Not Just The Financial Community

Nov 4th, 2011
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  1. The recent protests in cities across the Nation point out the frustration of the people against the established bankers and related organizations. Even though our Congress is as much at fault (if not more) no protests have mounted against them. Our Congressional and legislative groups (nationwide) have allowed many of these problems to go unresolved or noticed until now. The Congress has spent precious time shadow boxing with the president than actually doing what they are elected to do. Politics is not the way to run a country even though the legislature seems to think so. The way to successfully Govern is to pay attention to the people and form a plan that benefits all. There will always be people who are not happy with the status quo and they range from the poorest to the richest yet our Congress appears to cater to the wealthiest while campaigning  for the votes of the poorest. Our nationwide  protesters while having the right to protest and demonstrate have been infiltrated by the baser segment of our society who at any other time are the people we see engaging in criminal activities before the protests and now during as cover for their bad acts. My fear is that Law enforcement will have to confront the demonstrators in stronger manner due these bad actors creating another "Kent State" scenario.
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