(AiE) Rainbow's Wish (A) *clop*

Dec 25th, 2012
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  1. >What a world
  2. >A magical land filled with talking miniature horses... or ponies as they like to call themselves
  3. >It has been about 18 months since you landed here in said magical world, and there are quite a lot of surprising similarities to home you've found out in your time here
  4. >You are Anonymous, as if you didn't know that, and you're settling in for a nice warm night in front of your fireplace
  5. >Hearth's Warming Eve has descended upon Equestria
  6. >It feels a bit like Christmas with how the ponies celebrate it, but there are numerous differences
  7. >For one, they're celebrating the founding of their home, and the coming together of the three different types of ponies
  8. >You suppose it helps to remind them that the world would kick their flanks if they decide to racially segregate themselves again
  9. >Okay, so it's not completely like Christmas, but the Christmas spirit seems to invade their usually happy enough cheer
  10. >You had talked to your friends about Christmas in the past, and they liked the idea of exchanging gifts under the guise of it being from some random dude from the north
  11. >That last part confused the hell out of them; however, you made due with explaining that he symbolized the spirit of giving
  12. >Especially since he only delivered toys to the nice little boys and girls
  13. >-That- went over real well
  14. 1/14
  16. >You were supposed to get together this night to celebrate with 6 particular ponies you had made friends with during your time here
  17. >They were your first friends since sunbutt, as you lovingly refer to her, decreed that you would live under their watchful eyes until you were integrated
  18. >More or less you were placed on probation until the rest of the town could become a bit less than fearful of your presence
  19. >You couldn't really blame the ones who were afraid since they've never seen a creature such as you before
  20. >A brand new species, tall enough on its hind legs that a pony's face meets it at the crotch, and stumbling in town one day totally confused?
  21. >Yeah, you'd be quite a bit weary of such a thing yourself
  22. >Getting together with that group of 6 had to be postponed until next week
  23. >Life hadn't always been easy in this magical world
  24. >The biggest problem: finding work
  25. >Different ponies could match many of the things you could do, but you still managed with your dextrous hands
  26. >Odd jobs all around, and they paid well enough
  27. >Well, at least enough to survive which was always your main concern
  28. >This time, you didn't quite make enough to get presents for your friends, so they compromised to try on the next week
  29. >It wouldn't be Hearth's Warming Eve anymore, but they were determined to see this idea through for you
  30. >Needless to say, they really cared about your integration into pony society
  31. >It -was- their job after all, save for the pink one who just kept wanting to prove that you two were friends
  32. 2/14
  34. >You take another sip of your hot chocolate as you watch the fire crackle and brighten the dark living room
  35. >The snow storm is still going on outside, and you dread shoveling your walk
  36. >"Those pegasi sure know how to build em," you say to yourself as you look out the window
  37. >You almost fall asleep to this serene scene when a slightly frantic knock gets your immediate attention
  38. >That knock sounds like it could only mean trouble
  39. >Upon opening it, you find a blue pony shaking and slightly covered in snow
  40. >"Ugh, hey Anon." The pesgasus mare with an oh so recognizable chromatic mane chatters out
  41. >She looks a bit like she's freezing, so you step aside and usher her in with haste and shut the door
  42. "Dash, what are you doing here? I thought you would have made it home after helping with the storm by now."
  43. >"Hehe, yeah. I could have totally made it home, but I wanted to drop by and see how you were doing."
  44. >She shakes off a bit of snow
  45. "You went out of your way to check up on me? Your place is on the other side of town. There's no way you can make it in this weather."
  46. >She chuckles nervously before answering, "I can't check up on my favorite human?"
  47. "Not when it's going to cause you this much trouble. Come on, you're staying here tonight. No buts about it."
  48. >"You say that like I couldn't fly my way home through this," She replies
  49. >That tone almost sounded like she had thought you were challenging her
  50. "Easy there Rainbow. I know you like challenges and stuff, but I will NOT let you go out in this. Now, get over here," you retort after retrieving a blanket from your closet
  51. >"Whatever, you know I could make it."
  52. 3/14
  54. >Your only response is rolling your eyes before sitting down on the couch with your legs crossed and the blanket wrapped around you
  55. >She looks at you quizzically as you motion for her to sit in your lap
  56. "This fire isn't going to get you warm fast enough, and I'm a little cold myself after opening that door."
  57. >"Yeah but..." she trails off mumbling
  58. >You notice a blush etching across her face, but you really don't care about the implications right now
  59. "Just get over here and take a seat before I leave you without a blanket. It's the only extra one I've got."
