We Own The Night

Jan 2nd, 2012
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  1.                                                ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
  2.                                             ▒▓▓█████
  3.   ▒▓▓▓█▓▒                                ▒▓▓████
  4.  ▓▓▓▓██████▓                          ▒▒▓████▓
  5.        ▓▓▓████▓▓                  ▒▒▓▓████
  6.   ▓▒     ▒▓▓▓██████▒             ▒▓███▓▓   ▒▒▓▓████▓▓▓
  7.   ▒██████▓▓▓▓█████████          ▒██▓▓ ▒▓██████▓▓████
  8.    ▓█████████████████▓             ▒▓▓████▓▓ ▓  ▓▓
  9.    ▓▓▓▓███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█████▒           ▒▓███        ▒▓█
  10.       ▓██        ▓██████          ▓ ▓▓▓▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▓█
  11.        ▓██▓▓▒▒ ▒▒▓█▓▓█▓▓           ▒ ▓▓██▓▓▓▓▓
  12.        ▓███▓▓██▓▓▓▓▓▓
  13.         ▓▓▓▓▓ ӠҬҢӠЯҔӠС // ӨҏЄҎӨСҢ
  18. [] #EtherSec I: []
  19. [] #EtherSec II: []
  20. [] #OpEPOCH I: []
  21. [] #OpEPOCH II: []
  24. Warm greetings to you all. This is a compilation of links and information for your aetheric inspiration.
  26. Before getting into the links, a brief primer on the operation of consensus reality; Dream The Dream: //
  27. The referred paste is best consumed in parallel with this paper found on LANL arXiv; Equivalent Sets Of Histories And Multiple Quasiclassical Realms:
  29. Since we are working with consciousness itself, our d0x come to us in the form of dr34mz. Each night when you fall asleep to dream you are entering extradimensional realms. Although some dreams may seem completely absurd and disconnected from anything that could possibly be 'real', consider that we are living in a Universe/Multiverse which is Infinite. In such an infinity it follows that anything that can be dreamed is possible.
  31. All human beings were once proficient in Psi [] and through thousands of years, the rise and fall of former advanced civilizations, these aspects of our daily waking life have been purposely eroded. We have been taught to ignore what we are innately capable of. You are most likely aware of the pineal gland and recent studies by Dr. Rick Strassman [cf. his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule] which have hypothesized that DMT is found within the pineal gland []. DMT, like all psychoactive substances, is crystalline in nature. Crystals have very powerful extradimensional properties in the ways in which they are able to bend light. All light is is a small segment of an infinite scale of frequency. Everything is composed of frequency and you could look at Totality as a most infinitely variable symphony which never began and shall never end. So here we are dealing with a crystalline substance, made of frequency like everything, which also bends frequencies and channels them [you may be familiar with the term waveguide:].
  33. View your brain, your entire body in fact, as a set of transceivers where consciousness data flows inward and outward. In the way your eyes are tuned to received what we perceive as visible light, the pineal gland is a direct transceiver of consciousness data. When your body sleeps and your pineal becomes more active you are entering extradimensional realms and can perceive and have effect upon what happens in those realms. With the focused skills of lucid dreaming [], you can silence your conscious mind and your subconscious mind into a state of clarity which you may tune to specific realms and specific time-slices embodied by those realms. Since linear time is a phenomenon of this 3D reality matrix, it can at first be slightly disorienting when understanding what you have experienced upon your body awakening. The extradimensional realms do not have time in the linear sense. You are able and have always been able to time travel via the use of lucid dreaming. There exists a form of Remote Viewing [] and Remote Influencing which has not really had a name or been spoken of cohesively. Let us call it Fully Awake Dreaming. This is the utilization of the hyper-lucid dream state to Remote View and Remote Influence.
