Joy for BunBun

Jan 13th, 2014
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  1. >Bundle Joy closed her eyes and muttered to herself, “positive”. She didn’t need to look down to see what it said. Her track record being one shot success, no matter how thin the semen or how much sperm was in it. The news was bittersweet, She was afraid that her career as a designated surrogate was at risk from the complication from the last job, but this meant that her last job have to stretch out for the next year. Her heart sank a bit, her eyes falling to the test. “How am I going to explain this to Moon Diver?!” She looked to the picture on the wall, stroking the picture of herself and her partner. Things never got past friends with benefits, but they both agreed that they cared for each other a lot.
  3. >He was a strong pegasus that hailed from Cirrus, a small town on the edge of Cloudsdale’s domain. It overlooked Manehattan, Bundle’s hometown. This was how they met so many years ago, well after Bunny’s cutie mark incident and the need for her to move to Ponyville. After being friends for a while, he asked her out. She said yes, but since he was always gone, he couldn’t ask her to commit to him. But she did, seeing him off at every deployment and hugging him at every arrival. She’d been pregnant for many of those instances, but they were always someone else’s foals. “I hope that he’ll be proud or something.”
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  5. >She waited for him by the landing pad, the same one that he’s met her for years. She looked through the crowd of assorted pegasi coming in, but no sign of him yet. She then spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She smiled as she turned around, his golden and azure mane tickling her cheek. “Hey Bunbun. Been good while I’ve been out?” He teased her, wrapping his hoof around her neck.
  7. >She chuckled softly, giving a wry smile. She leaned over and whispered, “I’m pregnant again.” He gave a small nod, used to her being “on the job” when he came back. “Who are you growing this foal for?” He asked, pressing his hoof to her middle gently. Her knees knocked as she shot a nervous smile. “Well, that’s the thing. I don’t have a family that I’m working for with this one.” She admitted, her eyes avoiding his face until her revealed. “Remember when we had…erm…sex on my birthday? We didn’t have a condom and I thought that we were safe since I had gave birth not to long before then. L-looks like I was wrong” She chuckled nervously, her eyes afraid to open to the sight that would befall her.
  9. >She felt a warm sensation on the edge of her muzzle. She opened up her eyes, giving a wry smile as she caught him in the middle of kissing her nose. She opened her mouth when he hushed her, standing up properly. “This is good news.” He started, caressing her neck. “But we’ll have to figure out what to do now that you’re pregnant.”
  11. >”We’re pregnant.” She corrected. “It is something between us, right?” He laughed heartily. “Of course it is.” He kissed her cheek and walked in tandem with her. “Do you want to talk about this over lunch? I’m starved.”
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  13. >The table was spread with breadsticks and granola, Bundle and Moon sharing a stick. “I’ve been thinking about either shorter deployments or being stationed permanently in Ponyville.” He munched on the chewy bread, looking her in the eyes. “Perhaps I could get into the weather service as an overnight weatherpony.” He nudged at her, awaiting a response as she pensively thought about something. She snapped out of her own thoughts, asked “What was that? Sorry, I was just thinking.”
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