  60. >She balks for a moment before finally sighing in defeat and cautiously walking over
  61. >You would say it was weird that she didn't flutter her way over, but those wings don't look as pretty as normal
  62. >Wait... pretty? Fuck it, she looks good for a mare, and you don't care who knows it
  63. >You've been here long enough, and there isn't going to be another female human you guess
  64. >Rainbow probably wouldn't be that type though; however, she has been helping you for the longest time
  65. >Sure, the Princess tasked her and her friends with watching over you, but that time is over now
  66. >Yet, here she is just as always, and under the guise of checking on her "favorite human"
  67. >The two of you are practically bros now with everything the two of you had done
  68. >Games, parties, and generally hanging out to do random things
  69. >Perhaps she just wanted to make sure you were comfortable here, or her famed loyalty just keeps her at it
  70. 4/14
  72. >Once she's in your lap, you wrap your arms and the blanket around her
  73. >"A-Anon?" she gasps in surprise
  74. "Cool it girl. I know what this seems like, but I'm not in any mood to hear it."
  75. >She looks a little down after that comment
  76. >"Whatever, j-just hurry up will ya," she sounds a little nervous
  77. >You begin rubbing her legs to get some warmth going in them, and she begins fidgeting a little
  78. "Stop it," you stop your hands for a moment, "I'm just trying to get some heat in that body of yours."
  79. >She finally settles down, but that shaking isn't stopping
  80. >It has got to be the cold
  81. >You continue rubbing her legs, and then move on towards her body
  82. >She actually lets out a contented sigh and rests back into you
  83. >"T-that actually feels p-pretty good Anon."
  84. "Are you still that cold?"
  85. >"W-what? Oh y-yeah, it's pretty cold out there," you don't buy that, but you'll let it slide
  86. >After a little while of rubbing and a few squeaks from her, you stop; however, you don't let her go
  87. >She doesn't seem to mind as she leans back into you
  88. >It's a little cute to see her sitting upright like you usually do
  89. >Her eyes close while you just stare into the fire, and fearfully prepare to make what might be a huge mistake
  90. >If there was something more in her actions, does she want more than your friendship?
  91. 5/14
  93. "Hey Rainbow?"
  94. >She responds with a blissful "hmm?"
  95. "I know we weren't able to get together like we planned this week, but you understood why I chose to postpone it right?"
  96. >She opens her eyes, turns her head to stare at you, and pulls back a bit after seeing how close you two were
  97. >"Uh, yeah? Everyp0ny else felt kind of down about it, but they understood your reasons slightly. They actually wanted to get together anyway, and sorta just get you something regardless."
  98. "I take it they realized how that wouldn't have gone over well?"
  99. >"Yep, everyp0ny except Pinkie. That girl can't seem to think of herself on most occasions."
  100. >You both chuckle at the thought. Pinkie was the very definition of selfless... along with overly-energetic
  101. >That pink ball of nuclear energy was way too excited 24/7, even if it caused a few problems here or there
  102. >You would have felt completely depressed if you had gone to that thing without so much as a single gift for your friends
  103. >Spirit of giving and all
  104. "I take it there was something more to your arrival here than just checking up on me."
  105. >This takes her by surprise and she quickly looks towards the fire
  106. >"Alright, you got me. I was really looking forward to spending the evening with you, and I ended up clearing my schedule for it. Happy now?"
  107. >She cleared that night for you, and you cancelled everything
  108. 6/14
  110. "Heh, sorry about that. I'm guessing you were going to spend this night as planned no matter what huh?"
  111. >She turns back to you, then back to the fire, and nods her head
  112. "Tell me something," you begin after turning her head back to you, "if I could grant one wish of yours this night, as long as it's within my power, what would you wish for? I may not be able to buy you a gift, but maybe this will make up for what I did."
  113. >W-w-what? You didn't do anything Anon. We all understood that money was tight this week."
  114. "Perhaps, but you still cleared your schedule for me, and I cancelled our plans. Not only that, you braved the snowstorm just to spend the evening here and make sure I wasn't feeling down. I'm not far off with this right?"
  115. >"That's most of it," she replies while trying to hide her blush by looking at the fire once more
  116. >Not tonight Rainbow, you think to yourself as you turn her back to facing you
  117. "Okay then, tell me your wish. If I can grant it, then I will. Nothing is out of bounds except things I need money for."
  118. >She searches your eyes for anything that might let her know you're up to something
  119. >It doesn't seem like she's finding anything as her eyes widen just a tad
  120. >"Anything?" she still seems a bit nervous
  121. "Anything."
