DF Game Club: Gone Home (part 2)

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  1. 13:05 Syd I think you're probably good to start, Permafry_42
  2. 13:06 Permafry_42 k 1 sec
  3. 13:06 *** gameclubfan joined #dfadventure
  4. 13:09 Permafry_42 k in 5
  5. 13:09 Permafry_42 4
  6. 13:09 Permafry_42 3
  7. 13:09 Permafry_42 2
  8. 13:09 *** Salvius23 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  9. 13:09 Permafry_42 1
  10. 13:10 *** flesk joined #dfadventure
  11. 13:10 SirSlade Hey flesk, and everyone else that's shown up since I got distracted
  12. 13:10 Sven_Q45 Hi, flesk
  13. 13:11 Taekon *waves*
  14. 13:11 Syd Hey flesk
  15. 13:11 *** gameclubfan quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  16. 13:12 Taekon I was actually convinced that this game would eventually turn into a horror game and freaked out at the red lights leading to the attic
  17. 13:13 Sven_Q45 Today the stream loads for a few seconds. Are we on youtube? :D
  18. 13:13 SirSlade You know, I'm surprised at the number of people I see that thought this was going to be a horror game. What gave off that vibe (aside from the 'empty house on stormy night' setting and slightly errie accompanying music)?
  19. 13:14 SirSlade I always saw it billed as a story/exploration game
  20. 13:14 *** brutalfandango joined #dfadventure
  21. 13:15 Taekon I definitely went into it expecting a narrative-driven exploration game, it's just the whole occasional lightning and my general anxiety in the dark that brought that up
  22. 13:17 SirSlade Fair enough. I will admit that I left the lights on because of the dark... They painted an accurate atmosphere of empty house
  23. 13:17 Taekon Haha yeah, all lights on all day
  24. 13:18 brutalfandango this game is a prime example of why there are things games can do that other media can't
  25. 13:20 Taekon Also I feel like the whole pushing doors and just the look of the corridor thing are kinda reminiscent of Amnesia for me, which didn't help
  26. 13:20 SirSlade I.. uh... only played 8 minuets of that game.
  27. 13:20 Taekon Agreed brutalfandango! It's a ton more immersive
  28. 13:21 Taekon Well, to be honest, I got as far as the menu screen for the demo and uninstalled it :P. Gave in a watched someone I really liked (Day[9]) do a LP of it
  29. 13:22 *** GameClubFan_452060 joined #dfadventure
  30. 13:22 SirSlade Haha. Yeah, that might be better (in hearing someone eles' voice during the playthrough).
  31. 13:23 SirSlade I went for the "full immersion" bit though; Good pair of cans on, brightness lowered a bit in game, dark room.
  32. 13:23 *** GameClubFan_452060 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  33. 13:23 SirSlade It was very 'immersive'. Pants-browning-immersion.
  34. 13:23 Sven_Q45 Oh, I like LPs.
  35. 13:23 Taekon I didn't even get that far, heard the music and went NOPE
  36. 13:24 Permafry_42 i love how katelin is the exact opposite of sam
  37. 13:25 *** GameClubFan_534397 joined #dfadventure
  38. 13:25 brutalfandango even a movie can be a completely different experience for different persons but its unlikely that any two persons played gone home the exact same way so its a different experience for everyone on multiple levels
  39. 13:25 *** GameClubFan_534397 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  40. 13:25 Taekon LPs are great! Too many games I don't have time to play, and the commentary from the right person adds to the experience as well, like playing with a friend or something
  41. 13:26 Sven_Q45 Yes I have so many unplayed adventure games here!
  42. 13:26 SirSlade Absolutely brutalfandango. I think that's also, on a larger scale, the draw of videogames in general. Everyone gets a unique experience suited to how they play
  43. 13:29 Sven_Q45 Nice picture! :)
  44. 13:31 *** bikerm16 left #dfadventure
  45. 13:31 Taekon Yep, and when people say Dishonored was short, I say stop the naysayers! Did a hardest difficulty no-kill run and no one will tell me it wasn't long enough!
  46. 13:33 flesk Hi everyone.
