Fizzling Magma 14 (AiE; Fizzle)

Jul 13th, 2014
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >You were far too exhausted to dream that night, the long bout of sex with Fizzle tired you out
  3. >Even without dreaming, you felt that tingling feeling from his cum persist
  4. >Like some sort of energy was spreading around your body as you snoozed
  5. >It felt strange but oddly soothing
  6. >As if every part of your body was being caressed by gentle breezes
  7. >Whatever the case, aware of it or not, you slept like a rock
  8. >You may have continued to do so well into the afternoon had you not been awoken by a high pitched scream
  9. >Too masculine to be a mare's and far too feminine to be a stallion
  10. >You open one eye and all doubt about who the scream belonged to was gone
  11. >Fizzle nearly fell out of bed, pulling the covers onto his body in some pathetic effort to protect himself
  12. >What the fuck from, you wondered...
  13. >"WHO ARE YOU?!?! WHERE'S ANON!??!"
  14. >Fizzle yelped and flailed his arms as he lost his balance, falling out of the bed and landing dead on his rump
  15. >You sit up in a rush and balling your fists ready to fight whatever was in the room
  16. >There was nothing, save the scorched roof and ruined curtains from the night before
  17. >Something felt off though, like your body was heavier but for some reason moved almost faster
  18. >When you turned back to Fizzle, he scrambled off the floor and ran on all fours to the other side of the room, his back to the wall
  19. >He's panting hard and staring at you
  20. >The fuck is going on?
  21. >He has a mix of fear and anger in his eyes, his nose beginning to smoke
  22. >You yell for Fizzle to calm down
  23. >Your voice makes the entire room shake
  24. >"You d-d-d-d-don't scare me!'re a bad dragon!!"
  25. >You hold your hands up
  26. >Except
  27. >They're not hands
  28. >Holy shit what?
  29. >Green scales, sharp talons, four fingers on each one
  30. >You follow them down your arms...also covered in green scales
  31. >"What...did you do with him!? I loved him!!! Why would you eat him!?!?"
  32. >You shout that it's you, though not as loud as before
  33. >Even though you don't know what the hell is going on
  34. >You can't have Fizzle burning your house down or attacking you
  35. >".....Anon...? No way Anon is a....really handsome...something! You're a dragon!"
  36. >You crane your head down more and see an underbelly of black scales meeting more green
  37. >Holy fucking shit
  38. >You were...
  39. >You bolt out of bed
  40. >Fizzle leaps out of your way as you crash through your bedroom doorway
  41. >Something on your back caught the molding, the whole thing came ripping out with you
  42. >You don't care, molding can be replaced
  43. >You're barely able to walk as it is, stumbling through the hallway toward the bathroom
  44. >You nearly pull the bathroom door off its hinges
  45. >Get to the mirror
  46. >What stares back makes your heart freeze in your chest
  47. >Long snout, sharp teeth, red eyes
  48. >Ears poking from the tops of your head, complete with the same fluffy scales Fizzle has
  49. >Spines the same black color as your underbelly stretched down your long neck
  50. >Speaking of that, the black underbelly scales went all the way down to your...
  51. > OHHELLNO!
  53. >You lunge with your hand but stop halfway
  54. >Sharpclaws, crotch, bad idea
  55. >OK OK don't panic
  56. >Fizzle's is inside him, right?
  57. >It's there like
  58. >Wait why are you rationalizing your junk being ok when this was happening!?
  59. >Why DID this happen!?
  60. >Why is your once chiseled abs replaced with a bulky dragon belly covered with black scales!?
  61. >The same black scales are under you...wings!?
  62. >You have wings?!
  63. >You open them and immediately regret it
  64. >Towels, shower curtain and everything else behind you goes flying everywhere
  65. >You curse loudly and a ball of gold fire flies from your mouth
  66. >It thankfully hits the sink but you still freak out more than you already are
  67. >"An....non?"
