Fallout 3 Knomes (Originally Found On Reddit)

Oct 12th, 2012
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  1. October 9th, 2012:
  3. Mrpyramidhead: If you have played FO3, you've probably at some point seen one of those damaged garden gnomes (wiki-link in case you haven't). Lately, I've been seeing those at places where I never saw them in my previous playthroughs. A while ago I did some research on actual scandinavian folklore on gnomes, and it really got me spooked about them. Seeing strange occurances in Fo3 with them made me want to write something about it. Is it possible for NPC characters to randomly drop stuff on the ground? If not, I'm not sure how they got there. As I said, places where I'm absolutely sure there were no gnomes there before.
  4. Here are some screenshots of the recent locations I've found them at (tenpenny tower, girdershade, and vault 106 (or 108, dont remember for sure)) www.postimage.org/gallery/3wa592me
  7. October 12th, 2012:
  9. Mrpyramidhead: Now I'm getting a bit freaked out for real. a few minutes ago I noticed I had gotten a pm here on reddit. It was from a guy called 0005b635, and all he sent me in the pm was a link to a private video titled "0005b635".
  10. At first I thought it was someone trying to screw with me, but then I noticed the video was uploaded on the 7'th of october, which is one or two days BEFORE I POSTED THE GNOME THING. How is that even possible?
  13. October 19th, 2012:
  15. Mrpyramidhead: Have been away from the house for a few days, so I haven't been able to play any more of fallout since last time. Something else did happen, though. It was in my inbox when I first turned on the computer today. He sent me another video, the 0005b635-guy. Looks like it was uploaded yesterday, and has some kind of message to it. I also got weird PM's from a guy called "DeadMeatGnome", here on reddit, but that's probably just one of you screwing with me, since I got them after I wrote the second post. Also I know you guys want me to go to the basement room in Big Town, and I will tonight if I get any time.
  18. October 26th, 2012:
  20. Me: Mypyramidhead posted the following content on r/needadvice on the 26th.
  22. "Allright, for a time now I've been making posts on another subreddit about things that have been going on in my life. Go into my profile to see if you want but please read this first and help if you can.
  24. For the past weeks I have felt a presence following me. I like KNOW there is something else in the room (or anywhere) with me at some times. The presence has manifested in form of garden gnomes/real gnomes in video games and dreams. It was exiting at first, but now I just don't want to deal with it anymore. Woke up a few hours ago from a lucid nightmare dream, which I've never had before (lucid). Little men telling me that we took their earth, voices overlapping, headache, all in the dream, while I knew I was dreaming. When I woke up from it I couldn't even move at first, and I felt this strange fear(the same kind of fear I get when I feel the presence).What could this be & how can I get better? It's not just the dream, but everything in reality too. Whatever it is, it feels like it's closing off reality a little at the time, or my perception of it, and I can't do anything about it. I really don't want to go to a doctor if its not necessary. They might force me into a mental hospital when I start talking about this stuff. Does anyone know what this is? I'm not on any drugs or medication of any kind, and I don't feel sick."
  27. October 28th, 2012:
  29. Me: While Mrpyramidhead has not yet updated their story on what's going on, another user on Reddit by the name of "Itsmejesuschrist" noticed that the Youtube channel "0005b635" uploaded a new, public video with the title "Icelandic" in binary code.
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