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  1. How to create, and give, a Void Ring to a new Votary:
  3. 1.) @create %ch%cxVoid Ring%cn
  4. 2.) Type 'i' to check your inventory for the new ring, and note its dbref # (let's pretend it's #9999 for example purposes)
  5. 3.) @parent #9999=#5218
  6. 4.) @set #9999=chown_ok
  7. 5.) @unlock #9999
  8. 6.) When the Votary is in the room: drop #9999
  9. 7.) Have the new Votary do these commands in order: get void ring, @chown void=me , @lock void=me , @lock/use void=me , @link void=me , @set void=inherit, @set me=opaque
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