  68. >Fizzle peeks from the half open door
  69. >You ignore him for now
  70. >You stop, grab the sink to hold yourself up and try to breathe
  71. >Slow, deep, breaths
  72. >This must be just a dream
  73. >Ha ha ha, really funny, Luna
  74. >You look up at the ceiling and tell that whore to come out and show herself
  75. >The door slowly opens
  76. >Fizzle leans in, genuinely frightened
  77. >You didn't mean him
  78. >Fizzle you're too damned cute...even right now
  79. >"Are you....really...Anon?"
  80. >You slowly nod, but your head moves a lot more than you would have wanted it
  81. >"I...found...and I thought..."
  82. >Fizzle holds up broken pieces of metal
  83. >Wait
  84. >That's the armband you've been wearing this whole time!
  85. >It's broken and you're now a...what the blueberry fuck!??
  86. >You had to find Twilight Sparkle
  87. >She made the thing for you in the first place, she'd know what to do
  88. >Right...?
  89. >"I're....really ....really hot... dragon...Anon."
  90. >You open the door the rest of the way
  91. >Fizzle blushed and covered his crotch
  92. >Oh Fizzle...even at a time like this...
  93. >You tell him not now though, this was a little too serious even for his cute libido
  94. >Twilight should be awake and if she's not she was going to be when you got there
  95. >You push past Fizzle, pulling a coat from your hangar and pulling it on
  96. >You hear it tear as you tried to wrap it over your back
  97. >Son of a bitch
  98. >"Anon...I don't think...that's going to're too.."
  99. >You curse and pull the front door open
  100. >A tiny voice in your head suggests you fly to Twilight's but you have no idea how
  101. >Plus who knows this might be temporary and turning back into an ass naked human at one hundred feet didn't seem very pleasant
  102. >So you walk, very briskly, to Twilight's house
  103. >Fizzle followed, slightly awkwardly as he struggled to pull a coat on
  104. >"Wait up! Anon...aren't you cold!?"
  105. >Too annoyed to be cold, Fizzle
  106. >He caught up and is keeping pace at least
  107. >Ponies were giving you both a wide berth, likely the aggravated expression on your dragon-face kept them from approaching you
  108. >It was for the best, you were in no mood for parties or questions about why you were a dragon
  109. >If they could even tell it was you
  110. >They may think you're a pissed off friend of Fizzle's
  111. >"D-d-do you think Twilight knows what happened? Why would...why would you wake up a dragon?"
  112. >You have no idea why...unless
  113. >The thought seems to enter Fizzle's mind the same time it does yours
  114. >Did...doing this!?
  115. >You reach Twilight's library
  116. >"...if I knew this was going to happen I would have told you I loved you sooner!"
  117. >That is....not the same conclusion you arrived at..
  120. * * *
  122. >Be Fizzle
  123. >Sitting outside Twilight's house, thinking about stuff
  124. >Been out here a long time, Twilight and Anon sure must be talking a lot
  125. >Good thing there is so much to think about!
  126. >I told Anon I loved him
  127. >He loved you back!
  128. >I was his bestest best dragon ever!
  129. >Then he finally let me have sex with him and be on top!
  130. >It felt so amazing and his butt was so great and...
  131. >I had to squeeze my legs together and try to stop thinking about that
  132. >This was serious time, Fizzle!
  133. >Can't be having thoughts of sex
  134. >When Anon was somehow a dragon now
  135. >Anon thinks it was cause you made love to him and your seed was all dragony and it made him turn into one
  136. >That didn't seem right...
  137. >Even if Anon was the only person you ever did that with
  138. >Teenage dragons have sex with other things all the time!
  139. >Griffons even have contests to try and 'ride' the biggest dragon!
  140. >They don't turn into dragons!
  141. >So why would Anon!?
  142. >Not that it was so bad...he...was really handsome...and big
  143. >Even taller than before
  144. >Plus his arms looked really really strong
  145. >I'd never feel lonely or afraid ever if I could lay in his arms and...
  146. >Dammit, stop it Fizzle!!