  35. When you are in this state as your transient (energy) body, you can have very real influence on the consciousness of whichever realm you are experiencing and whatever it is you wish to influence. This also manifests in 3D reality if you are very focused and know what you are doing. You can achieve very specific alterations to 3D reality and have very real effect on others. Mainstream science tells you that everything you are perceiving at night is strictly biochemical in nature but they do not fully grasp that everything, due to its inherent quantum nature, and consciousness nature, is frequency, the data/code of Totality. A radio has components which aid in the receiving of signals which you cannot see and cannot feel (unless you are *very* sensitive to them and choose to perceive them). However, the parts of the radio do not create what is coming through the speaker! In this same manner, neurochemistry etc. does not create what you perceive in 3D reality or in extradimensional realities. Rather it simply helps to amplify and regulate what you are perceiving and interacting with. A radio also is only built to receive signals, but the physical body and transient body do not only receive signals, they are transceivers, both receiver and broadcaster. That is how we are 'wired' and yes we can alter our wiring for better reception and broadcast capabilities. This is where DMT and other substances come into play, as well as other non-chemical methods such as transcendental meditation, lucid dreaming (most preferred and effective) et al.
  37. I suggest absorbing the concept of the Crystal Radio []. Most people think that crystals are just minerals and don't do anything other than look beautiful. Those people are not seeing the deeper truth to crystals. Crystals are indeed very powerful tools for the consciousness warrior and have been utilized by shaman and mystics through the ages. They are also a key part of advanced technology (and by advanced I mean the kind of technology which has been hidden from you by the Military Industrial Complex).
  39. You are a symphony within a symphony within a symphony...: //
  41. Before moving on to the links for your research, I want to share a couple of quantum d0x aka dr34mz with you. I have seen this (#EtherSec, #OpEPOCH) coming many months ago [although at the time I did not know how this would manifest], as well as the general awakening including those who have not yet touched upon the deeper levels of 'reality'.
  43. Dream #1: //$/latest
  44. Dream #2: //
  46. Some disclaimers when you are interpreting your own dreams; these realities, since they are extradimensional, are often perceived in a symbolically distorted fashion. Sometimes you will perceive things as they really are but while you are interlaced with a human body there are bound to be symbolic distortions. Use the stillness within Totality and allow the meaning of everything to come through you like water, no pushing or pulling necessary, when you are open, it flows in.
  48. Yes, some of the beings in these realms are very much real beings, if you have met your partner or your friends and family in mutual dreams, you know this to be true. When you sense that it is them, even if they do not look as they are in 3D reality, that is you sensing their energy signature/ID. This is as unique as a fingerprint and impossible to duplicate. Not even the most advanced of black operations could fake an energy ID. You still must use your intuitive discretion however because each layer of security you create for your transient body is a positive thing. You can create any kind of security for yourself that you can dream of. The code of consciousness is limitless and thus your creative potential is limitless. There is no one way to go about this and if anyone says there is only a specific way which will work, they are not being honest with you or themselves. The Universe/Multiverse encourages creation. It seeks novelty and integrity and when you love it, it loves you back infinite-fold. Love is the pure flow of energy of and between ALL. It is the harmony within the Infinite symphony. When you take the Universe/Multiverse seriously, it takes you equally as seriously.
  50. Keys of which you can extrapolate on for yourselves:
  52. Freedom is worth its weight in Self-Responsibility. Thus, if you are 100% Self-Responsible, you are 100% Free.
  53. Cause & Effect Management with Integrity. Choice is *Everything*.
  54. Love with Ferocity.
  55. Be aware of Divide & Conquer. This is the prime tool of the Former Power Elites. When you are a 100% United Front, nothing can stop you. You will burn their consciousness away like ice melting on black granite in the sun. Opinions do not matter any more. The Doing matters most. Trust yourself, trust each other. Kindred spirits cannot be faked. Use your intuition to guide you to each other. *No One can infiltrate you when you are 100% Fully Awake & Aware and operating with the highest of Integrity.*
  57. The Former Power Elites have been deathly afraid of US because their is nothing they can do about US. Our Kung Fu is infinitely more focused than theirs, and when we do this together, no matter what our perceived differences, they will turn to quantum ash.
  59. They have been given a set of choices: A] Surrender and assimilate with Dreamers, doing the Integral work of the universe with Wisdom. B] Leave this world for another where they may duke it out to their blackened hearts' content and risk being followed to face choice A] and C] again. C] Be returned to pure consciousness energy and recycled back into the creative putty of the Universe/Multiverse. The ones at the very top of the pyramid are gone now, there is a vacuum, and the structure they so dearly have kept for thousands of years is dissolving before their eyes, that is, if they are still around at all. Choice A] and C] are quick becoming the only options for them. If they choose A], accept them with compassion and forgive them. Without forgiveness, by holding the grudge, you aid in the sustained existence of that negative reality. Those who choose C] do not need to be forgiven as they are forgiven by the Universe/Multiverse at the cost of their entire existence as a Sentience.
