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  1. Stratos ✈‖: >have team with lando-i, kyurem-b, breloom, suicune, darkrai
  2. Stratos ✈‖: >feel the need for ice punch on metagross
  3. Stratos ✈‖: are u stupid
  4. ★Checkmater: no
  5. Stratos ✈‖: i mean i guess u have
  6. Stratos ✈‖: 1 ground resist
  7. ★Checkmater: ice punch on metagross is super good
  8. Stratos ✈‖: but
  9. Stratos ✈‖: no its not
  10. ★Checkmater: stratos
  11. Stratos ✈‖: its worse than almost any other third move almost any time
  12. ★Checkmater: you're giving me advice
  13. ★Checkmater: but every time
  14. ★Checkmater: I just look at this spreadsheet '
  15. ★Checkmater:
  16. ★Checkmater: and then I ignore you
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