UNTITLED (Fluttershy) by Trente-Neuf

Nov 29th, 2015
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  1. >You are Anon.
  2. >And you've just force-fed a raw steak to a little technicolor pony.
  3. >She wasn't the one you wanted to buy, but still, does that warrant what you did?
  4. >Seriously, what did she ever do to you?
  5. >From your side of the room, you can see the little yellow-and-pink ball that is her sprawled in the corner.
  6. >She's been bawling for half an hour, no sign of stopping.
  7. >Holy shit, the mare's got waterworks.
  8. >The rush faded away 20 minutes ago.
  9. >Her suffering is no longer making you happy.
  10. >You're no longer happy.
  11. >This is actually kind of sad.
  12. >Well...
  13. >At any rate, you can't just leave her there.
  14. >You leave your position propped up against the wall, and stand.
  15. >Carry your pone into the living room, all the while she's sniffling and mumbling incoherently.
  16. >Drop her on the sofa.
  17. >Yes, drop her. The pathetic whimper you know she'll make is too good to pass up.
  18. >Stuff like that always makes you feel good on the inside.
  19. >You make yourself some toast; torturing an innocent little furball sure drains you.
  20. >You don't know what compels you to wait around until she finally begins to sleep.
  21. >Chewing on the piece of burnt toast, you think, but would never admit, that it's some fatherly instinct you've been trying to ignore.
  22. >She looks so peaceful curled up on the couch.
  23. >Go away, conscience. Please kindly shut the hell up.
  24. >A quick check of the clock shows you that it's get-the-fuck-to-bed time.
  25. >Well into the real nigga hours.
  26. >If there's one thing you're happy for, it is the sleep that quickly overtakes you.
  27. >You drag yourself out of bed at 6 in the morning.
  28. >Didn't get much sleep, but you've got enough.
  29. >You pull on some shitty clothes, not expecting to leave the house today.
  30. >Slightly oversized t-shirt, an alright pair of pants, and a sweatshirt, you're also going barefoot.
  31. >As you enter the living room, you note the yellow pony's absence.
  32. "An early bird, huh?"
  33. >You proceed to flop on the sofa.
  34. >TV remote is just within your reach...
  35. >With more willpower than movement, you manage to inch it into your hand after a couple tries.
  36. >Flipping through news channels you glimpse the pony's yellow face peeking around the doorway.
  37. >It's gone before you finish turning your head.
  38. >You call after her:
  39. "Hey! Hey, wait!"
  40. >No response at all.
  41. >She's terrified of you.
  42. *sigh*
  43. >And you don't blame her, you get pretty bad when you're mad.
  44. >Not to mention a moderate sadism issue on your part.
  45. >Yeeeeah.
  46. >You'd better at least apologize so she isn't permanently scared of you.
  47. >You wouldn't exactly enjoy that.
  48. >Alright, you stand up and poke your head outside the doorway.
  49. >You search for a second, looking down one side of the hallway, then the other.
  50. >Doesn't look like anything is around in the rooms to your right.
  51. >After a brief search, you turn your head to the left to see a pink tail and a bit of a leg poking out from a pile of laundry.
  52. >Fucking seriously.
  53. >11/10, 2stealthy4me.
  54. "Nice hiding spot, can't see you at all"
  55. >A slightly-muffled, timid squeak is the response. Seriously, the sounds this pony makes.
  56. "I'm not gonna hurt you or anything, please just come out,"
  57. >...
  58. >Worth a try.
  59. "I just wanted to apologize. I went completely overboard last night and kind of took out my anger on you,"
  60. >Nothing?
  61. >Well, you did kind of force her to eat half a pound of raw meat.
  62. "Fine, you win, uh... wow, I never got your name, did I?"
  63. >So much for that, you begin to turn away.
  64. >It takes you completely by surprise when she answers you.
  65. >"Fluttershy. My name, it's Fluttershy"
  66. >A while passes as you watch the news.
  67. >It's typical stuff going on around the world:
  68. >That revolt of pony slaves in Kansas and Nebraska was finally put down.
  69. >The UN was bickering about stuff.
  70. >Some of the last of the Equestrian Royal Guard was killed or captured in an allied raid on their hideout.
  71. >And the price of gas went down from the $5 a gallon it was, barely.
  72. >Fluttershy enters the room during a commercial break, took her long enough.
  73. >She keeps her distance, though, she's still wary of you.
  74. >She doesn't seem like the type to walk up and start a conversation, the pony probably has something to ask you.
  75. >You ask her first.
  76. "What's up? Do you need something?"
  77. >You turn the TV off and look over at her.
  78. >She stands nervously, eyes trained down at her hooves.
  79. >"Well, uh, do you have any food that I could eat, i-if that's okay?"
  80. >The mare looks up at you inquisitively.
  81. >She must still be scared that breakfast today will be a repeat of last night.
  82. >You smile warmly, you make sure she recognizes it as genuine.
  83. "Yeah, actually. I was gonna make breakfast in a bit; gotta see what I have, but there'll be something,"
  84. >It's met with a quiet "Thank you"
  85. >Reach the kitchen, Flutter trailing behind you.
  86. >Gesturing to a bag of bagels, you ask:
  87. "You like bagels?"
  88. >She can only barely see them over the counter.
  89. >"Oh, I've never had one before, but I'm sure they're good,"
  90. >Okay, let's see what else you have.
  91. >You search the cupboards; they're never well-stocked, but you actually manage to find an unopened box of cereal off to the side.
