A small ornate pocket-watch in GemStoneIV at Ebon Gate 2018

Oct 22nd, 2018
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  1. The Loresong for a small ornate pocket-watch
  3. The small, round pocket-watch is formed of gleaming ornate, strands. On one edge of the pocket-watch, a tiny arrow sits atop a small stem. Surrounding the stem are various engravings. The arrow is currently pointing at the image of an Elf profiled against a bright moon.
  5. V1:
  6. The pocket-watch is delicate and weighs very little... probably less than a pound, in fact. You notice a strange rhythmic pulsation within the lovely object.
  8. V2:
  9. The pocket-watch is indeed vibrating and now you are just barely able to discern a tiny chittering sound escaping from the pocket-watch every so often. Surely, some life form has taken up residence within.
  11. V3:
  12. Odd images rush through your mind as the song continues. You envision a faraway land where strange and exotic creatures roam. The place vibrates to some sort of rhythmic pulsing. Each creature you see seems to move in time to the beat.
  14. V4:
  15. As you sing, the vibration from within the pocket-watch gets stronger with each note. Finally, the cover of a small ornate pocket-watch flies open and a tiny creature leaps up to sing,
  17. Ooooh-da-laaaaaaaay, Oooooh-da-liiiiiiight!
  18. Happy Daaaaaaaaaaay, Happy Niiiiiiiiiiight!
  20. *tap* *tap* *tap* The little creature bangs on the edge of his pocket-watch.
  22. Bless my stars, you're an ugly sight!
  24. With that, the creature sneers mightily at one and all and slams the lid shut after himself.
  26. = = = =
  28. It evidently can be adjusted by timezone:
  30. A tiny creature pops up from Altheren's pocket-watch and shouts, "It's three seventeen Elven Standard time! Now, lemme get some sleep!" With that, the bizarre critter disappears once more, snapping the lid shut behind itself.
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