  47. 13:33 Sven_Q45 Hi again, flesk. :)
  48. 13:33 Taekon 'ello
  49. 13:34 SirSlade Oh wow, I totally missed that entry...
  50. 13:35 Fhqwhgod Dishonored had a nice length
  51. 13:36 Taekon ^ agreed
  52. 13:37 flesk bought Dishonored today
  53. 13:37 ion too
  54. 13:37 Taekon :D
  55. 13:38 flesk Chat is a lot less hectic today.
  56. 13:38 Sven_Q45 @flesk The BS 5 code jam was!
  57. 13:38 Syd Cheeseness had a bad migraine so he wasn't able to make it to this one.
  58. 13:38 ion I like games that allow you play in a no-kill, sneaking style. I heard Dishonored is one of them.
  59. 13:39 flesk migraine = hangover?
  60. 13:39 Sven_Q45 I migraine can stop me to see this. :D
  61. 13:39 flesk Broken Sword 5 code ham, Sven?
  62. 13:39 Sven_Q45 can´t
  63. 13:39 flesk *jam
  64. 13:39 Sven_Q45 @flesk Yea.
  65. 13:39 flesk Code ham sounds delicious though.
  66. 13:40 SirSlade Depends on how many bytes you get.
  67. 13:40 Sven_Q45 Did you watched it, too?
  68. 13:40 flesk Hehe.
  69. 13:40 flesk No, I didn't know about that.
  70. 13:41 flesk Here or SteamLUG?
  71. 13:41 Sven_Q45 For 250 and up tiers.
  72. 13:41 flesk I only put $25 towards BS.
  73. 13:42 Sven_Q45 @flesk What SteamLUG? No it was on Twitch.
  74. 13:42 flesk Backed way too many Kickstarters.
  75. 13:42 Sven_Q45 I pledged 500.
  76. 13:42 flesk SteamLUG = Steam Linux User Group. That's pretty much all Cheeseness too I think.
  77. 13:42 flesk Big fan of Broken Sword then?
  78. 13:43 flesk I actually only played the first game after the Kickstarter.
  79. 13:43 Sven_Q45 I like it yes. And I love adventure games. I backed much. Must update my backers history on the forum.
  80. 13:44 Sven_Q45 And today I played the BS 5 beta demo.
  81. 13:45 flesk What did you think of it?
  82. 13:45 Permafry_42 remeber the tape recording from the last stream?
  83. 13:45 Permafry_42 this was what she video taped
  84. 13:45 flesk (If Cheeseness had been here, he would have told us to stear the conversation back to the current game.)
  85. 13:46 Sven_Q45 As great as the first ones. A bit too late the beta but I´m so looking forward to the whole game!
  86. 13:46 Sven_Q45 :)
  87. 13:46 SirSlade Crap, I missed that too. I guess that's what I get for trying to play through this game starting like 2 hours before the first stream.
  88. 13:46 *** medacris joined #dfadventure
  89. 13:46 Syd Hey medacris
  90. 13:47 Taekon I actually haven't finished playing this one yet, got a bad headache from all of the first-person perspective
  91. 13:47 medacris Hey. Sorry for being away for awhile
  92. 13:47 flesk I didn't watch too much of the last stream. Haven't gotten around to playing the game myself yet.
  93. 13:47 flesk Hi meda.
  94. 13:47 Taekon SirSlade I tried doing that too! Except I fell asleep and woke up 6 hours after the stream :P
  95. 13:47 flesk Definitely going too though, but I've been too busy with other games since I bought it.
  96. 13:47 Taekon It was late at night/early morning, nothing against the game obviously
  97. 13:48 Sven_Q45 @flesk Last week I watched TV. But I was here and watched it too.
  98. 13:48 SirSlade Oh no! I guess it starts super early for you though. Streaming starts at 1300 for me, so I just made a morning of it
  99. 13:48 flesk @Sven: That sounds promising. The one I played seemed pretty solid.
  100. 13:48 medacris Hi flesk!
  101. 13:48 flesk Haven't played any of the others yet though.
