Powering Imagination. Credits

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  1. Base co-created by eyeball20054
  2. Cello Suite No. 1 performed by Colin Carr, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. Colin's channel:
  4. Bach's channel:
  5. Text to speech by and
  6. Lab ambience from Black Mesa
  7. "fump" sound effect
  8. SCP-173 and vault sfx from SCP Containment Breach
  9. Some screams from Battlefield V
  11. JESUS:
  12. Outlast OST (by Samuel Laflamme) - Brothers; Welcome to the Asylum; Arival; End Credits;
  13. Bell audio:
  14. Alert! sound from Metal Gear:
  15. Bullet Ricochet sound:
  16. Nuke sound effect:
  17. WTF BOOM:
  18. Credits music: Hotel Pools - Melt
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