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  1. 16:15   DashAhead       as I told Linkshot, this suspension is not necessarily permanent
  3. 18:15    Raylo   Why not get rid of RWT shops in Nexus in ALL servers?
  4. 16:18   DashAhead       Elrondel, we are!
  5. 16:18   DashAhead       we really really want to get rid of them
  7. 16:18   kecleon DashAhead are you implementing a filter or some sort of anti chat for unregistered accounts in the nexus yet?
  8. 16:19   DashAhead       yeah
  9. 16:19   DashAhead       it is not in place yet
  10. 16:19   DashAhead       buuuuuut we are most certainly working on sevearl different efforts to curttail that
  11. 16:19   DashAhead       I am afraid that I am not privy to what the final decision was
  12. 16:20   DashAhead       there are a few different steps that we have taken though
  14. 16:20   DashAhead       the trigger was that we have finally gotten all of our ducks in a row elsewhere with regards to staffing and administrative efforts internally
  15. 16:21   Tarbomb @DashAhead does that mean you'll be handling moderation internally?
  16. 16:21   DashAhead       it was clear that at this time it was now necessary to make strides in that area
  17. 16:21   DashAhead       one of the ways we are handling moderation is by giving the existing mods more
  18. powers
  19. 16:22   DashAhead       @kecleon I am a huge proponent of transparency
  20. 16:22   DashAhead       I can't stand it when I feel like a company is being duplicitous
  22. 16:41   Raylo   DashAhead: Well now that you have gotton rid of all the RWT in forums, what to do about all the duping?
  23. 16:41   DashAhead       we had put some minor blocks in place a while back
  24. 16:41   DashAhead       but they didn't work, so now we have some much larger measures that we will be
  25. implementing
  26. 16:42   _Doc_   item ids please?
  27. 16:42   DashAhead       sadly, I am not always privy to all technical information about these things
  29. 16:41   sddsdd  I'm a little bit disappointed that signatures were disabled, DashAhead, but I 100%
  30. understand.
  31. 16:42   DashAhead       we will re enable the sigs once the forums get back under control
  33. 16:42   Raylo   DashAhead: Well now that you have gotton rid of all the RWT in forums, what to do about all the duping?
  34. 16:43   DashAhead       yeah, as I mentioned we are working to eliminate that altogether
  35. 16:43   DashAhead       I think we took some pretty severe measures trying to stop it this time
  36. 16:43   DashAhead       it involves restructuring how our backend handles Items
  38. 16:44   Tarbomb @DashAhead: Where do you (I mean Kabam, not you personally) intend to take the game? And
  39. what role do you see the community playing in this? How much of a role will the community play with regards to testing server, ideas section, ec?
  40. 16:44   DashAhead       there is tons of content coming out soon, but one of the big focuses was eliminating duping
  42. 16:44   Frogboffin      Dash, Will there be a more obvious ToS to follow for Rotmg, currently most players will not even realise that Kabam has a ToS and Privacy Policy on their website. Are we bound by these ToS
  43. and PP by Playing Rotmg or using the Forums?
  44. 16:44   DashAhead       yeah, frog, we are working to make sure that these things are something of which all players are aware
  45. 16:47   Frogboffin      I understand why you have and enforce them, but a lot of players seem threatened by your sudden mass enforcement of these tos. Are there any other major changes that players should be aware of?
  46. 16:48   DashAhead       @Frog we know that players are threatened by it
  47. 16:48   DashAhead       but sadly it became readily apparent that we had to step in
  49. 16:46   Skoad   DashAhead, how do you feel about getting direct mod advice before injecting them into
  50. production (namely this <- guy)
  51. 16:49   DashAhead       and skoad, we are always listening but understand that the team here is growing
  52. rather rapidly, and it isn't always possible to incorporate all of the feedback we receive into each build
  53. 16:50   DashAhead       @skoad but we do appreciate what you and other players have to say on new ideas that are being implented
  55. 16:45   Tarbomb And how do you see the game post-duping (overload of items that are difficult to obtain for players not around during duping - how do you intend to handle that?)
  56. 16:45   DashAhead       @tar sadly I can't quite divulge the entirety of what the team plans to do
  57. 16:45   DashAhead       @tar sadly I can't quite divulge the entirety of what the team plans to do
  59. 16:45   sddsdd  DashAhead, are you planning to nerf Mad Lab items anytime soon?
