Distribution of funds

Nov 4th, 2011
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  1. This is a brief note intended to provide direction for any disbursement of all funds and property belonging to myself, Barrett Brown, in the case of my death. A copy has been sent to my attorney, who will not be named here but who will be able to verify my status as her client. This document may be replaced by a more formal version, time permitting; if so, it will be held by the same lawyer.
  3. All of my cash is in a Chase account. This, along with any other funds that may derive from the sale of any of my work and other funds that would go to my estate, is to be put into a fund which will itself be administered by my lawyer in conjunction with one U.S. citizen and one Australian citizen who themselves are channel operators at (hereafter known as the "triumvirate." The money is to be used for the following program:
  5. Ten villages in East Africa, preferably Tanzania, are to be chosen with the intent of each village being similar in population and standard of living. The money will be divided into ten parts. A contest will be held whereby would-be participants will provide a 1,000-word treatise on the subject of how a village may best have its standard of living improved with a small amount of funds. The ten winners will be chosen by the triumvirate, after which point each winner will be assigned a village and given access to the money, which will be dispensed in each case in accordance with whatever plan is produced by each winner. After a year, an assessment will be made, and an honorary "winner" will be chosen based on the results. Regardless of who wins and what village he has overseen, those implementations made across the contest that are deemed to be of most use will be chosen and combined into a new package which will then serve as a model for further implementations across the region and elsewhere. Any additional money that derives from my work or which is raised by the Triumvirate and its representatives will go to implementing this plan.
  7. Barrett Brown
  8. 11/4/2011
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