  92. >You hold it out to her.
  93. "Looks like I've got some cereal, if you'd rather have that,"
  94. >She examines the minimalistic store-brand box.
  95. >"This also looks good, though,"
  96. >You point towards a bowl over on the other side of the room as the pony puts the cereal box on the counter.
  97. >"There's some fruit over there, if you'd rather have that,"
  98. >"Fruit sounds good, too,"
  99. >She keeps this up as you offer you think she could eat.
  100. >You'll have to make her choose.
  101. "Alright, but which one do you want?"
  102. >She examines everything you've set aside.
  103. >You can't like everything, now can you?
  104. >"Um, well, uh, I kind of might actually like... Nevermind, nevermind,"
  105. >pone_refuses_to_form_opinions_about_breakfast_and_it's_getting_slightly_irritating.jpg
  106. >You decide to help her along.
  107. "If you can't tell me what you want, at least tell me what you think you want,"
  108. >She should be able to recognize the impatience in your voice.
  109. >She contemplates this for a second.
  110. >"O-okay, I was kind of thinking that I'd like like some cereal, but a bagel sounds interesting,"
  111. >You grab the cereal box as she is talking and pour her a bowl.
  112. >"U-uh I was kind of thinking I-"
  113. "Do you like your cereal with milk?"
  114. >"Might have possibly wanted a bagel,"
  115. >You open the fridge and grab the milk jug.
  116. "You couldn't make up your mind, so I decided for you. Now let me ask again, do you prefer cereal with milk?"
  117. >Kind of harsh, but you do legally own her, as a slave, at that.
  118. >She's lucky you gave her a choice at all.
  119. >She considers it for a moment.
  120. >"Oh, alright, I guess I do"
  121. >That's fucking right. Your pony is not an "I don't eat cereal with milk" weirdo.
  122. >You were pretty sure people like that were alien spies or some shit.
  123. >You pour some in the bowl, and put the milk on the counter.
  124. >Take a spoon for her, just to be safe.
  125. >You look over to Fluttershy, she's sitting on the floor out of your way, but still watching what you're doing.
  126. >Nope, you're not exactly sure how a pony eats something like cereal.
  127. >You get yourself some, too.
  128. >Mostly because the box is still open, you've always been kind of lazy.
  129. >You bring the two bowls into the living room, she gets up and follows.
  130. "So, Fluttershy, what'd you do before all this?"
  131. >You place the bowls on the coffee table and take a seat.
  132. >She hesitates to get on the couch for a second, but eventually joins you.
  133. >"Oh, I took care of animals, it was great! There were sooooo many critters and...
  134. >Elaborating on the subject, she ends up giving you a continuous, five-minute-long run-on sentence, describing every unnecessary, excruciating detail about her "animal friends".
  135. >It's pretty cute.
  136. >You have to admit *she's* cute, too.
  137. >This is the happiest you've ever seen her, and it melts yo heart like diabeetus.
  138. >The bowls have been sitting out for all this time, you know what that means.
  139. "Hope you don't mind soggy cereal there,"
  140. >She looks sadly at her breakfast, then to you:
  141. >"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"
  142. >You sigh and shake your head.
  143. "It happens, Flutter. If you still feel like eating it, go ahead,"
  144. >You're not (too) pissed, and soggy cereal is still food.
  145. >She seems to share the sentiment, eating the stuff straight from the bowl.
  146. >So that's how they do it.
  147. >Huh.
  148. >You turn the TV on, it's still on the news channel.
  149. >"... latest reports of gunfire in Washington, D.C., at least 4 dead, Many more wounded, and this is coming to us just as-"
  150. >You shut the TV down.
  151. >So much for that.
  152. >After turning off the TV you spend much of the day in conversation with Fluttershy.
  153. >It's mostly small talk while the both of you tidy up the house.
  154. >She tells you about life back where she came from.
  155. >The little community she lived in, the adventures she had, the friends she loved.
  156. >It would seem as if she had a pretty nice life.
  157. >Your life really wasn't that great.
  158. >But considering what you'd seen other people go through in the past few years?
  159. >Oh, it sure as hell wasn't the worst.
  160. >You had finished your bachelor's degree a year ago, and now ran the family store.
  161. >You weren't drafted, either, but that was a very close call.
  162. >They'd actually called your birthday on the service lottery back when the war was at its climax.
  163. >It was getting brutal over there.
  164. >The sole reason that kept you out of the meat grinder was a tibia that never healed correctly.
  165. >You ponder what might have happened differently over a pile of unfinished tax papers, while Flutter hovers a couple feet in the air, sweeping the floor.
  166. >It's strange how they can fly with wings that small.
  167. >Considering the fact that it's early December, the sun has almost set, even though it's only 4:00.
  168. >Tomorrow is the first day you put your pony to work.
  169. >Yep, you definitely aren't rich enough to buy a slave just as a companion and light housekeeper.
  170. >You'd gone over this with her already.
  171. >You'll have to show her how things work, but manning the cash register and restocking shelves isn't too hard.
  172. >Just tedious.
  173. >Except for when someone tries to sneak out a solar panel or dynamo to get around electricity rationing.
  174. >Or, when someone abandons stealth completely and tries to rob you.
  175. >So many people carry weapons on them these days.
  176. >Hence why you keep a glock under the counter.
  177. >17 shots, no 38.
  178. >The sad part is that it's actually come in handy before.
  179. >Multiple times.
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