Breakfast - Sweet honey dawn

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >"It's so comfy!"
  3. >And Hexferry is laying on your bed.
  4. >Hexferry has been at your home for a few hours now, and it's time to get to bed.
  5. >After all, this is your sleepover.
  6. >... You're now glad you have such a big bed.
  7. >It might be awkward if you had a small bed.
  8. >"Your room is really nice."
  9. >It's... quaint. The carpet is really soft, the drawers and closet are spacious to be efficient, the room is colors pretty dark...
  10. >And your bed is comfy.
  11. >The pillows are plush and the blankets are soft.
  12. "Thank you."
  13. >She reaches into the bag she put at her side of the bed.
  14. >Right, she brought a bag of things with her. She already did whatever hygiene she needed to do, and there are already enough blankets on the bed...
  15. >She pulls out... a cloth of some kind.
  16. >... And starts putting it on.
  17. >What... is that?
  18. >Hexferry must have noticed because she's looking at you like you said something confusing.
  19. >"What?"
  20. "What is that?"
  21. >"These?"
  22. >She gestures to the cloth she's... half-wearing.
  23. >"These are pajamas. Have you really never seen pajamas before?"
  24. >... You shake your head.
  25. >She blinks and continues putting them on.
  26. >"It's basically just sleepwear. Some ponies put them on before going to bed, some don't. Though, generally, most ponies who wear pajamas to bed are just foals..."
  27. >She looks a little embarrassed.
  28. >You move toward the light switch and wait for her to have her... pajamas on.
  29. >... You get a better look at them.
  31. >They're a soft yellow-orange, one able to make Hexferry stand out even while almost completely covered in them.
  32. >They remind you of honey.
  33. >Well, with how much she loves honey, that makes sense.
  34. >... You're getting that weird light-heart feeling from looking at her.
  35. >She looks at you for a second then turns away.
  36. >"S-stop looking at me like that; I know they're for foals, but I just really like wearing them. They're warm and soft and... they make me feel safe."
  37. >Warm, soft and safe; that sounds like your ideal article of clothing.
  38. "... That's fine."
  39. >Her turned gaze softens and she smiles.
  40. >"... I like how you always sound sincere. You don't say much, but what you do say sounds like what you truly feel."
  41. >... You weren't aware.
  42. >You just never really wasted your words saying something you didn't believe was true.
  43. >Well, you've lied to her before, but you haven't done it recently.
  44. "Can I turn off the light?"
  45. >You're getting better at this "courtesy" thing.
  46. >Hexferry nods and goes under the blankets.
  47. >The light goes out and the room is filled with darkness.
  48. >There are no windows; there is no light coming in.
  49. >Your room is pure darkness.
  50. >Hexferry squeaks.
  51. >... She must not have been expecting it.
  52. >Maybe you aren't getting better with courtesy.
  53. "... Sorry."
  54. >"No, it's fine, I just... wasn't expecting it."
  55. >It's good to know you can still guess causes and effects.
  56. >You easily make your way to the bed and get on.
  57. >The darkness of your room doesn't even affect you; you've walked this exact room in darkness so many times, you can't even mess it up.
  60. >You tuck yourself in on your side of the bed.
  61. >... It's so calming but you still feel odd.
  62. >This is the first time the two of you have been sleeping in the same building by choice.
  63. >You wonder...
  64. >"Shimmer?"
  65. >She sounds both tired and restless.
  66. >... She herself is tired, but her sounds restless, as though she is going to say something she's wanted to say for a while.
  67. "What?"
  68. >"... What do you think of me?"
  69. >... How surreal.
  70. >You remember her asking this before. Back then, you were different.
  71. >Now...
  72. "... I like you."
  73. >... There were a few moments of silence.
  74. >You really wish you could see her expression, this would be a lot easier.
  75. >Did you say something wrong?
  76. >You hear a little movement and a sniffle from Hexferry's side of the bed.
  77. >"Th-thank you..."
  78. >She's teary-eyed and happy.
  79. >You're relieved.
  80. >This is probably the best birthday you've had.
  81. >... Even if you're the only one who knows it's that day.
  82. >You both sleep after only a few minutes of laying down.
  83. >...
  84. >You were very glad you woke up before Hexferry did, because...
  85. >Well, you woke up with your fore-legs around her.
  86. >To your credit, you weren't the only one who moved while sleeping.
  87. >... But that didn't stop you from gently moving away to your half of the bed.
  88. >The rest of the sleepover was... "fun".
  89. >Hexferry helped you cook breakfast.
  90. >Your eggs were almost burnt while her pancakes were gooey and perfect.
  91. >The shake you made of the pancakes was perfect.
  92. >At the end of it, Hexferry said she loved it and would happily do it again whenever you were free.
  93. >... You agreed to have the next one in a week at Hexferry's house.
  94. >It was definitely the best birthday you've had.
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