[TLH/SinKid] Toby defends Rochelle

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  1. It was a warm summer day. Toby, having finished his last class for the day, was making his way to catch up with his 16-year-old sister, Rochelle.
  2. She was usually a little later out of class than he was, partly due to mobility but mostly due to her asking the teachers questions. The girl really wanted to be a nurse or doctor and had the drive to work towards it. It was admirable.
  3. When he rounded the corner, he expected to see her at her locker, packing her bags or something.
  4. He didn't expect her to be surrounded by a group.
  5. He moved closer. He spotted a couple of girls and a few boys. They were laughing, and maliciously.
  6. "C-come on, guys, don't be so m-mean." Rochelle said, with a hint of concern.
  7. One of the girls laughed. "Aww, wassamatter, you gonna cry?"
  8. One of the boys shoved Rochelle into the locker door. Her legs buckled and she fell to the floor with a pained grunt, to the laughter of the group.
  9. Toby saw red, but he managed to keep his rage in check as he approached. "Oh, real mature, guys. Bullying a disabled woman. That's gonna look *real* good on your record."
  10. The group turned to face him. "Oh look, it's her bro." One of the boys said. "Get lost, nerd."
  11. "Toby...!" Rochelle hissed at him, slowly pulling herself back up. "I c-can handle this..."
  12. "I guess you didn't get my hint." Toby sighed. "Lemme make it so clear even you can understand. You keep picking on Rochelle, the principal is going to hear about it."
  13. "Are you threatening us, loser?" One of the girls asked.
  14. "Not directly, no." Toby shifted his position, placing his better foot forward. "But seriously, why are you even bullying her? She's dealt with worse than you, you're not gonna get to her."
  15. "You looking for a fight, wimp?" One of the boys, easily twice his width, asked.
  16. "Gonna throw down to save your beloved damsel in distress?" One of the girls mocked him, then imitated kissing noises.
  17. "Okay, first of all, ew, no, she's my sister." Toby frowned. "And secondly, I don't want to fight you guys. You leave Rochelle alone, you won't have any trouble. Underst-"
  18. The largest boy simply yelled and swung a wide punch at him. He managed to sidestep, sticking out a leg to trip him over. He hit the lino floor with a solid thump.
  19. "As I said, you leave her alone, and I won't report you." He sighed. "Is she really worth picking on?"
  20. One of the other boys charged him and swung at him. He caught his arm and swivelled it behind his back just as his friends came at him, their blow striking Toby's shield. He pushed them away, and they staggered away.
  21. "Jeez, is she really that important to you? Why is she even-?"
  22. "Toby!" Rochelle yelled out. Toby found himself black out for a moment as his body lurched forwards, the large boy having punched him square in the back. Just as he recovered, another fist hit him in the stomach, winding him. He fell to his knee just as kick went towards him. He barely managed to catch it and flip the boy over, and get back on his feet before he was shoved into the locker doors.
  23. "Ah, you're mad cuz you don't like being challenged."
  24. He dipped to his knees just as two of them swung at him again. Their fists hit the doors and rang out throughout the hallway. He dived to the side and rolled back onto his feet, then stepped backward and past the two girls spectating.
  25. The boys went to charge, but stopped. The girls turned and froze. Toby took a few steps back, then dared to glance behind him.
  26. Rochelle had run off.
  27. He smiled, facing back to them. "Oh well, I guess you're done then."
  28. The larger boy yelled out and charged him, pushing aside the two girls to get to him. Toby sidestepped again, but found himself stepping into his arms, and he was tackled into the ground.
  29. "Devin!"
  30. The large boy stopped squeezing him, and looked up.
  31. Looking down at the two of them, with a stern look, was the principal. She crossed her arms as Devin, the large boy, stood up.
  32. Toby caught his breath, and slowly pulled himself up. His knees felt weak as he did. He looked up, and saw Rochelle next to her. She walked up and tried to help him up.
  33. "H-he started it!" Devin yelled accusingly.
  34. "No, he didn't." The principal replied sharply. "Rochelle told me what happened. You five, my office, now."
  35. "B-but I didn't do anything!" One of the girls yelled out.
  36. "Well, you'll have a chance to explain yourself soon. Also don't lie to me, we do have security footage here." She walked up to Toby. "Rochelle, take Toby to the nurse's office, please."
  37. "W-will do." Rochelle nodded, and as the principal herded the five away, she helped Toby back onto his feet and let him lean on her shoulder. "I c-could've handled that, Toby."
  38. "Yeah, but I couldn't just stand by. We're a team, remember?"
  39. Rochelle sighed. "Yeah, I g-guess. ... Thanks."
  40. "You're welcome." He smiled. "Now, let's go. I wanna check if I've got a concussion or something."
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