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  3. Username: J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. Password: Zhong Chenle
  8. Slot: Black on Black
  9. Slot Backup: Cherry bomb
  10. Face claim: Im Yeojin (Loona)
  11. Face claim backup: Olivia Hye (Loona)
  15. Name: Lee Minji
  16. Age: 17
  17. Height: 162cm
  18. Nicknames: Minnie, JiJi, PMJ
  19. Birthdate: 20 July, 2001
  20. Blood type: O
  21. Nationality: Korean
  22. Ethnicity: Korean
  23. Languages: Korean, Japanese and English
  25. FATALE
  27. Background: Minji grew up in Busan and she was a girl with a lot of freedom. Her parents were always working to earn a lot of money, and her Brother was caught up in his own life. While growing up, She had a lot of friends and she could go out with them whenever she wanted. She loved fashion and social media, so she spent a lot of time on instagram and she eventually became a rather popular instagram user. She didn't care much about her fame, she just wanted to have fun. Her parents wanted her Brother to take over their company even though he didn't want to, so unless things change, she can do whatever she wants.
  28. Personality: Minji is a very childish, playful and cute girl for her age. She loves to have fun with her friends and she'll crack lame jokes and puns every chance she gets. She had always been the youngest in her group so she's always trying to act older than she is. She also spends a lot of time on social media and she has a particular interest in fashion. People think that she is just an annoying spoiled and "dumb blonde" little girl when honestly she just needs some love and fun. When you give it to her, she'll be a really nice, funny and great Friend. She doesn't open up at first when you don't know her well but as you get closer to her, her weird personality will show more.
  30. • Hide and seek
  31. • bubble tea
  32. • Social media
  33. • Fashion
  34. • Pranks
  35. • Music
  36. Dislikes:
  37. • Being ignored
  38. • Boredom
  39. • Creepy crawlies
  40. • Mean People
  41. • Bitter food
  42. Trivia:
  43. • Minji had a YouTube channel called TroubLEE while she was growing up. She did a lot of fun and weird stuff which grew to be a part of her personality.
  44. • Minji thinks she can rap and she tries because she has a Brother who raps and she looks up to him.
  45. • Minji is actually really flexible. Some people call her a human pretzel. The angles that she can bend into are unhuman!!!
  46. • If there is one thing you must absolutely know about Minji, it's keep the candy away from her. She's not already as hyper as Sheba is so imagine her on sugar rush. Not a good thing.
  47. • Minji struggles with having a  positive relationship with others. She can't help herself and she tries to change but it doesn't seem to work.
  51. Love interest: Donghyuck
  52. Love interest Backup: Jaemin
  53. First impression:
  54. Boy view- She seems like a rather immature and childish girl. She's quite cute though...
  55. Girl view: Wow, I wonder what his personality is like. He looks cute!!!
  56. Scene requests:
  57. • Tons of pranks with Haechan unless it's Jaemin then I would love a lot of fun days out at the arcade or somewhere else :)
  58. • A few study sessions with her Unnies because she could really use some.
  59. • Minji isn't used to having a roommate since she always had a room to herself, so her roommate is going to find days with her interesting such as pillow fights and some surprises.
  60. • Since Minji isn't really a study girl, she will occasionally decide to skip classes. She doesn't mind having detention to be honest, she thinks that the fun days skipping class especially with a Friend are worth it.
  61. Extra: -
  63. LOVE
  65. Other scene requests: -
  66. Anything else I should know:
  67. •Minji isn't that good in her studies. She can get As of course but it's unstable and it'll drop and come back up.
  68. • Minji is a hard one to get up in the morning. She's always one of the last ones up.
  69. • Minji has a reputation. She is actually innocent girl who tries her hardest to be good but she has the reputation of a savage rule breaker and a mischievous cutie.
  70. Message to author: Hi!!! I actually love your books and I find you as an inspiring and nice person so ILYSM and I'd be on cloud nine if I were accepted (I'm overly dramatic and childish sorry)
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