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  1. Name: Alanna Schoner
  2. Age: 16
  3. Middle School: Battle Mountain Junior High School
  4. Address: 503 E 4th St Spc 27 Battle Mountain, NV 89820-2718
  5. Sisters Name: Andrea Schoner
  6. Mother Name: Christie Schoner
  7. Fathers Name: Charles Schoner
  8. Brothers Name: Tony Schoner
  10. Reason for being dropped: Completely untrustworthy, Lies 24/7, betrays all her friends after a short period of time, completely selfish human being, only cares for what benefits her. Also insane, a psychopath and a compete loony and nutjob.
  12. To Law Enforcement Officials incase her or her mom wasted your local jurisdictions time: this information was obtained from public resources also known as a data aggregation website, I simply compiled it for easier view, I also dropped this in self defense she fucked over multiple people so im completely in the right here. Aside from that I did not do anything wrong here, she doxs people she dislikes as well and also fucks people over so before thinking of being biased against a specific party you my as well be neutral because Alanna is nothing close to a goody two shoes or an angel. Huge hypocrite complains when people threatens her but when she assists in threatening others it's automatically ok anyways no point in ranting further whats done is done.
  14. Dropped by Team Trap for betraying Team Trap
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