  60. 16:46   DashAhead       we monitor these things very regularly
  62. 16:45   epicdemic       FYI: As a Kongregate user, I never had to agree with any ToS of WildShadow OR Kabam.
  63. 16:47   DashAhead       yeah, I know that kongregate users don't have to agree to the ToS
  64. 16:47   DashAhead       we are working to make sure that no one plays the game without first agreeing to the Terms
  66. 16:48   Zerro   DashAhead do you think the difficulty curve for MadLab is too extreme for a common drop
  67. dungeon in godlands and for the prizes rewarded at the boss?
  68. 16:49   DashAhead       @zerro I can't always speak on game design decisions like this
  69. 16:49   DashAhead       but I know that we think the Mad Lab might be serviced by being a little harder
  70. 16:50   Zerro   so MadLab will be made harder?
  71. 16:51   DashAhead       I cannot promise that sadly
  72. 16:51   DashAhead       but I can say that we are always looking at the difficulty
  73. 16:51   _Doc_   I don't think the madlabs difficulty is the issue.  it's that it is tedious to run.
  74. 16:51   DashAhead       and if you feel like there are issues with the dungeon, one of the best ways to get them to our team is to submit a support ticket
  75. 16:51   DashAhead       the team of GMs reads every single support ticket we receive
  76. 16:52   DashAhead       and we pass along all suggestions and feedback to the game team to look at
  78. 16:51   Frogboffin      Would Kabam consider having a group of regular players who are active with polished ideas and feedback instead of the largely ignored ideas and feedback in its current state
  79. 16:52   DashAhead       @frog I am not sure how the team feels about something like this exactly
  80. 16:53   DashAhead       but it is something that I will bring up
  81. 16:53   DashAhead       one issue it raises is that we don't want any individual players to feel like they are better than their fellow players
  82. 16:53   DashAhead       or that we value them more
  83. 16:53   DashAhead       as we try to value every single one of our players equally
  84. 16:53   Frogboffin      I understand you have a full team working on the game now, but even just the
  85. polished feedback could be a step forward
  87. 16:52   Tarbomb Where do you (I mean Kabam, not you personally) intend to take the game? And what role do
  89. you see the community playing in this? How much of a role will the community play with regards to testing
  90. server, ideas section, ec?
  91. 16:56   DashAhead       so tarbomb, we really do value the community and the feedback that we get
  92. 16:56   DashAhead       usually when we have players play dungeons on testing we aren't looking for thematic feedback and the like
  93. 16:56   DashAhead       we are looking for feedback on balancing and difficulties and bottlenecks
  94. 16:57   DashAhead       that's not to say that we don't listen to the community
  95. 16:57   DashAhead       Willem very much paid attention to everyone's feedback on the ninja, that's for sure
  96. 16:57   Tarbomb So essentially, once you've created the dungeon, the concept and artwork is pretty much set?
  97. 16:57   DashAhead       tar, yeah that more or less is the case
  98. 16:57   DashAhead       that doesn't mean it will always be the case
  99. 16:57   Skoad   Testing I think is more for: is it stable. Basically does it not murder everyone who blinks.
  100. 16:58   DashAhead       yeah, skoad is right on with that one
  101. 16:58   DashAhead       we try to make sure our game design ideas jiive well with the players
  102. 16:58   DashAhead       but we know that we are not infallible
  103. 16:58   DashAhead       and willem is trying to adapt to everyone's needs
  105. 16:58   _Doc_   A huge problem with the test server is it's not at all conducive to actual testing.  The
  106. player population there is not representative of production at all.
  107. 16:58   _Doc_   It's hard to gauge gameplay value when it's not the same game, essentially.
  108. 16:58   DashAhead       yeah, Doc
  109. 16:58   DashAhead       we know that is an issue sadly
  110. 16:59   DashAhead       and we are still looking at how best to address it
  112. 16:59   Linkshot        Are we supposed to be able to open the Options menu during a loading screen?
