Countering Predatory Financial Zionism

ANonAction Sep 10th, 2018 258 Never
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  1. Countering Predatory Financial Zionism
  3. So anyone who knows anything about the Zionist threat understanding international finance and banking as well as currency and market manipulation are the Zionists go-to 'Special Weapon' against humanity.
  5. It's primarily used as a method of leaching off vast amounts of wealth from societies through orchestrated bubbles, booms and busts.
  7. >>Banks, like Goldman Sachs, sell bad advice and bad financial vehicles to the 9-to-5 Normie crowd.
  9. >>They run up the value of the designed-to-fail financial vehicles (investments), selling them to unsuspecting Normie prey, with their money invested as well, increasing in value as the bubble inflates.
  11. >>At a certain point in the process, the Banksters start moving their money from the designed-to-fail financial vehicle(s), and start "Shorting" said vehicle(s), where-in they are literally betting against their own clients whom they had sold the financial vehicles.
  13. >>Wait till market forces, or manipulation, pops the bubble(s) of the designed-to-fail financial vehicle(s), at which point, the Banksters maximize their ill-gotten gains from having successfully "speculated" the fall in value of said vehicle(s).
  15. **ITT, we explore and list any and all methods known to /pol/ of circumventing, bypassing, reversing, interupting, disrupting, crippling, usurping and liberating Humanity from the Zionist dominated global financal and banking hegemony regularly abused by the NWO.**
  17. >Cryptocurrency
  19. >Blockchain Options
  21. >Self-Sufficient Living
  23. >Off-Grid Energy Generation
  25. >How To Make A Barter System Work
  27. >Methods of Educating Normies On Proper Investment Protocols
  29. >>Outlining the laws that prevented such aggregious abuses from the Banksters that have been repealed over the decades.
  31. <<Usery Laws, repealed after inflation rates surged past the Max Interest Rate allowed under that legislation.
  33. <<Bill Clinton's labor department losening the corporate pension laws in 1999, also allowing for 'Golden Parachutes', reported by Ellen Schultz.
  35. <<Commody Modernization Act of 2000, which allowed for energy futures manipulation and speculation abuse which was the driving factor in the Bush-era energy prices.
  37. <<Glas Stegul, the law that seperated investment banking firms from commercial banking firms, post Depression. Repealed in 1999.  
  39. <<The Brenton Woods Agreement, the WW2 era agreement establishing the USD as the world's foremost reserve currency, setting the stage to transfer our currency from a metal-backed currency, to today's Petro-Dollar, finalized when;
  41. <<Nixon went off the Gold Standard, finishing the transition to the Petro-Dollar.
  43. <Federal Reserve Act
  45. >>Formulating a timeline, with as much documentation possible, regarding past significant incidents of known manipulation and Bankster fraud, in order to provide for an accurate representation of international financial history, including any other past threads that touched on these topics.
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