  147. >What if he were to come out right---
  148. >Sure enough, Anon and Twilight came out of her house
  149. >Anon was still a dragon
  150. >A big green one with big wings and black spines and underscales and..
  151. >A really hot, sexy, deep voice and...
  152. >I swallowed hard and tried not to stare too much
  153. >"Hi Fizzle!"
  154. >...I didn't even see Spike
  155. >In fact, had Twilight not come out of the house first I don't think I would have noticed her either
  156. >Anon was just too sexy now!!
  157. >Speaking of Anon, he was talking about what happened
  158. >He said that it was a combination of the magic from the armlet, us being in love, and my...fluids
  159. >I blushed and chuckled nervously as Twilight rolled her eyes
  160. >"I was going to research magic to change Anon back, but he decided to stay this way"
  161. >Anon nodded and opened his wings
  162. >They were so huge, I nearly swooned~
  163. >"Who wouldn't want to be a dragon?"
  164. >Spike perked up again and Twilight shook her head
  165. >"I wouldn't want to be a dragon if I had to do it THAT way..."
  166. >Anon snorted, a little wisp of gold flame dissipating in the open air as he gave Twilight a dirty look
  167. >"Not that there's anything wrong with that! I'm sure you and Fizzle are really...aheh...cute together!"
  168. >Twilight faked a smile and trotted back to her house
  169. >"Oh man this is awesome!"
  170. >Spike hopped a little as he wandered around Anon, looking him over
  171. >"I always knew you shoulda been a dragon, Anon! Ever since that time you got Vex in a headlock and held him under the lava!"
  172. >Anon chuckled and brofisted Spike
  173. >Even his laugh was making my heart flutter
  174. >It was him but it was just
  175. >Anon was calling my name and waving his claw in front of my face
  176. "I must have...spaced out yea....stuff"
  177. >Anon chuckled again and pulled me into a hug
  178. >He was so much stronger now~
  179. >I nearly yelped when my head hit his chest but it was so nice and comfy...even if it was a little firmer cause of scales and
  180. >Those muscles oh my...
  181. >I nuzzled him
  182. "I love you, Anon!"
  183. Spike gagged and coughed
  184. >"I'll...go see if Twilight has something less gross for me to do..."
  185. >Spike left
  186. >Just me and Anon now!
  187. >Me and MY best dragon!
  188. >I called him that last night because I forgot what he was but...
  189. >Now he really was my
  190. "Best dragon...."
  191. >He said it back and ran his claws through my headscales
  192. >Officially about to swoon now
  193. >Anon might have to carry me home!
  194. >I bet he could and not even get tired...
  195. >A gust of wind kicked up and both of us shivered
  196. >Yea being a dragon isn't all that fun
  197. >He suggested we go back home and I nodded
  198. >He released me from the hug but he kept one claw in mine
  199. >He's holding my hand!!!
  200. >Breathe, Fizzle, Breathe!!
  201. >As we walked, some of the ponies were curious why there were two dragons and asked
  202. >Anon wasn't all grumpy face now so they must not be scared anymore
  203. >Anon explained it to them
  204. >Well, most of it, he left out the part about me doing him in the butt
  205. >Speaking of...his butt is really really really really really REALLY nice now~
  206. >I wanted to reach out and grab it
  207. >It must be super smooth, the scales were almost shimmering in the sunlight!
  208. >...
  209. >...
  210. >I really needed to get home before I popped one in public
  211. >After explaining to almost a dozen ponies what happened, we got back to Anon's house
  212. >Anon stopped and started looking at it, then looking back at us
  213. >"What's wrong..?"
  214. >Anon shook his head
  215. >He said as much as he loved Ponyville, we might have to think about moving
  216. >"What!? Why? I like our home...and the hottub! What about the hottub?"
