and he misses all three shots.
  158. [21:25] * Gyr makes three more swipes while screaming, "Just. Die. Already!" But he only lands the last one.
  159. [21:29] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos grunts and smirks. "No, you can die." And then fires twice, before reloading his revolver.
  160. [21:34] <Gyr> What feathers are left on Gyr's right wing fly again. "SON OF A-UGGHH!" he says as he starts to dance like he really needs to take a piss.
  161. [21:34] <05~TicTac|GM> "Get lost! I'm gonna take your fucking wing off!"
  162. [21:39] <Gyr> "Not before I take your damn head!" Gyr says as he swipes twice at his head again.
  163. [21:42] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos lets out a screch, that is silenced as Gyr's sword blade slices through his head. The griffon staggers for a moment, and then topples over onto the pavement, dead. Blood starts pooling around his body slowly.
  164. [21:43] <05~TicTac|GM> 4COMBAT END
  165. [21:43] * Gyr kicks Grydos' corpse, and then rifles through his pockets.
  166. [21:45] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Gyr finds a .357 Magnum with only 4 shots remaining, and a set of damaged security armor. 70% CND, 8 DT base.
  167. [21:46] * Sunny_Smiles (Menti@Pony-ke4b9c.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: )
  168. [21:47] * Silent (Snowshoe@Pony-0ad9tm.user.start.ca) Quit (Quit: )
  169. [21:49] * Gyr bags the loot, wraps up the severed part-of-a-head, and disposes of the rest as lazily as possible by pushing it behind a dumpster. Gyr falls to his haunches and begins wrapping his wing in bandages, "Hold up, old cub. You've been through worse."
  170. [21:50] <05~TicTac|GM> 4~~~END SESSION 2~~~~
  171. [21:51] <05~TicTac|GM> 4+400 XP
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