Ocarina of Time 100% rules

Jul 7th, 2015
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  1. Obtain 20 Hearts 1
  2. Learn all songs
  3. Collect all 100 Golden Skulltulas 2
  4. Obtain Double Defense and Double Magic
  5. Obtain the Gerudo Card and Stone of Agony
  6. Obtain the Giant's Wallet
  7. Obtain all items on the Item Select subscreen (Eg. Din's Fire, Boomerang) 3 4.
  8. Obtain all equipment on the Equipment subscreen (Eg. Goron Tunic, Hover Boots, Golden Scale) 3
  9. Obtain all Spiritual Stones (Eg. Zora's Sapphire) and Medallions (Eg. Fire Medallion) by triggering the blue warp at the end of each dungeon
  10. Complete the game (reach the credits)
  11. Defeat Ganon
  13. Other notes:
  15. Timing ends on last hit on Ganon
  16. Maps, Compasses, and Boss Keys are not required
  17. Ganon's Castle trials are not required
  18. Obtaining the cow in Link's house is not required
  19. Buying or planting all Magic Beans is not required
  20. Duping a bottle over an item is allowed, but your final inventory must be complete
  21. 1 You must obtain all 8 individual heart containers and all 36 individual heart pieces. Obtaining any of the extra heart pieces do not count towards all hearts.
  22. 2 You may obtain tokens more than once, however you must obtain all individual 100 Golden Skulltulas.
  23. 3 Only highest upgrades are required for the following items. (Eg. Golden Scale, Golden Gauntlets, Longshot)
  24. 4All of the required items must be physically collected (held above Link's head)
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