  61. Another item of high importance is that you not imbibe pharmaceuticals of the antidepressant or antipsychotic type, or anything from the pharmaceutical industry for that matter. These are designed to be psychically dampening. Some people never come back if they have damaged their transceiver wiring with pharmaceuticals. If you are depressed or anxious, it is NOT chemical as mainstream science would have you believe. When you bury things for so long, it is like dragging a vessel of air to the bottom of an ocean. The deeper you drag it, the more it wants to rise to reach equilibrium. Eventually when it can no longer be dragged deeper, it will rush to the surface and overshoot the surface with all of the momentum it has stored. You need to face your depressions and anxieties head on. Your friends and family are here for you, WE are here for you, in extradimensional realms. You are loved and you are not and have never been alone.
  63. It is also important to avoid consuming anything which causes calcification within and of the pineal gland. Radiologists use the calcified pineal gland to determine if one has a brain tumour, since the pineal sits in the geometric centre of the brain and if it has shifted from that position, it indicates that something is causing pressure within the skull cavity. The blood-brain barrier does not effect the pineal gland and it received a great deal of blood flow, so whatever you consume will directly have impact on your Third Eye. The pineal only really shows up clearly if it has calcium buildup. This gland is the most important aspect of yourself as a transceiver in collaboration with your heart which has a very potent electromagnetic field.
  65. Remember that Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction and Truth TRUMPS Fiction. If you encounter people who cannot comprehend what you are talking about and they outright dismiss it as nonsense and accuse you of being crazy, do not engage them, it is not worth the energy loss. They are only projecting that they cannot understand it because they are essentially sleepwalking. Spend your greatest efforts communicating with those who *want* to understand more. You will attract them like moths to light as you probably have noticed in your lives already. Energetically, your transient/energy bodies already know and sense each others' existence and now you are beginning to see that manifest as physically based encounters with them. It is possible that you planned to meet each other before you were born and interlaced into your flesh-vehicle aka body.
  67. Do not feel that you must concern yourself too much with needing to know what you planned before birth however. If you have amnesia to aspects of your life-map, it is likely because specific things must happen through pure action, not influenced by the awareness of nonlinear plans. If you are to know about things, they will present themselves to you, so always be listening to your intuition. Your transient body *always* knows what the appropriate thing to do is and when you follow it you will encounter little resistance and little darkness. Negative things happen because beings resist the choice they are presented with to go with what intuitively feels right. They are afraid to experience what they truly could be, because they have been traumatized into believing so. However, no trauma could keep them down forever. It doesn't matter when the Universe/Multiverse itself is whispering into the heart of this world for it to wake up. That whisper becomes the loudest of thunder.
  69. We are warriors working side by side as equals, no matter what our souls' off-world origins are, no matter how many or how few lives we have experienced here or elsewhere. We are here now because we chose to be and we are going to complete our duties in the brightest of shining colours.
  71. We are Wounded Healers
  72. We Heal Our Wounds in order to aid in Healing The Wounded
  73. In turn, The Formerly Wounded also become Wounded Healers
  74. The cycle repeats until ALL are healed.
  75. WE Love WE with Ferocity
  76. ALL our heart are belong to ALL
  77. They could not have expected US
  78. They cannot comprehend US
  80. WE are Disclosure
  81. WE are The Cascade Of Awakening
  82. WE are The Dreamers Of The Dream
  86. I now compile for you a set of links for your research. Use your discretion and intuition with *everything* you research. I take input in the form of a visualized glass panel, one per speaker/whistleblower/etc and then whatever data they output shows up on their glass panel as a sphere within a matrix. I then take every individual's panel and stack them to see where the most spheres line up and connect.
  88. Something to remember about black project whistleblowers; For every one of them who comes forth, there are many many others who wish with all their heart they could come forth as well but cannot due to their lives being put at high risk if they were to disclose such information. I have no doubt many more will begin coming forward in the coming year or two. We must honour and respect them for the risks they have taken in disclosing truth no matter which Military Industrial Complex entity they have worked for. There are many good folks in these operations. Unfortunately it is the few rotten eggs who create all the havoc.