  122. >She gulps nervously as she inches her face closer to yours
  123. >You don't resist at all as she finally pushes her lips to yours
  124. >Her tongue also meets no resistance as it invades your mouth and explores all over
  125. >She must like the taste of the hot chocolate as a moan escapes her throat
  126. >Soon her tongue makes its retreat
  127. >It's time to return the favor as you push your tongue into her mouth and claim territory with your saliva
  128. 7/14
  130. >After what seems like forever, you both finally break apart to breathe
  131. >She looks at you panting, and you can only do the same
  132. >"Anon... do you... really mean it?" she speaks between pants
  133. >You nod your head slowly, and reach your hand around her head to pull her into a hug
  134. "I figured that's what you were after tonight. As much as I used to be opposed to the idea, I rather enjoyed that."
  135. >You finally let her go and you notice her eyes welling up a bit
  136. >Something to chuckle at if she wouldn't grind you into paste for doing so
  137. >She's a tough girl, but she also has a heart that can be jerked around just like anyp0ny else
  138. >"I remember you saying that a while back. That's why I-" you cut her off with a finger to her lips
  139. "I know, and I'm sorry I haven't been more receptive. Why else would you have kept hanging around me like that? It doesn't matter anymore because I promised to grant your wish. Say it Dashie."
  140. >She blushes again for a moment before looking right into your eyes and grinning
  141. >"Anon," those windows to the soul show no signs of holding back, "I want you. I want you to be my special somep0ny."
  142. "Wish granted-" is all you can get out before she hugs you tight
  143. >"Hehe, thanks so much Anon. BUT, I swear if you tell anyp0ny about how I'm acting right now, then you're toast," she's fighting back her tears now
  144. >Tough girl to the end, and you wouldn't have it any other way
  145. 8/14
  147. "I wouldn't dream of it Dashie," you chuckle a bit as she blushes at the name
  148. >"You would be the type to use pet names," she says after punching your arm softly
  149. >She then opts to nuzzle her face into your cheek, and you once again respond in kind
  150. >"So what's next then? I haven't really done this before."
  151. "I say we wing it. This is a first for me too if you think about it."
  152. >"Does that mean we might... you know..." she trails off
  153. "Only when you want I suppose."
  154. >"Heh, that's not what your body has been telling me ever since that kiss," she says as she rubs a hoof along what you now realize is a full mast boner
  155. "Can you blame me," you're looking into her eyes, and you can see the passion firing up within those magenta orbs
  156. >She straddles you as she begins grinding her hips on yours
  157. >"I will if we don't do this now while we're both ready."
  158. >Your crotch starts getting more and more wet as she continues to grind
  159. >The dampness on your pants is starting to constrict your ever hardening member
  160. "Ungh," you grunt, "okay Rainbow, you made your point. Let's take this upstairs. I'm going to make sure you're not cold whatsoever tonight."
  161. >You pick her up, drop the blanket on the couch, and make your way to your room
  162. >She doesn't stop grinding along the length itching to get out of your pants as she locks lips with you again
  163. >Lightly kicking the door open, you stumble your way over to the bed
  164. >The kiss doesn't stop as you place her down upon it and somewhat lay on top of her
  165. >It all started with a gamble, and now it's a full blown make out session
  166. >You break away from her, stare into those fiery windows, and get up to disrobe
  167. 9/14
  169. >She gets up to push your shirt up over your head when you drop your pants
  170. >As soon as the shirt comes off she dives in for another kiss
  171. >You hold her up and struggle to drop your remaining piece of clothing while your tongues swirl around each other
  172. >In a dazzling display of dexterity, you manage to take off your underwear, and hold onto her without breaking the kiss
  173. >You grab a hold of her flanks and she gasps into your mouth
  174. >They give in to your sinister hold as they have just the right amount of pliability
  175. >She breaks from your lips and squeaks out a moan as you begin rubbing those soft furry globes
  176. >You lay her down once more and take up position between her legs
  177. >"Anon-" you cut her off by running your hand along the pool of arousal between those athletic limbs
  178. >There was an underlying message in that moan
  179. >She must have been waiting for something like this
  180. >Whether it was from your first kiss or before then, you have no idea
  181. >Not giving her a moments reprieve after removing your hand, you give the glistening folds a small peck
  182. >She squeaks and one of her hind legs kick
  183. >A loud moan disrupts the air when you slowly run your tongue along her lower lips
  184. >There's a gasp followed by another calling of your name once your tongue finally breaks through between her walls
  185. >The flavor is every bit as rich as you imagined, and the juice has a sweet taste to it
  186. >You joke to yourself that it tastes a little like Skittles™
  187. >Your tongue can't get very far as she's pretty tight and clenching down hard
  188. >She -has- to have been without release for a while if she's getting worked up like this
  189. 10/14
  191. >The dance inside her depths continues for a little while longer, and her moans are nearing a peak
  192. >"A-Anon!"
