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  2. Divine TurtleToday at 4:34 PM
  3. I didn't want to bring it up in DMs with you at first because, as I told Hipster in an A-help, I didn't want it to become problematic that Zealot was spilling out OOC information.
  4. And I can get that telling someone about secret IC information can be annoying and upsetting, especially someone who you're supposed to trust as a DM.
  6. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:35 PM
  7. Okay but it's still a problem, especially considering the fact that you were constantly bugging other people trying to figure out who Shin was.
  9. Divine TurtleToday at 4:35 PM
  10. But I was poked by another DM saying it's possible to sense a Nethradin, and so I ahelped to ask about it. I was told I could not, therefore what I know OOCly stayed as such.
  12. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:35 PM
  13. You're also blatantly lying saying you were looking for a scene, when you were asking other people and even Notyel himself.
  15. Divine TurtleToday at 4:36 PM
  16. I was asking for a scene about your IC post, so I asked who Shin's player was so I could DM you.
  17. I was just surprised when I was told you were a Nethradin, but then I was told I should be able to sense you.
  18. That's all I was asking around about. Just curious of that notion and nothing more.
  20. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:36 PM
  21. Still seems ugly to me.
  23. Divine TurtleToday at 4:37 PM
  24. But even I told Zealot in DMs that it wasn't going to change how I approached Shin about the Illuminated stuff.
  26. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:37 PM
  27. Sure.
  28. But I want you to look at it from my persepctive for a minute, okay?
  30. Divine TurtleToday at 4:37 PM
  31. That was before I asked around because I was curious about sensing Nethradin.
  32. I am, Logan.
  34. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:37 PM
  35. Are you?
  37. Divine TurtleToday at 4:37 PM
  38. I have no ill-will towards you.
  40. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:37 PM
  41. So listen.
  42. You're in disguise.
  43. You've got an Order Magi you're clearly trying to mess with.
  44. And then after that player leaning OOCly you're a disguised Nethradin, which was spread by a DM no less -- Which is actually shitting on the things I apped for in private.
  45. You go from.
  46. 'Hehe it's so cute he says things wrong!'
  47. To.
  48. 'You can't lead a Shrine if you do that.'
  49. It's a complete 180.
  51. Divine TurtleToday at 4:39 PM
  52. It's not. It was the post and more specifically regarding the Dhampir involved, which was why I wanted to have that scene with you, and also to teach the character more about the Goddess and move forward, even if I know OOCly your character is a Nethradin.
  54. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:40 PM
  55. I just don't see a reason to poke around asking other people. You had plenty of chances to just hop into OOC and ask yourself for the player's Discord.
  57. Divine TurtleToday at 4:40 PM
  58. At the time it made sense to me to ask, only because I was curious and others told me to Ahelp about it so I did.
  59. But I asked friends in another chat if they happened to know whoever was playing the character.
  60. Zealot DM'd me saying it was you, Shin was a Nethradin, and to never go alone anywhere with him (which Miyo doesn't bother to anyways with anyone after the Famfrit situation).
  61. But he deleted his message before I could get a screenshot of it.
  63. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:43 PM
  64. You also said something about having no ill-will, but I remember hearing you say something about 'him always being with Cynthia, it must be Logan!'
  65. And on top of that, did you even bother to report the fact that a DM was spreading what players had been apping for OOCly?
  66. Sorry to tell you, EK, but it all just seems really ugly.
  68. Divine TurtleToday at 4:44 PM
  69. It was toxic of me to say the first portion, yes, but it also made sense to me for how I perceived it.
  70. But yes, it was reported in an Ahelp indirectly alongside the question I was being pressured to ask about.
  71. Chance and Hipster have been made aware of Zealot's activity towards that.
  72. It's not a fun situation I want to be in either, but like I said I have no ill-will towards all that stuff.
  73. What I do have issues with is how you're both coming off as aggressive about it rather than DMing me like I've opted to do and revealing me like that when I wanted a fresh start with people on the game.
  74. I finally started getting comfortable slowly integrating myself back in the community, and well.. this wasn't helpful more than it was just infuriating.
  76. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:47 PM
  77. It really does suck being revealed when you don't want to be, huh?
  79. Divine TurtleToday at 4:47 PM
  80. A DM doing it to you in my DMs was not my fault, Logan.
  81. I wanted to come to you with it but I also wanted to avoid that in case it upset you.
  82. But my curiosity about the character in question wasn't me trying to meta-game you. Honestly it wouldn't have really changed much of my IC perspective anyways. If I was allowed to know I'd have just seen the ambitions of the character.
  83. Etc. Whatever else happened.
  85. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:50 PM
  86. You keep saying the DM came to you.
  88. Divine TurtleToday at 4:50 PM
  89. I didn't ask because I was going to kill the character or anything.
  91. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:50 PM
  92. But after how many people you asked?
  94. Divine TurtleToday at 4:51 PM
  95. And yes. I asked in a meta chat I'm in who Shin's player was.
  97. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:51 PM
  98. Seems like you asked the right person and found out.
  99. Exactly.
  101. Divine TurtleToday at 4:51 PM
  102. Not WHAT the character was.
  104. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:51 PM
  105. You asked, he told.
  107. Divine TurtleToday at 4:51 PM
  108. I asked in the private chat first before I would have asked the general Spires chat.
  109. But Zealot hit my DMs first about it.
  111. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:53 PM
  112. So you're just admitting to getting what you were looking for.
  114. Divine TurtleToday at 4:54 PM
  115. To knowing who the player was, yes. My ambition was to DM you for a scene about the Illuminated stuff.
  117. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:54 PM
  118. I really don't get why you're continuing to DM me about it, either, EK. You're not going to be able to say anything to change my mind from the fact that you acted really scummy. And kind of toxic too because Cynthia and I hang out together.
  120. Divine TurtleToday at 4:54 PM
  121. I was not aware before that that Shin was a Nethradin, or anything else until Zealot spilled those beans.
  122. I don't see it as scummy as it was curious, and I didn't meta-game anything either.
  123. I went off a notion that you both hung out together, so Shin was likely Logan's player.
  124. Literally just a long-shot assumption. It wasn't supposed to be anything toxic.
  126. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:56 PM
  127. Divine Turtle
  128. Today at 4:44 PM
  129. It was toxic of me to say the first portion, yes, but it also made sense to me for how I perceived it.
  131. Divine Turtle
  132. Today at 4:54 PM
  133. Literally just a long-shot assumption. It wasn't supposed to be anything toxic.
  134. ?
  136. Divine TurtleToday at 4:56 PM
  137. But I DM'd you in order to say my side of it, and that's all.
  138. Like I said, Chance and Hipster were made aware of what Zealot was doing.
  139. And I said it was toxic, but it wasn't SUPPOSED to seem like that.
  140. From my part I should have just DM'd you first.
  142. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:57 PM
  143. Probably should have.
  144. But my last message was me subtly trying to nudge you out of my DMs.
  145. I really don't care to continue this.
  147. Divine TurtleToday at 4:58 PM
  148. Fine.
  150. Etihw­čî║Today at 4:58 PM
  151. So I'm going to ask you to stop.
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