  102. 13:49 Sven_Q45 You must! ;)
  103. 13:49 Taekon Yeah flesk GH was on sale for $4.99 USD the other day
  104. 13:49 medacris I actually haven't seen the rest of this, don't actually know what Gone Home is about tbh
  105. 13:50 flesk @Taekon: I bought it a while back when it was on sale for $9.99. ;)
  106. 13:50 medacris Oh. Oh...ouch. I know exactly how this feels.
  107. 13:50 Taekon Stream starts 5:00AM Sunday for me, just mean I gotta sleep a tad earlier than usual
  108. 13:50 Sven_Q45 Yes and I missed the Lilly Looking Through Live stream. I woked up on 5 o clock at the morning. But it was another time.
  109. 13:50 flesk @Sven: I will, but I have so many games on my backlog.
  110. 13:51 medacris I don't blame her, She-Ra is pretty hot. And much more interesting than He-Man.
  111. 13:51 Sven_Q45 @flesk Dito. Bought so many old games in 2012.
  112. 13:51 Fhqwhgod isn't She-Ra a tiger?
  113. 13:51 medacris Yeah. My family's also focusing on only buying old games we missed instead of new ones or new consoles.
  114. 13:51 Taekon I thought She-Ra was related to Shakira somehow
  115. 13:51 flesk I'm still waiting for the Linux version of Lilly Looking Through. I heard it's pretty short, but I don't mind short games.
  116. 13:52 Syd
  117. 13:52 Permafry_42 there was a lilly looking through stream?
  118. 13:52 medacris Cheetara is a catgirl, She-Ra is He-Man's sister.
  119. 13:52 flesk I actually didn't know about She-Ra until recently.
  120. 13:52 medacris I've watched Jem and She-Ra via a stream devoted to cheesy 60's-early 2000's cartoons
  121. 13:53 Syd We haven't done Lilly Looking Through, Permafry_42
  122. 13:53 Sven_Q45 @Taekon It´s nearly 11 pm for me now. :D
  123. 13:53 *** GameClubFan_579861 joined #dfadventure
  124. 13:53 Taekon *shakes fist at timezone differences, Australia's in particular*
  125. 13:54 SirSlade Eastern europe, Sven?
  126. 13:54 Sven_Q45 Middle Europe.
  127. 13:54 SirSlade Right, it's been an hour since it started. off by 1 errors..
  128. 13:54 Sven_Q45 Australia. It´s 26 hours from here with the plane.:O
  129. 13:55 flesk German, Sven? Judging by your name, I thought you were Swedish.
  130. 13:56 Taekon Yeah Sven, the country's surprisingly far away
  131. 13:56 Sven_Q45 @flesk But it´s a Norse name.
  132. 13:56 flesk Yeah, I know. I'm Norwegian.
  133. 13:56 brutalfandango i'm in vienna and its almost 11 pm as wel
  134. 13:57 *** GameClubFan_579861 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  135. 13:59 flesk @meda: You'll be catching up forever. I missed out on a lot of console games myself and there are a lot of classics I'd love to play.
  136. 13:59 SirSlade I hear Vienna is beautiful. I rather hope I'm able to get out to Europe in general, but definitely Vienna included, early next year
  137. 13:59 Sven_Q45 I´m only playing on PC.
  138. 14:00 Taekon All the foods on the floor :(
  139. 14:00 flesk Me too mostly. I have a Wii for playing co-op platformers though.
  140. 14:01 *** SirSlade quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  141. 14:01 *** SirSlade joined #dfadventure
  142. 14:01 brutalfandango prague and budapest are very beautiful as well :)
  143. 14:01 Sven_Q45 Prague. I was in the castle. Two times.
  144. 14:01 Taekon @flesk That's definitely on my bucket list, co-op platformers with peeps I know. Unfortunately for me none of the folks here want to participate :(. Looks super fun though
  145. 14:02 SirSlade Budapest was another on my list. I was planning to go for as long as I can (which I think is 90 days under the jones act for Americans), but I don't think that'll even be enough to see everywhere I'd like
  146. 14:02 flesk I'd love to have a N64 for Sunshine, Rocket: Robot on Wheels and Banjo-Kazooie.
  147. 14:03 Sven_Q45 You can make more mess in Gone home than in day of the tentacle. lol
  148. 14:03 Permafry_42 everyone here got the bioshock infinite reference right?
