Anon - Photo Shoot

Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. >"Huh, Anon just sent me a-"
  2. >pic related
  3. >THUD
  6. >"Oh, hey Rarity! Ya know, you didn't have to shout so loudly."
  7. >"Tw-... Twilight! Just what did he do to you?! Th-th-that... brute!"
  8. >"What are you talking about?"
  9. >
  10. >"Oh yeah, Anon asked me to come over for a photo shoot yesterday. What do you think?"
  11. >
  12. >
  13. >"Rarity? You okay? You look pale. Well, moreso than you usually do. Is something wrong?"
  15. >"Twilight...? Could... could we talk?"
  16. >"We're talking now, aren't we?"
  17. >"Somewhere... more private, perhaps?"
  18. >"Oh! Sure."
  20. >"Twilight, I'm going to need you to listen carefully to me, do you understand?"
  21. >"Uhh, okay?"
  22. >"NEVER, under ANY circumstances, allow yourself to undress in front of a boy. Please."
  23. >"What? Why not?"
  24. >"For starters, It's incredibly unladylike! Secondly, do you really have no understanding over this matter? Do I really need to explain this to you?"
  25. >"Uh, I don't follow... back in Equestria, we didn't really need to wear clothes. They're just fashion accessories more than anything. 'Symbols of status', as the Princ
  27. ess would put it."
  28. >"Twilight, you must understand that your form had changed since you passed through that mirror, correct?"
  29. >"Yeah, I know. I just don't really get why we need to wear clothes here. Even without my coat and to have bare skin, it's pretty warm this time of year. I just don't see the problem here."
  30. >
  31. >"...Twilight? Have you ever been told about 'the birds and the bees'?"
  32. >"Oh, sure. Princess Celestia gave me a lecture or two about it during my studies in Canterlot. I'm personally not interested in entering a loving relationship just yet, but sometimes a mare has needs."
  33. >"Eww, Twilight!"
  34. >"What? The other you was fine about discussing this stuff on our spa trips."
  35. >"Agh... really?"
  36. >"Sure! She would spend most of our time together discussing some young, strapping stallion she'd seen on the cover of one of her magazines. She was really in to that sort of stuff."
  37. >"Jesus, have mercy on my soul."
  38. >"What was that?"
  39. >"Nothing, dear! I just... really? Is this... just how it is for you?"
  40. >"Yes."
  41. >"Eeeeegh..."
  42. >
  43. >
  44. >"That really is a nice photo of me. Never really knew I could be captured so wonderfully at that angle!"
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