Finally Got An Update Out! | (04/09/2019)

Feb 3rd, 2020
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  1. The latest Peelopaalu update has just been added and consists of 96 new links. The 96 links that have been added originally started off at around the 120 mark, but because I'm incredibly critical of everything I add, several were dropped for not being of high enough quality/obscurity to be listed. Tryhard useless "omg so randumb ecks dee" sites like OMFGDOGS are still not being accepted onto the list because they bore the ever living hell out of me.
  3. Hope you all like this new update! Should be another one coming eventually but I'm currently quite occupied with IRL stuff, so when that'll be I don't know. Hope the new 96 keep you busy in the meantime, and I hope the big update makes up for the lack of activity these last two weeks.
  5. - Snooper
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