  149. 14:04 Sven_Q45 No.
  150. 14:04 Taekon I remember almost trying to put everything back to where they original were, but couldn't bothered
  151. 14:04 Sven_Q45 I only played Bioshock 2 for a short time.
  152. 14:04 flesk @Taekon: That's a shame. Co-op platforming is great fun if you can find someone to play with that are more or less on your skill level.
  153. 14:04 Permafry_42 it was the salad dressing hidden in the back of the pantry
  154. 14:05 Permafry_42 it had "Levine's Own" salad dressing
  155. 14:05 Taekon be bothered* and no I totally missed that
  156. 14:05 SirSlade Haha, nice
  157. 14:05 flesk I didn't get the reference either.
  158. 14:05 Sven_Q45 I have Bioshock 1, too. But didn´t play it yet. As the book. It´s here but yet unread. :D
  159. 14:07 Sven_Q45 Maybe sometimes I´ll buy Bioshock Infinite. I hope there is a good used collectors box of it!
  160. 14:08 Permafry_42 there's a bioshock bundle for $15 if i remember correct on amazon
  161. 14:10 Sven_Q45 On Amazon Germany there are used BioShock: Infinite - Premium Editions (uncut). But still 51,00 € and up. :O
  162. 14:11 Taekon Hmm I might have to stop the stream there, got so far. Probably should finish it on my own.
  163. 14:13 Taekon Actually nvm screw it just gonna watch it
  164. 14:13 Fhqwhgod the PS3 premium edition is cheaper
  165. 14:13 flesk @Permafry_42:
  166. 14:13 flesk $14.99
  167. 14:14 Sven_Q45 I don´t have a playstation. And this is only a download version.
  168. 14:17 Sven_Q45 There is an "Ultimate Songbird Edition". 210€ new. And 129€ used. But with a nice statue in it: :O
  169. 14:19 Permafry_42 i think i lost the ball XC
  170. 14:19 Fhqwhgod that's 100€ just for a statue? No thanks
  171. 14:19 SirSlade Yeah, Permafry_42, I think the safe ate it. It was kinda glitchy when I played through and ended up throwing a bottle through it
  172. 14:19 medacris Even if it takes forever, I don't mind. Can't afford a new console right now.
  173. 14:19 Syd RIP bouncy ball. The safe door pushed it into the void.
  174. 14:20 medacris Considering getting Bioshock Infinite, but haven't played the others.
  175. 14:20 Fhqwhgod since Infinite has no connection to the other two...
  176. 14:21 Fhqwhgod also it is 7,49 on Greenman gaming right now and you can use their 20% voucher on top of that
  177. 14:21 medacris But it's still...some people are playing them in the order they're released.
  178. 14:21 medacris Sorry, Fhqwhgod.
  179. 14:22 Sven_Q45 I have an Indy statue. :DFrom Japan. About 100€ @Bioshock Statue. My Indy 3, 4 and Loom FM-Towns were more expensive. :D
  180. 14:24 Sven_Q45 There is a Machinarium Limited Fan Edition with a plush robo. That´s only 19€:
  181. 14:24 medacris Eh, you were right. But I have a gift voucher on Steam, no option to get it at GoG or elsewhere.
  182. 14:25 medacris If Machinarium's on sale too though, I'm actually more interested in that.
  183. 14:25 Taekon It was the other day
  184. 14:25 Sven_Q45 I´ve this fan edition. :D
  185. 14:26 frogg wwwat
  186. 14:27 Sven_Q45 But mine was 30€.
  187. 14:27 frogg Costume Quest is only £1.74
  188. 14:27 frogg has given in and is now looking at the Steam sale
  189. 14:27 brutalfandango i highly recommend machinarium
  190. 14:28 Taekon Got Costume Quest along with my DF9 bundle :P
  191. 14:28 flesk Me too. I've played through Machinarium three times. It has its faults, but I really like the art and atmosphere.
  192. 14:29 SirSlade You're not alone, @frogg. I just bought Max Payne 3...
  193. 14:29 Sven_Q45 Today Bioshock Infinite on Steam is 7,49. I payed 3 or 4 € for Bioshock 1 and two. Both seperate.