  193. >Her hind legs finally clamp down around your head and she shouts to the heavens
  194. >Juices nearly drown you, but your tasting organ makes no effort to slow down
  195. >It flails about madly in an effort to bring this particular scene of the play to a close
  196. >The symphony of her grunts, squeaks, and moans finally subsides a little as her legs fall limply to the side of your head
  197. >She looks like she has just been on the flight of her life
  198. >Panting, sweating a little, and staring at you with what appears to be complete gratitude
  199. >Her face then adopts a grin when she sees your own
  200. >This play isn't over yet
  201. >Tapping into her reserves of strength, she rolls over and stands at attention
  202. >Her tail moves to the side, she looks back at you with half-lidded eyes, and those beautiful flanks shake a bit in invitation
  203. >You carefully approach her and rest a hand on her rear
  204. >"Finally," she sighs out with desire
  205. >Taking your length in your other hand, you move it towards the promised land
  206. >You take a moment to coat yourself in her fluids as the volume picks up again
  207. >Determining that enough is enough, you begin to push against her walls
  208. >A grunt, followed by a moan, escapes her lips
  209. >They can't resist anymore as your member finally pushes its way into her body
  210. >She cries out in pleasure as you continue advancing towards that desired hilt
  211. >The squeezing and velvety feel almost enraptures you once you finally do reach the end
  212. >It's so soft and wraps around you like the warmest glove
  213. >Warm is actually an understatement as the insides of her body emit a serious heat
  214. 11/14
  216. >After waiting for her to adjust, you slowly pull back out
  217. >Those walls do not want you to leave because they're gripping you hard
  218. >With a grunt of your own, you nearly pull out until just the tip rests inside
  219. >The next dance number begins as you start thrusting in the age old fashion
  220. >Her depths put a squeeze on you at one moment which elicits a moan from you
  221. >"You like that Anon?" she calls back before moaning once again due to your greeting of her cervix
  222. >Your response? A harsh thrust that creates a very audible slap from the coming together of your hips
  223. >The front of her body falls onto the bed and you can see that she is relishing in the pleasure you're inflicting upon her
  224. >There an orchestra of bodily contact slaps, moans, and grunts shaking the air in your room
  225. >Her aroused scent fills your nose, and somehow it further ignites the flame within
  226. >Naturally, your body wouldn't react to her scent, but knowing you're doing this to her has really increased your drive to turn her into a pile of pony satisfaction
  227. "R-Rainbow," you call to her, "I'm almost th-" her body cuts you off with an intense squeeze
  228. >She doesn't lift her head up as she blurts out something in between her moaning
  229. >"You better finish inside Anon," is all you could manage to pick up
  230. >You assume there was a threat in there too
  231. >It wouldn't be Rainbow Dash if she didn't threaten you along with saying something like that
  232. >Her front half shoots up with a gasp when your thrusts increase in speed
  233. >Those walls grab at you, and the heat inside gets turned up several degrees
  234. >You can't stop now; don't finish just yet
  235. >Those are your thoughts as you try to finally bring yourself to your peak
  236. 12/14
  238. >A few fast hellos to the deepest parts of her depths is all it takes
  239. >You both cry out as it appears she had tried to restrain herself as long as possible too
  240. >Shouting each others names is how you announce the close of this particular act in the play called love
  241. >She drenches your pelvis in juices, and you deposit what her body was begging you for within her womb
  242. >You imagine that this position was standard for ponies, so you didn't object to not being able to stare her in the eyes the entire time
  243. >She must have waited a while for you to be ready for this
  244. >It had to have been so hard for her to have such feelings, but figured you would never reciprocate due to your human ways
  245. >All of the fun makes a lot more sense now, and you think you may not have actually rejected her if she had come to you before
  246. >Was it natural that you two came together like this?
  247. >Those thoughts continue to bounce around in your head as you pull out and lay down beside her
  248. >The windows to her soul face yours once more, and you just stare at each other
  249. >"That was amazing," she sighs, finally breaking the silence
  250. "I feel the same way. Also, I'm glad you enjoyed your wish."
  251. >"You don't know how long I've been waiting to say this Anon, but... I love you."
  252. >You chuckle a little bit before responding, "and I love you as well. Heh, I didn't think I could, but all this time I think I've been lying to myself."
  253. >This gets her attention
  254. 13/14
  256. >"You mean you had feelings before tonight too?"
  257. "It's a reasonable explanation for how much fun we've had together. You've always been there for me, and I don't think I could see myself doing what we just did with another mare."
  258. >"Best. Wish. Ever." is all she says before closing her eyes and nuzzling up into your body
  259. >It was late at night, so exhaustion of this level was to be expected after a tango like that
  260. >Nothing but the sound of the blizzard outside can be heard as you watch her slumber
  261. >You both were very warm too, and who better to share the heat than with the mare you love
  262. "Happy Hearth's Warming Eve Rainbow Dash," is the last thing said before you fall asleep as well
  263. 14/14
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