  217. >Anon laughed and I felt my heart tremble from the vibrations
  218. >He said that just one dragon was burning down curtains and wrecking walls, now two might be a bit too much for the tiny place
  219. >Another gust of wind came and I found myself clutching Anon's arm to keep warm
  220. >Unlike usual, though, it didn't work very well
  221. >There was that too, he continued, it was only going to get colder here
  222. >The dragons migrate to the magma pools for a reason
  223. >I nodded and sighed, a little sad
  224. >This would mean having to leave the ponies and going back to Garble and the rest
  225. >"Anon...I'm happy here...I don't wanna leave...what about Spike!? And--"
  226. >I was interrupted by confetti and streamers
  227. >Pinkie Pie!?
  228. >"Anon!! Congratulations! I didn't know humans turned into what they fell in love with!"
  229. >He raised a hand to explain but she was already dancing and handing out sparklers
  230. >She pushed one into my claw and winked
  231. >I chuckled but I was still a little upset
  232. >I didn't want to leave our house, it was nice and cozy
  233. >Its where we first really became close!
  234. >Pinkie had finished her song and was checking Anon out
  235. >Not that way, she was curious!
  236. >I grabbed my tail and started fiddling with the spines
  237. >I wouldn't be able to hide that I was...different...from Garble and the rest anymore
  238. >Not if Anon was going to be with me all the time
  239. >What would they think?
  240. >What would they say!?
  241. >They might kick us out and then we'd have nowhere to go!
  242. "Anon...I don't want to move away..."
  243. >Pinkie stopped and her jaw hit the floor
  244. >"What do you mean move!? Anon, you can't leave! HOWCOULDYOULEAVE?!"
  245. >Anon tries to explain but Pinkie won't let him get a word in
  246. >He looks at me funny and I squeeze my tail and try and look away
  247. >I really didn't want to leave...sorry, Anon
  248. >There had to be a way we could stay here!
  249. >Together, with the ponies, with Spike...
  250. >...away from the other dragons...
  251. >Anon is finally getting some dialog in with Pinkie
  252. >He's saying they're going to be too big and winter will be too cold for them
  253. >Pinkie isn't buying it, swearing there is plenty of room for them to build a better house
  254. >That Twilight could magic up a magma pool for us and make the walls out of stone so the house doesn't burn down and well
  255. >She carried on
  256. >Anon looked annoyed but he was beginning to snort less and nod more
  257. >He was asking if Pinkie knew if Twilight could do things like that
  258. >Of course she can, Anon! She's the reason we even met!
  259. >"...and that's why you can never neverneverneverNEVER leave!"
  260. >Pinkie flopped to the ground and took deep breaths
  261. >Anon shook his head and patted hers
  262. >He said he'd promise to explore every option before considering leaving
  263. >"Good! I'll tell Twilight you need spells! You both wait right here!!"
  264. >Pinkie got maybe a foot away before she spun back around
  266. >And she was off
  267. >Just me and Draganon now
  268. >Hehe, Draganon...
  269. "I like it here, Anon."
  270. >He nods and wraps a wing behind my back
  271. >His wings are like double the size of mine it feels great!
  272. "I think...maybe if we get super nice coats and somehow turn the hottub into a lava pit..."
  273. >Anon shushes me and rubs my headscales
  274. >He says we'll stay
  275. >That truthfully he was worried about hurting one of the ponies or breaking something cause of his new body and all
  276. "You're a good dragon, Anon. You wouldn't....I'll show you how to be gentle and everything!"
  277. >He smiles and gives me another squeeze
  278. >I feel so safe and happy right now
  279. >He whispers that he loves me
  280. "I love you too, best dragon"
  281. >I giggle a little, using his term of endearment back
  282. >He does too, and sits with me on the soft grass
  283. >We hear Pinkie yelling in the distance and an annoyed Twilight following her
  284. >It's going to be a busy couple of days!
  285. >Not to mention chilly and maybe a little uncomfortable!
  286. >But for Anon it was worth it
  287. >Thanks to him, I'm happy
  288. >Finally, really happy!
  289. >I squeeze his big claw and bury my head into his scaly chest
  290. >I'm never letting him go again
  291. >He was my bestdragon, afterall~
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