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SCP Server Info

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  1. <size=30><u>Server Links</u></size>
  2. <color=red>Discord: </color><link="">Click</link>
  3. <color=red>Steam: </color><link="">Click</link>
  4. <color=red>Donations: </color><link="">Click</link>
  6. <size=30><u>Rules</u></size>
  7. <color=red>[1]</color> Do not cooperate with any opposing team, excluding:
  8. <color=red> -   </color>Scientists with Class D
  9. <color=red>[2]</color> Do not delay the round intentionally.
  10. <color=red>[3]</color> Do not grief your teammates, including:
  11. <color=red> -   </color>Closing doors on teammates
  12. <color=red>[4]</color> Mic spamming is prohibited.
  13. <color=red>[5]</color> Refrain from using any derogatory language.
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