The Roblox D-Class Experience Credits

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  1. Text to speech by Cepstral
  2. roljui - You're Not Wrong
  3. Prison ambiance
  4. "ive fallen and i cant get up" voice sampled from Life Call commercial
  5. Max McFerren - Compressor Works Twang
  6. "FUN POLICE" sound effect from Risk of Rain stone golem spawn sfx
  7. Football sportscaster voice by Bob Menery
  8. "wasted" death screen design from GTA series
  9. Baiyon - _color()
  10. Various sfx taken from SCP Containment Breach/Secret Laboratory
  11. Dark Places
  12. Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions - Hangin with the Worms
  13. Radio chatter sounds from Half Life 2
  14. Map exit sound from PS2 startup screen
  15. Wayne Jones - Resolution
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