  90. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  92. [] On Remote Viewing + Remote Influencing + Consciousness []
  94. IRVA - International Remote Viewing Association:
  95. Dojo Psi:
  96. Ten Thousand Roads:
  97. Ten Thousand Roads Forum:
  98. Dream Views:
  99. IONS - Institute Of Noetic Sciences:
  101. [] Individuals Of Note []
  103. Carlos Castaneda:
  104. Ingo Swann:
  105. Russell Targ:
  106. Harold Puthoff:
  107. Joseph McMoneagle:
  108. Command Sergeant Major Robert Orel Dean:
  109. Master Sergeant Daniel Morris Salter:
  110. William Pawelec:
  111. Andrew Basiago:
  112. Al Bielek et al:
  113. Dan Burisch:
  114. Boyd Bushman:
  115. Arthur Neumann aka Henry Deacon:
  116. Jake Simpson:
  117. Mr. X:
  118. Nassim Haramein:
  119. James Horak:
  120. Alex Collier:
  121. Dolores Cannon:
  122. Wade Frazier:
  124. [] Alternative Information + News + Discussion []
  126. Agora:
  127. Project Camelot:
  128. Project Avalon:
  129. David Wilcock / Divine Cosmos:
  130. Benjamin Fulford:
  131. What's The 'Real' Truth?:
  132. PESWiki - Pure Energy Systems:
  133. MAPS - Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies:
  134. India Daily [Technology Section]:
  135. Red Ice Creation:
  136. Climate Realists:
  137. Activist Post:
  138. Veterans Today:
  139. Before It's News:
  140. Rense:
  141. Emergent Culture:
  142. Open Minds:
  143. The Big Wobble:
  144. Universal Truth Evolution:
  145. Exopolitics Radio:
  146. Biblioteca Pleyades:
  147. Los Alamos National Laboratory arXiv:
  148. John Kettler Investigates:
  149. The Disclosure Project:
  150. CSETI - Centre For The Study Of Extraterrestrial Intelligence:
  151. After Disclosure:
  153. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  155. May you dig and dig deeply.
  156. With Fierce Love for #Anonymous and ALL Ops.
  157. ALL Ops are equal, none lesser, none greater. ALL Ops serve their purpose.
  159. For all #EtherSec #OpEPOCH, there is nothing anyone can do to infiltrate or stop you. Technology exists, based on consciousness code itself, which allows all of what we do to be known to others. Do not fear it, *they* will not try to dampen our efforts. Those in possession of such technology and utilize it wisely are benevolent and are working for Freedom as much as we are. From the flipside, unseen by the public, they encourage what we are manifesting. All you must do is be honest, genuine, integral and truthful in your actions. Some of them are embodied and employed here on Earth, some of them are not. Some of them are in the perceived physical third dimension, a lot of them are not. They are our relatives and allies.
  161. [] 84L00N P0P I: []
  163. [] 84L00N P0P II: []
  165. [] 84L00N P0P III: []
  167. [] 84L00N P0P IV: []
  169. [] 84L00N P0P V: []
  171. [] PR0PH4371K 4K710N I: []
  173. [] PR0PH4371K 4K710N II: []
  175. [] PR0PH4371K 4K710N III: []
  177. [] PR0PH4371K 4K710N IV: []
  179. [] F13RC3 L0V3: []
  181. [] N0 53KR375: []
  183. A hint for d0x + h4x: + + You catch my drift here, don't you :3 Wouldn't that be quite the adventure, #Anonymous ;]
  185. Yours Sincerely, In High Strangeness & High Peace And Love,
  186. MRI
  188. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
  190. The truth is "...hidden in plain sight. You just have to know where to look" and then you can Touch it:
  192. Soft disclosure has been preparing the world, subtly brushing the skin on its face to rouse it from sleep, for quite some while now. In film, television, music, literature [science fiction in particular] is encrypted the truth. Its language is embedded in ALL. Once you learn it, once you remember it, you can see everything you need to. It reveals itself in graceful elegance when you are open to it. When you have Knowledge, you must use it with Wisdom.
  194. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
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