  113. 16:59   DashAhead       hmmm, I am not certain on the spec for that, but somehow I doubt it
  114. 17:00   Linkshot        Well, we can, and it's pretty awesome for if it's taking too long and I want to hit "back to home"
  115. 17:00   DashAhead       well, I will find out
  116. 17:00   DashAhead       it's possible that they did that on purpose
  118. 17:00   Frogboffin      If an AutoHotKey script was shared on the forum which only disabled right click,
  119. would that be removed? (AutoHotKey is the tool which BMJ's Quickspeech was built with)
  120. 17:00   DashAhead       @frogboffin, yeah that would get deleted
  121. 17:00   DashAhead       we know that a lot of these tools are completely innocuous
  122. 17:01   DashAhead       but sadly, we can't be drawing a line like that that isn't easily perceivable by any given forum member
  123. 17:01   Zerro   I dont think Muledump was too bad because it was unaltering gameplay tool
  124. 17:01   DashAhead       this is true
  125. 17:01   Elrondel        It's still a third party program.
  126. 17:01   DashAhead       it was a grey area for sure
  127. 17:01   Elrondel        They can't discriminate at this point I think
  128. 17:01   Frogboffin      Muledump was supporting mules aswell
  129. 17:01   DashAhead       yup
  130. 17:01   Frogboffin      Making it easier to mule that is
  131. 17:01   DashAhead       we really just can't have that on the forums
  132. 17:02   DashAhead       we have to present a unified vision for what is and isn't promoted by kabam
  133. 17:02   Pfiffel i understand completely, having worked for game companies. the one problem the community has at the minute is; the removal of MD, QS and the sort, before there was a first party solution offered.
  134. 17:03   DashAhead       @pfiffel I understand that completely
  136. 17:02   Frogboffin      Regarding mules, are there any plans to remove them?
  137. 17:02   DashAhead       that's a hard question frog
  138. 17:02   DashAhead       and I think we are still reviewing the options for that one
  139. 17:02   DashAhead       we know that a lot of players rely on them
  140. 17:02   _Doc_   that's far more dangerous than delinking QS & muledump.
  141. 17:02   DashAhead       but at the same time, it is not how the game is intended to be played
  142. 17:05   Frogboffin      I played the past few months without mules and I was fine, bearing in mind I have
  143. about 10 vaults and 6 characters, but there must be some better compromise made. Perhaps it will just take time for your devs to find a decent solution to muling
  144. 17:05   DashAhead       yeah, I hope we can come to a conclusion
  146. 17:03   Skoad   Ooo, DashAhead, will you be sending out any C&D's on RWT websites? I have no idea how
  147. feasible that is.
  148. 17:03   DashAhead       had we been able to implement things before BMJ took the tools down we would have
  149. 17:04   DashAhead       I don't know that we view them as something that is particular destructive to the
  150. game
  151. 17:04   Tarbomb @DashAhead Can you clarify what you mean by "BMJ took the tools down?" Realmhub, QS, etc.
  152. are still downloadable on realmtools.com.
  153. 17:04   DashAhead       oh, I was under the impression that people could no longer access those sites...
  154. 17:04   Elrondel        We can.
  155. 17:05   DashAhead       oh, well that's certainly fine
  156. 17:05   DashAhead       we just can't have that on the forums
  158. 17:05   zxcv    DashAhead, could I ask that you guys be a little more "proactive" with these types of
  159. announcements?  I see you have a vision, for what Kabam wants..but, so far, it looks like a bunch of "No,
  160. none of that", and no guidance on "Yes, this:".
  161. 17:06   DashAhead       @zxcv yeah we most certainly will
  162. 17:06   _Doc_   With the new focus on the forums could we restart the discussion of putting together some
  163. rules?
  164. 17:06   _Doc_   Some of today's bannings were warranted but it doesn't stop people from feeling they're
  165. somewhat arbitrary without them knowing what they are and are not allowed to do.
  166. 17:06   zxcv    fantastic! I look forward to it.
  167. 17:06   DashAhead       this all happened quite quickly and we were not exactly prepared to have to come
  168. down so hard on the community
  170. 17:07   Elrondel        How viable is this? https://forums.wildshadow.com/node/119058 ([Poll/Discussion]
  171. What is your opinion on a full wipe of RotMG?)
  172. 17:08   DashAhead       @elrondel I don't think we will do something that severe
  173. 17:08   DashAhead       but there are some changes coming that should just improve the experience for
  174. everyone
  175. 17:09   Zerro   a full wipe could alienate many players, especially the ones that are legit and worked hard for their characters and spent money on the game.
