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  1. Alicia Diaz U look sexxy baby
  2. about an hour ago · Like
  3. Samantha Smith don't lie to the boy. you gonna get his hopes up :(
  4. about an hour ago · Like
  5. Alicia Diaz No bc he my bf
  6. about an hour ago · Like
  7. Alicia Diaz I not lieing to him
  8. about an hour ago · Like
  9. Samantha Smith well, with spelling like that, i can see why you think he's attractive o.o
  10. 50 minutes ago · Like
  11. Alicia Diaz Stop being bicy
  12. 49 minutes ago · Like
  13. Alicia Diaz Bitch
  14. 48 minutes ago · Like
  15. Samantha Smith yeah, you might want to get a dictionary. It seems you're having some trouble :(
  16. 48 minutes ago · Like
  17. Alicia Diaz Fuck u u bitch and. No. I don't. Ok. Bitch
  18. 40 minutes ago · Like
  19. Samantha Smith Well girl, you obviously never learned proper punctuation, or the fact that it's rude to curse people out who would easily come over, cut out your tongue, and feed it to you. You REALLY should be nicer to people :(
  20. 37 minutes ago · Like
  21. Samantha Smith Just some advice sweetheart
  22. 37 minutes ago · Like
  23. Alicia Diaz Noo. I not nice
  24. 36 minutes ago · Like
  25. Samantha Smith oh. more good advice would be to not get so mad at internet shit. seriously, its just text on a screen. grow up ;)
  26. 36 minutes ago · Like
  27. Samantha Smith and it would be "No, I'm not nice."
  28. 36 minutes ago · Like
  29. Alicia Diaz And. My. Bf. Not. Ugly ok and his.mine
  30. 34 minutes ago · Like
  31. Samantha Smith oh believe me, i don't want him xD Lamar's a friend of mine, and that's about it.
  32. 33 minutes ago · Like
  33. Alicia Diaz But he not ugly
  34. 32 minutes ago · Like
  35. Alicia Diaz No stop tel what to fucking do hole shit
  36. 30 minutes ago · Like
  37. Alicia Diaz I don't have grow the fuck up shit
  38. 30 minutes ago · Like
  39. Samantha Smith you're breaking down into incomprehensible mumbojumbo. If we're to hold a conversation, please let it be in english. or russian. i do SO love the russian language. it's a very sexy language.
  40. 28 minutes ago · Like
  41. Alicia Diaz I not a nice girl
  42. 25 minutes ago · Like
  43. Samantha Smith you're not "nice" at spelling or grammar either. bit of a shame.
  44. 24 minutes ago · Like
  45. Samantha Smith so tell me, is this a facade to fit in? or are you actually this mind-numbingly moronic?
  46. 24 minutes ago · Like
  47. Alicia Diaz I hate ppl make fun if me that can't spell ok so plz stop
  48. 21 minutes ago · Like
  49. Samantha Smith i'm not making fun of you at all. there's no malicious intent here. if you actually have aproblem with spelling, then i suggest picking up a book and reading. it does wonders for the vocabulary.
  50. 19 minutes ago · Like
  51. Alicia Diaz Sorry I don't know how ok hole shit leave me alone bye
  52. 17 minutes ago · Like
  53. Malcom Moss SHUT THE FU*K UP!!!!!!!!!!
  54. 17 minutes ago · Like
  55. Samantha Smith Malcom, you DO realize there's an UNFOLLOW POST option?
  56. 16 minutes ago · Like
  57. Alicia Diaz Yea shutup Sam plzz
  58. 15 minutes ago · Like
  59. Samantha Smith if you can spell "please" correctly, i will :P
  60. 15 minutes ago · Like
  61. Alicia Diaz Shut the fuck up hole shit what ur prombel like really. Hole fuck
  62. 12 minutes ago · Like
  63. Malcom Moss You know this fight is dumb right. Lol there not even my bro glasses lol
  64. 11 minutes ago · Like
  65. Samantha Smith im assuming you're trying to spell "holy". second of all, would you be so kind as to tell me what "prombel" is?
  66. third, you do realize i'm absolutely laughing my ass off over here while you sit there and get angry?
  67. 10 minutes ago · Like
  68. Samantha Smith ‎*they're :P
  69. 10 minutes ago · Like
  70. Samantha Smith and of course it's stupid
  71. 10 minutes ago · Like
  72. Samantha Smith i'm just amusing myself at her expense
  73. 10 minutes ago · Like
  74. Alicia Diaz I don't give a shit ok. Bye bicth
  75. 9 minutes ago · Like
  76. Samantha Smith bicth? dear me, i can't seem to understand a word you're saying now :(
  77. 8 minutes ago · Like
  78. Alicia Diaz Noow u got on my bad side that not god o fill out when ppl get really mad
  79. 8 minutes ago · Like
  80. Samantha Smith ‎^^^ i have no idea what you said past bad side. and im not even joking right now.
  81. 7 minutes ago · Like
  82. Samantha Smith but girl, seriously. if you think you can step to me and walk away alive, you're more than welcome to try :)
  83. 7 minutes ago · Like
  84. Alicia Diaz Cry me a River. Bitch. U fucking ugly
  85. 6 minutes ago · Like
  86. Samantha Smith word of advice, stay safe behind your computer, if you value keeping your guts inside your body. ♥
  87. 6 minutes ago · Like
  88. Alicia Diaz U look guy
  89. 5 minutes ago · Like
  90. Samantha Smith Come on Lamar, you can do better than this girl. God damn dude. She ain't even all that attractive, and dumb as a fuckin rock too. I thought you had more pride than that. shiiiiiit bro, let me know when you get a girl worthy of you :P
  91. 5 minutes ago · Like
  92. Samantha Smith Alicia, i'm sorry, didn't get that. i look guy?
  93. 4 minutes ago · Like
  94. Samantha Smith how does one look "guy"?
  95. 4 minutes ago · Like
  96. Samantha Smith are you saying i look gay? or like a guy? i'm confused.
  97. 4 minutes ago · Like
  98. Samantha Smith which one is it?
  99. 4 minutes ago · Like
  100. Alicia Diaz Bitch. I more pretty then u
  101. 2 minutes ago · Like
  102. Samantha Smith like i give a rat's ass xD
  103. a few seconds ago · Like
  104. Samantha Smith I value my intelligence far more than my looks
  105. a few seconds ago · Like
  106. Samantha Smith and girl, as far as brains go, i've got you beat all to hell and back :)
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