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  1. The world is what we would consider young. Fables, myths, and legends exist but are few and far between, as is civilization. The world you know of is very small. You live predominantly in a wasteland peppered with small villages and smaller settlements. There are some mountainous areas, with shallow mines freshly dug, or tiny forests made up mostly of saplings around an oasis. The idea of a large city is foreign to you, but in  recent decades word has spread from traveling merchants and nomads of a massive undertaking to build and populate a metropolis. This could be seen as our equivalent to the founding of Rome or Athens. There isn't much known to you about the "nation", another foreign concept, that is behind this new form of civilization other than that they are both ambitious and welcoming. For some years now caravans traveling across the wastes to reach this city have become a regular occasion and even a pilgrimage to some. These caravans have grown quite large and pick up groups and individuals from all across the various small towns that are other wise quite isolated. Travel takes several months, and as it stands one particular caravan is is trundling along just about halfway through it's journey.
  2. Merchants and trade-workers travel to reach this populous center in hopes of getting rich in this new land. Young people travel in search of knowledge, adventure, or just freedom. Social pariahs often use this for a fresh start. The conditions of the wasteland is harsh, mostly desert, and almost entirely uncharted outside of the usual caravan paths. There is some amount of danger from wildlife, although it is rare for them to attack a large group directly, but sleep too far away from anyone else and you're liable to be dragged off by a lizard beast. Even rarer is an attack from other people; caravans host a very light guard as armed protection has never been a great need.
  3. You ride toward this new idea of a city called Amelienne, built by a mysterious nation of the same name. You don't know much about what to expect, as most descriptions of the city seem not to do it justice. The travelers who have gone there and returned to talk about it haven't seemed to find the words to depict it yet.
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