  176. 17:09   DashAhead       @elrondel yeah I just think it might be too drastic of a decision to sell the whole team on
  177. 17:10   _Doc_   I spent over 2 years now collecting what i've gotten through my own drops.  I'd quit if I
  179. lost it all.
  180. 17:10   DashAhead       yeh, I think there are a lot of players like that,, Doc
  181. 17:10   DashAhead       just to be clear, there are no plans to wipe either the Forums or the game
  183. 17:08   DashAhead       Guilds are one of our big priorities in November!
  184. 17:09   DashAhead       they may be getting a big overhaul
  186. 17:10   Raylo    DashAhead why add the ninja class knowing ranger was already planned and was close to being implemented? I also want to know the name of the new dungeon you guys are testing nowadays.
  187. 17:11   DashAhead       @raylo I actually do not know the details of that
  188. 17:11   DashAhead       I do know that Willem had been talking about his ideas for this class (Ninja) since back when I first joined the team
  189. 17:11   DashAhead       so I think this was a pet class of his
  190. 17:11   DashAhead       very close to his heart
  192. 17:12   DashAhead       the name of the new dungeon
  193. 17:12   DashAhead       hmmmmmmmm
  194. 17:12   DashAhead       hmmmmmmmm
  195. 17:12   Linkshot        Can we just call it Freezeezy Peak?
  196. 17:12   DashAhead       hahaha
  197. 17:12   DashAhead       you most definitely can
  198. 17:12   DashAhead       listen to the podcast, I will make willem talk about it
  199. 17:12   _Doc_   DashAhead: fyi, everyone can see the pixel editor for upcoming content.  It's not scecret.
  200. 17:13   DashAhead       stupid pixel editor
  201. 17:13   DashAhead       ruining our secrets
  203. 17:13   Pfiffel am i correct in the assumption that there might be an event linked to the oktoberfest,
  204. seeing as there is an entity called "beer god"?
  205. 17:13   DashAhead       there might or might not be an Oryxtoberfest incoming
  207. 17:14   kecleon  is a chat filter forseeable in the near future? for example, switching to only a certain
  208. channel (/c guild, now only showing guild chat, /c all, /c none)
  209. 17:14   DashAhead       @kecleon that's a great idea!
  210. 17:14   DashAhead       write in a support ticket with it
  211. 17:15   DashAhead       I personally log every bit of feedback we get from there
  212. 17:15   kecleon sweet, will do
  214. 17:14   _Doc_   About testing: it used to have a "TEsting is offline, go play on production" splash page
  215. when it was down.  Now it just has inaccessable servers.  Could we get that splash page back?  It may help keep the lid on new content.
  216. 17:15   DashAhead       yeah Doc, I'll see about that
  217. 17:15   _Doc_   good!
  219. 17:15   Raylo   Q: The ninja class is does not fit the aspect of the medieval-setup of the game. I meant
  220. that by weaponry and character wise
  221. 17:16   DashAhead       part of the issue Raylo is that I think there is some division about whether the
  222. game is really meant to be taken as a medeival game
  223. 17:16   DashAhead       pirates aren't medeival
  224. 17:16   DashAhead       medusae aren't either
  225. 17:17   DashAhead       SPhinxes are not either
  226. 17:17   Frogboffin      Rotmg seems to fit with a large mixture, I think more of the greek mythology though
  227. 17:17   DashAhead       and I erally think that due to Willem's personality there may be a bit more
  228. wackiness in the game than people are necessarily expecting
  230. 17:20   _Doc_   With the new focus on the forums could we restart the discussion of putting together some
  231. rules?
  232. 17:21   DashAhead       yeah, Doc we definitely will
  233. 17:21   DashAhead       it's a top priority here
  234. 17:22   DashAhead       yeah, next time we pop in, we will make a forum thread
  236. 17:20   DashAhead       ok guys it has been good getting to clear the air here
  237. 17:20   DashAhead       but I got off work 20 minutes ago
  238. 17:20   DashAhead       and I need to catch a train shortly
  239. 17:21   DashAhead       we will try to pop in here more often because we really don't want anyone to feel
  240. like we are ignoring them
  241. 17:21   DashAhead       we never are
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