  194. 14:30 Permafry_42 So that's the end of the game =D
  195. 14:30 Permafry_42 wish i could have shown the ball easter egg
  196. 14:30 Permafry_42 make sure you guys look it up after the stream
  197. 14:30 frogg Oooooh
  198. 14:30 SirSlade Will do. Do you have to have the ball at the end?
  199. 14:30 frogg Now I'm looking at the Cave
  200. 14:31 Sven_Q45 @flesk Don´t forget the great music of Machinarium.
  201. 14:31 Taekon Totally called the ending, but was good anyway!
  202. 14:31 Permafry_42 it involves katie's room and the ball; you can see it on youtube if you want to be spoiled
  203. 14:31 flesk Thanks for streaming, Perma.
  204. 14:31 Taekon Thanks for the stream!
  205. 14:31 SirSlade I'll just remember to do it when I do another run through. I apparently missed a lot and I want to listen to the commentary
  206. 14:31 Syd Thanks for streaming, Permafry_42!
  207. 14:31 Permafry_42 glad to have for such an awesome game =D
  208. 14:31 flesk @Sven: Yeah, that's awesome too.
  209. 14:31 SirSlade Thanks for streaming though, Permafry_42
  210. 14:32 brutalfandango machinarium is just so sweet and fun and yet serious and heart-warming
  211. 14:32 medacris Thank you, Perma.
  212. 14:32 Permafry_42 Thanks to everyone for joining our stream!
  213. 14:33 flesk What I don't like that much about Machinarium is the puzzles.
  214. 14:33 *** medacris quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  215. 14:33 Sven_Q45 @flesk Dito.
  216. 14:33 flesk Some of them are pretty good, but there's a lot of weak ones.
  217. 14:33 flesk And puzzles that seem to just have been thrown in just for the sake of having puzzles.
  218. 14:33 Sven_Q45 I didn´t met the Machinarium guys. But I heard one of them gave a little concert with the music of Machinarium.
  219. 14:34 Syd I'll be streaming KRZ Act 2 for next week's session. I'll play through it again sometime this week so it'll be fresh in my memory.
  220. 14:35 flesk Nice. Are you covering the whole act in one session?
  221. 14:35 Taekon Sweet! is it good? It's on sale on the Humbe store and I've kinda tempted
  222. 14:35 *** brutalfandango quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  223. 14:35 *** brutalfandango joined #dfadventure
  224. 14:35 flesk I really liked KR0, but it depends a bit on taste I think.
  225. 14:35 *** brutalfandango quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  226. 14:36 Fhqwhgod I really like the audio in that game
  227. 14:36 Sven_Q45 What´s KRZ?
  228. 14:36 Fhqwhgod Kentucky Route Zero
  229. 14:36 flesk It's kind of like an exploration adventure game.
  230. 14:36 Syd It's very narrative-focused, so there's not much in the way of puzzles. I really like its art direction
  231. 14:36 flesk But it's not at all puzzle heavy.
  232. 14:36 Permafry_42 here's a video of the easter egg i missed
  233. 14:36 Sven_Q45 @flesk Ah yes. Kentucky Route Zero. Heard of irt.
  234. 14:37 Taekon Would you say it's similar to Superbrothers?
  235. 14:37 Syd We already did Act 1 a while back, so if you're not familiar with it, you might want to watch a LP of it, or maybe play through it yourself, since it's a continuous story.
  236. 14:37 flesk Sword & Sworcery is a lot more linear than KR0.
  237. 14:37 Syd There's a lot of optional stuff in KR0
  238. 14:38 Taekon Sweet, thanks for the replies! Might give in after all
  239. 14:39 Syd I gotta head out. I'll see you all at the next game club session. :)
  240. 14:39 SirSlade @Permafry_42 That's a pretty awesome easter egg. I love it when games have those small extras completely unrelated to the main line
  241. 14:39 SirSlade Later Syd
  242. 14:39 *** Syd quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  243. 14:41 *** Fhqwhgod quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  244. 14:42 Permafry_42 k gonna go get a hair cut after i save a log of the chat
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