Kallabash's Backstory

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  1. he was from Planet Sadala (Or whatever is the planet Saiyans come from nowadays), and a colony of about six Saiyan families went to Namek. Obviously his, was included. His father, Lantpeg, her mother, Elom, and his newborn sister, Cumbi were in the north section of the planet.
  3.  The Namekians openly accepted them as they were already told of their arrival. There was a thing they didn't know. The Cold Force was visitting Namek and many other planets often, looking for the remaining Saiyans so they wouldn't become a problem in the future, ordered by one of the leaders of the organization (possibly dead).
  5. One day, they went to Namek, causing chaos. The Namekians, afraid, told them of their location. Kallabash's family was the last, so they had time to be warned. Sadly though, the parents thought it wasn't much of a big deal, so they didn't try to run...But when they came?
  7. The only thing that made Kallabash and Cumbi notice that they were here, was that his parents were on the floor, lifeless. The soldiers were looking for the children. Cumbi cried again and again but Kallabash just tried to comfort her, so they couldn't know where they were. Eventually, they found them, and they killed Cumbi first beacuse they saw she had an absurd power level for a baby (5,000).
  9. Some witnesses said that the only thing they could see was flashes of golden light sprouting from the area, destruction going where the light did. Some even had the luck (or misfortune) to say they saw one of the soldiers being massacred by a golden haired three year old child.
  10. Then, Cold was called in. And so he took care of the problem himself, using his Psycho Energy on the raging, wild, Super Saiyan Kallabash.
  12.  He lost any memories about his family, or that he lived in Namek. He was taken to the Saiyan planet, leaving him to another family. But this wasn't a loving one. They demanded him to get stronger or they'd kill him themselves, as he was a weakling. He was often misstreated by them, hit, stabbed, cut, just beacuse he didn't train hard enough the current day. Kallabash's streak of misfortune didn't end there, as his 'parents' were part of a Saiyan gang, and they agreed to attack him if they saw him on the streets, to test if he was strong enough already.
  13. He wasn't.
  14. The only way he could be safe, even in his own home, was to be the strongest. And so he trained, hiding from them.
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